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2b3d Building, Design, Scripting English, Français, Español

2b3d is a breakaway development company concentrating on designs that create immersive experiences. We provide complete development and consulting/training services for corporations and educational institutions needing a compelling 3D identity and presence. Our mission is to build robust virtual solutions with innovative approaches to information sharing, collaboration, storytelling and branding by bringing together a senior team of designers, scripters, business analysts, cognitive scientists, and renowned advisors to leverage your virtual opportunity.

Biancaluce Robbiani Building, Marketing, Project Management English, Italian

Individual or group SL Skills classes.

We are: Experts in corporate, education and healthcare projects. Sim planning, design, build, scripting, animations and avatar customization. Users training and translation services Experience of managing, events,conferences and meetings & brand promotions. Builders, oggetti interattivi (commerciali-educativi). Optimizers in SL e siti. Blending con social network per aziende, istituzioni e marchi. Traduttori programma in italiano ed in SL per istallazioni multilingue. Corsi uso SL. Email: Website:

Aimee Weber Studio Building, Design, Project Management English, Français

Aimee Weber Studio is a full-cycle virtual content and services firm. We take the visions of real-world companies and transform them into immersive, aesthetically stunning user experiences in the virtual world. Our artists and developers have years of experience with 3D platforms and our strategists have been involved with the Second Life culture since the platform was in beta. Our resume includes some of the largest projects in Second Life, but as a socially conscious company we also pride ourselves on our work with governmental agencies, charitable organizations, education and the sciences.

BizNetCom for MAKEMYWORLDS Events, Marketing, Project Management English, Deutsch, Français

Makemyworlds is co-founded by Helene Zuili and Kai-Michael Schmuck, real-life senior multimedia and I.T. project managers & webmarketing consultants, located in Paris and Hamburg, focused on professional services in the field of virtual words. We provide consulting, development & online services for B2C & B2B oriented projects in virtual worlds, and specifically into Second Life environment. From consulting to production, makemyworlds offers the best solution for your needs & your budget.

Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH Building, Events, Marketing English, Deutsch

Bokowsky + Laymann, marketing in computer mediated environments, conceptualizes and realizes sophisticated Internet presences and e-business applications for organizations and companies since 1996. In addition the company is dealing with the design of entertainment content for the internet and, since early 2006, with the conceptualization and realization of company presences in Second Life and other Virtual Worlds. Bokowsky + Laymann has been among the first German online agencies to open a permanent office in Second Life.

Chant Newall Development Group LLC Building, Design, Project management English, Español

Chant Newall Development Group (CNDG) is a full-service design, build, and consultation group specializing in the rendering of exquisite Real Life sites into SL private islands. We provide services to individuals and businesses, consulting on SL placement for business presence, private estates, product placement and corporate campuses. Our major focus is the creating of detailed replicas of RL architecture and geography, for both business and individual recreational use. We also provide detailed analysis of SL business activity and its links to RL activities.

Corporation Pop Building, Design, Events English

We provide end-to-end private and secure virtual world solutions for business and education. Our immersive environments satisfy real needs – from live events and conferences, to training and prototyping. Detailed textures, motion captured animation, lifelike avatars, scripted objects, streaming media and topographically accurate terrains are all delivered with our trademark originality and attention to detail. To find out more give us a call!

Cranial Tap, Inc. Building, Project management, Scripting English

Cranial Tap, Inc. is a leading virtual world developer supporting businesses, organizations and institutions of higher learning. We create technologies and virtual environments used to bring remote teams together. Our learning and training solutions have been used by hundreds of thousand of people worldwide. We are located in the metro Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas.

Daden Limited Building, Marketing, Programming English

Daden Limited is a Virtual Worlds development agency. Our clients range from global brands to Universities and

small businesses. We offer 4 main services: Inform - help you understand virtual worlds, Involve - build your presence in SL, Integrate - connect SL to/from web services & real world devices, Interact - create virtual characters & chatbots. We work on marketing, eLearning and business process & innovation led projects. If you need to be informed, want to be involved, or feel the need to integrate then interact with us!

Dancing Ink Productions Events, Machinima, Research English, Português

Rita J. King, CEO and Creative Director, founded Dancing Ink Productions in 2006. DIP is a full-service creative company that develops business strategy, policy, immersive narrative and mixed-media, mixed-reality content including games, conferences and cultural intelligence for a new global culture and economy in the Imagination Age.

Dataworks Studios Building, Design, Project management English, Français, Español

We are a UK based design & development company with over 6 years of experience of creating content in Second Life. Our projects include themed Sims, University/educational developments,environment/sustainability projects. We also specialise in virtual learning environments and simulation tools. With 17 years experience in IT and network and server administraion including Cisco certification, we are able to offer technical support services. We dont just design and build, we believe in sustainable presences that people will enjoy visiting and working in.

Designing Digitally Inc. Building, Design, Marketing English

Designing Digitally, Inc. is an award winning interactive media company focused on immersive training, 3D experiences, and creative learning. We provide full service consulting and learning services for corporations and educational institutions needing immersive training experiences for their staff. Contact us today to learn more about how we create an engaging, educational, and entertaining immersive experience for you.

FIGMENT Pte Ltd Building, Community, Marketing English, 中文

FIGMENT is Asia's first fully-integrated, virtual world marketing communications agency specialising in bringing real life businesses into virtual worlds. From strategy and conceptualisation, to content creation and technological integration, complete with professional project management, FIGMENT offers a one-stop, end-to-end solution for all businesses aiming to maximise their marketing reach in the virtual world.

FireSabre Consulting Education, Marketing, Events, Project management English, Français, Español

We're an education-focused new media company developing in SL®, Aurora Opensim, and mobile platforms. Our SL® dev team has important "firsts" and long-term SL experience dating back to 2003. We were part of the first Teen SL education project (Global Kids.) We created the first K-12 Teen SL® project. We were first to offer educators RegAPI account creation. We've partnered with Global Kids to create Virtual World Campus for education clients with limited budgets. We also provide streaming and management for mixed-reality events. We provide cross-platform services between SL® and our Starlight Education grid.

Gronstedt Group Events, Marketing, Project management English

Gronstedt Group improves employee and marketing performance with custom-developed learning and communications programs. From offices in Denver and Stockholm we help industry leaders like Avaya, Accenture, Dell, FedEx, Jamba Juice, Schneider Electric, Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, Electrolux, and Volvo Cars innovate their way to better, more cost-effective learning and communication solutions.

ILL Clan Animation Studio Building, Design, Machinima English

ILL Clan Animation Studios has been producing award-winning machinima animation since 1998 for world-class clients such as CBS, IBM, MTV, Microsoft, NBC, Spike TV, Warner Brothers, and more. Named "Machinima Masters" by Wired Magazine, we're renowned for being pioneers in this medium since it's inception. Our services also including virtual world experience design, script writing, high def editing/post fx and audio/music composition.

Indusgeeks Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Building, Machinima, Programming English

Indusgeeks is India’s first and the largest Virtual Worlds Development and Services Company based in Mumbai with partners in London, Milan and Dubai. Our clients include global organizations like the Tata Group, La Gazzetta dello Sport, WPP, CRY and Satyam Computers. Being a full-service provider, we guide clients through the entire service cycle from Consulting to Project Implementation and Maintenance. We also create custom virtual worlds using Flash, Shockwave, Multiverse and Torque. We are partnering with SunMicrosystems to create a distance learning solution on the Wonderland platform.

ISN Virtual Worlds Machinima, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Español

ISN Virtual Worlds is the leading Italian Virtual Worlds Service Provider and one of the leading European Virtual Worlds Consultancy Firms. ISN is a networked company, with resources based all over the world. We manage projects for very large corporations and Fortune 500 firms. Case histories include large Telcos, Leading Fashion and Design Brands, ICT and E-Learning companies. We are the point of reference of the Italian SL Community.

Metabirds Co.,Ltd. Services English, 日本語

Virtual world business developer in Japan.

We can help your business become successful leveraging virtual world and web technology.

Metaversatility, Inc Building, Community, Machinima English

Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that fosters community, entertainment, education and commerce in on-line spaces. Our portfolio of ongoing and completed projects continues to grow, and we are eager to put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of select organizations.

Novatierra Network Events, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Novatierra is a consulting services firm in Spain helping real Spanish companies for develop his own virtual strategies in this virtual world. --- Novatierra es una firma de consultoria española, cuya mision es ayudar a las empresas e instituciones espanolas a explorar las posibilidades de Second Life como entorno para el desarrollo de aplicaciones de negocio en el mundo virtual.

Remedy Communications Ltd. Community, Events, Marketing English, Français

Remedy is a full service integrated agency with 10 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies, military and cause marketers. Our team of writers, programmers, Web developers, designers, 3D artists, and project/account managers specialize in delivering brand experiences, training and education that integrate multiple media. Virtual world projects should integrate with Web and other campaign components. We have developed a proprietary collaboration and training engine that integrates with Second Life, Facebook, OpenSim, and Web sites. Our insight is collected at

Rivers Run Red - Immersive Workspaces™ Design, Events, Programming English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands

The leading solution provider for Enterprise solutions.

Rivers Run Red™ the immersive spaces company: developing content, applications and business tools for the emerging 3D Web.

As an industry-leading development company, instrumental in the evolution of the virtual worlds market, Rivers Run Red works with some of the world’s largest companies in the extension of their digital strategies.

Rivers Run Red, is the development company behind the industry leading virtual collaboration solution: Immersive Workspaces

Developed and delivered over 90 projects for their clients in the SL platform.

Siterma VWP Events, Project management English, Deutsch

Siterma VWP performs virtual environment projects in business, music, tourism, arts including content creation, event planning, 3D region building. See our exhibit at the SP Exposition. More at Sitearm Madonna aka James Neville is Strategist and Expediter for Virtual Worlds Projects in Business, Music, Tourism, Arts. Sitearm is Managing Member, Siterma VWP Online Media Service of Development One LLC (est. 2004).

Snowcrash Digital Building, Marketing, Scripting English, Français, Nederlands

Snowcrash Digital develops information publishing and distribution applications for virtual reality, alongside a range of educational tools. We're also available for any custom projects, and have a high level of expertise in scripting, web integration, marketing and design. Our range of Hermes Audio publishing applications has been the leading audio solution in Second Life since 2007.

The Magicians Building, Design, Project management English

We push the limits of what's possible in Second Life to develop creative, quality content that's cool, fun, and interesting. We do things no one's ever done before, and we love a challenge. If you want a unique build that does more than sit there with your logo on it -- something so cool that you'll want to log in after work hours to play with it -- you want The Magicians. Full-service Second Life content development, especially toys, simulations, games, immersive environments, tools to facilitate education and business, avatars, art installations, special effects, gadgets, and gizmos.

The New Media Consortium Building, Design, Scripting English, Español

NMC Virtual Worlds is the education and learning full-service provider for Second life, with more than 100 active college and university clients, NMC Virtual Worlds operates the largest educational presence in SL, NMC Campus, and specializes in educational and learning-focused projects of all kinds. NMC can support any size effort with project management; architectural services; landscape and terraform designs; buildout and development services; educational rental properties; event and meeting services; and strategic consulting. See our website and portfolio (

The Vesuvius Group Building, Design, Scripting, Machinima, Project Management, Web Design English, Dutch

The Vesuvius Group, LLC is an international collaborative of creatives specializing in developing online environments for community-building, whose mission it is to support institutions and companies that are engaging in projects that make a difference in their member communities and the larger world.

Our experience includes design and implementation of virtual simulation and educational spaces for governmental agencies such as the US Department of State, World Bank and New York Department of Education, companies such as World2Worlds, Morpheus Media, BeliefNet, Ymere; institutions like the California Academy of Science, San Francisco Exploratorium and the Chicago Field Museum; educational organizations like the Arizona State University, Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, University of Southern California, Ramapo School District, Global Kids, and Kids Connect; and non-profit entities like Virtual Ability. This work has also included integrating immersive spaces with web 2.0 tools, game mechanics, achievement badge/point systems, social media web portals, video/machinima and streaming of multimedia content.

Virtual World Design Centre Building, Design, Machinima English

Custom scripting, animations, avatar creation. Machinima (in-world video production) creation and delivery.

World2Worlds, Inc. Building, Events, Project management English, Français, Español

World2Worlds, Inc. produces virtual events and creates interactive assets on multiple platforms, connecting these fluently to the web via video, chat and other channels, insuring easy access and full audience participation. Our turnkey integration harness enables workgroup collaboration, events at any scale, large dynamic builds, data visualization, and supports full access security and IAB-compatible metrics. GmbH Building, Community, Marketing English, Deutsch, Français was founded by Jan Northoff and Tobias Neisecke in December 2006. The agency is offering various products and services concerning virtual worlds. We are the company realizing newBERLIN (, the true to scale reproduction of Berlin in Second Life®. In newBERLIN we are organizing art exhibition, events etc. especially by duplicating or broadcasting real Berlin events in/to newBERLIN. We offer companies and institutions of Berlin a branch in newBERLIN. We are spezialized on Machinima Productions.

Cube Republic Building, Design, Landscaping English

Immersion specialist dealing in bespoke sim terrain creation, terraforming, and custom large scale building.

I specialise in large scale commissions, including builds for Market Truth , Muse Isle Connection and Northumbria University. My build repertoire includes texturing, traditional & sculpted prims, design & realisation, typography,graphic work and terrain file creation.

Full service simulator and immersive experiences are my specialty.

Deviant Media Building, Design, Landscaping English

Experienced broadcast television director with real world credits including BBC, Discovery Channel, Five and Channel 4 in the UK. also working in-world as a director of photography/camera operator and have just completed a mixed reality feature film (with Milton Media/Fenris Film in Denmark), broadcast in on TV in Europe on ARTE/ZDF.

Talia Tokugawa Machinima, Research, Video English

I have been a resident in Second Life since Tue 22nd Mar 2005. I have spent most my time in world learning and trying to say that I specialise in one area gets tricky. I have specilisations within various areas but I have tried my hand at most things I have had a chance at.

My main skill (going on the custom work I am predominately asked about) would be scripting. Within scripting I concentrate on data management. My General knowledge of Second Life enable me to fit most roles and I have an ability to optimise the majority of projects/events.

2im inc Building, Project management, Research English, Français, Español

2im Inc. vous offre une dimension supplémentaire dans les domaines suivant :
  • Bureaux virtuels,
  • Marketing direct,
  • Modélisation 3D de produits et architectures,
  • Réplication du réel,
  • Commandes à distance de domotique et processus industriels,
  • Interfaces web, gestion de bases de données SecondLife et Web,
  • Monitoring marketing et industriel

2im : Implantation Entreprises, Associations et Industries sur Second Life

3D Concepts Design, Marketing, Texturing English, Français, Nederlands

3D Concepts is a company with 14 years exp in virtual worlds, business, graphics, marketing and communications who provides various services in Second Life, such as Consultancy, Brand Name Recognition, Public Relations, Commerce, E-Sales, Project Management, Professional Licensed Texturing, Design, Building, Copyright IP Agent, Machinima, Community.

