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I've been getting more IMs than usual from people who are telling me that they heard that the grids are going to merge. Just so you know, there are NO PLANS to merge the grids. Honest to goodness. None. If people come to you with rumors to this effect, you can stand up and assuredly state "YOU SIR, ARE GRAVELY MISINFORMED. LINDEN LAB HAS NO PLANS TO MERGE THE GRIDS. BLUE TOLD ME SO."

I'd appreciate it :)

Blue Linden 20:56, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

After a short discussion with the nice folks of SLViews, and a few threads in the Resident Answers forum....oh and about ONE MILLION emails and IMs over the years....I present to you, gentle reader, this transcript of a discussion that took place at my office hour on March 25th in this, the 2009th year since life spontaneously appeared on Earth.

This transcript is edited very lightly for clarity.

[15:56] Timeless Prototype: hiya Blue

[15:56] Chaves Shu salutes

[15:56] Blue Linden: heya ㋡

[15:56] Chaves Shu: hello Sir!

[15:57] Toy LaFollette: Heyas Blue :)

[15:57] Blue Linden: how are youse guys doin, there?

[15:57] Toy LaFollette: fit as a fiddle :)

[15:57] Timeless Prototype is fine and dandy

[15:57] Blue Linden: <---Joe Pesci voice

[15:57] Morph Wollongong: tops

[15:57] pickle Flagon: hello

[15:57] Timeless Prototype: <--- Texan (fake) voice :D

[15:57] Chaves Shu: Sgt. Maj. Shu eports i!

[15:57] Blue Linden: good good!

[15:57] Toy LaFollette: youse yuots

[15:57] Timeless Prototype: hi Pickle, Dimitrio

[15:58] Dimitrio Lewis: hi

[15:58] pickle Flagon: Hello Timeless

[15:58] Blue Linden: we're here!

[15:58] Timeless Prototype: lol Chaves, try another seat?

[15:58] Toy LaFollette: hehehe

[15:58] Patty1 Rosca: ello

[15:59] Toy LaFollette: ☆*¨¨*:•.•:*¨* hallo hello hi holla *¨¨*:•.•:*¨*☆

[15:59] Timeless Prototype: hi xstorm

[15:59] Timeless Prototype: hi Patty1

[15:59] xstorm Radek: hi hi :-)

[15:59] Timeless Prototype: lol Toy, awesome

[15:59] Blue Linden: so before we officially start, I thought I'd tell folks that I'm considering making text transcript of today's topic

[15:59] xstorm Radek: hi Blue

[15:59] Patty1 Rosca: howdy blue

[15:59] Blue Linden: so if you don't want to be on record, let me know before you leave so i can edit you out

[15:59] xstorm Radek: great thinking

[16:00] Timeless Prototype: ty Toy

[16:00] Blue Linden: since people are always asking me about this topic and it's easy to throw a URL at them and run ;)

[16:00] Toy LaFollette: Welcommmme!!!

[16:00] Patty1 Rosca: how dare them

[16:00] Blue Linden: if you were stopping by the office hour today to go on Eureka Field Trip, you're outa luck

[16:01] Patty1 Rosca: aw

[16:01] Blue Linden: it's an old-skool "talk about controversial things" office hour :D

[16:01] xstorm Radek: its ok :-)

[16:01] Blue Linden: next week we'll hit the road again hehe

[16:01] Blue Linden: So welcome's just after 4 and I'll start pretty much on time in case this turns into a long conversation

[16:02] Blue Linden: let me start by saying that every 6-8 months for the last few years a Linden will say publicly something to the effect of....

[16:02] Blue Linden: "we think it would be cool to let teens more broadly participate in SL"

[16:02] xstorm Radek: hi holo

[16:02] Blue Linden: and my inbox is full for the next 6-8 weeks

[16:02] Toy LaFollette nods

[16:02] Holocluck Henly: i dont take strange things from strangers storm sorry

[16:02] Holocluck Henly: heya blue LTNS

[16:03] Blue Linden: Hey Holodoc ㋡

[16:03] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:03] Morph Wollongong: methinks they are already here ;-)

[16:03] pickle Flagon: lol

[16:03] Toy LaFollette: run Forest Run!!

