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Transcript of Benjamin Linden's office hours:

[14:59] Malbers Linden: Hi Harleen
[14:59] Malbers Linden: Hi Jacek
[14:59] Jacek Antonelli: Hey Malbers!
[14:59] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Malbers :)
[14:59] Jacek Antonelli: Hey Harleen
[15:00] Malbers Linden: Nice wings today Jacek
[15:00] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Jacek
[15:00] Jacek Antonelli: Thanks :)
[15:00] Malbers Linden: and, Harleen, you are all heart particle-ie today
[15:00] Malbers Linden: nice VDay touch
[15:01] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:01] Harleen Gretzky: ty :)
[15:01] Harleen Gretzky: My shoes soit out the hearsts
[15:02] Malbers Linden: so it looks even cooler when you are walking or flying or dancing...
[15:02] Harleen Gretzky: yup :)
[15:02] Jacek Antonelli: Heya Squirrel :D
[15:02] Malbers Linden: ah Squirrel!
[15:02] Squirrel Wood: Hello :)
[15:02] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Squirrel
[15:02] Squirrel Wood: Jason excuses himself for today as he is very tired
[15:03] Jacek Antonelli: Hi Davie
[15:03] Davie Zinner: Hi all
[15:03] Malbers Linden: Howdy
[15:04] Malbers Linden: arg. these chairs make me look stupid
[15:04] Jacek Antonelli giggles
[15:05] Malbers Linden: well, it’s 3:05 SLT.
[15:05] Jacek Antonelli: Indeed it is!
[15:05] Malbers Linden: as most of you know, Ben is on vacation right now
[15:06] Malbers Linden: so I’m here to chat with you about all things Rx.
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: :)
[15:06] Malbers Linden: I’m bummed a tiny bit that there isn’t more on the Dazzle front
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: No worries :)
[15:06] Malbers Linden: there is a First Look which should be out any second
[15:07] Harleen Gretzky: sweet
[15:07] Jacek Antonelli: Yay, that’s exciting :D
[15:07] Malbers Linden: I was soooooo hoping it would already be out so we could talk about your thoughts
[15:07] Squirrel Wood: the latest RC viewers are a major step bown the usability scale regarding the UI... the pre-1.19 ones had it almost perfect
[15:07] Jacek Antonelli: aww, yeah that would have been nice
[15:07] Squirrel Wood: bown? down!
[15:08] Malbers Linden: yes, there have been lots of complaints about 1.19
[15:08] Squirrel Wood: It’s lots of little things that worked right already
[15:08] Malbers Linden: Is this mainly about the “Release Keys” topic or other things too?
[15:08] Malbers Linden: oh, other examples come to mind?
[15:09] McCabe Maxsted: ahoy :)
[15:09] Jacek Antonelli: hey McCabe!
[15:09] Harleen Gretzky: Hi McCabe
[15:09] Malbers Linden: hey there
[15:09] McCabe Maxsted: no benjamin today?
[15:09] Jacek Antonelli: Vacation :D
[15:09] Malbers Linden: Ben is on vacation so I’m “Ben” today.
[15:09] McCabe Maxsted: ahh lucky bloke :)
[15:10] McCabe Maxsted: I was hoping to ask him why they removed the ability to stop video from the UI
[15:10] Malbers Linden: oooh, interesting.
[15:10] Malbers Linden: where was that option before?
[15:10] Malbers Linden: In the menus somewhere?
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: Video? There is Video? ;)
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: bottom right.
[15:10] McCabe Maxsted: it was on the video toolbar. You could stop pause or play movies in worlod
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: there used to be a play and stop button for video
[15:10] McCabe Maxsted: now you can only play and pause
[15:11] Jacek Antonelli: Aha
[15:11] Squirrel Wood: BUG REPORT!
[15:11] Squirrel Wood: Tools > Bug Reporting..