Note: Some of our projects are under NDA, therefore cannot be listed here. To arrange a telephone conference, please contact me via email with your details. Your information will be kept confidential unless you authorize us otherwise. Thank you

3D Embodiment (3DE, LLC) Building, Design, Scripting English

3DE is a full-service provider with special expertise in translation of ideas, information and sites into effective 3-dimensional presentations in SL and RL.

3Immersions, Inc. Building, Programming, Texturing English, 日本語, 中文

At Three Immersions, we believe that a smooth, engaging, and immersive user experience in SL requires more than just good-looking 3-D objects. Our strength is to design, develop, and deliver not only perceptual immersion through realistic 3-D worlds, but also social and emotional immersions through activities, events, and communities. Our team includes talents from both U.S. and China. Our designers are full-time professionals with Bachelor's degrees in the areas of Urban Planning, Environmental Arts, Industrial Design, and Computer Science.

3Shadow Studio Building, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

3Shadow Studio provides all services you need to individuals or businesses. We help with project management, custom building, events, interior design, marketing, estate management, advertising, user interface tutorials, and overall advice for working or living in SL. Free estimates and initial consultation. Years of combined experience in SL.

5Vayu - 5Vasus Commerce/sales, Design, Programming, Project management, Scripting English

Vayu - Vasus is a Second Life based company. It provides a plethora of services, ranging from custom scripts and programs to island development.

Aariss Building, Design, Texturing English, Français, Nederlands, Português, 中文

AARISS Innovators devises entire designs based on the clients defined concepts. Our team totals 8 years of experience. Our Master Builder possesses 8 years dedicated

to 3D and 4D applications specifically. We are proficient using 3D Max and MAYA as a medium to set and bake the characteristic quality of reality using distinguished degrees of shade and Wyethe like light. We have the best designs that fresh and unique.All scripts deliver top performance created individually for each unique functions according to the desired requisite. Please contact Angelle Marquette in SL for any inquiries.

Acoustic Alchemy Audio, Landscaping, Scripting English

Acoustic Alchemy is the top provider of professional sound solutions. Our unique products and services add a critical dimension to your projects. We bring your metaverse projects to life and create a truly immersive and memorable experience. Product lines include the largest inventory of highly customizable sound systems within Second Life. Services include full sim soundscaping deployment and management, custom real world sound design, and tailored sound scripting.

Adéo Digital Building, Scripting, Texturing English

Producers of high quality scripted objects and stand alone custom components, including: - builds - scripts - sculpts - textures - animations - webdesign.

For enquiries concerning: Scripts: HellSpawneD Xingjian Sculpts: Natalya Homewood General Enquiries: Support with Existing Contracts:

adlib English

Mementa, the avator service for Second Life is recording and replaying avator action.


The Result of [Digital Design Competiton] by Nikkei Architecture was announced.

Adroit Business Solutions, Inc. English

Software Service company with keen focus on embedded multimedia. Very familiar with SL Viewer code. Have made contributions towards fixing security flaws and writing unit tests. Extensive experience with open source development - a premier Solutions provider for Helix DNA. Please contact for viewer extension or customization needs.

Advanced Virtual Ltd. Building, Design, Machinima English

We bring businesses into Second Life. In facilitating organisational transitions into virtual worlds, we adopt a structured approach with a clear focus on business objectives. In collaboration with our clients, we evolve virtual worlds strategies to achieve those objectives. Then we build the dream. You need a guide who knows the local tongue, customs and practices, and speaks your language too. We are mature practitioners, able to share our expertise with our clients to build their presence in Second Life, and to sustain that presence at both the practical and strategic level.

Agência VM2 Interatividade Digital Animation, Building, Marketing English, Español, Português

VM2 works as a Full Service Interactive Agency in BrazilVM2 has 110 employees, is located in the Great São Paulo in its own offices. We work for some Latin America companies such as: Wal-Mart, Gonçalves, MWM, Corel, EA Games, SFK, BIC, Honda, etc. Our main performance areas are:1 - Web Sites and Digital Design

2 - Web Systems

3 - Digital Marketing and Media Online

4 - Second Life

5 - Mobile Marketing

AHG, Inc. Building, Programming, Scripting English

AHG specializes in ready-to-go and custom developed solution in the area of training, onboarding and knowledge management.

The solutions offered by AHG are linked to the web, and are connected to database / LMS that can be located behind corporate firewall.

Amsltech (Ahmir Media Simulated Living Technologies) Television Video and Machinima Production & Distribution, Commerce/sales , Marketing, Project management, Web Development and Application Development English

Amsltech is the development group established in 2006 as a Secondlife organization, Amsltech is now an established real life media development, production and distribution network. As a Network we continue to specialize in web application development and web design. As a creative arts group, we continue to seek and work with the latest innovations in intellectual property, development, production, distribution and rights protection. As the flagship of Ahmir Media Holdings, visual and performing arts, education and technology, will always been apart of this Amsltech's grass roots.

In 2011 Amsltech designed and developed the web presence for Doc Reo TV™, an online television network and broadcasting organization. Partnered with Push Button Entertainment and 10th Street Music, Doc Reo TV™ has been creating viral waves, promoting companies, distributing web content as well as various intellectual properties.

As we say, "Look At Us Up!℠ On Doc Reo TV™". By Producers for Producers.

Services: Commerce, Marketing, Community, Audio, Events, Machinima, Project Management and Video, Distribution, Film and Television, Application Design and Development.

ai design studio Building, Programming, Project management English, Español

ai design studio provides architecture, programming and global design services

Akimeta Metaverse Development Building, Design, Project management English

Akimeta provides consultation, partial and full contract service for projects of all sizes. Previous experience includes agency work for Aimee Weber Studio, Designing Digitally and The Vesuvius Group for projects involving the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, US Navy, Siemens, MacArthur Foundation, National Institute for Health, University of Denver, California State University Northridge, and Victor Centers. Akimeta has also worked with numerous other clients on an independent basis including the North Texas Food Bank, Ozimals, Solace Beach Estates and more.

Alchemy Design, Landscaping, Texturing English

We provide Sim Design and Scripting services. Interactive sims are our specialty, beautiful landscaping is our forte. Our work in on display at the Alchemy Sims region in Second life.

Alpine Executive Center Community, Events, Research English

Advanced meeting facility for business & organizations supported by expert facilitation & breakthrough technology. Exceptional 3D tools to brainstorm, organize ideas & vote in various formats using multiple criteria. We facilitate structured meetings to drive critical meeting processes while concurrently recording the proceedings for immediate online reports. Experience "Active Spatial Immersion" for a greater sense of co-presence & participation with more productive & dynamic meetings. At our unique ski resort we encourage discovery, learning & innovation.

Ameshin Clothing, Design, Texturing English, 日本語

Ameshin has been in Second Life since early December 2004. I have experience with 3D graphics / textures since 1996. I have also worked on several real & Second Life based Company projects with Companies such as Linden Lab (default avatar) and Impress Japan to name a few. Whether your Company is large or small if your looking for design services you've come to the right place. 3D textures, graphics, builds, modeling & more! Fluent in Japanese & English. If you need any additional information please don't hesitate to me.

Anantara Solutions Private Limited Community, Project management, Research English

With over 50 customers in 17 countries, including Fortune 100 companies, Anantara Solutions is a pioneer of Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), a business model that combines business consulting services and IT services to deliver unprecedented, measurable business value. The prime tenet of Anantara's philosophy is to partner with its clients using innovative models of engagement. The accent is not just on IT benefits but on a whole host of business benefits.

Anatine Developments Avatars, Building, Commerce/sales English

Professional building and business services. Built to suit, built to own, built to last. I will train you to use SL and manage your site. 6 mos sim ownership, 2 years living and building experience. Shadows, scripted, landscaping, metalic, glass, woods, office building, residential, conference, handicap accessible. Prefer 2 sims/less per contract, $25/hour. Clear contract, proposal and agreements, before we start, no hidden maintenance fees.

Angel Dessous™ Avatars, Clothing, Design English, Deutsch

Angel Dessous™ is specialized on designing

3D World apparel, primarily femals lingerie, casual - and formalwear. Our designs can be viewed and purchased at our Mainstore in Second Life, at our website or at various webpages of fashionmagazins.

Angelus Project Building, Project management, Terraforming English

Currently Offer Services/Consultant Services. For project that require real world servers, media hosting, avatar fashion consultant, community relationships, and Terraforming/Landscaping.

Building and project management services also offered.

Ariadne Recreant Community, Marketing, Project management English, Español, 한글

A RL consultant with over 10 years of experience in operations, sales, marketing, and event planning and management. Provides cost effective solutions to your SL business needs.

ArtCom Concept Programming, Project management, Research English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Création graphique et supports numériques, édition artistique. Sites web, SL/RL web-services et outils de données Second Life.

Graphic design and digital media, artistic edition. Web sites, web-services and data tools Second Life.

Diseño gráfico y medios digitales, edición artística. Sitios web, RL/SL servicios web y herramientas de datos para Second Life.

Grafik und digitale Medien, künstlerische Ausgabe. Webseiten, SL/RL web-Services und Tools von Second Life.

Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond

Asterion Coen Production Building, Design, Texturing English, Français

realistic Industrial (equipments, engines, vehicules) and architecture builder

ASTRALCOM, LLC Building, Design, Marketing English

Complete scripting, programming and integration services (RL-to-SL)

Commercial/Residential space development (custom and pre-fab) In-world marketing, advertising and channel generation services Land acquisition, planning and development Training, consulting and advisement In-world object development

AvatarPromotions Building, Commerce/sales, Programming English, Español, Português

We are a handfull of 30 and 40 something builders, designers, programmers and consultants that can help you with your SecondLife project from brainstorming to promotion of the finished project.

Avatrian LLC Building, Project management, Terraforming English, Español

"Experience is the new reality?" We think so. At Avatrian, we believe that stuff matters even in the metaverse. And, virtual experiences can be meaningful. The potential applications of online digital worlds such as Second Life are still largely untapped. And, innovative ideas can truly be cultivated with success in these environments. However, proper execution is key. And, it is essential to work with providers who are highly creative and professional. Our expertise comes from having done it ourselves. We understand that it is not easy to get started. But, we can simplify the process.

B3D Multitech Limited Machinima, Programming, Scripting English

We offer services to educators - connecting their websites with MOODLE using SLOODLE, and also program standalone items to facilitate education in Second Life. Please see

Babel Translations and Text Creation Marketing, Project management, Research English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Español, Português, 日本語, 한글, 中文

Babel Translations is the premiere translation and copywriting/text creation agency in SL. We create and translate your notecards, product descriptions, advertising signs and profiles. Differentiate yourself from your competition with our punchy sales-driven texts. We have a large uderstanding of the various cultures in Second Life, and can create and edit your texts to match a specific user group and audience.

Backhoe English

Backhoe is a whole region terrain editor for Second Life that runs on Macintosh computers. If you own a private island in Second Life, you can download a region's terrain as a file. Backhoe reads those files and gives you the tools to terra-form the entire region at once. Later, you can upload the edited file back to Second Life and your whole region will be changed. It's free and open source.

Barcelona Virtual Marketing, Programming, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Advertising & Interactive Marketing Agency in Barcelona specialising in Digital Media and Web 2.0. Developer of 3D Virtual Worlds such as PlayStation® Home and Second Life.

Bartel Consulting bvba Building, Landscaping, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands

Well known as a proactive company in shaping content, Bartel has established a range of in-world services since november 2006. We participate in several companies for in-world services for web and virtual world content creation.

Barunson Games Inc. Design, Project management, Scripting English, 한글

Barunsongames is providing one stop service to any corporate, goverments and education organizations that are planning on getting into 3D Virtual World.

It also has planned various projects with many of the leaders of SK Telecom, Hite, Java City, Egoist, Cheongdahm Learning, Korea University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and etc.

Beatenetworks e. Kfr. Avatars, Scripting, Video English, Deutsch

Beatenetworks is a web integration company providing technologies and services which seamlessly integrate the web and immersive web environments. In Second Life, we deliver high quality custom solutions in the areas of marketing, research, avatar design, education, training, scripting, building, machinima videos, and event management.

We are inworld over 2 years now.

Wir sprechen auch Deutsch.

Belvedere Inc Community, Design, Project management English

We are your guide to creating your impact on the Metaverse. We budget, design and implement Second Life projects to exact specifications. We are your source for the Metaverse’s finest project designers, web communications specialists and programmers as well as artists and 3D designers; The men and women who represent the contracting cream of the Metaverse.

Beta Technologies Building, Design, Programming English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português

Beta Technologies is among the first generation of architects and designers in the brave new world of 3D virtual reality. With skills and knowledge ranging from 3D content design, real architecture, programming, web and logo design, video and audio production, production of textual content, project planning and management, as well as consultancy, marketing and promotion, we are able to offer our very demanding customers a very successful transition towards this new environment.

In Europe, contact Gwyneth Llewelyn at In the US, contact Jeff Bush at

beVirtual, s.r.o. Commerce/sales, Community, Project management English

We are Czech and Slovak virtual worlds leader. There are hundreds articles about our activities in Czech and Slovak media. We operate Czechoslovak virtual capital Bohemia for virtual people and real Czech and Slovak companies as well. Our clients are for example Telefonica O2, Czech Radio, Raiffeisenbank, Czech Republic Police, Staropramen, Millward Brown etc.

Beyond Time Designs Building, Design, Events English

Beyond Time Designs is a Second Life solution provider which helps organizations looking to enter Second Life with a variety of services. These services, include large and small prim object creation, scripting, particles, avatar orientation ( on a case by case basis ), terraforming, and sim development.Our Second Life events services include venue creation, as well as providing host`s and supervision for the events*. For social events we facilitate networking with a variety of live in-world talent. We are able construct conference rooms, classrooms, meeting areas, orientation areas, and more.

Bluepill GROUP Commerce/sales, Marketing, Scripting English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Español, Português

The bluepill GROUP is a specialized full service metaverse consulting and 3D implementation company that helps business since 2004 to understand and harness 3D virtual worlds. We provide a proven track record of successful Second Life, branding, marketing, e-business and large scale web projects for multinational corporations. We have the full know of technologies and understand how to create mentally and emotionally engaging experiences in Virtual Worlds. Benefit of our experience in Virtual World consulting,conceptualisation, and SL implementation as well as cross channel brand communication

Bourbon Island Netcom Animation, Marketing, Project management English, Français

- Notre objectif : ouvrir l'utilisation de la 3D et de l’interactivité en temps réel à un très large public allant de l'étudiant, aux grands comptes en passant par les PME, les institutions ou la recherche

- Nos compétences : Avec Bourbon Island découvrez de nouveaux environnements de e-commerce (boutiques et galeries commerciales virtuelles), de travail collaboratif (réunions à distance en web conférence), de formation (classes virtuelles), de simulation, d’innovation, de réseaux sociaux d’expression et de partage (espaces personnels 3D) tant professionnelles que grand public.

