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--DeniseHoorn Slade 07:10, 8 January 2013 (PST) Smile... I know this description of child-avatars very well... :-) Some parts are written from me. Great to find it here again.

Registering As Child-Avatar

I was the owner of the "Child-Avatar Information Center" and made this for some years now. In the meanwhile, some child-avatars heard, that they *have* to be registered as child-avatars. This is complete nonsense. No child-avatars *has* to be registered as child-avatar at Linden Labs! This misunderstanding might caused by a group named "SecondLife Registered Child-Avatar" (SLRCA). A group initiated to mark child-avatars permanently as child-avatars. Beeing registered meant not to get any access to any adult-sim or parcel. It was planned to create a "doorman", which checks all visitors, if it's a "registered child-avatar". In case of a positive the child-avatar would have asked to leave. A followup of some actions end in a forcely ban, initiated by the doorman itself. This project was not ended.