[15:11] Squirrel Wood:
[15:11] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:11] McCabe Maxsted: which seems rather silly since you need to leave and come back, or reenable video to start it again
[15:11] Malbers Linden: hmmm. what did you get from play and stop that you do not have with play and pause?
[15:11] McCabe Maxsted: hehe yeah, I was going to file one after talking with him
[15:11] Squirrel Wood: restarting a video
[15:11] Malbers Linden: oh, restarting video
[15:12] Davie Zinner: Hi Sai
[15:12] Jacek Antonelli: hey Sai
[15:12] McCabe Maxsted: it’s an odd portion of the ui, like the music pause button
[15:12] Malbers Linden: he ySai
[15:12] McCabe Maxsted: you can’t [ause the music stream yet it has a pause button anyway
[15:12] McCabe Maxsted: ahoy sai!
[15:12] Saijanai Kuhn: hey. Where’s Benjamin?
[15:12] McCabe Maxsted: that always bugged me
[15:12] Jacek Antonelli: vacation :D
[15:12] McCabe Maxsted: hahaha
[15:12] Saijanai Kuhn: ah.
[15:13] Malbers Linden: Sai, I’m Malbers. I do the same kind of job that Ben does.
[15:13] Jacek Antonelli: I wonder if you can pause non-streaming music. Though granted that’s not as common
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: Jacek: yes.
[15:14] Malbers Linden: so, is all video streamed but you can no longer restart it?
[15:14] McCabe Maxsted: sorry, crashed
[15:14] McCabe Maxsted: no you can’t restart video using t he UI anymore in 1.19
[15:15] Malbers Linden: that does seem like a degredation of functionality in 1.19.
[15:15] Jacek Antonelli: I think there are both streaming and nonstreaming video. The difference with streaming being that everybody is viewing (roughly) the same portion of the video as everybody else
[15:15] McCabe Maxsted: I have a theater on my sim, so I’d consider it a loss of functionality
[15:15] Malbers Linden: sure, that makes sense
[15:16] Malbers Linden: a theater where every resident can control the video they see?
[15:16] Malbers Linden: or same video for everyone
[15:16] McCabe Maxsted: with quicktime movies, it loads into your cache even while paused, if I recall correctly, too
[15:16] McCabe Maxsted: well the video controls don’t let you sync video with others
[15:17] McCabe Maxsted: so what you could do is stop if you were just a bit ahead
[15:17] McCabe Maxsted: and then hit play agains o you could watch it at the same time with someone else
[15:17] Malbers Linden: Hi Kova
[15:18] Jacek Antonelli: I’m not quite sure if there’s a good way to fit play/pause/stop all in one button. May need two, like before
[15:18] Malbers Linden: so, some of hte issue is restarting but some is also syncing
[15:18] Jacek Antonelli waves to Ordinal
[15:18] Ordinal Malaprop waves back
[15:18] Malbers Linden: oh, Hi Ordinal.
[15:18] Malbers Linden: didn’t see you come in through my furious typing
[15:18] McCabe Maxsted nods. Syncing video streams was promised years ago but it’s one of those things that just was never done
[15:18] Ordinal Malaprop: Don’t mind me, I’m late anyway :)
[15:19] Malbers Linden: urg. does anyone know if there is a JIRA for syncing video?
[15:19] Jacek Antonelli: not sure offhand
[15:19] McCabe Maxsted: lemme look
[15:19] Jacek Antonelli searches
[15:20] Malbers Linden: Play/Pause/Stop is one thing but....
[15:20] Malbers Linden: figuring out a UI for letting you sync iwth random other people would be quite interesting
[15:20] McCabe Maxsted: yeah, I know. I sell a product on SL that will let people sync their video streams, but it’s a suboptimal solution
[15:20] Squirrel Wood: live streams should be pretty much in sync. Anything else... no luck there.
[15:20] Malbers Linden: it’s a hard problem
[15:21] Malbers Linden: no doubt, the UI takes more screen real estate than the video
[15:21] McCabe Maxsted: I’m still puzzled why the stop button was removed, though
[15:22] Malbers Linden: I’m not positive.