Boxapixels Building, Commerce/sales, Scripting English

Boxapixels is a consulting, development and media production company based in Finland.

With over 20 years of experience around the world in the digital entertainments, education, consulting and software development industries, Boxapixels brings a profound knowledge and skill set to any project.

Boxapixels has over 2 years of commercial experience in Second Life development and integration with the internet.

Braver Consulting Community, Design, Events English, Español

Braver Consulting specializes in user centered design, immersive experiences and learning. Our cutting edge ideas and creativity allow us the opportunity to serve the digital age in ways that most are unable to provide. Through custom games, interactive spaces and forward thinking design, Braver Consulting facilitates the power of the social internet.

Brightfield Virtual,Worlds that Connect Building, Events, Project management English

Brightfield Virtual helps Real World Businesses and Educational Institutions use the SL grid and Second Life Enterprise for meetings, seminars, corporate training, collaboration, conventions and distance learning. We build content and sims and help streamline your entrance into the grid.

C2B concept, Events, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

Cost reductions, low carbon communication & learning, new collaborations patterns, qualitative & global, virtuals worlds mixed with the best of web 2.0, provide a real alternative & new opportunities for growing & developing your business. From consulting to production, makemyworlds offers the best solution for your needs & your budget.

Capitalizing Communities Community, Marketing, Research English

Capitalizing Communities is establishing new economies based on the value of people in collaboration together. We work with new and existing communities to create value based on the intrinsic capital value of people, what they know, and what they do with others. Community, Marketing, Project management English, Español is a graphic / marketing studio based in Mexico City, with international coverage capabilities. Being an active and proactive part of new trends is our main goal. That is why we are always taking the technology available to the next level. We have created the in-world brand, which we use to test and analyze all kinds of products and services. We work for worldwide brands, bringing them fresh ideas, and developing new promotions in CRM, CIM and CEM services and products. Our structure is flexible enough to develop from test projects to full-tied budget assignments.

Centrax Corporation Animation, Building, Programming English, Français, Español

Centrax Corporation, founded in 1985, develops custom e-media programs for companies such as Kraft, Ameriprise, BP, Comcast, Harley Davdidson, and The American Medical Association to name a few.

Our team of Instructional Designers, 3D animators, Flash developers and advanced programmers can develop an effective Second Life presence for your organization.

Centric / Agency of Change Building, Marketing, Scripting English, Español, 日本語, 中文

Centric, the Agency of Change, is a full-spectrum interactive agency with broad expertise and success in social media, virtual spaces, and mobile applications. We're currently working with companies like Warner Brothers, Memorex, HP, Mattel, Epson, and Princess Cruises to develop effective, leading-edge interactive marketing solutions.

Chase Corp Events, Marketing, Project management English

strategy and execution - marketing and PR projects inside Second Life, community building, events, establishing virtual presence for real companies

Cher Harrington Audio, Events, Marketing English

I create events, dj, host and promote live artists, perform weddings live on air, MC events and am the Dublin and San Diego in SL Live Events Scheduler. I was a writer and podcast hostess for Muse Isle and have been interviewed by Fox TV , Slatenight Magazine, Metaverse Messenger and Newsweek. I am also a Blaze* Fine Fashion Greeter and Atlantis Modelling Agency streaming MC and model.

Christie Communications Programming, Project management, Terraforming English, Français, Português

Christie Communications’ niche in the multimedia marketplace is to develop highly interactive, media rich, intensely tested programs. Our main areas of service are:

- Interactive Design - eLearning Creation - Learner Management Systems - 3D Immersive Development - Media Production

Christine Webster Audio, Machinima, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

Full audio post production service for Machinima - Original Music and Athmospheric Soundscapes production - Sound Design for installation, simulation advertising, exhibitions. Including audio production for Brands and Marketing Services as well as for Trans-artistics research.

Citrus Virtual Building, Design, Scripting English, Nederlands

Citrus Virtual Limited is a content design and creation consultancy for the Second Life® virtual world. Specialising in architecturally designed, unique virtual spaces, educational systems and environments.

Clarity International Building, Events, Marketing English, Français, Español

With Clarity International YOU gain Innovation, Speed and Quality outcomes for your projects in Second Life.

Clarity International is a leading marketing, design and communications agency with offices in Italy, US and UK. Their clients include Accenture, HP, Sky, Warner Music, British Telecom, Sundance Film Festival and GSM Association. Clarity has also won numerous Awards for their innovative approach to clients objectives.

Further information on the full range of their services can be found at:

Clear Ink English

Slogbase is a lightweight database attached to objects in Second Life© that provides the same functionality as Apache Web server logs. It uses ordinary LSL code in Second Life to send sensor data to an external PHP/MySQL application.

Code4Software LLC Commerce/sales, Programming, Project management English, Español

Code4Software puts enterprise quality expertise to work for you by leveraging twenty years of experience creating software for Fortune 1000 corporations like American Express, Office Depot, Coldwell Banker, and more. We specialize in hybrid virtual world software development projects that include the world’s first virtual world metrics capture and analysis platform V-Tracker used by IBM for their 3D Internet initiatives. From in-world 3-D modeling and development services to enterprise level software handling millions of transactions per day with no down time, Code4Software has you covered.

Communication Services Company Building, Commerce/sales, Project management English

Soulmates Creations a in-game subsidiary of Communication Services Company. We cover complete construction of a sim or simple Consulting tailored to your needs. We cover much more services than the five shown below.

Community Chest Machinima, Marketing, Project management English, Français

Community Chest is an Internet 3D agency.

It is the first marketing and communication agency established both in Paris and Second Life. Community Chest gathers experts in strategic marketing, communication, virtual environment (developers, designers, ergonomists) and architecture. We provide companies with all-inclusive communication, marketing and selling solutions.

We define strategies, implement and organize the follow-up of your company's implementation in the Metaverse.

consultantPM Scripting and design English

Glad to help with your project. LSL scripting and related programming, Product Design, Complete Sim Design, System Privacy and Machine Security Advising. Please see for Rates and Services; and How to get started with an SL project.

Contego Communications Audio, Programming, Scripting English

Providing unique communication products bridging virtual worlds with reality. SMS, Instant Messaging, Reliable Communications, Access from anywhere

Corporate Planners Unlimited, Inc. / Virtualis Convention and Learning Center Design, Events, Project management English

Virtualis™ is the largest and most meticulously-designed convention center in the revolutionary, computer-generated world of Second Life™.

Mirroring lavish real-world convention centers, Virtualis™ boasts state of the art facilities with educational breakout rooms, a grand ballroom, an exhibition hall and a new arena to accommodate as many as 350 virtual meeting, symposium, convention, special event and team building attendees... all owned and operated by real world meeting and event professionals.

Creaction . e-unlimited Building, Marketing, Project management English, Français, Nederlands

Team composed of specialists by sector, design, building, scripting, animators, texture designers, Audio and video engineers. Managing development inside SL or into any 3D environnement especially 3Dchat online.

Specialized in content creation, Sim development, scripting, events, training, e-learning, conceptual architectural design, custom textures, terraforming, landscapping, oriented clothing design, animation, Web development, graphic design, brand and co-branding integration. Rl Clients: Dassault Systems, Belgacom, SNCF, DDB international, IHG, Ville de Paris, de Rennes, Aubay, ....

Creative juices Building, Design, Research English, Français

I am a creator and builder with five years of experience in Second Life. I am passionate about the uses of the virtual world.

Crescendo Design Building, Design, Machinima English

Jon Brouchoud has a master's degree in architecture, and experience with large scale projects, virtual workplace design, architectural replication, community development, and strategic consulting.

Our work has been featured in numerous publications, and we have been invited to give demonstrations at Autodesk University (keynote presentation), Dr. Dobbs Life 2.0, London Design Museum, AIAS Forum, Metaverse U and more.

Jon is co-founder of Studio Wikitecture, founder of Architecture Islands, the Architecture Group, and author of The Arch blog,

Cube3 Design, Marketing, Project management English

Founded in 1990, Cube Productions is a digital media design group that specializes in 3D Virtual World creation, marketing and design for the Entertainment, Corporate, and Consumer markets. Larry Rosenthal, the company's founder and creative director is an industry leader in 3D technologies and design. He founded both the NYVRMLSIG and the current SFWEB3D special interest groups that have been attended by thousands of designers and developers over the years. Larry has developed and produced projects for clients such as ABC, AOL, CBS, P+G, Miller Brewing, and SONY.

CYBEReTOWER LLC Building, Community, Research English

Erik Moore leverages his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Florida and Master of Telecommunications from Denver University to create elegant and technically savvy solutions for education, research, and business needs. His company CYBEReTOWER LLC can offer a full range of services for education institutions, research projects, and a broad range of other applications.

CyberExtruder English

CyberExtruder makes avatar creation quick (like automatic!) and easy and now you can try it out for free.

Download CyberExtruder's AvMaker software and see for yourself exactly how easy it can be! All you need is a reasonably good picture-- the AvMaker software does the rest.

To begin, load your picture. Next, press the 'Make Avatar' button. CyberExtruder's AvMaker software will automatically create a 3D head model of the person in the picture--there are no points to move around and no need to locate the eyes--the software does it all!

CyberExtruder English

CyberExtruder makes avatar creation quick (like automatic!) and easy and now you can try it out for free.

Download CyberExtruder's AvMaker software and see for yourself exactly how easy it can be! All you need is a reasonably good picture-- the AvMaker software does the rest.

To begin, load your picture. Next, press the 'Make Avatar' button. CyberExtruder's AvMaker software will automatically create a 3D head model of the person in the picture--there are no points to move around and no need to locate the eyes--the software does it all!

Damani Building, Programming, Scripting English, Deutsch, Nederlands

Damani is a combined Real Life/Second Life company. Damani offers a wide range of services, from technical and business consultancy, workshops to design; development of Secondlife based services and content.

Daniel Docekal Clothing, Commerce/sales, Marketing English

New media, marketing, public relation and advertising consultancy with high level of expertise in Second Life (see succesfull show case of Marinoco Fashion Business). Experienced in scripting, bulding, cloth/body parts making, advertising, marketing, event organisation. Working for several Czech and Slovak Sims/business, author of various large articles covering Second Life in czech national newspapers and magazines.

Danilo Gulamhussene English

PloppSL allows you to create intriguing Sculpted Prims for SecondLife easily. Both texture and model are created in one step. Simply paint the front and back side of your model and it will be converted to a Sculpted Prim by PloppSL.

Dannon Robbiani Building, Design, Project management English

Dannon Robbiani, known as one of the top builders in Second Life, dedicated to bringing new content and extremely detailed creations. Using prim saving techniques to bring high detail, quality and speed is our specialty. Corporate and individual contracts cover many aspects Including:

-Conceptual Design -Purchase of Sim property -Design and build from concept -Final detail -Training customers and staff -Customer Support From start to finish. Mentor, Building Instructor. Featured in SL Games, MBC, Slanglife, Vogue magazine, MTV and CNN News. Designs throughout the Second Life grid.

Darleon Animation, Machinima, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

Darleon inc. is a White Plains, NY based virtual worlds/mixed reality/web development consultancy led by Dimitri Darras (NYU ITP Mater's 2006) specializing in machinima, art direction, strategy and related new media services. As the protocols for virtual worlds become more and more open, we will embrace the telephone of our generation, a communications tool that's not only heartbreakingly beautiful, but also founded upon the human need to connect.

Let's pave the way for the world's most powerful media: call (914) 202-7523 to lean more.

Dave Bellman Animation, Programming, Scripting English

Offering professional animation services including animation software development and animation production.

David Denton Architect Building, Design, Landscaping English

David Denton Architect RL/ DB Bailey SL, is an architect who provides highly unique design build alternatives in the virtual world with an emphasis on connecting internet websites with virtual websites. His builds have been mentioned in several publications including the New York Times.

DAZ 3D English

Hexagon 2.5 includes many stability enhancements in this feature packed release. It delivers all the tools a graphic artist needs to create complete detailed textured 3D models ready for final render. Features like DAZ Studio Bridge, Sculpted Primitives, Freehand modeling brushes, microdisplacement modeling tools, comprehensive UV-mapping module with UV-unfold, advanced 3D paint, and instant Ambient Occlusion are enough to make more expensive high-end softwares, blue in the face! Hexagon allows you to make a 3D reality of anything from your minds eye.

DBC Gmbh Events, Research, Video English, Deutsch, Français

DBC gmbh cross media reality events and interactive place for communication, broadcast on webtv, satellite, and inworld.

DcP Designs Building, Commerce/sales, Design English, Nederlands

We provide solutions for real-life small and bigger company's in Europe. We build up your virtual store, office or company and we will intergrate the possibilities of your website and your own products and service's of your company to get your product known and getting more sale's

For small and big projects and even privated regions.

Check out our website for more information.

DefenseWeb Technologies, Inc. Design, Programming, Project management English

DefenseWeb delivers customized software solutions for Federal health care, well being and family readiness organizations. Since 1998, we have revolutionized the way government organizations use technology to support their organizational mission and their constituents. The software and systems that we develop are always delivered on time, within budget and beyond expectations.

Depo USA, LLC Design, Project management, Scripting English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Since 2001,Depo has been delivering strategic and tactical solutions for a range of clients including professional services firms, nonprofits, media & creative agencies. In 2006, we began helping organizations pioneer the virtual world by providing custom designed space solutions created by a real life architect; designing creative activities, programs, educational opportunities & events all geared to help our clients engage, educate, entertain and interact with the public. Depo Consulting has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make the most of your presence in the virtual world.

Design Container AS Building, Marketing, Terraforming English

Full-service real life advertising agency, specializing on Second Life. Have developed several sims, educational platforms and hosted events such as press-conferences and parties.

Digital Cult Lifestyle Building, Design, Terraforming English, Español

Digital Cult Builders is a group of Italian designers specialized in 3D modeling in Second Life. Active since 2006, they made up some of the best sims currently available in the metaverse.

The Italian style and design and their consistent commitment in refining modeling techniques gave them the opportunity to develop highly realistic models and settings. Buildings and structures of any kind, and interior design.

If you need to guarantee a high-end presence in Second Life, you can contact us to evaluate the best solutions for your activity.

Digital Refinery Building, Events, Machinima, Marketing, Project management English

Digital Refinery specializes in creating immersive and interactive experiences and advertisements for real world companies in the Virtual World of Teen Second Life. Our mission is to provide full-service support to outside companies interested in establishing brand recognition targeted toward minors 13-17 in the Teen area of Second Life.

