Snowglobe Map Test Plan

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Viewer Map Test Plan


  • Need to test on Mac, Windows and Linux viewers.
  • Test several hardware configuration as this functionality uses the GPU and makes calls to OpenGL (via gGL though...).
  • All tests described here under are manual.

Basic Functionalities

  • Test basic stability
    • Launch the viewer and bring up the map
    • Check that regions appear
    • Check zoom out and in using the slider UI
    • Check zoom out and in using the scroll button of the mouse
    • Check pan around using "click and drag" on the map
    • Check resizing the map panel
    • Check teleport double clicking on a region
  • Test old User Interface features
    • Launch the viewer and bring up the map
    • Zoom in to the max (slider to the right)
    • Click various check boxes combination and check that the icons show/hide: Person, Infohub, Telehub, Land for Sale, Events, Events (M)
    • Check the search button: type "Ahern" in the search field, click "Search", select "ahern" in the list and verify the map move there
  • Test new User Interface features
    • Check that the "Objects" and "Terrain" tabs are not there anymore
    • Zoom out completely: check you can see the entire grid
    • Check some icon check boxes, zoom out, verify that the icons disappear at some zoom out level and that the check boxes become disabled
  • Explore/examine entire world map at all zoom levels in both viewer and, looking for any differences.

Advanced Functionalities

  • Verify that mature regions appear with a "cross over" when logging as teen
  • Verify that "Land for sale" (yellow) and "Land for auction" (purple) overlay display where they should when the check box is on
  • Verify that the here above mentioned overlay disappears *before* the icons when zooming out (this was implemented for perf reasons and because the "$" icons usually cover up the yellow area at some resolution)
  • Verify that clicking events icons on the map displays the text of the event
  • Verify that clicking "land for sale" icons on the map displays the "land for sale" info (note: some "land for sale" have actually no description)
  • Verify that "online friends" drop down works
  • Verify that "Landmarks" drop down works
  • Verify that the search field and "Search" button work
  • Verify that the "Location" values work (i.e. display correctly, are editable, move the red tracking circle)
  • Verify that "Teleport" works
  • Verify that "Show my Location" works (i.e. slides the map back to the resident location)
  • Verify that "Show Destination" works (i.e. slides the map to the tracked location chosen in the search list)
  • Verify that "Clear" does clear the drop downs and list of searched locations
  • Verify that "Copy URL to Clipboard" works: paste the clipboard in a browser and verify it displays the same location on the SLURL map
  • Verify that the current location tracking (yellow) and the destination tracking (red) are displayed as appropriate

User Perceived Performance

Compare the following scenarios with an older viewer (1.23):

  • Test basic performance
    • Time the appearance of in-world textures from startup of viewer to best quality image.
    • Calculate map first view and incremental load times for old/new viewer:
      • most zoomed in
      • somewhat zoomed out
      • completely zoomed out