[15:22] Malbers Linden: My guess would be to regain the screen real estate.
[15:22] Malbers Linden: But overlooked the “video restart” use case
[15:23] Malbers Linden: I’ll talk to Ben and Brent and see if there’s a way to get it back in the design.
[15:23] McCabe Maxsted: hm, I’m not seeing a JIRA for syncing video. I’ll make one
[15:23] McCabe Maxsted nods. Thanks
[15:23] Jacek Antonelli: I didn’t see a JIRA issue for it either
[15:24] Malbers Linden: more folks. Hi Drew and Subliminal.
[15:24] Malbers Linden: Always good to make a JIRA.
[15:24] Drew Dwi: hio :)
[15:24] McCabe Maxsted: ahoy drew, subliminal
[15:24] Malbers Linden: If the old video sync JIRA pops up, they can get linked.
[15:24] Drew Dwi: i’m looking to whine about the release keys button covering chat D: but i’m hoping thats already a known headache?
[15:24] Jacek Antonelli: Hehehe
[15:25] Malbers Linden: And More -- hey Corwin
[15:25] McCabe Maxsted: very well known by now, I’d hope :)
[15:25] Jacek Antonelli: Yes, well known. Everybody seems to hate that Release Keys button :D
[15:25] Malbers Linden: oooooh, let me count the ways
[15:25] Corwin Contepomi: Hey yourself!!
[15:25] Davie Zinner: There’s a JIRA issues to obsolete the Release Keys button, I think
[15:25] McCabe Maxsted: yes there are two or three
[15:26] Malbers Linden: The “release keys” issue is definitely being thought about a lot
[15:26] Drew Dwi: kay then one more i’ll see if you’ve heard about, if you start a voice chat in IM, and then you change that persons volume in the IM window, then open the nearby speakers, it resets the volume level on you >.<
[15:26] McCabe Maxsted: moving it to a menu is a proposed solution
[15:27] Jacek Antonelli: yep, the menu idea came up last week, and had also been proposed in a few comments
[15:27] Malbers Linden: I don’t think there’s a decision on ti but moving it to a menu is a strong contender.
[15:27] Harleen Gretzky: THey idea proposed here last week is one of the better ones, I think, think Squirrel came up with it
[15:27] McCabe Maxsted: Squirrel always seems to have some of the best ideas, hehe
[15:27] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:27] McCabe Maxsted: I wish I had access to whatever nuts she’s eating
[15:27] Jacek Antonelli giggles
[15:28] Malbers Linden: That was the “move it t o the menu” idea?
[15:28] Malbers Linden: right?
[15:28] Jacek Antonelli: yes
[15:28] Harleen Gretzky: yes, with fly-out
[15:28] Drew Dwi: the friends online notifications seem to be directly linked to the level of pain that the release keys button gives you
[15:28] Drew Dwi: the higher up it is, the higher up the blue notifications go
[15:29] Squirrel Wood: ^^
[15:29] McCabe Maxsted: I have a question that’s been bothering me, and maybe someone heere will know
[15:29] Malbers Linden: Hi Kitty
[15:29] Jacek Antonelli: Oh, right. I noticed that once.. got a blue notice box that went 1/3 of the way up my screen
[15:29] McCabe Maxsted: why does clearing the cache remove the friends list names?
[15:29] Kitty Barnett: hey-ies *waves*
[15:29] Squirrel Wood: As for voice levels resetting... that has been jira’d about half a dozen times
[15:29] Drew Dwi: yea, it does that --ALOT-- if your in and out of mouselook
[15:30] Squirrel Wood: and as far as I know has been left for the open source community to fix
[15:30] Drew Dwi: really? D:
[15:30] McCabe Maxsted: yeah
[15:30] Jacek Antonelli: McCabe: I think the viewer caches the list of your friends, so it doesn’t have to download them all each time (same with inventory)
[15:30] Squirrel Wood: as that is a client side thing
[15:30] Malbers Linden: for hte blue notifications, Brent and I are working on a redesign for hte whole system.