[16:03] xstorm Radek: im a old man neko that i can see

[16:03] Blue Linden: so I want to make it clear right up front, and you can call me a liar if you'd wouldn't be the first....

[16:03] Blue Linden: there are NO PLANS TO MERGE THE GRIDS

[16:03] Blue Linden:'s not on the high priority list

[16:03] Patty1 Rosca: really

[16:04] Holocluck Henly: tank you!

[16:04] Blue Linden: but I'm happy to talk about why i think we should do it

[16:04] Chaves Shu: BloodyBugger, hangn...

[16:04] Holocluck Henly: because you've never been in an online community or game with kids and teens?

[16:04] Clarissa Lowell: What does that mean? No plans to bring minors into SL at all?

[16:04] Clarissa Lowell: Or a physical merge?

[16:04] Blue Linden: right....we'd LIKE to do it, but it's a big project. We are not in a position to make it happen yet, and haven't even started the necessary conversations

[16:04] Patty1 Rosca: they already here

[16:04] Blue Linden: yeah they are

[16:04] Morph Wollongong: hiya holocluck :-)

[16:04] JulietAnn Devin: hey Blue

[16:04] Holocluck Henly: hello morph!

[16:04] Blue Linden: hehe that's usually my argument when people say they don't want teens on the main grid.

[16:04] Toy LaFollette: Sure

[16:04] Toy LaFollette: its gonna take a LOT of planning to be

[16:05] Blue Linden: yes teens are here....they are sneaky

[16:05] Patty1 Rosca: im sure some younger then that

[16:05] Morph Wollongong: teens have uber energy and very creative

[16:05] Clarissa Lowell: So they do wish to, it's more a matter of implementation.

[16:05] Holocluck Henly: no theyre obvious. they want sex and to throw lots of giant cubes everywhere

[16:05] Toy LaFollette: I run into a few at Oxbridge or NCI

[16:05] Holocluck Henly: heeh

[16:05] Blue Linden: primarily the teens on Teen Second Life are the “good teens”....they are the ones who are being honest....

[16:05] Blue Linden: well...the ones without MG alts are anyway

[16:06] Holocluck Henly: yes but they are free to do the teen thing socially which annoy us adults instinctively

[16:06] Clarissa Lowell: ahh

[16:06] Patty1 Rosca: it make scense to just have everyone together

[16:06] Morph Wollongong: so what is the main sticking point to merging the grids do you think?

[16:06] Blue Linden: anyone fully opposed to the idea that someday LL may let teens access main grid?

[16:06] Toy LaFollette: it has to be profit based to survive

[16:06] Holocluck Henly: yes

[16:06] Holocluck Henly: 1000%

[16:07] JulietAnn Devin: hi everyone

[16:07] Blue Linden: but why?

[16:07] Blue Linden: why not have teens and adults together like they are in WoW

[16:07] Blue Linden: or anywhere online really....

[16:07] Toy LaFollette: Ive never had a problem with it but Im a minority specially being a child av

[16:07] Clarissa Lowell: cos of the sexxors

[16:07] Patty1 Rosca: what difference does it make! They are here anyway

[16:07] Blue Linden: there are the sexxors, that's true

[16:07] xstorm Radek: this is not WoW at all

[16:07] JulietAnn Devin: ☆*¨¨*:•Xstorm!!!•:*¨¨*☆

[16:07] Holocluck Henly: just been there done that. they grate on us, they collect people like a game. they a/s/l they cant spell out words. they beg for things like we're their mommy. its been in every game and social community i have been in

[16:08] pickle Flagon: lol

[16:08] pickle Flagon: somethuing your not tellin us X

[16:08] Holocluck Henly: they curse and do adult stuff because they are fascinated with what they type. and of course flood chat for the same reason

[16:08] Blue Linden: well again Holodoc, the teens we're talking about are folks like Katharine Berry who wrote AjaxLife

[16:08] Blue Linden: they are smart, creative, polite....

