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About myself

I'm interested in tweaking Viewer. Especially on internationalization issues. I'm also interested in translating viewer UI and documentation (including this wiki) into Japanese.

I have a blog on open source viewer development, that is written mostly in Japanese.

Please feel free to talk to me when you see me in-world, or to send IM. I read English and Japanese.

About my works

View my notes on fontconfig. The fontconfig is now a part of the Linden's viewer (since 1.20 RC7 or so.)

I also made a list of Internationalization Issues files on JIRA (but it is almost out-of-date).

A memo on LLFont and related classes is available.

About pango

I wrote a proposal/plans on pango adaptation.

I'm now working on this. (As of Sep. 2008.) See JIRA issue VWR-10131 for the progress.

About viewer 1.21

User:Alissa Sabre/Building viewer 1.21.6 on Linux