Dizzy Banjo Music and Sound Audio, Building, Scripting English

Why limit your customers Second Life experience to just text and limited audio snippets ? Dizzy Banjo can provide you with bespoke original music and sound design to lift your in world presence to a new level. We are based in London, with our own dedicated media production studio. We have a pool of musicians, programmers, engineers, and talented voiceover artists and we work in a wide range of styles - just what you need to enhance your project. Our services include full multi sim soundtracks, interactive music installations, promo/machinima soundtrack, audio branding and sound effects design.

Dream Axis Pte Ltd Community, Machinima, Research English, 日本語, 中文

Dream Axis specializes in providing metaverse content and virtual community services. We specialize in designing, animating and engineering avatar-driven virtual worlds, with a focus on establishing presences for real-world brands and organizations in these real-time 3D online environments. We believe that Dream Axis is well positioned to be a pioneer and leading solutions provider in this emerging virtual world industry, as witnessed by the company’s recent successful deployments of virtual campus projects on Second Life for educational institutions in Singapore.

Dream Team Rebelution Events, Marketing, Project management English

Dream Team Rebelution and its divisions offer a complete package of services to meet the needs of businesses & individuals in Second Life and those planning on entering Second Life.

dreambuilders Building, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

We are a full service providor for your secondlife projects. From planning to execution we can doo all to your needs. Send us a request and we´ll give you a quote.

Echo Seigo Building, Scripting, Texturing English

Content creator with wide variety of SecondLife skills ranging from building to scripting.

eDream Factory LLC Building, Community, Scripting English

We build like no one else. Come and check our website.

Ela Talaj Scripting English

Advanced scripting services, specializing in in-world networking solutions for businesses and custom developments for recreational and retail industries.

Many years of Real-Time applications development experience ina variety of languages (C/C++, Python, Java, etc.) under a variety of OS (Unix/Linux, VxWorks, QNX, etc.)

Elle Pollack Building, Design, Texturing English

3 1/2 years in Second Life, 1 year and counting as a working consultant. Take a look at my website and if you like what you see, consider me for your SL design endevors.

Eloise Pasteur Educational Designs Building, Design, Programming English, Français

Consultant specialising in building immersive educational spaces, but with project management experience for green and commercial clients.

Scripting, particularly lsl and lsl to php/MySQL communications.

Emily Darrow Building, Design, Texturing English

Member of Moderne Interactive Gold Solution Provider has several years now as a Commercial project builder. Business solutions. Designs from small places to full sim/islands and everything from attachments for Avatars to full cities.

enter the metaverse Building, Design, Scripting English, Deutsch

enter the metaverse bietet Beratung und Konzepte fuer Business, Kultur, Marketing und Entertainment in virtuellen 3D-Welten, speziell Second Life. Wir beraten zur Realisation von Firmenpraesenzen in Second Life, erstellen Konzepte fuer Seminar- und e-learning-Raeume fuer Hochschulen und Unternehmen und setzen Verknuepfungen von Second-Life-Inhalten mit Internet-Plattformen um. Wir unterstuetzen Firmen und Agenturen bei der Einbindung von Second Life in bestehende Marketingkonzepte und PR-Kampagnen. Wir planen und begleiten Events und machen Themen und Projekte in der SL-Community bekannt

Enterra US LLC English

Enterra is a full service software development firm with experience working with Second Life APIs. If you need a partner that will create your custom tool, on time, on point, and on budget then please feel free to contact us. With office in the US, Russia, and Germany we can meet your needs 24 hours a day. Feel free to check out or website to review case studies and client testimonials. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

extralab Community, Events, Project management English, Français

extralab is an original content/event producer for online communities.

Specialized in creative communities & entertainment-related networks. Currently handling European telco Orange's project in SL, Orange Island.

Extreme Reality, Inc. Animation, Programming, Scripting English

Extreme Reality provides a Virtual World Integration and Automation Framework that is based on software robot technology that lets us integrate into SL through the avatar sessions providing a robust suite of capablities and functionalites from training applications, virtualizations such as production lines, collaborations and workflows such as planning a new kitchen and customer service/community management.

eygus ltd Building, Community, Project management English

We are professional developers who specialise in education and online learning. We have core skills in both the social aspects of community development, and the technical aspects of content creation / island development. Please visit our Web site for more information.

F.E. Energy & Technology Building, Design, Texturing English

F.E. Energy & Technologies is a virtual platform specialist that caters to communities, individuals, educators and organizations seeking technology & content based on sustainable living, renewable energy, and RL to SL education programs.

Fashion Research Institute, Inc. Clothing, Design, Research English

Fashion Research Institute is the industry leader in defining best practices for the emerging market of virtua and avatar apparel. We bring both depth of knowledge and depth of experience backed with research studies conducted in our Shengri La estate in Second life. We have worked extensively with emerging designers and design interns to formulate our proven framework for avatar apparel design and development. Clothing, Design, Project management English, Deutsch

We are working worldwide.As a real life fashion designer and IT-Manager New media I am offering highest quality custom clothes-making for SL, also texturing and assistance in avatar-appearance, organizing of inworld-fashionshows, also making of fashion show-video. Project-management of projects with main theme fashion and clothes. My own collection for men's and women's clothes in SL see at my sl-location. For picks and references just contact me or see my website. Clothes are not visible at special places in SL.

Fashionetics English

Fashionetics has been a long time leader in the secondlife fashion industry. Widely known for it's innovative approach and products Fashionetics designs and manufactures special purpose machinery. Products by Fashionetics include the PrecisionWear Dress Maker Machine, makes dress, gowns, skirts in minutes and not hours with very little skill from the user. Also the Shoe Maker Machines that builds a complete prim shoe. Stop by Fashionetics in the sim of Ambulyx to learn more about how we can launch your career in the exciting field of fashion as a secondlife fashion designer.

Favorite Wave Community, Marketing, Project management English, Français, Español, Português

Contributing to the evolution of the metaverse by encouraging the expression of different perspectives

Finite State Studios Building, Programming, Scripting English

Freelance scripter, builder, and off-world programmer providing custom development services. Special expertise with interfacing in-world devices with off-world control programs and databases. I offer creative solutions to specific project requirements and close personal support that is unique to small service providers.

First Link Information Systems Community, Project management, Research English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português

vBusiness Link is a virtual community of practice, specialising in virtual business operations and supportive services, for entities wishing to harness virtual environments and/or virtualised systems in their day to day operations.

Fluidside Events, Machinima, Video English

Specialized in virtual environment building and content making, machinima, virtual objects and themed role play. Expert in making SL as educational platform using entertainment, art and immersive experience.

FM Virtual d.o.o. English

Subscribe-O-Matic is a powerful group communication and marketing tool for businesses, organizations and groups in the Second Life world.

Framed in 3D Design, Machinima, Video English

Framed in 3D is a full-service digital production studio with expertise in 3D animation and virtual worlds. We specialize in translating the full immersive experience of 3D environments into professionally produced animation videos that will have everyone tuning in.

FRANCE3D Building, Community, Events English, Français

Notre projet FRANCE3D mêle étroitement la promotion de la francophonie, les nouvelles technologies et la publicité régionale : FRANCE3D est le plus grand groupement de régions francophones dans l’espace virtuel de Second Life, correspondant à des régions/villes réelles.

Notre expérience de la 3D interactive et de Second Life en particulier vous seront précieux dans la conduite d’un projet de médiatisation dans cette nouvelle plateforme de communication, et cela à un coût bien plus abordable que les médias traditionnels.

Get Real Building, Design, Project management English

Get Real. Creative solutions for your virtual world. Full island builds and training workshops for 'strategic decision makers'.

Gigs Taggart Programming, Project management, Scripting English

Gigs Taggart is a metaverse consultant with a focus on Free/Open Source Software.

GLANCE International Agency Events, Marketing, Project management English, Français

GLANCE International Agency is a full service Second Life™ based fashion public relations agency. We offer a unique fashion center, style consultation, fashion photography and graphic design, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.

GLANCE Magazine is our fashion-centric publication, dedicated to showcase the work of talented content creators on the grid.

We worked with +100 fashion designers. We coordinated over 75 fashion shows including the “International Fashion Day”, a groundbreaking production of 24 fashion shows in 24 hours, featured in real and virtual medias.

Graf Umarov Building, Project management, Terraforming English, Deutsch

Graf Umarov architectur and sim design specialist for historical architectur and rebuilding

Green Fate Building, Project management, Scripting English

As a Long time developer in Second Life who has created content for some of the largest and most successful campaigns in Second life I have a proven ability to design, manage and execute at all levels of the project pipeline. I have over 5 years experience developing in Second life. I also work as LAMP developer and Linux Systems Administrator.

Gruppo Gnosys Srl Building, Events, Project management English

Gruppo Gnosys è una società che offre servizi di consulenza organizzativa e informatica, specializzata su problematiche di security management, compliance e governance dei sistemi informativi.

Attenta all'innovazione dei mezzi di comunicazione al fine di sfruttare al meglio il potenziale della tecnologia, la società ha sviluppato approfondita competenza nell'ambito della ricerca e dello sfruttamento della piattaforma di Second Life. Dal 2007 Gruppo Gnosys ha ampliato la propria offerta a servizi di studio, progettazione, realizzazione e mantenimento di progetti su Second Life.

Harth Design Building, Programming, Project management English, Deutsch

All in one Creations & programing. We build what you want from a simple Animation over Landscaping and Furnituredesign up to Project Managment and Event-Planing.

Harth Design Building, Programming, Project management English, Deutsch

All in one Creations & programing. We build what you want from a simple Animation over Landscaping and Furnituredesign up to Project Managment and Event-Planing.

HatHead Incubators Building, Project management, Scripting English

HatHead Incubators is a highly creative virtual experiences company, specializing in immersive environments and digital communities. HatHead Incubators provides complete virtual world project management and full development services. Get incubated right away!

Herzog Brenham SL Development Building, Design, Events English

Herzog Brenham can assist with all aspects of your Second Life presence, large or small, including induction, land acquisition, terraforming, construction, scripting, conferencing, events, promotion and general management.

HI-FIve™ Building, Marketing, Video English

HI-FIve™ Creates useful tools for businesses and residents in Second Life. For entertainment and for work/educational purposes.

Human Mosaic Systems, LLC Design, Events, Landscaping English

Human Mosaic Systems designs and administers sims in Second Life. With expertise in the Visual Arts and in Psychology and Human Systems we are able to pay particular attention to the aesthetics and user experience in our designs. We also host conferences, facilitate meetings, events, conduct workshops, and immersive learning experiences at our own Sim in Second Life.

Virtual courses offered include Second Life User Skills, Communication Skills, Conflict Management, How to Influence People, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence, and Decision Making in Complex Environments.

Hunter Benazzi Building, Commerce/sales, Terraforming English

Hunter Benazzi has extensive experience both in world and RL with immersive collaboration. Providing consultation and contract building work, as well as real estate management and support. Active SL Mentor & Member of SL CERT team.

Excellent knowledge of the SL environment, with a proven track record with clients and long-term tenants.

I see virtual environments as the future in the way we lead our lives and collaborate for business.

i-MARGINAL Design, Events, Project management English, Français

New Media Agency for Web sites and Second Life, specially in education, science and culture...

Idaho State University Building, Events, Project management English

Play2Train™ is a 3D virtual place where geographically separated learners, subject matter experts and content builders meet as avatars to create collaboratively immersive learning experiences for the health care, emergency preparedness and educational services industry. Our mission is to lower barriers for access to 3D virtual learning environments.

Identity Euler Building, Project management, Research English

Helping to find own added value in virtual world by companies and universities. Finding optimal solutions for presence in Second Life.

Pomoc w odnalezieniu własnej wartości dodanej przez firmy i uczelnie w świecie wirtualnym. Dostarczanie optymalnych rozwiązań dla obecności w Second Life.

IDIA Studios Building, Programming, Scripting English

THE INSTITUTE FOR DIGITAL INTERMEDIA ARTS is a hybrid arts research center at Ball State University and funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc. IDIA is an interdisciplinary collaborative studio that explores the intersections between arts and technology. Designers and researchers engage in technologies such as virtual reality, visualization, simulation, augmented reality and human computer interface. The institute works with regional, national and international partners in the production of innovative digital media projects, investigating the forefront of discourse in emerging media design.

illuminescence Building, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

During 2 years, illuminescence has acquired a very accurate knowledge of the SL culture. In this universe, the agency distinguishes itself through exceptional skills in building and landscaping.

In addition, illuminescence is proud to have been successful in accompanying its real life customers in the development of their business for more than 8 years.

Our solution is the convergence of our consulting skills in strategy for real life companies and our expertness of Second Life. We will gladly accompany you through one of the best ways to develop your business successfully in Second Life.

ImagiLearning, Inc. Community, Design, Project management English

Before you buy, and before you with us. $ years of experience in SL and an earned PhD from researching how people enter the virtual world, our role is to help you plan your entry so it is fully successful. Most who enter SL leave within a year. Don't be one of those. Before you buy and before you with ImagiLearning, Inc.

InmerSys Building, Programming, Research English, Deutsch, Español

InmerSys is a virtual company, a spin off from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), dedicated to the development of immersive contents. InmerSys facilitates other companies and organizations the exploration of SL possibilities for real life applications, like simulation, training and system design.

InmerSys resources have a verified record of performance in various projects that involve the creation of environments for technical fields like oil & gas industry, power plant engineering and engineering education.

Integrated Talents Alliance Building, Landscaping, Scripting English, Français

Integrated Talents Alliance, is a small SL based company, who pride themselves on being at the top of their game in their respective fields.

Combining over 4 years experience in content creation in virtual worlds we are available to assist you on your projects, and help bring your sl dreams to virtual reality.

We offer:

Project management



Education and training

New resident orientation

Sim design and terraforming

Logo design & photography

Integrated Technologies Building, Design, Terraforming English

Integrated Technologies is a SecondLife® based consultancy which offers the following services and products:
  • General Small Building Work
  • Graphic Design
  • Landscaping and Terrain creation
  • OpenSim research & development (
  • SL Orientation for New Residents
  • Professional Photography
  • Web Site Design

Inter-Activa Building, Machinima English, Español

Established in SL since 2004, we became one of the first organisations create machinima, virtual art & work alongside users in the collaborative creation of content. We have since developed strategies & content for a number of organisations -from Universities to maketing agencies.

We believe SL is a place for creative expression where the community (and its values) are key.

Winners of the Best Technical Achievement award at the 07 European Machinima Festival and the June 2008 U.K. Technology Strategy Board competition.

Please contact Brutt Grasshopper inworld regarding inquiries.

Interlocuteur M Building, Events, Marketing English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands

Dutch business consultancy, virtual marketing, events, branding, designing, building & developing.

InThisWorld Building, Programming, Scripting English

Enterprise Information Technology Provider for more than 20 years. C#, .Net, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle, PHP, MySQL, LSL. Virtual World Freelance, Building, Scripting, Interfacing Virtual Worlds with Enterpise Databases.

