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SculptGenMax is a lightweight script that allows users to create sculptie prims in 3ds Max and export them to Second Life.

Current Version

SculptGenMax will no longer be released as a standalone product.

It is now a part of Prim Composer.

Prim Composer is complete offline building environment for Second Life and OpenSim. Build in 3ds Max; Deploy to either Second Life or OpenSim. Both prims and sculpties supported.


  • Roundtrip workflow from 3ds Max to Second Life and back
  • Load sculptmaps from disk to import sculpties into 3ds Max
  • Create sculpties in 3ds Max and export them to Second Life
  • All sculptmap topologies supported: sphere, torus, plane, and cylinder
  • Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, and NURBS supported
  • Preserves UV Mapping — Baked textures work seamlessly


  • SculptGenMax is licensed under GPL3
  • Copyright 2008 Shack Dougall