TPVD/Developers Group Agenda

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Next meeting: Noon SLT, September 6 Hippo Theater

Viewer Pipeline

Review of the viewer candidate pipeline; see repository links on Viewer Source Repositories and downloads on Alternate Viewers

  • Current Default: LoveMeRender
  • RC EEP (Enhanced Environments)
  • RC BakesOnMesh
  • RC Maintenance Umeshu
  • Project Legacy Profiles
  • Project 360 Snapshot
  • Project Muscadine

Ongoing and Upcoming

New Topics:

Attendees should add agenda items here as needed - see comments when you edit the page
  • The LL User Groups Schedules Google calendar needs to be updated, its off by a week for this one. Kadah Coba (talk)
  • Youtube autoplay doesn't work anymore in the latest versions, even when adding autoplay=1 to the video link, both in embed and normal version. NiranV Dean.

Topics on Hold