Involve, Inc. (formerly Infinite Vision Media) Building, Events, Scripting English

Involve, Inc., formerly Infinite Vision Media, is a leader in virtual world development and interactive experience design. A full-service interactive marketing and emerging media agency, IVM develops three-dimensional presences for corporate, non-profit and academic clients. Our motto: "Don't sell me; play with me!" IVM's visionary builds include the Second Life homes of Dell Computing, NBC, General Electric, The American Cancer Society, and The Weather Channel. We specialize in mixed-reality event planning and execution.

InWorld Business Building, Programming, Scripting English

Inworld Business is a professional 3D world, web site development, graphic design, and marketing company specializing in the development of Second Life 3D worlds and projects, web sites, marketing, database systems, shopping cart and e-commerce solutions. Based in Los Angeles, California since 1996, Inworld Business has developed highly successful online business applications acquiring the desired results for a broad spectrum of clientele in southern California and worldwide. We boast a portfolio of over 800 Internet company and organization clients including many fortune 500 companies.

ionesoft GmbH Building, Project management, Scripting English, Deutsch, Français

Swiss Projects / ionesoft Ltd. carries out projects in the area of building, scripting, integration, innovation and simulation. We are specialists in creating inworld projects within Second Life and the integration of existing and new Web applications, based on Web- and Java technologies. Creation of stunning simulations, interactive tutorials, detailed buildings, innovative user interactions.

J.N. Virtual Services Building, Landscaping, Marketing English, Deutsch

My Team has been present in the Virtual World since the beginning of 2007 and has become a market leader in creating user content. We combine years of experience with professional work standards. Highest quality, perfection and on-time delivery are of utmost priority to us.

Jaroslav Penaska - information systems English

MS-Windows S.A.P.I. 5 Second Life text chat interface (renamed from Second Life Speech Tools to E.V.A. voicechat advancement) is enhancing new voice streaming system introduced by Linden Labs by giving you chance to hear objects and system notices as well by converting chat or IM text to artificial computer voices or to convert your voice to text by speech recognition.

Jerry Martin English

Fashionetics has been a long time leader in the secondlife fashion industry. Widely known for it's innovative approach and products Fashionetics designs and manufactures special purpose machinery. Products by Fashionetics include the PrecisionWear Dress Maker Machine, makes dress, gowns, skirts in minutes and not hours with very little skill from the user. Also the Shoe Maker Machines that builds a complete prim shoe. Stop by Fashionetics in the sim of Ambulyx to learn more about how we can launch your career in the exciting field of fashion as a secondlife fashion designer. Community, Design, Project management English

Creative and imaginative landscape design and development for whole sims or smaller parcels. Landscape elements, waterfalls, rivers, natural features,, plants, buildings. Fantasy and themed landscapes and buildings. Landscapes designed to meet individual needs. In business in Second Life since 2006.

Juanita Deharo Landscapes Building, Landscaping, Terraforming English

Creative and imaginative landscape design and development for whole sims or smaller parcels. Landscape elements, waterfalls, rivers, natural features,, plants, buildings. Fantasy and themed landscapes and buildings. Landscapes designed to meet individual needs. In business in Second Life since 2006.

JURACOM Building, Project management, Terraforming Français

Spécialisé dans l'intégration d'entreprises et institutions dans Second Life. Etude du projet, proposition de solutions, build, terraforming, mise en place complète... Références : Conseil Général du Jura, Budget (Loueur de véhicules)...

K.T. Designs Avatars, Building, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Español, Português

We offer you several services. We are very experienced with every service we provide. All services are provided by Kitty Tandino and Jefke Kohime.

Services we provide: Photoshoots, building & designing, translation projects, Instruction classes, testing & bug hunting, PR projects, any other service you may need.

KMADD Enterprise Avatars, Building, Events English

KMADD Enterprise consists of MADesigns & MAD Agency. MADesigns offers full range of Avatar based products & services: skin, shapes, hair, eyes and custom shapes. MAD Agency is boutique modeling agency that hosts events and fashion shows on monthly basis.

You can view previous MAD Agency Fashion Shows here:

KMADD Enterprise can help you achieve the look you need for your projects and provide venue/set/space and organizational support you need for your events.

kohd Avatars, Marketing, Project management English

At kohd we provide full project managed service, for all sizes of business, brandspace and collobrative workspaces, with a unique ability and synergy to real life. Detailed and highly immersive, our look and feel to our projects stands us out from the others.

kt maclaren English

IntelliBook is a full featured SL book system that together with The Book Factory and The Magazine Factory provide high quality publishing and distribution within Second Life. IntelliBook is already used by many SL only and RL institutions for example, Brunel University England School of Engineering and Design, who published their graduating design students work in SL using The Book Factory System.

Kungdesign Building, Design, Marketing English

KUNGDESIGN helps companies visualize products, projects, concepts and brands, bringing extensive real world experience designing immersive environments in the entertainment, consumer product, and retail sectors to projects in Second Life. Our experience engaging real people with real environments and brands informs the solutions we develop for virtual environments. We never forget that there is a real person behind every avatar, and that meaningful interaction with virtual worlds starts with an understanding of what motivates real people.

Leeds Metropolitan University English

This tool allow users to quickly rez high quality text for making instant signs, capturing thoughts etc. There are several other free tools on LeedsMet, plus some art to enjoy.

Lex Neva Building, Programming, Scripting English

I am an experienced scripter, available for freelance scripting work. I have over four years of experience scripting in SL which gives me intimate knowledge of the limits and capabilities of LSL. I specialize in mathematics, dynamics (moving objects), HUDS, and linking with external servers and databases, and I love to get my hands on a difficult problem. I have over 3 years of experience in custom scripting and sales in SL, including extensive consulting with the Electric Sheep Company. I also offer tutoring in advanced scripting and quaternion (rotation) mathematics.

Lichtenstein Creative Media Audio, Events, Marketing English, Français, Español

LCMedia is a 18-year old Peabody Award-winning media production company that first teleported into Second Life in June 2006 with the launch of its 16-acre virtual broadcast center and live public radio broadcasts with singer Suzanne Vega and author Kurt Vonnegut. Clients and projects include U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Darfur event with actress Mia Farrow); Dell, Inc. (Dell Island); Warner Brothers (launch party); ABC News (I-Caught); and live press conferences with Italian Minister Antonio di Pietro. Press coverage includes Time magazine, Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Adweek and Wired.

liventura GmbH Commerce/sales, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch

liventura is your Germany based full service Second Life agency. We can provide start-to-finish management of up to large-scale projects, including building out entire islands or creating and hosting large events for many participants.

Lixena Lamourfou Building, Clothing, Design English

I am a Technology Consultant living here in SL™, bringing my real life skills and applying them to my Second Life®. I am a primarily a fashion designer who specializes in apparel for the frugal but chic fashionistas.

My other businesses on Sl include:

Queen Magazine SL Lamourfou Portraits fabric NightClub Velvet Bistro Commerce/sales, Project management, Scripting English, Français, Nederlands is a metaverse content provider that transforms your marketing, customer and business strategy into a succesful virtual world implementation. If you consider a presence in Second Life, we are the specialists to help you. We have strong experience in consulting, project management, enterprise IT applications and systems, web and virtual world projects.

Luna Bliss,LLC Building, Design, Project management English

The Luna Bliss Company is a complex solution provider for Second Life that has completed over 200 islands. From the most innovative and breathtakingly beautiful builds to the marketing and maintenance required for your business to succeed, we are a virtual content and services company with a talented and innovative team that loves to create virtual environments and help them prosper. We also have automated sims - complex and unusually beautiful landscapes that manifest in only 5 minutes, and can be easily modified if needed.

Lupus Hirano Building, Design, Landscaping English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Designer in RL. I feel passionate about SL because it allows me to create things that are not possible in the real world with budget and social limitations. I specialize in making very stylized builds inspired sometime by fantasy art or historic artifacts or buildings. I am also very efficient in creating animations and scripts of medium level of complexity.

Machinimoo Machinima, Video English

Under the virtual name of moo Money, Sasha Rudie has four years of professional Second Life machinima experience, including promoting and educating residents, planning the machinima section of the 2007 Second Life Community Convention, and making videos for corporate customers.

Machitopia :: A Machinima Studio Animation, Machinima, Video English

Machitopia is a machinima studio that creates, films and edits videos entirely within virtual worlds. Many of our previous work revolves around documentaries, events and music videos in the Second Life platform. But, our portfolio also contains mixed-reality and mixed-platform creations. The resulting video creations are used for education, entertainment and marketing inside virtual worlds and out. Machitopia offers a variety of packaged services to match your specific needs. Our goal is to make machinima production transparent and straightforward without taking away the creative process.

Mamachinima Events, Machinima, Video English, Nederlands

I make machinima on a professional base. I do corporate, art, charity, music, cross media events, short films, plays, commercials, will work with everybody.

I am the founder of the MMIF machinima festival, which runs simultanuous in SL, RL Amsterdam, and the internet. Winner best editor award in the 48 Hour Film Project for machinima, 2008.

MASA Group English

MASA Group is a spin-off of the bio-computing lab of Ecole Normale Supérieure d Ulm, the most prestigious scientific university of Paris. Since 1996, the company specializes in the development of software engines and products based on a unique mastering of adaptive and intelligent technologies, such as human behavior modeling, dynamic optimization and statistical machine learning.

Maya Realities Commerce/sales, Design, Marketing English

The importance of understanding customer behavior is critical for a successful business. Until recently, the necessary tools have not existed for virtual world environments like Second Life. Maya Realities allows your 3-D web site based in Second Life to connect with visitors at a new level of analysis. We do this through careful analysis of your visitor traffic. As the emerging 3-D Internet takes shape, what better way is there to verify the return on your investment?

Maya Realities Commerce/sales, Design, Marketing English

The importance of understanding customer behavior is critical for a successful business. Until recently, the necessary tools have not existed for virtual world environments like Second Life. Maya Realities allows your 3-D web site based in Second Life to connect with visitors at a new level of analysis. We do this through careful analysis of your visitor traffic. As the emerging 3-D Internet takes shape, what better way is there to verify the return on your investment?

MCM Systems Building, Design, Scripting English

Custom solutions group for scripting. Specializing in SL combat engines.

Medialeader S.r.l. English

Second Inventory allows you to save all your creations directly to your hard drive. This includes, Skins, Textures, Scripts and even complex multi-prim objects! Your precious time and investments in Second Life; content can now be securely protected off world.

meta LIFE English

metaLIFE is a provider of various tools for Second Life residents, one of the tools is metaHUD - a social search engine system.

Meta Magic Studio Design, Events, Project management English

Meta Magic Studio is a full service metaverse consulting and development group. We specialize in cost effective content creation and management for the Second Life platform. Our team has the creative and technical expertise to develop your virtual world; from full simulator development to small private builds, from single event management to full community planning, building and managing.

Meta Midia Digital Ltda Building, Marketing, Video English, Español, Português

Meta Midia Digital, is a Brazilian company pioneer in the Metaverse specialized in supporting RL companies at their SL entrance and development Creators of Buzios Island, one of the top 20 Islands on world, and the development of many successful cases on different segments. Come visit Buzios and Meta Midia Estate.

Meta Midia Digital Ltda Building, Marketing, Video English, Español, Português

Meta Midia Digital, is a Brazilian company pioneer in the Metaverse specialized in supporting RL companies at their SL entrance and development Creators of Buzios Island, one of the top 20 Islands on world, and the development of many successful cases on different segments. Come visit Buzios and Meta Midia Estate.

metafuturing Design, Project management, Video English, Français, Español

metafuturing S.L. is a company specialising in Second Life, Virtual Reality and Internet Services. Full service, one-stop quality solution provider active in Spain, the US, Italy and many other countries.

Metaversatility Events, Marketing, Project management English, Français, Nederlands, Español

Metaversatility is a virtual world development company that blends design, content development and machinima filmmaking in online spaces. From transnational corporations and broadcast media to nonprofit agencies and educational institutions, we have put our communication and technology skills to work on behalf of a diverse range of visionary organizations, including Orange (France Telecom Group), AMD, EMI & Toyota Scion.

Metaverse Business English

Metaverse Business has a complete solution for tracking and analysis of visitor traffic on your land or region. Our data includes visitor frequency information, geolocation information, heatmaps, SIM performance and user profile information. We provide land owners not only information about traffic on their land, but also about the visitors profile, from which country they are, the languages they speak and their interests.

Metaverse Industries LLC English

Custom software solutions for Second Life, number one provider of OpenMetaverse based solutions.

MetaWorld Virtual Group Building, Marketing, Project management English

MetaWorld Virtual Group was formed to introduce and service real life business integrating into the Second Life Platform. The business is registered in the Province of British Columbia and its focus is primary supporting and servicing small to medium size business.

Mike Hamlin Building, Design, Texturing English

Complete content creation services. Graphic design, texturing, custom building, consultation, modifications to existing structures, training/education and more.

MMDL at Imperial College London Building, Project management, Research English

MMDL at Imperial College London develops interactive clinical environments for a wide range of advanced applications.

We also manage events and support a growing community of healthcare innovators.

Examples: • Enable NHS staff and medical trainees to practise managing virtual patients and clinical emergencies in a safe environment. • Help healthcare staff gain properly informed consent from patients with learning disability. • Help providers and patients to visualise and explore future healthcare delivery scenarios.

We can help you build a Second Life space or adapt ours to your needs.

Mo Hax Animation, Avatars, Scripting English, Français

Good code is like the enigmatic innards of a fine 16th century timepiece, a good coder not unlike the artisan obsessed with its beauty, complexity and feigned simplicity. It just works. So, yeah, code is art. ;) I have built, coded, and animated windboards, self-destructing invites, high-volume usage autograph pads with custom animations, customizable avatar attachments, vendors, web ads, etc. I Oh, btw, besides SL I have 10+ years of award-winning professional experience programming web, database, and internet protocol applications. Ask me about OpenSim and how it can help you as well.

Moderne Interactive Building, Events, Marketing English

Moderne Interactive (digital shop of Moderne Communications, Inc) is a full service Second Life developer and marketing agency. We provide turnkey solutions, which range from popular consumer brands & enterprise to government agencies. We have all of the resources to help you bring your Second Life initiative to life, from the creative design to the marketing to the staffing and management.

Moderne also boasts 25+ years of event marketing experience through parent company Moderne Communications, Inc and has the unique capability of promoting initiatives in both the real and virtual worlds.

Moon Temple Productions Audio, Events, Project management English

The production company behind the RL band SpaceJunky one of the most well known musical acts in Second Life. Working together to combine virtual and real world music industries, providing Concerts Events, Themes, Soundtracks Commercials or Machinima for your project or business.

Featured on CNN and most major publications and TV networks, as well as having multiple credits in real life for our music.

Corporate clients - Sony Creative Software, Paramount Pictures, Zoppini Jewelry, Warner Bros, Princeton University and many others.