[16:08] Blue Linden: for the most part

[16:08] Holocluck Henly: yes but thats not typical

[16:08] Clarissa Lowell: but not all are so ideal

[16:08] Blue Linden: most of the ones who aren't are here already ;p

[16:09] Toy LaFollette: we all were teens, we know what we did and now that we arent its suddenly annoying hehehe

[16:09] Holocluck Henly: but they are well suited in a teen environment where this is a natural if not accepted trend - except the adult stuff of course

[16:08] Clarissa Lowell: and there is danger to them here

[16:09] pickle Flagon: clarissa there is danger to them in the street when they go for food or cinema

[16:09] Blue Linden: when the "good" teens turn 18 and come here they say "OMG blue...i thought these were the adults"

[16:09] Blue Linden: so we joke there are 2 grids...the mature grid

[16:09] Blue Linden: and the adult one

[16:09] Patty1 Rosca: *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC) blue

[16:09] xstorm Radek: many of the teen people are better and nicer then some of the 22 year olds

[16:09] Holocluck Henly: theyre right - they are usually referring to the college kids LOL

[16:09] Blue Linden: because of course adults have earned the right to be asshats

[16:09] Patty1 Rosca: i agree storm

[16:09] Toy LaFollette: :)

[16:09] Holocluck Henly: they havent which is why so many are yelling at blondin as we speak

[16:10] Morph Wollongong: adults have many more years to hone asshattery

[16:10] Blue Linden: heheh

[16:10] xstorm Radek: the problem is that there are to many bad older people in SL

[16:10] Clarissa Lowell: teens are like adults, percentage of impressive ones, and a lot of...others. but running into adults here, they lack life experience to defend themselves from the worst types.

[16:10] Blue Linden: let's just say "teens annoy Holodoc"

[16:10] Blue Linden: that's fair

[16:10] Holocluck Henly: i broke it down in my blog a couple weeks back :) if they were mature and knew how to have adult content on mature land they wouldnt be facing relocation

[16:10] Clarissa Lowell: i do not idealise teens OR write them all off.

[16:10] Patty1 Rosca: most of the teens are creative

[16:10] Toy LaFollette: hehe

[16:10] Blue Linden: but to Xstorm's point...

[16:10] Blue Linden: bad adults

[16:10] Clarissa Lowell: can't say most teens are creative, any more so than you could say most adults are...they're just people. shouldn't idealise

[16:10] Blue Linden: they are everywhere online right?

[16:11] Blue Linden: are there more here?

[16:11] Clarissa Lowell: concentration of effort, blue

[16:11] Holocluck Henly: teens annoy anyone who has been in a mixed cybercultural place. it's often the big problem for adults beside the psycho adult stalkers

[16:11] Clarissa Lowell: one stop shopping

[16:11] Toy LaFollette: more here than many realize

[16:11] pickle Flagon: my business partner was a teen and he was very mature but got moved to the teen grid

[16:11] Blue Linden: more than, say, myspace?

[16:11] Holocluck Henly: i am not talking about the minority who are well mannered etc

[16:11] xstorm Radek: i have seen 20 year old act like verry rude brats and have verry little to do with helping people and more to do with hate and griefing

[16:11] Holocluck Henly: and by well mannered i dont exclude young at heart

[16:11] Blue Linden: lol yes x

[16:11] Clarissa Lowell agrees with the cluck

[16:12] Holocluck Henly: oh myspace i dont have teens allowed on my profile. there are settings

[16:12] Blue Linden: okay...let's take a step many adults online are a threat to kids....ballpark guess

[16:12] Clarissa Lowell: May I ask why LL would like to move teens in? That seems to be the thing missing from most Linden posts.

[16:12] Blue Linden: I'll get to that Clarissa...happy to say why I think it's the right thing to do

[16:12] Blue Linden: 5%, 10%?

[16:12] Holocluck Henly: i have no idea

[16:12] Toy LaFollette: very few

[16:12] Morph Wollongong: less

[16:12] JulietAnn Devin: 10%

[16:12] Holocluck Henly: no no

[16:12] JulietAnn Devin: there was a questionnaire done

[16:12] Holocluck Henly: .1%

[16:12] Patty1 Rosca: id say less

[16:12] Clarissa Lowell: No way to guess, accurately. Blue. LL should discuss it with an agency like PROTECT. org

[16:12] Clarissa Lowell: who makes internet safety their full time concern.

Excellent suggestion!

[16:12] xstorm Radek: 40%

[16:12] Yuu Nakamichi: Blue, have you seen the report from Berkman Center?

[16:12] Dimitrio Lewis: threat?

