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While the online information indicates the abilty to get an alternate avatar and in fact states that restrictions on them have been loosened, I and some others have found it impossible to get a legitimate one. This makes it very hard to play by the rules. There needs to be a clear process to add a second, independent/alternate avatar using the same person information including email address, etc. The online information says you can do it, but is clueless as to how to do it. I have no problems paying for it, but would like to demo PG stuff and fear where I will end up without one. <g> SL doesn't need the bad PR and neither do I. We all have a couple of lives.

As have others, I have taken the normal join process and gotten a cryptic message to the effect that I could not get one and to send a note to the help desk if I think this is in error. I have sent several emails to them and they have gone to where clouds disappear to without trace other than an acknowledgement of receipt. If SL is no longer allowing alternates, fine I guess, but the disconnect between documentation and reality is a bit troublesome.

Errol Carter responds: It seems to me that your requirements can be met by opening a second account.