MUVEDesign Building, Machinima, Project management English

The range of services include:

  • Community focused strategic consultation and experience design planning
  • Project design, environmental builds, terraforming and super-structures
  • 3D builds, animations (incl: motion capture), avatars, music and sound design
  • Media hosting and sound and video preparation
  • Scripting and back-end systems integration
  • Machinima - scripting, set design, filming, voice talent and editing
  • Event management, commerce and community relations

Nature Publishing Group Community, Events English

The Elucian Islands is the virtual home of Nature Publishing Group, publishers of the science journal Nature. We have a range of conference and meeting facilities for hire, as well as buildings to rent on our new science park area for institutes and individuals wishing to transition to SL for education or business.

Nemesys Software English

Nemesys Software specializes in developing external applications using Linden resources and API.

nEo Stream Services Audio, Events, Video English

nEo Stream Services is a multi-media streaming and hosting service provider working both in and out of Second Life. We have been in business for over three years with thousands of satisfied customers across the web and grid. We are also capable of organizing a large number of DJs and/or Live Performers with streams for ant size event.

net-one-net communications Building, Research, Terraforming English, Deutsch, Français

41 years old network engineer - started with the age of 15 on a Commodore PET.

Been to the University for Film and Television

in Munich Germany.

Camera / Lighting Animations.

So a few years of experience :)

NETDREAMERZ Design, Events, Project management English

Full Service Solution Provider - We take you from concept to design to implementation in Second Life. NETDREAMERZ Specializes in creating custom virtual presence (vPresence) and Managing 3D Immersive events for real world non profit and for profit businesses. We transform your vision into a Virtual Reality. If you can dream it, NETDREAMERZ can build it! When you are ready to make the move to 3D Immersion, let NETDREAMERZ broad skill set and extensive experience make your transition into a virtual presence in Second Life smooth, seamless and successful.

New Business Horizons Ltd Building, Design, Events English, Français

NBH specialises in assisting real companies to set up in Second Life. Whether you require a fast and cost effective method of entry via our 'Blue Horizon' business park where you share facilities such as the conference centre plus our full time staff that will greet your visitors and assist you with marketing, OR if you require a full scale project, fully customized to your requirements. With over 15 years 3D graphic design, video and audio and project management, we offer quality service at competitive rates. We also specialise in custom registration systems and packaged training solutions. Building, Events, Scripting English

A turn-key solution provider for providing greater in-world interactivity, success, and brand awareness. The company offers a mature view of the business opportunities, capabilities, and risks to performing business activities, training/learning sessions, and events in virtual worlds.

We can provide you with animations, commerce, audio/video for your events, terraforming, texturing, and over-all project management.

Nexe Disseny i Comunicació Building, Design, Texturing English, Español

Second life virtual builders.

Nexeus Fatale Events English

Nexeus Fatale is a Brooklyn, NY based DJ who performs both online and offline, a virtual world consultant. His focus is the combination of music, virtual worlds and MMO’s, social media, and online technology.

Nexus Corporation Design, Research, Scripting English

A private zaibatsu consisting of experienced builders, scripters, and designers based in the Teen Grid. As a solution provider, the Nexus Corporation specializes in developing solutions for the educational, corporate, and private sectors, among others.

Odomia Building, Events, Project management Français

Odomia est une agence web spécialisé dans les univers virtuels dont Second Life. Entreprises, collectivités ou institutions, nous étudions avec vous votre projet afin de vous fournir une solution complète.

OpenLabs Programming, Project management, Scripting English


certified web development custom software programming audio / video micro-solutions Squarespace CMS developer Second Life environments virtual learning academic testing preparations

Oztron Media Design, Project management, Research English

Consultant/Producer and Educator

Parrot Interactive Media Building, Project management, Texturing English, Nederlands

Parrot Interactive Media, a graphic design unit based in the Netherlands. Our designers are highly experienced in graphics applications, 3-D applications, animation and programming. All the tools you need to build your Second Life's world.

Parrot Interactive Media is a very active player in the Second Life community dealing with custom building, programming and setting up inworld businesses.

Patrice Cournoyer Design, Landscaping, Terraforming English, Français

I will plan, research and build your new land. Rivers, mountains, caves... IM me for a free consultation and quote. Portfolio at:

Pedro Meya Marty LLC Community, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch

Die Schweizer Agentur Pedro Meya Marty entwickelt, konzipiert, realisiert und betreut Ideen mit und in Virtuellen Welt wie Second Life. Als Head of Company besch‰ftige ich, Pedro Meya Marty, ein qualifiziertes Spezialistenteam aus den Disziplinen Beratung, Kreation, Technologie sowie Community Management

Pellegrino.Net Avatars, Building, Scripting English

One of the first italian in Second Life from 2005. Involved in great SL project as Builder, Scripter and Consultant for large account italian companies.

Peregrine Salon, LLC Building, Programming, Scripting English

Peregrine Salon is a team of professionals who do significant work in Second Life. It is the parent company for popular brands such as Gogomodo Trivia, Deadly Nightshade, and the original and the Second Life Community Convention. Our clients include U Penn and AFCEA.

Philipp Knöller Software Community, Marketing, Programming English, Deutsch

Philipp Knöller Software Development has founded 2005 by Philipp Knöller a.k.a. Jan Maroon. Together with two employees we create RL web applications, Java programs, Gadgets and Widgets, mobile applications and Second Life places and tools. In addition we do RL/SL online marketing and SEO. We develope for Second Life for 2 years now. In SL we concentrate on creating applications which communicate with a external servers/databases. With our own SL PHP framework we can develope SL applications fast, secure and affordable.

Pirats Art Network Animation, Community, Events English, Deutsch, Français, Español

Association, fondée par Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, destinée à la promotion de l'Art et de la Création, Pirats est un réseau artistique numérique.

Vernissages, mode, duplex ou concerts sur RL / SL, l'expertise de Pirats est reconnue par la communauté artistique.

Nonprofit association, founded by Merlina Rokocoko & Newbab Zsigmond, dedicated to promote Art and creation, PiRats is an artistic numerical network. Openings, fashion, simulcasts or live concerts RL / SL, the appraisal of Pirats is admitted by the artistic community.

Pixel Naxos Building, Machinima, Scripting English, 中文

I'm an experienced SL user and virtual world enthusiast (Teen grid approved).

I've been working within this field full-time since Jan 2007. Am now freelancing as a virtual world consultant and developer.

After studying graphic design in university I moved straight into digital design and online advertising. Over the past 9 years I've been fortunate to work with some of the world's best brands.

I love bringing real life businesses into the virtual space so drop me a line and I'll share more. Cheers!

Pixelhaus Design Studio Building, Events, Marketing English, Français, Español

The primary focus of Pixelhaus Design Studio is the creation of well-planned, well-designed and well-crafted environments tailored to the virtual world of Second Life.

We are continually excited, intrigued, entertained and awed by the metaverse. This is exactly how we think people should feel when they arrive on your doorstep in Second Life. Our focus is on architectural environments, landscapes and interiors. The scale is irrelevant: we design and craft objects as small as tablelamps, and as large as total coordinated environments spanning multiple sims.

Pixelpark AG Building, Programming, Project management English, Deutsch

Pixelpark is the best-known brand for all services involving the Internet and has set the pace in the industry for more than 15 years.

As the head of a group of companies with holdings in the communications and system technology sectors Pixelpark AG has a network of experts forging new developments in media and technology for the long-term benefit of a wide range of industries. They develop creative communications, e-business and technology solutions which add sustainable value to their clients businesses.

Pocket Protector Projects Building, Landscaping, Terraforming English

Pocket Protector Projects is based in the virtual world 'Second Life', run by resident Lewis Nerd, providing building and landscaping services to individuals, groups and companies who require assistance with establishing or enhancing their presence in this rapidly expanding 3D virtual world

PookyMedia Machinima, Marketing, Project management English

Award Winning Machinima & Video Company specializing in 3D Virtual World content including shows, series, commercials, educational, training, marketing films and more.

Pop Art Lab Design, Events, Marketing English, Français


- Promo tool for real world artists and record labels to drive awareness and exposure – Distribution engine for streaming concerts and events into Second Life – Quick orientation and one-on-one training to bring musicians into Second Life – Custom builds for a wide range of audience sizes - High-end futuristic designs – Customized avatars and animators – Music TV Productions w. Treet.TV – Stream 15 new a week albums 24/7 – A unique platform for events – Professional in world staff with RL media experience Read more about the lab at

Popcha! Building, Community, Machinima English

We are a boutique media technology company focused on making virtual worlds work for you.

If you are interested in engaging your customers, employees or students with persuasive content; we have the experience to do it right. Sticky builds, complex interactivity, breathtaking machinima and life-like avatars: Popcha! delivers.

PowerSynch, Inc. Programming, Project management, Scripting English

Innovative software, virtual builds and object, custom design of software applications and multimedia products.

PPI Virtual Enterprises Events, Project management, Research English

Providing Metaverse, Virtual World Networking, Recruiting, Business Consulting Services

ProRez Building, Design, Project management English, Français

Full Service Development company.

Corporate builds include Lexus of Las Vegas / Caterpillar / Loyola Marymount University / George Mason University / Energy Portal of Australia / Mckesson Medical Group.

Dozens of projects in the private sector include malls / clubs / residential

PT-CODE English

SimfonX is a Simulator map Analyzer.It uses an In-World object called Mapimeter to colect Land Information a build an easy-to-use clickable web map to navigate thru sim information. It Also produces an animated 3D mini map. SimfonX users can create their own cominities or subscribe other comunities. It also has a "youtube or lively style" embed fuction, that allows anyone to show maps, ou land parcel links in any web page.

Pulse Point Marketing, LLC Building, Design, Project management English

Pulse Point Marketing's experienced team of artists, animators and programmers are adept at designing and building "virtual real estate." Since 2007, we have harnessed the creative talent of over 30 freelancers on projects both large and small for universities, non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals.

Pulse Point Marketing specializes in working with clients who may be unfamiliar with virtual platforms, guiding them through the user-experience while creating their highly functional, customized virtual footprint.

Please visit our website to review project examples.

QTLabs Inc. Building, Events, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Español

QTLabs Inc. is an Open Source, Radically Transparent real world corporation and virtual world company integrated into each other. Our role within the metaverse is to enhance this future world, while providing unique integration services into virtual reality to our clientele. QTLabs Inc. AVIE Services provides both an real world technical expertise and virtual world skills. Our expertise covers many areas ranging from community, virtual building and development, entertainment, software development, web services and project management. Virtual World, Real People.

Ravelong Productions Audio, Events, Marketing English

Doubledown Tandino, owner of Ravelong Productions provides all forms marketing, social media management, advertising, promotion, event related, and music/audio related needs for Real Life and Second Life companies. Professional Live Mix DJ, Remixer, and Digital Music Creator as well.

Rawly Rousselot Building, Terraforming, Texturing English

Rousselot Construction: Specializing in custom building, from homes to entire sims. Designs vary from replicas of RL structures, constructed inworld from photographs and drawings, to completely original builds.

Isleworth, Ltd.: The brand under which Rousselot Construction prefabricated products are sold.

Rechtsanwälte Dr. Harlander & Mag. Harlander Community, Project management, Research English, Deutsch

Rechtsanwalt Mag. Peter Harlander berät rund um das Thema Recht in Virtuellen Welten. Urheberrecht, Markenrecht, Wettbewerbsrecht, Internetrecht, Gesellschaftsgründung, Arbeitsrecht und weitere Rechtsgebiete.

Red-Act Marketing, Project management, Research English, Français

A la tête de Red-Act, j'accompagne l'implantation d'entreprises sur second life

RJ Kikuchiyo Building, Design, Machinima English

Authentic Reproductions of RL landmarks as well as artful spaces are the trademark of work by RJ Kikuchiyo. A leader in building from small detailed accurate machinery to full sims, your visions can be realized in virtual using RJ' hands and your eyes. Contact him inworld or via email to learn more!

Rockcliffe University Consortium Building, Events, Project management English

Rockcliffe University Consortium is an online non-profit organization dedicated to the development of knowledge emergence, organizational design, and leadership and technical studies based on virtual collaborative environments (VCE). We specialize in providing service and support to other organizations looking to understand the nature of VCEs and how to effectively integrate these capabilities both strategically and operationally. Primary specializations as a solutions provider are in the areas of education, research, and conferences (both real-world and virtual).

Rojam Dezigns Machinima, Marketing, Project management English, Français, Español

Rojam Dezigns real-life multimedia and web marketing consultant, located in NJ-USA is an professional services in the field of 3D virtual worlds. We provide consulting, development & branding solutions for B2C & B2B oriented projects into Second Life environment. From consulting to production, Rojam Dezigns parntered with Bourbon Island Netcom offers the best solution for your needs & your budget.

Sand Castle Studios, LLC Building, Marketing, Project management English

We offer professional solutions to help our clients maximize the full potential of 3D virtual worlds by creating interactive, social, and 3D experiences that tell stories and engage users as active participants. Our strategic, creative, and technical teams are made up of some of the most experienced and talented minds in the world working to create unique and immersive user experiences. Contact us today to learn more!

Sandman Productions S.a.r.l. Building, Project management, Terraforming English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands

Sandman Procuctions provides setting up in Secondlife for RL companies, with a focus on companies based in Luxembourg

ScALp Machinima, Marketing, Video English, Français

Scalp Zebberman Prod., For any company with audiovisual communication, internal or external projects in Second Life. ScALp Zebberman Prod., s’adresse à toute entreprise ayant des projets de communication audiovisuelle, interne ou externe sur le portail Second Life.

Scion Networks Events, Machinima, Project management English

Scion Networks is a partnership of communications professionals who develop training on an outsourced basis. Our simulators in Second Life demonstrate audio, video, web media, 3D props and role-play scenarios. We are able to deliver training to geographically dispersed audiences that is effective, fun, and comparatively inexpensive.

Seabreeze Services Building, Machinima, Project management English

I am an independent consultant for sim building and development. I also create custom works for SL including Avatars, Vehicles, and reproductions of real life places and objects in high detail. The style is recognized in the virtual world and has delivered quality, on time, for all of our clients.

SECOND INTEREST AG Commerce/sales, Community, Design English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Português

SECOND INTEREST Virtual Business Solutions is a full service virtual worlds agency. We develop premium content, corresponding communities, sustainable business models and technical solutions for Second Life and the Second Life Grid. We help our clients explore new ways of online collaboration and education as well as find new distribution channels that enhance their value chain by selling and marketing virtual goods. We are based in Berlin, Germany, serving clients worldwide.

Second Labs English

Second Analytics is the most advanced Analysis Tool for all your activities in Second Life. Just put our sensors on your property and you immediately get real-time charts and reports on our website including Avatar Tracking Overviews, Map Overlays, Geo Location Tracking, an Event Messaging Module, Sim Performance Monitoring and interactive Second Life Maps. Second Analytics is a must-have for every sim owner, corporate client or Second Life marketing company. Register today.