[16:12] Toy LaFollette: the news has made it seeem we are buried in sexual stalkers and child molesters

[16:12] Holocluck Henly: people who actively seek kids to do bad things? no no no not that much

[16:12] Clarissa Lowell: But I'd say even one bad adult is too much. (and okay)

[16:13] Blue Linden: i agree Toy.....

[16:13] Blue Linden: I've watched many studies and listened to some serious fear mongering

[16:13] Holocluck Henly: well it helps when theres some underground racket most of us dont know about that enss up on a youtube report

[16:13] Clarissa Lowell: there's the flip side too, griefing an adult by making a false AR

[16:13] Yuu Nakamichi:

[16:13] Yuu Nakamichi: interesting reading

[16:13] Clarissa Lowell: fear mongering? I'd say prudence instead

[16:13] Blue Linden: thanks Yuu!

[16:13] Holocluck Henly: my best friends in SL are "kids"

[16:13] Blue Linden: i also recommend reading the NYT article....

[16:13] Blue Linden:

[16:14] Clarissa Lowell: Holocluck, I like kids too, no one's saying kids are 'bad'

[16:14] Yuu Nakamichi: yw. they mostly contend that children are threatened by their peers, more than anything

[16:14] Holocluck Henly: right

[16:14] Blue Linden: basically stating that there's no little evidence to support the idea that the Paedogeddon is upon us

[16:14] Blue Linden: yep

[16:14] xstorm Radek: remember if some one is rude and acts wrong infront of young people they in time will be as bad as the adult in the end

[16:14] Yuu Nakamichi: hey scope :)

[16:14] Toy LaFollette: prudence doesnt sell the news.... fear mongering does

[16:14] Clarissa Lowell: lol pedogeddon.

[16:14] Scope Cleaver: Greetings

[16:14] Clarissa Lowell: funny word.

[16:14] Blue Linden: you might've heard the stat "1 in 5 teens are propositioned online"

[16:14] Chaves Shu salutes

[16:14] Holocluck Henly: i hate to say it though this generation of kids in the western world have been dumped at young ages without supervision at the computer to do whatever with mixed company

[16:14] Holocluck Henly: we are as much a victim of them

[16:14] Patty1 Rosca: the teens come to sl to make real friends

[16:15] Holocluck Henly: maybe more because that IS common versus a genuine perv after them

[16:15] Toy LaFollette: that I agree with, Holo

[16:15] Blue Linden: what they don't say is that it's to a very great extent by 1) their peers and 2) by adults they know in RL

oops, that's what Yuu just said...guess I missed it ^_^;

[16:15] xstorm Radek: we do not keep young people from us we keep us from young people

[16:15] Holocluck Henly: thats just it

[16:15] Clarissa Lowell: Okay well, if it isn't an issue, why then segregate them at all. Let the grid stay as-is.

[16:15] Holocluck Henly: and this doesnt negate that enough goes on offline

[16:15] Holocluck Henly: teachers step parents the usual gang

[16:15] Morph Wollongong: yeah, it's the real life props that are harmful

[16:15] Clarissa Lowell: sorry

[16:15] Blue Linden: so I'll argue that the threat has been very much confused in the media and that there will be a lot of hysteria around any discussion of grid merge....

[16:15] Blue Linden: we can disagree on the details, that's fair

[16:15] Clarissa Lowell: hysteria is a strong word. i'd say concerns

[16:16] Blue Linden:'re probably right Clarissa

[16:16] Blue Linden: a BIT of hystera and a lot of concern ㋡

[16:16] Chaves Shu: WEll, i think there that LL got to do something about those kids'i mean... its not bad that peope are joining but...

[16:16] Holocluck Henly: the hysteria around grid merge to the public is for different reasons

[16:16] Clarissa Lowell: lol ok

[16:16] Holocluck Henly: and mind you *I* lead a PG life in SL

[16:16] Holocluck Henly: heh! many of us do

[16:16] Clarissa Lowell: agree holocluck

[16:16] Patty1 Rosca: yes Holo

[16:16] Toy LaFollette: so do I, holo... but then Im only 9 years old hehehe

[16:16] Blue Linden: well, with AO content changes coming to the viewer, it will be possible to "lock" teens out of your sim

[16:16] Timeless Prototype shouts: hi Opensource!