[15:30] McCabe Maxsted: jacek: clear cache, relog. Your flist will be gone
[15:30] Drew Dwi: yeah I saw that on the sldev lists, but any chance for a temporary bandaid as timeframe on that project would be months+ ?
[15:30] Jacek Antonelli: Oh, you mean totally gone? Not just that it has to load?
[15:31] McCabe Maxsted: yup
[15:31] Jacek Antonelli: strange!
[15:31] McCabe Maxsted: and won’t come back until you relog without clearing cache first
[15:31] Malbers Linden: That just seems stupid, technical bug.
[15:31] Kitty Barnett: mine’s in a permanent state of “waiting” since 1.19...
[15:31] McCabe Maxsted: are you clearing your cache each time you logout?
[15:31] Drew Dwi: I like (hippos) the best :P
[15:31] Kitty Barnett: doesn’t matter if I do or don’t... neither changes it
[15:32] McCabe Maxsted: interesting
[15:32] Kitty Barnett: calling cards make a good rudimentary replacement :p
[15:32] McCabe Maxsted: what happens if you drop someone then readd them?
[15:32] Kitty Barnett: iono, haven’t tried
[15:33] McCabe Maxsted: here try with me
[15:33] Drew Dwi: random q, how many people are working on the UI stuff soley at the moment?
[15:33] Kitty Barnett: still all waiting
[15:33] Kitty Barnett: well, you’re not waiting lol
[15:33] Kitty Barnett: you’re the only one showing proper :p
[15:33] Malbers Linden: Drew, depends on what you mean.
[15:33] Drew Dwi: as in, is there a group and if so how many people are in it
[15:34] Malbers Linden: It’s hard to say how many engineers are working on UI/Viewer related tasks.
[15:34] Malbers Linden: manybe ~15
[15:34] Drew Dwi: your mic is open btw
[15:34] Drew Dwi hears breathing xD
[15:34] Malbers Linden: in the Rx group proper, there are 4 of us.
[15:34] McCabe Maxsted: are we going to see a drop for dazzle anytime soon?
[15:35] Drew Dwi: ah kk
[15:35] Malbers Linden: Ah, McCabe....
[15:35] Malbers Linden: There should be a First Look drop any second.
[15:35] McCabe Maxsted cheers!
[15:35] Drew Dwi: orly?
[15:35] Drew Dwi goes to peak
[15:35] Drew Dwi: I tinkered with it
[15:35] Malbers Linden: And, as you know for software...
[15:35] McCabe Maxsted: I’ve been aching to have a look at it :)
[15:36] McCabe Maxsted: aside from just the preview out now
[15:36] Drew Dwi: you can jack your client up with if your adventurous
[15:36] Malbers Linden: “any second” means “right now” to “next year”
[15:36] Jacek Antonelli: lol Malbers
[15:36] Drew Dwi: D:
[15:36] McCabe Maxsted: haha
[15:36] Drew Dwi: i’ve been lied too
[15:36] Drew Dwi runs off crying
[15:36] Jacek Antonelli: Also popular is “real soon now”
[15:36] Malbers Linden: Yes, there is stuff out there right now for Dazzle
[15:36] Malbers Linden: but it’s a few months old
[15:36] Drew Dwi: don’t suppose they’ll be a refresh on whats out.... real soon hmm? :P
[15:36] Jacek Antonelli: Could you give us a little summary of the big changes since then? ^_^
[15:37] Malbers Linden: The design has been cleaned up a lot since then.
[15:37] McCabe Maxsted: or at least, what UI problems you’re hoping to tackle with it?
[15:37] Malbers Linden: (saying something amorphous) it’s a lot sexier
[15:37] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:37] McCabe Maxsted: hehehe
[15:37] Jacek Antonelli: yay sexy shiny
[15:37] Malbers Linden: I think there were a number of text/contrast issues with the previous drop.
