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Non-Zindra Adult sims

Thank you clarifying and improving the communication channels. I have been waiting a long time for this. What remains to be seen is if the channels have any real influence, but I will sure give it a good try!

There are two "adult lands" - Zindra and "the rest". I dismissed Zindra entirely for my purposes, created a mini continent and have all my activity (save for a few minor land patches) on private islands. To me it seems like Zindra and "the rest" have sometimes opposing interests, and face widely different problems. At the same time, the Zindra based sims have the "advantage of the numbers" in terms of being heard. Now to some specific questions:

1. Zindra is all adult. The "islanders" may have very different issues from the Zindra ones. Will the representation be a united one - or are you planning to have separate representation of Zindra/non Zindra in this forum?

2. Lately I have on one occation seem my self and on several occations been told of child avatars teleporting (3-7 of them) into adult sims, taking pictures (I have no idea of what) and leaving, all within 3-5 minutes. On other occations, they have teleported in, stayed, done nothing, until they have been asked to leave. Now I may be paranoid here. But I smell the stench of organized provocations. How should we deal with these situations? Keep in mind that some of the child protection organizations define "abuse pictures" (they try to avoid using the term child pornography) as "any picture of children in "sexually tense" situations with adults, weather clothed or not, cartoon like or real pictures". A "scrapbook" full of such pictures can do SecondLife a lot of damage if ever published, even if the real persons behind the avatars are all adult. Can we please at least discuss a change to the TOS saying something like: "Child avatars, child like avatars and avatars that will likely be percieved as being under the age of 18, have no access to any sims rated Adult unless they change their appearance to look adult"?

Now I will leave this as a start. Hope I will be able to be online this Monday.

Serjourn Daxter 23:58, 9 February 2011 (PST)

New Users Can't Edit the Wiki

Since we proved, last week, that there is a work-round, how about (as was suggested) mentioning this on the Adult Content User Group Page, if no where else? Byatis Resident 06:22, 9 May 2011 (PDT)

Adding to Agenda

The table is pretty. But, it makes it hard for non-wiki types to add agenda items. Can we go with a simple agenda like most of the other User Groups?

Also, we seem to have a mission statement in the Agenda. Shouldn't it be moved to its own heading?

Nalates Urriah 7/25/2011