[16:17] Holocluck Henly: see? the kids agree with me

[16:17] Blue Linden: not 100% of course....fake IDs will always exist

[16:17] Chaves Shu: well also annother consern, most people (thats what i believe) think that people like me in Uniforms are Kids... what is soo not true...

[16:17] Blue Linden: lol Toy

[16:17] Clarissa Lowell: but if they are safe, and if there is so little danger, why age verify, or lock teens out, etc. why move adult content.

[16:17] xstorm Radek: media do not understand that the problem is not the internet based part but the laws that let the ones that have broken the laws out and to get close to people to do it again

[16:17] Holocluck Henly: thats true of anything blue. that cant be stopped

[16:17] Holocluck Henly: clarissa let me explain it... because adult content isnt about kids seeing it. its about being forced to see it without consent

[16:18] Blue Linden: Clarissa, I'd like to avoid discussing "Why AO?" as it's a totally different topic that could take up an hour easily

[16:18] Blue Linden: and I'm not on that team hehe

[16:18] Clarissa Lowell: forced? but you have to teleport

[16:18] Clarissa Lowell: Okay Blue

[16:18] Clarissa Lowell: Fair enough

[16:18] Patty1 Rosca: im sure the teen grid has some over the age requirement

[16:18] Tabeamarie Helendale: Hi Blue

[16:18] Holocluck Henly points to blondin's office hour where it is being discussed right now

[16:18] xstorm Radek: the only way we as a people can stop this is by making new laws to screen people getting in to SL

[16:18] Blue Linden: there are discussions happening you can attend I believe.....Cyn just posted about it a few min ago

[16:18] Blue Linden: hi Marie ㋡

[16:18] Clarissa Lowell: got it cluck I"m not dense ;) The topic came up, though, about how safe the net is for teens :p

[16:19] Walden Mannonen: Hello Blue, it's good to meet you :)

[16:19] Holocluck Henly: i agree and feel there should be better screening for all sites with mature content intended for 18+

[16:19] Blue Linden: Hi Walden, thanks for coming by ㋡

[16:19] xstorm Radek: and yes if a bad adult wish to get in to the teen grid i bet they can

[16:19] Blue Linden: and yeah, I agree's a tough problem

[16:19] Holocluck Henly: true clarissa but its as safe as their PARENTS allow it to be for them

[16:19] Clarissa Lowell: Most parents aren't even home

[16:19] Clarissa Lowell: But anyway...

[16:19] Blue Linden: it's impossible to do ID checks in some countries due to national laws, for example

[16:20] xstorm Radek: thats right

[16:20] Blue Linden: and yeah, having parents watching their kids is the best solution, always

[16:20] Timeless Prototype: hi Scope!

[16:20] Patty1 Rosca: true

[16:20] Scope Cleaver: Greetings Timeless

[16:20] Walden Mannonen: Great to see everyone here :) heh

[16:20] Blue Linden: i ran teen grid for 3 years and could count on one hand the number of times a parent contacted me about their teen in SL :(

[16:20] Holocluck Henly: you dont want to end up like disney - in toontown online i cant talk to friends about a vacation because they have filters in place to catch anyone discussing where they are from and suspend them for three days. we dont need that here

[16:20] Chaves Shu: haha...

[16:20] Clarissa Lowell: oh good point holocluck

[16:20] xstorm Radek: it is time that when some one joins we add new rules to the TOS

[16:21] Blue Linden: yeah, chat filters either completely prevent chat, or they don't work at all...

[16:21] Chaves Shu: Hmm also that Child-porn issue in SL...

[16:21] Clarissa Lowell: Blue, will predated avs be grandfathered in?

[16:21] Holocluck Henly: yes the parent is responsible for the kid but they always look at the site that let them in. LL doesnt need that headache

[16:21] Patty1 Rosca: some dont even read the TOS

[16:21] Blue Linden: because as we know, any @$$ can get around a filter

[16:21] Blue Linden: predated?

[16:21] Clarissa Lowell: thing is holocluck *I* don't want to have to act as all those kids' parent, basically turning all of SL into a babysitter.

