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Simple Inventory Project Viewer Release Notes


  • Download the Simple Inventory Project Viewer on the Alternative Viewers page.
  • Bugs should be reported in the Simple Inventory Jira Project: SINV.
  • Feedback and comments can be posted in the Simple Inventory forum thread.

Project Description

The Folder View mode provides a cleaner UI for most common inventory management operations: wear, unwear, move, rename, delete, create new folders. It's also designed to use less memory and fetch less data as the use cases are more simple than with the Hierarchical View mode. It therefore doesn't support advanced concepts like Share, Properties Inspection and the like. Users will need to continue using the Hierarchical View mode for those operations.

The fundamental design elements of the Folder View are:

  • Single folder view: Only one folder is visible at a time, avoiding the indented view and making the list of items more pleasant to navigate. Users can dig through the hierarchy simply double clicking on folders. Digging back is made available by clicking on the breadcrumbs (see below).
  • Always visible panels for each section of the inventory: Though there's only one folder visible at a time, the Folder View shows several panels for the various sections of the inventory: My Inventory, Library, Received Items and Trash. These sections are visible simultaneously, making it easy to move items from one section to the other through simple Drag and Drop. For instance, copying an entire clothing folder from Library to My Inventory is a simple Drag and Drop operation.
  • Always visible Breadcrumb list: When digging through the hierarchy, the path of folders traversed is displayed as a list of so called breadcrumbs on top of the items list. This breadcrumbs list is not scrolled so it's always easy to check where in the hierarchy an item is located. User can go back to any upper level of the hierarchy simply clicking the on a breadcrumb making navigation easier.
  • Open new inventory windows in context: Every folder can be open in a new window using the "Actions" menu available on hover. The new inventory window opens directly on the selected folder. Each window is a full fledged inventory window and can be explored and move back to Hierarchical View independently.
  • Generalized use of Drag and Drop: Drag and Drop is possible between any visible widget assuming the operation is allowed. One can for instance Drag and Drop an item on the Trash heading to delete it, even if the Trash section is closed. One can also Drag and Drop an item to a breadcrumb to move it up the hierarchy. Drag and Drop from the Library also does a copy of the item or folder so making use of the Library even easier. Drag and Drop also works between inventory windows making inventory organization easier. Last, Drag and Drop to World (rez) or Avatar (wear) is supported like in Hierarchical View mode.
  • Simple modal dialogs for simple operations: Operations like Rename, Move, New Folder, Delete are available through the "Actions" menu that shows on hover on each item. Some of those actions require user input (e.g. Rename) and use a modal dialog interface, making sure beginners do not leave actions pending incomplete.

Release Notes

Incomplete Features

  • Multiselection is missing: when in Folder View mode, it is not yet possible to select multiple items at a time. Actions must be performed on one item at a time. Most actions can be performed on a full folder though.
  • Selection is lost when switching mode: as a consequence (or related issue) of the missing feature here above, selection is lost when switching between Folder and Hierarchical View modes.
  • Folder View missing from inventory panel under some conditions: some features (e.g. snapshot taking, item uploading) are still invoking the old version of the inventory sans Folder View. If one wants to use the new Folder View features at that point, the best course of action is to dismiss that old inventory panel and open a new one from the Toolbar.
  • The search field performs a Filter, not a Search: this is a behavior which is different between Folder and Hierarchical views due to the different nature of the underlying design. Eventually, Folder View will have a search option as well.


  • Hidden System folder are still shown in Folder View mode: though the Hierarchical View now filters away empty System folders, Folder View does not. Consequently, some folder may appear in Folder View that are hidden in Hierarchical View.
  • Items do not remain highlighted when modal dialogs (Move..., Rename...) are displayed: this might be confusing if the user hesitates and somewhat forgot from which item she triggered the action.
  • Renaming folders does not update the breadcrumb immediately: is the rename folder appears as a breadcrumb in a separate inventory window, that breadcrumb label will not be updated till the user navigates out of this part of the hierarchy.