Second Places Building, Events, Project management English

Second Places can create your world for you, helping you to build your island and buildings, then create avatars that the public will interact with. We can organise events in Second Life, anything from seminars to award ceremonies.

Second Promotion Commerce/sales, Community, Marketing English, Deutsch

Second Promotion is an European advertising agency specialised in integrated Web 2.0 marketing in connection with the virtual 3-D world of Second Life.

The main objective of Second Promotion is to promote brands and products in Second Life in such a way that it will enhance the experience the users have with the products and brands. This enhanced experience in Second Life will encourage the user to talk more about the products and expand the marketing effect of Second Life in the real world.

Seminal 3D Building, Marketing, Project management English, Deutsch, Français

Full Service Developer of strategic entries into Virtual Worlds: Conceptual Development, Design, Building, Scripting, Inworld Marketing, Community and Event Management, Cross Media Integration. Value Creating Concepts & High Quality Implementation

Servicetek Group Building, Events, Project management English, Deutsch

Servicetek Official Developer and Solution Provider in Second Life is a group of specialists from many fields of Web 3.0. We are the group of young and ambitious people who create interactive forms of presence of firms, schools, offices and other subjects in virtual world.If you plan to build your presence in the world of Second Life, create your brand, create your meeting and training centers, search for new possibilities of education, conduct marketing surveys and focus research for public opinion these are we who can help you....

SHIFZ (arts association) Animation, Building, Machinima English, Deutsch

We offer consultation and provide services for RL arts and non-profit projects regarding entering the platform, establishing and building a presence, tutoring project-associated newbies and related issues.

Languages: German, English Location: Vienna, Austria

Sify Technologies Building, Research, Scripting English

Sify provides a comprehensive suite of service offerings in the area of virtual immersive learning environments.

This suite of development and implementation services include: 1.Platform design and development. 2.Synchronous interaction design. 3.Single use simulations. 4.Multi-user simulations. 5.Group activities. 6.Social networking platforms. 7.Virtual environment. 8.Tools design and development.

Siiaas Saarinen Building, Design, Project management English

Award winning and versatile builder. Experience with large and small scale builds ranging from sci-fi/fantasy, to period architecture; simple shaded to photorealistic. Comfortable with sculpts. Scripting done via network of trusted programmers. I also do technical writing and can help design user interfaces for 3D exploration. Can pretty much do it all. :)

Bachelor's of Science, English Writing, with minors in Art & Design and Cinematography. 2008.

Simplicity Labs Project management, Research, Scripting English

Focused on your success in Second Life, we provide experience, technical skill, project management talent, and a visionary understanding of the benefits, challenges, and limitations of today's VR experience for business.

Sine Wave Company Animation, Programming, Video English, 中文



Application integration

SkyNet Silverstar English

Im design and make future concept for brands like consultant, I manage big projects in short time with a perfect score. Diseñar y construir futuros conceptos para marcas de Real Life como consultor, Administro grandes proyectos en periodos cortos, con un excelente historial.

Slim Warrior Productions Events, Marketing, Project management English

Musician and Professional Music event producer and organiser. Marketing strategies, Promotions and organisation of Music related events for RL & SL companies.

Slim Warrior Productions Events, Marketing, Project management English

Musician and Professional Music event producer and organiser. Marketing strategies, Promotions and organisation of Music related events for RL & SL companies.

Smart Commerce/sales, Design, Scripting 中文, English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, 日本語, 한글, Português, Español

Smart Co. has provided many open space type environments, musical venues, housing complexes... Our objective is simple; We BUILD stuff.

If YOU can think it; WE can build it...

SMERSH Building, Design, Project management English

I a full service developer, Ive been building in SL with my team professionally for 3 years now, specializing in full sim corporate builds. You can see some of SMERSHs work at:

Snowcrash Republic/Stoke Damerel Community College/PSCYP Community, Design, Project management English

We create education projects mainly within Teen Second Life for all age groups, including the multi award winning educational game, Drake's Island. Different levels of service can be offered from virtual education consultancy, creation of curriculum based schemes of work (especially around literacy), construction of islands and teaching and learning resources, blog integration or more simply buying into an existing project such as Drake's Island. Training and email support available to all clients.

Social Research Foundation Marketing, Research 中文, English, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, 日本語, 한글, Português, Español

Our FIRST OPINIONS PANEL is the largest panel for consumer research in Second Life with 12,000 members! We serve Fortune 500 and other companies, researchers, sducators and media. Only we can instantly create a panel with your target demographics. We are the only source for over 2000 SL group owners. We publish a free weekly executive summary for F500 called The Second Life Business Brief ( Our services include consulting, web-based surveys, virtual focus groups within SL, all at our non profit rates.

Davinci Building, Design, Events English

Davinci offers a wide range of multimedia capabilities with a special flair for impact. For more information, see:

Soul Creations Design & Building Building, Design, Landscaping English

Soul Creations exceeds your expectations and fills your dreams as a premiere design and development team. We are focused on quality service delivery and offer:

Sound'r Audio, Machinima, Video English, Deutsch, Nederlands

Sound'r is a company focusing on designing and maintaining Second Life presences for enterprises, branding, machinima, sound design and music. Clients include Popcha!, IBM, Harvard School of Law, Sun Microsystems and many more.

Bolero Group Events, Project management, Video English

Since 2006 Large-scale mixed-reality event specialist - Live location video webcasting, conferences, presentations, music performance, exhibits, meetings/collaborations. Clients/employers include NASA, The Tech, Xerox PARC.

Multi-region development, and multiple groups/communities organization, mentoring, and project management. Developer of multi-sim training ground for hazardous occupational training (Firefighters, EMT, SAR), team building, etc. Developer of expansive recreation facilities with staffed activities for the disabled, church organizations, etc. Educator/Consultant for college, K-12, and homeschooling virtual world lab solutions.

STESSA IT Solutions, LLC Building, Design, Programming English, Deutsch, Español

Instructional and Information Technology consulting firm, registered in Florida, USA. Specialize in "Custom and Dynamic Business Solutions" in the areas of instructional design, database design/development, programming (PHP,Pearl, C, C++). As an instructional designer, I specialize in HIVEs (highly interactive virtual environments) and its didactic techniques and elements. My business partner is my CIO and senior programmer; he is a German national. We like to work outside the "box" and provide our customers with innovation as well as a sound infrastructure.

Stonfield InWorld Project management, Research, Scripting English, Français, Español

Stonfield InWorld helps companies to work with Second Life as a meaningful and efficient business tool.

We are also providing Campus, one of the most innovative and affordable e-Learning solution for Enterprises within Second Life.

Studio Red Design, Events, Marketing English, Español

Studio Red specializes in event production, talent management and graphic design. Event services are available for product launches, sim openings, promotional events, private parties, non-profit fundraisers, and large, multi-sim festivals or shows. Additional services include full-service marketing and design.

Studio SFO Avatars, Clothing, Project management English

SFO Studio specializes in creating experiences that carry from online into the "real world". Our main designer is Acedia Albion, creator of the "Model Search" contests, and the "Avatar Fashion" publication series. Produced over 160 events ranging from small meetings to large avatar fashion shows. Extensive "real" background in online retailing and design. Creating lush, inviting landscapes that users really love - memorable experiences that people really talk about - and intricate costumes. All productions conform to "PG" guidelines. Designing ideas into rich experiences.

Studio Wikitecture English

The 3D-Wiki or ‘Wiki-Tree’ acts as a version tracking system that works very much like a conventional Wiki, but instead of tracking text documents in a linear history as you see in Wikipedia, the ‘Wiki-Tree’ tracks versions of 3-dimensional models and saves them within a continually evolving 3-dimensional digital tree ‘canopy’. Along with version tracking of the various designs, the interface allows members to vote and leave comments around the evolving designs. Here is a video showing how it works:

SUN Inc. English

We developed a mobile viewer which users can play Second Life on their mobile phone.

This service is already started in Japan and now preparing to start the same service in other countries.

Additionally, there are other service we started in Japan, such as L$ exchange service and a virtual EC service.

Sundance Churchill Building, Landscaping, Terraforming English

I specialize in developing full region solutions including structures, landscaping, terraforming and scripted solutions.

SunStar technique Consulting co.,Ltd. Building, Design, Marketing English, 中文

We are based in Beijing China and mainly focus on IT product consult and training program,after have several project with SL, find there are tremendous business opportunity in China, but the current obstacle is most people in China only think it is one kind of Game. We will use our experience and already buildup customer channel to develop more project in SL. Providing training and consultant, deploy customer's business request in SL. Meanwhile broaden the Second life info for those young people who just step in society to get this fresh idea. We can forsee the big oppotunity in China

Supremum Group Sp. z o.o. Marketing, Project management, Research English, Deutsch, Français

Please visit and for more details.

Symphonic Building, Design, Texturing English

Symphonic harmonizes texture, form, and color to bring you builds designed to delight and surprise you. We specialize, first and foremost, in detail and precision in an effort to bring you the finest SL has to offer.

Synapse 3Di, LLC Events English

We provide learning in Byte-sized pieces through Second life events and simulations for teams. We also rent our campus (3 breakout rooms, amphitheature, presentation simulation room, and more) for virtual meetings and events. Our SL bookstore has learning resources for Sales, Communication skills, Leadership, Identity Theft Prevention, Presentation Skills, and more

Synthetic Entertainment Clothing, Commerce/sales, Design English

Synthetic Entertainment has been an active participant in the Second Life vendor, builder, music and social communities since 2007. Synthent has successfully built and maintained two revenue-positive in-world businesses and uses this experience to provide effective and tested solutions to organizations interested in Second Life. Pricing is very competitive and Synthent will work with organizations closely to clearly identify goals in Second Life and find the best-fit strategies.

TeKnoArtia-TKA Building, Machinima, Texturing Español

Asesoria personalizada introducción , análisis , estrategia e implantación a particulares ,empresas,instituciones,centros educacionales

Generación de espacios,terraformacion y modelado 3D con exclusividad de construcción y texturas ,pudiendo ser perfectamente la recreación a escala de edificios, monumentos,zonas de una ciudad , proyectos de construcción para poder ser mostrados de forma inmersiva,catalogo de productos Integración de scripts y demás recursos que dotaran estos elementos de la debida animación e interacción. Personalizar su avatar con su mismo rostro. Producciones machinima

Temporal Industries Programming, Scripting, Video English

Temporal Industries offers complete development and consulting services in Second Life for businesses, academic institutions, and SL residents. Services include: Business and Academic Project Development. Scripting and Programming, including complex interactive objects and LSL/PHP/mySQL SL-RL projects with Real Life to Second Life Data Bridges.

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TextLab text+media Building, Community, Project management English, Deutsch

We have helped to improve the Old Masters Picture Gallery at the Dresden Zwinger. We have assisted Dresdner Bank with their SL branch. We have helped tp build Apfelland, the largest german-language offering in Second Life. We join in countless community projects. We are builders, scripters, writers and media producers, in RL and SL. And what can we do for you?

The Brass Hat Project Marketing, Project management, Scripting English, Deutsch, Français

Our Mission at the Brass Hat Group is that of an international full service communications group with REAL LIFE, MAJOR AGENCY EXPERIENCE. This isn't a game, this is our jobs (JWT, RMG Connect, Lowe, Burson Marsteller, Capitol Hill Congressional Offices, etc.) We are also an entertainment group with a fully running E-ZINE, who has had full press credentials for Chris Cornell, Ben Harper, Phoenix, Brett Dennen, etc...We are intent on capturing the exponentially growing marketplaces of communications in all it's modalities go to: For our 'ethos' & all contact info. -BHG

The Electric Sheep Company Community, Design, Project management English

ESC is a leading provider of technology and services focused on multi-user, virtual world, and casual MMO experiences. ince 2005, ESC has worked with the world's largest brands, media companies, and agencies to design and implement award-winning consumer virtual experiences.

The Learning Studio, Inc. Design, Events, Project management English

The Learning Studio in the real world is a full-service education management and consulting company serving the association and nonprofit community. We provide expert advice and analysis of current offerings and custom content/curriculum development. In Second Life, we have a private island built specifically with association education in mind. We can assist your organization with virtual content needs and decisions on how best to present that content to your audience.

The LOLO Animation, Avatars, Design English, 日本語

The LOLO specializes in animated character solutions, including intelligent roaming animals & avatars.

Since 2006, we have served many clients in SL and outside of SL.

We provide animated characters, animation solutions, virtual pets & animals, particle system designs & more.

The Project Factory Building, Design, Scripting English

Top ranking virtual world, game, online and mobile developers for major brands worldwide.

Two of the top five brands in Second Life are Project Factory projects - get in touch if you want your brands to be there too!

Projects successfully launched include: BigPond, ABC, Thursday's Fiction, Melbourne Laneways.

See the website for more details and weekly stats.

The Scott and Miller Group Building, Design, Marketing English

Specializing in business-to-business communications, The Scott & Miller Group has created award-winning strategic and creative services for its clients for more than 40 years. A full staff of account managers, writers, art directors, designers, and communications strategists work together to develop and implement successful programs in a broad range of marketing, advertising, and business communications media.

The Virtual Worlds Story Project Design, Events, Project management English

The Virtual Worlds Story Project utilizes the concept of "Questing" to develop interactive, immersive, and entertaining journeys designed to explore specific ideas/themes and teach vital 21st century learning skills through story.

We specialize in helping organizations, businesses, and institutions build communities within SL and utilize them to enhance and expand their creative potential in the "real world."

This Second Marketing LLC Building, Events, Marketing English, Español

This Second Marketing LLC is a marketing agency that specializes in leveraging the Second Life platform to empower brands to engage audiences in a compelling, relevant and super-engaging way.

Keys to Our Success & Yours: - Experience in building brands, not just sims - Each member of our team has a Second Life and understands the culture of Second Life, respects it and can leverage it. - Educating our clients, since many marketing people have heard the SL buzz, but don't know anything about it. - Strong leadership with extensive experience in the interactive marketing space and integration.

This Second Marketing ~ Second Staffing Events, Marketing, Project management English

Working in SL & This Second Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in helping brand marketers enter the vibrant, fast-growing world of Second Life. We are made up of marketing and digital media professionals who have been living "Second Lives" since before the buzz-boom over Second Life in late 2006. We approach brand marketing in Second Life from a different, and dare we say smarter, perspective than most other companies in this specialized field.

Thomas Stead Building, Machinima, Texturing English

Create immersive experiences that are fun, feel safe and are knowledgeable. Immersive experiences shouldn't redo in SL what could easily be done on a website. It offers the potential of an adventure complete with teaching and social interaction. Do good, be generous share experience.

THREE D SERVICES Building, Machinima, Scripting English, Deutsch

THREE D SERVICES is a 3D-Solution Provider located in Germany. We are part of a network, which is comprised of the most talented and experienced people who work with Second Life. Feel free to visit us at Merx, have a chat or join our events.