[16:21] xstorm Radek: to make it so any one that joins must be held by state laws and TOS rules

[16:21] Clarissa Lowell: Blue predated from when kids come in

[16:21] Dimitrio Lewis: teens have had access to the internet for many years, so there should be data out there for how many people have been affected negatively by a lack of content control

[16:22] Blue Linden: Chaves, Child-porn is illegal and disallowed...that won't change

[16:22] Holocluck Henly: yes in toonotown ditto the age so we have to get around numbers like won too tree just to explain what our tasks are to eachother.

[16:22] Clarissa Lowell: Or will they have to age verify too

[16:22] Chaves Shu: well, still people in SL dress up like kids and F**K

[16:22] Chaves Shu: 'm right away

[16:22] Clarissa Lowell: lol holocluck

[16:22] Toy LaFollette: the SL rules arent really hard to obey.... heck oner 5 years for me and no AR that I know of

[16:22] Blue Linden: yeah, and they can be removed for it, Chaves

[16:22] Opensource Obscure: Dimitrio, I think Linden Lab sponsored a study about that. or something similar, I'm looking now

[16:22] Holocluck Henly: frankly i dont know how age verification works here. i answered questions and they said ok you're good

[16:22] Blue Linden: as with RL, you can't prevent people from breaking the rules, only respond

[16:23] xstorm Radek: you can AR the age play people you know

[16:23] Chaves Shu: well i reported allot of people, but still seems like LL is too busy with eating Donuts sometime

[16:23] Clarissa Lowell: So - not sure about the grandfathering yet, Blue?

[16:23] Blue Linden: I'm not sure what you mean Clarissa, I'm sorry

[16:23] Holocluck Henly played the slots in vegas at 16. looked mature for my age and acted well behaved. how hard was that

[16:23] Blue Linden: donuts mmmmmm

[16:23] Clarissa Lowell: chaves has a good point, i.e. what happens when those same people get hold of real kids.

[16:23] Toy LaFollette: Chaves for one child av you find tasking part in sexual activities in SL I can find 50 who dont

[16:23] xstorm Radek: in fact if y ou do not AR the Age Play you in fact are just as bad as them

[16:23] Patty1 Rosca: more things on the internet the sl teens can get into that could do more rooms xxx sites list goes on

[16:23] Blue Linden: actually Chaves, age reports get highest priority, but folks need proof

[16:23] Blue Linden: if there is no proof, they can't act of course

[16:24] Clarissa Lowell: Blue: Will existing accounts be considered age verified, or will they also have to age verify once the kids come in.

[16:24] Chaves Shu: for example...

[16:24] xstorm Radek: get a screen shot

[16:24] Clarissa Lowell: As everyone in SL legally should be over 18 currently

[16:24] Holocluck Henly: is it because they suspect someone is young or because they see a kid av and figure its a teen?

[16:24] xstorm Radek: get real log text

[16:24] Chaves Shu: i was flying in my helicopter for fun... exidently crashed into a skybox...

[16:24] Blue Linden: ah....sorry yes, if an account is age verified, it will should not have to verify again

[16:24] Holocluck Henly: versus actual sexual invovlement

[16:24] Chaves Shu: and found 5 kid AV having Sexual activities with Adult Avatars..

[16:24] xstorm Radek: AR it

[16:24] Chaves Shu: that must be illegal right?

[16:24] Clarissa Lowell: holocluck a ped will use a cartoon if they can't get a live kid, is my best guess, and I used ot work with child protection agencies.

[16:24] Blue Linden: as to there being a higher risk to teens after merge than there would be now, I'd say there should be NO way to specifically identify an account as a minor

[16:24] Toy LaFollette: you wont find teens wanting to be seen as a kid in SL.... they want to be dults!!! :)

[16:25] Blue Linden: no scarlet letter as it were

[16:25] Chaves Shu: Even, if they say its on PRIVATE territory?

[16:25] Blue Linden: i'm pretty sure most lindens would agree

[16:25] Blue Linden: and yeah, that's true Toy

[16:25] Timeless Prototype: I verified one of my avs, can I not just get the rest of my avs verified by association?

[16:25] Clarissa Lowell: Blue - no I meant existing no payment info people, but who legally agreed to SL they are over 18. Since everyone shouldbe over 18 here already, will existing NPIOF people have to age verify later, or only ones who join after teen day.