[15:38] Jacek Antonelli nods
[15:38] Malbers Linden: A lot of that should be better
[15:38] McCabe Maxsted: yes, it was hard on the eyes
[15:38] Jacek Antonelli: Good to hear!
[15:38] Malbers Linden: Brent has done a lot of work to syncronize the look.
[15:38] Malbers Linden: It holds together better.
[15:38] Jacek Antonelli: Cool
[15:38] Malbers Linden: color-wise and stylewise
[15:38] Drew Dwi: is that going to be a mandatory update, or more like a skin choice?
[15:38] Malbers Linden: all (or almost all) the icons/graphics have been redone.
[15:39] McCabe Maxsted: have you done away with using UUIDs for naming?
[15:39] Malbers Linden: Drew, I hate to say since I am not positive.
[15:39] Squirrel Wood: regarding memorizing voice levels... folder in cache “Voice” and have UUID files there storing the set volume for that avatar... workable solution that could be done through a patch ^^
[15:39] Malbers Linden: my IMPRESSION is that this is the UI of hte future so everyone will have it.
[15:39] Drew Dwi: maybe make it the default
[15:39] Drew Dwi: but allow in preferences to go back
[15:40] Drew Dwi: ack debug options even
[15:40] McCabe Maxsted: debug options are the new preferences :)
[15:40] Jacek Antonelli: hehe
[15:40] Drew Dwi: for the power user yea
[15:40] Drew Dwi: cause SL is too complex for average pc user
[15:40] Malbers Linden: there has been a lot of work to move most of the UI look out into XML
[15:40] Kitty Barnett: debug options are evil :p far too many people look at them and forget what they changed and yell cause “SL is broken” :p
[15:40] Malbers Linden: using XML give all of you the power to provide different skins
[15:41] Jacek Antonelli: (Oh! That reminds me I still need to submit my patch to XML-ize the progress bar screen)
[15:41] Drew Dwi: ah
[15:41] Saijanai Kuhn: I wrote a tiny patch a while back to tie the non-LSL editor text font to the chat font size. ARe you guys remembering us elderly types with bad eyes while you make these changes?
[15:41] Drew Dwi: xD
[15:41] Malbers Linden: (not here right now but) Aliceinwire Bleac has been working on a pink skin, i think
[15:41] Jacek Antonelli: yes, purple and pink hehe
[15:42] Malbers Linden: Trying to, Sai. I do have a partial history working in A11Y so I’m attuned to the issues.
[15:42] Malbers Linden: (A11Y == Accessibility)
[15:42] Drew Dwi: oh here’s a question you might know about, at some point my mini-map had yellow dots for my friends, then it went to yellow dots for thoes who I could map, and now D: no yellow, is that a UI thing or who to poke and ask what story is on it?
[15:43] Malbers Linden: wow, never heard about yellow dots.
[15:43] Drew Dwi: really? :o
[15:43] Drew Dwi: they were super useful
[15:43] Kitty Barnett: friends are supposed to show up as yellow to help you spot them easier... but it’s very uhm “buggy”
[15:43] McCabe Maxsted: they were there when the dots were changed from Ts to Vs
[15:43] Malbers Linden: I’m yellow but everyone else is green
[15:43] Drew Dwi: no, these look very different
[15:43] Drew Dwi: the green dots are yellow same shape/size
[15:44] Saijanai Kuhn: the info SHOULD be there somewhere, since you can make a setting in the clinet to let your firends see you on the map.
[15:44] Jacek Antonelli: Yeah, I noticed the yellow dots have come and gone. Sometimes friends appear green, sometimes yellow, sometimes they disappear altogether >_<
[15:44] Malbers Linden: yeah, is this a preference i do not have turned on?
