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I am actually a professional composer working in Hollywood. As a friend to Leo Laporte, I'm also responsible for the ending theme to TWiT (Doin' the TWiT) and many other themes on the TWiT network. Recently I had an injury that required me to take drugs that aren't condusive to creativity so I've been screwing with wiki's to pass the time. Since I did the theme music to Hak.5 and I really dig the guys from the show it seemed like that was a good place to screw around. If there's anything I can do to help here let me know. Hak.5 wiki is all my work (except the actual look and the idea of putting the youtube video on the front page, don't blame me for that!) on the wiki side including a major part of common.css on the front side since I didn't have server access. If there's anything you see there that you like I'll bring it over, just let me know.

Things to note:

Cast & Crew page

The shadowed boxes done through common.css and the thumbnail pics that are linked to the page rather than the default wiki (go to pic).

Episode 2x010

The scrollbar done through common.css. All of the info for all of the episode infoboxes is contained in one template based on a #switch.


Another example of the scrollbar and shadowed box done through common.css

css tests

Ashley Witt

P.S. I can give the css code for things shown here but am not able to modify the css as a :user