[16:25] Holocluck Henly: yes they will usually be macho boys and top heavy girls. in fact the boys might want to be the women to get off on themselves

[16:25] xstorm Radek: ok what the heck is wrong with this pic !!! some one asking when they read the damn TOS and must know to AR that type of stuff

[16:26] Blue Linden: I'm not sure Timeless

[16:26] Toy LaFollette: I think Blondin said they would be Timeless

[16:26] Holocluck Henly: took that simple step to do one of my other avs timeless.

[16:26] Blue Linden: Clarissa, i doubt card is not proof of age

[16:26] Clarissa Lowell: Blue, preds have a way of getting info, it happens to adults here, too, and by hte time they realise the person is bad, it's too late.

[16:26] Blue Linden: teens have cards ;p

[16:26] Chaves Shu: WEll, i dont mind if people dress up like kids in SL... Sometimes People like to act like The Sims Game... and let 'm grow up.

[16:26] Timeless Prototype: ty Toy, ty Holo

[16:26] Clarissa Lowell: chaves yes as long as it is PG

[16:26] Blue Linden: I think your argument on peds getting info is true anywhere online Clarissa

[16:27] Clarissa Lowell: Blue so everyone will have to age verify once kids come in....even if they are payment info already?

[16:27] Walden Mannonen: Blue, do you cover technical issues with the age verification system? I have one...

[16:27] Clarissa Lowell: Yes it is Blue

[16:27] Toy LaFollette: if your gonna be a child av in SL you have to live under special rules

[16:27] Blue Linden: as such, LL should provide more info on protecting oneself

[16:27] Clarissa Lowell: But until now it can't happen in SL

[16:27] Blue Linden: it can clarissa

[16:27] Holocluck Henly: computer realign matrix

[16:27] Blue Linden: teens ARE on main grid

[16:27] Blue Linden: there's a point beyond which nobody can protect you if you don't protect yourself

[16:27] Clarissa Lowell: I agree with that part Blue. They should have a mandatory safety class for minors if they integrate them here.

[16:27] xstorm Radek bang head on desk

[16:27] Blue Linden: in SL, online, on the streets

[16:27] Clarissa Lowell: Yes htey are but peds don't come looking, as it would be a needle in a haystack now

[16:27] Chaves Shu: Toy, i think your right in some ways, well even like me, i like to wear uniforms... but not everyone allows that... but what about the Chicl Avatars?

[16:28] Chaves Shu: child*

[16:28] Clarissa Lowell: Of course, kids are just less equipped emotionally, less life experience.

[16:28] Blue Linden: well again, i don't think it makes sense to label teens

[16:28] Holocluck Henly: thats the term i would use exactly about them clarissa

[16:28] Blue Linden: so it wouldn't be any easier

[16:28] Chaves Shu: thats true...

[16:28] Holocluck Henly: it's easier to keep the grids separate if possible

[16:28] Blue Linden: and there are very few teens on TSL currently, compared to main grid

[16:28] Clarissa Lowell: Label teens, no, but they'd know they're way to know is to try it but it seems a risky experiment.

[16:28] Blue Linden: so we're not talking about a significant increase in the ration of adults to teens

[16:28] Clarissa Lowell: Exactly, which is why currently peds wouldn't come shopping here, pardon the expression.

[16:28] Holocluck Henly: you might consider using TSL as a beta grid for new features?

[16:29] Clarissa Lowell: Didn't follow that last one

[16:29] Blue Linden: I'd argue they would Clarissa

[16:29] Clarissa Lowell: There are millions of adults, if you brough teens in, high ratio

[16:29] Chaves Shu: Also, i do not agree with the Age lowering from last year... the teens who joind are mostly griefers... as far as i know...

[16:29] Holocluck Henly: kids are very reactive they'll tell you if something doesnt work :)

[16:29] Blue Linden: i'd think they'd join the star wars RP groups

[16:29] Toy LaFollette: you will find that a very high number of child avs in SL arent interested going to adult places... I often go t o concerts on M land but check first if lids are allowed

[16:29] Clarissa Lowell: They would what, Blue? Sorry

[16:29] Blue Linden: age lowering Chaves?

[16:29] Chaves Shu: Yes, earlier in SL you had to be 18 if im right to join SL...

[16:29] Clarissa Lowell: toy yes but they aer RL adults, different thing

[16:29] Chaves Shu: now its lowered to 15...