[15:44] McCabe Maxsted: weird all my friends appear green
[15:44] Drew Dwi: mmmm don’t think so
[15:44] Drew Dwi: it changed with each rolling restart
[15:44] McCabe Maxsted: I never thought about it
[15:44] Drew Dwi: in the 1.18.x
[15:44] Drew Dwi: hasn’t been seen in 1.19.x
[15:44] Drew Dwi: at least i’ve not seen it
[15:45] Malbers Linden: so, a magical here-and-gone-and-here feature
[15:45] Drew Dwi: yes
[15:45] Drew Dwi: and it doesn’t exist anywhere on wiki, faq’s ect ect
[15:45] Malbers Linden: only on mini-map or also on main map?
[15:45] Drew Dwi: only on minimap
[15:45] Malbers Linden: was it helpful at this scale?
[15:46] Drew Dwi: well, it was helpful in a limited scope of what I do, but I don’t know if there’s broad appeal
[15:46] Malbers Linden: the tradeoff is “the confusion of different colored dots” vs. “helping you find specific people”
[15:46] McCabe Maxsted: I would find friends showing up another color to be helpful
[15:47] Drew Dwi: yes, it does add another level of complexity
[15:47] Malbers Linden: Worried about newer residents.
[15:47] McCabe Maxsted: trying to find someone on a sim, for example
[15:47] Drew Dwi: but this looked like a server thing that was being turned on/off
[15:47] McCabe Maxsted: when all you see is green dots, who’s your friend?
[15:47] Kitty Barnett: “Users with 1.18.4 viewers will see friend glyphs in a different color in the minimap” (rolling update from Nov 8th)
[15:47] Jacek Antonelli: Oops, gotta run, people are having trouble getting their squids to attach. Thanks Malbers! Take care everyone
[15:47] Drew Dwi: oo good find Kitty
[15:47] McCabe Maxsted: take care jacek!
[15:47] Malbers Linden: good spelunking, Kitty
[15:47] Drew Dwi: well if the behavior was consistant I don’t think it would be that confusing
[15:47] Drew Dwi: as in when I added someone, a yellow dot appeared
[15:48] Jacek Antonelli waves and poofs
[15:48] Drew Dwi: connect the dots.... . . .
[15:48] Malbers Linden: bye jacek
[15:48] Kitty Barnett: probably a problem with the sim rather than the viewer though since it took a sim update to enable it, it was in the viewer a few weeks earlier
[15:49] Drew Dwi: looks like it was pulled in 1.19.x because i’ve not seen it on since the rollout in any sim
[15:49] Malbers Linden: no JIRAs on colored dots (as far as we know)?
[15:49] Drew Dwi: no I was going to file one
[15:49] McCabe Maxsted: I wonder if it was causing unnecessary overhead?
[15:49] Drew Dwi: but wanted to ask make sure I wasn’t the only one who saw them
[15:50] Please Stoop: Malbers tell Torley to stop being AFK in Waterhead
[15:50] Drew Dwi: i’ll type one up lemme dig that blog post up
[15:50] Malbers Linden: (being a UI curmugeon) it’s not unneccesary overhead if it’s useful.
[15:50] McCabe Maxsted: hehe :)
[15:51] Malbers Linden: Cool, Drew. That would be helpful.
[15:51] Drew Dwi: assign as viewer or srv?
[15:51] Drew Dwi: I assume server since the viewer has shown it
[15:51] Malbers Linden: There’s the rub, right. It’s kinda both.
[15:51] Drew Dwi: and rolling restarts are the toggle
[15:52] McCabe Maxsted: it was changed after 1.19 server hit the grid right?
[15:52] Drew Dwi: no, there were several 1.18.x rolling restarts on which the functionality changed and then dissapeared
[15:52] Drew Dwi: i’ve not seen it at all on 1.19
[15:52] McCabe Maxsted: when in doubt, go with viewer, and it can be moved if needed
[15:52] Drew Dwi: ok
[15:53] Squirrel Wood: If functionality vanisches through rolling restarts then it may have been causing unexpected problems ?
[15:53] Drew Dwi: might have been disabled
[15:53] Squirrel Wood: vanishes... ergh. typos :(
[15:53] Drew Dwi: either way since it is a feature will see if anyone in the triage group can find out what happend to it
[15:54] Squirrel Wood: like that friends color dot thing may have put a too high strain on the asset system? Presence information and stuff..