MI Quiz System is a multiple choice board to be used in Second Life. A Student can self-test his knowledge, the teacher get the results of the test taker.

Thynka Little Building, Design, Project management English

Thynka Little specializes in educational design and research work for colleges and universities, youth development programs, and community-based education. Masters degree candidate (2010) in Teaching with Technology at Marlboro College Graduate School, and consultant Virtual Worlds Coordinator with Cooperative Extension's "eXtension" Initiative. Evangelist and speaker about immersive education in virtual worlds. Lead developer of the Morrill sims.

Tom Robinson English

Premier provider of offline building tools for Second Life.

Prim.Blender is a free tool provided for all residents for the open source platform, Blender. Supports all prim types, including sculpties, as well as some operations not currently found in Second Life (mirror, copy, bake).

Top Dingo Building, Scripting, Texturing English

With a mission to bring the real Australia to Second Life, Top Dingo is a powerhouse of creativity and talent. Bringing together a team of skilled SL builders, with talents in marketing, analysis, design, scripting and business experience we plan to take the Aussie experience in SL to a whole new level.

Treet.TV Events, Machinima, Video English

Treet.TV provides expert services in video production and live event streaming. Established in March 2007, Treet.TV is the most popular and loved broadcaster in Second Life, with a variety of processes and tools that provide superior quality and delivery to both large and small customers.

UCSA International Building, Design, Project management English

Building upon communities of practice, UCSA International is proud to offer our unique SIM Solutions for your business model. Whether in the public or private sector, your business needs the competitive edge to push your company into the next decade. SIM Design, Tool Building, Event Management, SIM Maintenance, Security, Avatar sculpting, etc.

UnReal Designs, LLC Building, Design, Programming English

Creating content for the 3D web for over 13 years. UnReal Designs is an established full service design firm experienced in producing game quality design at sensible prices. One of our first achievements was Bizworld, the first 3D Internet Mall selling real product online back in 1995!

Specializing in integrating your 2D investment with your 3D web objectives. We are well versed in product development, both virtual and real, custom coding, events and sim management, as well as 2D web and data base design. Starting at 5K - 150K per sim cap. Call today for a free consultation at 972-535-8990.

Uproar Design Building, Design, Scripting English, Français

Uproar Design serves clients seeking a presence in Second Life to penetrate its unique market and enhance their business campaign.

Bringing visions to life in the immersive, multimedia environment of Second Life, a diverse virtual world where anything is possible.

Work ethos built on fueling innovative and exciting concepts and ventures - developing successful, efficient, reality-enhancing solutions which promote the bridging of real and virtual worlds.

Providing all elements of bespoke graphical and architectural design, building and scripting - with unique and provocative results.

V Rising Ltd Building, Community, Marketing English

V Rising is a virtual worlds development agency dedicated to designing and building experiences in virtual worlds. We work with commercial and corporate clients to enhance their digital strategies, creating new opportunities for delivering content. As part of a global network of industry experts, we specialise in the field of immersive virtual world spaces. The services offered to help our clients create virtual experiences include Consultancy and Creative Design & Development.

V-Innovate Limited Building, Machinima, Project management English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Español, Português, 日本語, 한글, 中文

Virtual Reality Solution Provider for Business. A Full Turnkey Solution in the Virtual Dimensions.

v-worlds GmbH Building, Community, Design English, Deutsch, Français

v-worlds GmbH is the first Swiss company specialized in the design and utilization of virtual worlds. v-worlds consults und support its customers in all aspects related to a presence in Second Life: Training, conceptualization and design, terra scaping and building up to the creation and care of communities. On our web pages you find a list of project references for customers from Switzerland and Germany.

V3 Group Avatars, Building, Design English

V3 Group has over 2 years of development experience inside SL. Our past client list includes entertainment project for 300, Die Hard 4, Iron Man & Transformers; as well as, corporate clients such as Allstate Insurance, Steelcase, SAP, SUN, HP among several other colleges & institutions. Our private successful projects include the International Tech Expo, September 11th Memorial & Silicon Island & Silicon City.

Vagabonds Building, Design, Texturing English

I have been a Second Life resident for over two years. I have extensive experience in working with Real World Companies, Universities and Businesses - all the way down to a the normal guy who just needs help building his own personal space in this ever-growing virtual world. I love what I do, and will do my best to try and help you put your own place in this fast-paced metaverse.

Valen Heavy Industries Building, Programming, Scripting English

Valen Heavy Industries, operated by a private pilot, has been building aircraft in Second Life since the day the SL vehicle system was introduced in 2003. There isn't a more realistic, feature-complete aircraft simulation system in Second Life. High speed, top notch sound, and sim border crossing protection are a few of VHI's specialties. If you need a custom airplane, seaplane, helicopter, autogyro, or some other flying machine, contact Huns Valen.

Veodia English

Veodia enables companies, institutions, and individuals to broadcast

high-quality video with no upfront costs. Broadcasters only need a video

camera, PC, and internet connection to stream live videos and record content

for immediate on-demand playback. Video can be viewed on websites,

intranets, 3G mobile phones, iPhones, and within Second Life.

Vesta Building, Project management, Scripting English, Español

Vesta is a collaborative project between freelancers and small businesses specialized in high-end 3D design, providing quality solutions for videogames, business applications and virtual environments, such as Second Life.

VH/JoJa Dhara/Aksebira Community, Events, Research Nederlands

keywords: Communicator, trainer, bridge maker, networker in the Netherlands, Eventplanner, Co-worker Sister City Project, Organizer SLCC09 Amsterdam Holland, Freelancer RRR/IWS

Vibrant Worlds Building, Project management, Research English, Français, Español

Vibrant Worlds provides Consulting, Creation, Training and Support, and Research to organizations using Second Life for business and education.

Vintage Dawn Building, Scripting, Texturing English, Español, 中文

Our projects cater to the client's needs, be it commercial or residential, in the virtual world Second Life. We aim to design, build, and develop detailed novel environments reflecting fresh craftsmanship. Our expertise ranges from avatar-level products to sim-wide development. Portfolio available upon request.

Vintage Dawn Building, Scripting, Texturing English, Español, 中文

Our projects cater to the client's needs, be it commercial or residential, in the virtual world Second Life. We aim to design, build, and develop detailed novel environments reflecting fresh craftsmanship. Our expertise ranges from avatar-level products to sim-wide development. We have experience with tying external databases in with interactive multimedia platforms in world as well.

The package includes terraforming, custom building, and custom textures designed specifically for your needs. High end scripting is also negotiable.

Viral Esposito Building, Project management, Scripting English

Neapolis Design, since 2006, it's composed by a group of experts in terms of Building, Texturing and Scripting.

Virtual Options Events, Marketing, Research English, Español

Virtual Options Coaching & Training is a Social Media and Software coaching and training company. It provides seminars, webinars, customized workshops, and social media management services. Follow Virtual Options at any of the following:

Virtual Reality Solutions Building, Programming, Scripting English, Español

* Cultural and high realistic cities resconstructions.

  • Advanced solutions based in Virtual Reality.

  • SecondLife and OpenSim Integration with ERPs and enterprise software.

  • Creación de espacios virtualres. Reproducciones virtuales de ciudades.

  • Soluciones avanzadas basadas en realidad virtual.

  • Integración de secondlife y opensim con sistemas empresariales (ERPS, BI,...)

Virtual Training Partners Commerce/sales, Design, Events English

Virtual Training Partners works with organizations to translate live front of the room training into Second Life's 3D Environment

Virtual World Builders Building, Events, Machinima English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands, Español, 中文

Metaverse development company specializing in large scale education, entertainment and corporate custom builds, avatars and live event venues.

VirtualMind (formerly SecondMind) Commerce/sales, Marketing, Project management Español

VirtualMind lleva desde septiembre del año 2006 desarrollando dentro de Second Life y, con la creatividad como base, da respuesta a los retos que las nuevas tecnólogias plantean, tanto en el ámbito de la gestión de marca, comercialización y relación con el cliente, como en el de la administración con sus usuarios.

Virtuateq Commerce/sales, Community, Scripting English, Nederlands

We help Dutch RL companies present themselves in SL.

virtyou GmbH Marketing, Programming, Scripting English, Deutsch

Founded in 2009, virtyou GmbH is continuing the Projects of Primforge group, consulting, building and scripting company solutions in the Second Life environment.

VITAL Lab @ Ohio University Building, Community, Programming English, 日本語, 中文

The Ohio University Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning (VITAL) Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research and development unit focusing on the creation and evaluation of appealing immersive virtual environments and synthetic worlds for the purpose of enhancing teaching, learning, and training. For more information, visit .

VITAL Lab at Ohio University Community, Design, Research 中文, English, 日本語

The Ohio University Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning (VITAL) Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research and development unit focusing on the creation and evaluation of appealing immersive virtual environments and synthetic worlds for the purpose of enhancing teaching, learning, and training. Our showcase island in SL TG is Ohio Teen. .

Vitameo Conseil Building, Design, Project management English, Français

Vitameo Conseil experiment 3D web.

Vitameo Conseil experimente le web 3D.

(we talk english and use Skype)

Vol de nuit Building, Design, Project management English, Français

Conception de sites SL couplés avec vos sites web et implantation de projets metavers 3D

Volkshochschule Goslar Community, Events, Marketing Deutsch

Unterricht von RL- und SL-Themen unter Zuhilfenahme von 3D-Objekten, Simulationen und auf eine virtuelle Welt angepasste Unterrichtsmethoden. Themen: alle Bereiche eines realen Volkshochschulprogrammangebotes sowie Gesprächkreise, Ausstellungen, Konzerte...

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Agentur für Erwachsenenbildung bieten wir eine zertifizierte Ausbildung für die professionelle Nutzung virtueller Welten an:

  • Modul Basics Certified Grundlagen
  • Modul Basics Certified Fortgeschrittene

Prüfung 3D-Online Pass Virtual Worlds

  • Zusatzmodul Basics Certified Teacher
  • Zusatzmodul Basics Certified Business

VR Hacks Building, Programming, Research English

Primary focus involves providing dynamic intelligent agents (generally known as bots) to address a variety of educational and business needs. Additionally does crime scene recreation builds for those in law enforcement as well as those in the private sector.

VRIT, Inc Building, Landscaping, Project management English

Building, project development and design. We create solutions for your virtual world.

We Are Here Limited Building, Community, Events English, Français

Agency in Brighton and London with full project services, graphics, social media use and immersive development.

Web-3d (Nergal S.r.l. - Panebarco) Building, Events, Project management English

web-3d is an unequalled pole of expertise and capacity on 3-dimensional

internet in Italy. The partnership proposes itself as the main industrial

interlocutor for large enterprises, institutions and public and private

authorities that want to enter 3D Internet's world and that want to

develop their presence with a high level of architectural and

technological quality. web-3d intends to support new cultural and didactic

initiatives, spreading a scientific and social use of web 3D.

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc. Events, Marketing, Project management English

Wilder Public Relations Firm Inc.™ is founded and owned by Annette Wilder. We offer services in Public Relations, Promotions, and Publicity. Having an event let us know we get the word out to the sl media and your target market. To contact Wilder Public Relations send a notecard or IM to Ansleigh Beverly (Manager). To learn more about Wilder PR visit: Visit our testimonial page to see what our clients say about us:

Windward Solutions Building, Design, Project management English

Envisioning, landscaping, facility construction and animated solutions

Wings 3D Sculpted Prim Exporter English

Wings 3D is a no-cost, open source, and cross platform 3D modeling application. The intuitive UI makes it an excellent choice for someone to learn 3D modeling in general and sculpty creation in particular. This exporter is a Wings 3D plugin that translates 3D models into the format necessaey for import into SL. Wings 3D comes with other plugins for importing and exporting all the common 3D model formats, so if you like to use a modeling tool that can't directly create sculpty files, you can also use Wings as an adjunct to your modeling tool to produce sculpty files ready for downloading into S

Wishfarmers LLC Building, Design, Programming English

The Wishfarmers invent things that could only exist in the 'metaverse' - and we've been doing it since 2004.

Wolfhaven Productions Building, Scripting, Terraforming English

Wolfhaven Productions is a service organization performing development work and content creation within the Virtual World of Second Life. With over 750 products in various product lines, and specializing in scripted solutions and sim development, Wolfhaven Productions maintains several locations throughout the Second Life Grid. Building, Commerce/sales, Design English

We bring real-world companies and organizations into Second Life!

Our team of skilled builders and designers can build your new company headquarter in Second Life. It can be placed on our island called Wonderful Denmark or on your own private island. We deliver high quality work on time.

For a taste of what we can do, please have a closer look at Wonderful Denmark - one of the most charming places in Second Life.

Please contact us and share your ideas by email or by IM to Doctor Asp. We will look forward to hear from you.

y.s. authentics Building, Community, Project management English, Deutsch

y.s. authentics understands that the most important ingredients that makes an consultancy successful is fairnes, trust and the understanding of how to explain complex things in an easy way.

Zinnemann Events, Programming, Scripting English

Zinnemann provide sailing solutions in the Second Life Grid. This includes designing, building, scripting and animating sailing yachts as well as event management and database driven website integration.

Zuza Ritt Avatars, Building, Texturing, Full regions, Educational projects English

Zuza Ritt is highly experienced in building and modelling, sculpted prims, texturing, custom avatars, clothing and prim apparel, event planning. Hosting 4 universities projects in Second Life. Author of unoffical Czech translation of SL client. Creator of two successful SL brands.

SecondAds Grid-Wide Networked Advertising, Grid-Wide Traffic Increase Tools English

SecondAds is one of the largest companies in Second Life, with an advertising network of many thousands of adboards and a gaming network which serves many thousands of active players per month. If you need to advertise or increase your traffic there is no better service provider.

DgArt Custom Machinima English

DgArt offers custom machinima creation services, professionally managed by a freelance editor. We are fully capable of coordinating all aspects of your machinima project including terraforming and landscaping, custom set design, avatar creation and costuming, pre- and post-production including fully licensed music tracks, real-time uncompressed capture of SL footage, professional video editing and custom compositing to ensure your film is absolutely... perfect.

Reel: Email: Web:

Metaverstas Ltd. Educational projects, Project Management, Full regions, Building, Design, Scripting, Machinima English, Finnish

Metaverstas Ltd. is the leading virtual worlds expert and consultant in Finland, especially in the field of educational and pedagogical solutions, serious games and simulations. We have been working in close co-operation with the top universities and schools in Finland, combining the fun of virtual worlds and games and the highly rated quality and knowhow of Finnish education system.

We have been dedicated into bringing new visions into virtual learning environments, and draw inspiration from game based learning, gamification and bring the emotions and experiences of achievement and fun into serious applications. Finding new ways to spark motivation is something that we wish to bring into all projects that we work on.

See our Youtube-channel for machinima of some of the projects we have been working on:

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