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Snowstorm Sprint 7 Retrospective

Date: Mon Nov 15, 2010

Team Feedback



  • Time track work better though we still need to do a better job
  • Got traction on "big" items, not just bug fixes

Needs Improvement:

  • We're doing a good job with small things but not that good with bigger ones. My own experience shows that 2 weeks is to short to design/socialize/review/code/iterate on anything.
  • Time and work load not used consistently, so the burn rate and dashboard cannot be trusted. Please update the work spent and remaining time!
  • We still need a way to pick patches from community faster



  • group communication worked extremely well
  • made lots of progress communicating with community
  • handled several integration & beta release minor crises and not have it disrupt everything we’re doing

Needs Improvement:

  • trouble focusing on coding tasks
  • time is too fragmented
  • need a way to take quick & easy patches - use RB & has proposal for fast path


Esbee had nothing good to say.

Needs Improvement:

  • Need to stagger design and development across sprints. (IE. Prim alignment, Keyboard Shortcuts, etc.)
  • On a case by case basis, I think we need to consider creating project branches for stories we pick up so we don't have non-functional code sitting in viewer-development.

We can determine this during sprint planning by marking tickets for which we want to create a project viewer.


  • beginning of sprint - not enough work - end of sprint - not enough time

Resident Feedback

Boroondas Gupte: Where communication went a bit wrong (I'm partly to blame about that myself, I guess) is VWR-23826 . WolfPup asked me to test the STORM-102 branch, where I noticed that. I've asked Oz what info would be needed from me to fix this before it hits viewer-dev, but I still don't know what I have to provide.

  • this issue is not lost and will be included in the next sprint.

Improvement & action plan:

3-week sprint

  • doing things in the open takes more time
  • Sprint 8 will be a 3-week sprint. At the end we will review and consider whether to keep this going forward.
  • still need to stagger design & socialization work so we have enough at the beginning of a sprint

Update dashboard daily so we can use results

  • give ourselves credit for what we do, and give ourselves data for better analysis.
  • grumpity to follow up personal tracking in jira
  • add merge monkey task in jira and assign back & forth during sprint
  • beta build task
  • best practices sharing.
  • oz to propose a proposal for quick updates

Project viewer for larger changes

  • named branch in a forked repo? Fork?
  • project viewer before merging back into viewer-dev
    • code review
    • product owner review

Past Retrospectives

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