[15:54] McCabe Maxsted: heh, I just learned we were supposed to have a button for creating sculpties way back in may
[15:54] McCabe Maxsted: but the jira is unasigned and no one was ever put in
[15:55] Drew Dwi: maybe, I mean you know all the avatars in a sim
[15:55] Saijanai Kuhn: Qarl’s been busy doing stuff.
[15:55] Kitty Barnett: do you still see me as green now, McCabe?
[15:55] Drew Dwi: your viewer does, so all it has to do is compare that to your cache’d friends list
[15:55] McCabe Maxsted: yup you’re green kitty
[15:55] Kitty Barnett: lol okies
[15:55] McCabe Maxsted: zoomed in all the way
[15:55] McCabe Maxsted: am I too?
[15:55] Kitty Barnett: was wondering if it was tied to “show on map” since the only friend I ever saw it with had that set
[15:56] Squirrel Wood: updating map stalk info for a single avatar is okay... though updating the information for the dozen or more avatars that you have on your friend list and that allow you to mapstalk them.... major strain on the system
[15:56] Malbers Linden: interesting point -- show on map
[15:56] McCabe Maxsted: am I yellow now?
[15:56] Squirrel Wood: especially with a concurrency of 60,000
[15:56] Drew Dwi: that would be very cool, but the strain
[15:56] Kitty Barnett: no, green :o
[15:56] McCabe Maxsted: hm guess show on map doesn’t work
[15:56] Drew Dwi: it does
[15:56] Malbers Linden: or, “locate on map”
[15:56] Drew Dwi: just takes 2-3 tries
[15:57] Drew Dwi: from profile
[15:57] Saijanai Kuhn: for an in-sime map, it shouldn’t be that big a deal. Would be interesting to have a “show current group members” option for combat sims
[15:58] Malbers Linden: a very good point for the combat set.
[15:58] Drew Dwi: yes, mostly the friends on mini-map is usefull for combat stuff :)
[15:58] Drew Dwi: specially when say... flying a plane... with bombs...
[15:58] Malbers Linden: So, we are running low on time.
[15:58] Malbers Linden: Before we go, I had a request.
[15:58] Malbers Linden: yes, you were!
[15:58] Malbers Linden: No, I’m interviewing all sorts of residents about their use of SL.
[15:59] McCabe Maxsted high fives whoever made that tardis noise
[15:59] Malbers Linden: And, since you are all interesting residents with exciting things going on, I might ask to interview you.
[15:59] Malbers Linden: I’ve already interviewed a few of you, and, thanks.
[15:59] Malbers Linden: So, this is just a “heads up” if I show up on your doorstep someday or zap you an IM.
[15:59] Kitty Barnett: lol
[15:59] McCabe Maxsted: sounds fun :)
[15:59] Drew Dwi: okays
[15:59] Squirrel Wood: ^^
[15:59] Drew Dwi will remember to watch his back
[15:59] McCabe Maxsted: haha
[16:00] Malbers Linden: Cool.
[16:00] Malbers Linden: well, thaks to you all for coming
[16:00] Squirrel Wood: Thanks for hosting :)
[16:00] Drew Dwi: thanks for hangin out
[16:00] McCabe Maxsted: thanks for hosting malbers :)
[16:00] Harleen Gretzky: bye Malbers
[16:00] McCabe Maxsted: hope to see you at more of these
[16:00] Kitty Barnett: had a Linden get back to me about a bug one time.. was sitting on the fence just in front of my house and my landlady IM’ed me “are you alright?? there’s a Linden sitting in front of your doorstep” hehe
[16:00] Malbers Linden: I’ll be here next week again.
[16:01] Saijanai Kuhn: take care. Nice meeting you
[16:01] Malbers Linden: bye all
[16:01] Kitty Barnett: thanks for hosting, Malbers :)