[16:29] Chaves Shu: if im sure..

[16:30] Clarissa Lowell: It's still 18 isn't it?

[16:30] Blue Linden: there are groups here on main grid that are constantly losing members to Star Wars groups

[16:30] xstorm Radek: i hate to say this but there has been kids on hobo island and even when the hobo group on the island hides them and not AR them there still are people that AR underage people on the Adult grid

[16:30] Blue Linden: SL hasn't changed the age requirement Chaves

[16:30] Clarissa Lowell: Not following about Star Wars, sorry

[16:30] Holocluck Henly: most of them are older than the average SLer too. i like their taste in cartoons and toys

[16:30] Chaves Shu: well it was something about that in the blog... earlier2008

[16:30] Chaves Shu: or it were plans...

[16:30] Blue Linden: sorry clarissa....the point i was making was that I assume that someone looking for teens would check the main grid

[16:30] Holocluck Henly: i dont know hobo island only hobo town. is there a nudist colony or something with hobo in the name?

[16:30] Clarissa Lowell: I like Holocluck's suggestion a bit back, about using teen grid to test some of this

[16:31] Chaves Shu: sorry, if im not right.

[16:31] Holocluck Henly: yes if there arent enough teens to warrant keeping TSL open combine its purpose

[16:31] Blue Linden: np Chaves, and no plans to change that

[16:31] Clarissa Lowell: Why would they...currently not supposed to be any here. Although yes, possible.

[16:31] Blue Linden: 13 and 18 are legal distinctions not LL's

[16:31] xstorm Radek: it seems there are to many people now days in SL that try to hide the fact that there are teens on the adult grid then trying to AR then

[16:31] Chaves Shu: Also, that US Federal investigation on SL... what happened about that?

[16:31] Clarissa Lowell: But nothing like, if currently here, imagine later, when it's publicised teens are everywhere here.

[16:31] Blue Linden: clarissa, that's assuming people honestly think that teens would never lie about their age

[16:32] Clarissa Lowell: I'm saying they will go where it's easiest, most of them

[16:32] Blue Linden: and if so, wouldn't they then try to get into teen grid?

[16:32] Holocluck Henly: my friend's kids will sometimes sit with her when she cmes in. but she goes to special places like 7Days bakery or my fishing place

[16:32] Clarissa Lowell: If this were the only place on hte 'net, yes

[16:32] Blue Linden: i'd argue that's MySpace or Facebook ;p

[16:32] Clarissa Lowell: yes they are probably thre for now. lol

[16:32] Toy LaFollette: one thing that really annoys me Blue is.......

[16:32] Clarissa Lowell: there*

[16:32] Blue Linden: but again, i think that we can disagree about the degree of the threat

[16:32] Clarissa Lowell: I can see we do

[16:33] Blue Linden: we do agree that there will always be one though

[16:33] Clarissa Lowell: For me one kid hurt is too many

[16:33] Blue Linden: and we should work to mitigate it as best anyone can

[16:33] Holocluck Henly: myspace gets as bad a rap as here. all anyone has to do is check through the preferences and set it. it can be as safe or dangerous or spamridden as aanyone wants.

[16:33] Holocluck Henly: its just that my friends stopped posting blogs there lol

[16:33] Clarissa Lowell: It seems LL are set on this idea, so I can only hope they consult experts, and formulate a *mandatory* internet safety class

[16:33] Toy LaFollette: one of the choices for a AR is age-play..... it should be Sexual AgePlay.... anyone here who doesnt giver thier RL age is age-playing

[16:33] Blue Linden: that's true Holodoc, i shouldn't say those two places are exceptional in that respect

[16:33] Blue Linden: agreed Toy

[16:33] Clarissa Lowell: well when people say ageplay they mean R rated

[16:33] Blue Linden: *nods Clarissa

[16:33] Chaves Shu: lol, he said Holodoc...

[16:33] Holocluck Henly: seems facebook naturally attracts adults because it is nofrills

[16:34] Holocluck Henly: but any place can be a problem without parental controls

[16:34] xstorm Radek: do you think that Adults are not just as bad as the young teen ? well take a look at all the silly people playing around as vampires and biting every one in SL

[16:34] Blue Linden: i am sure we will give it the serious discusssion necessary

[16:34] Blue Linden: and hopefully continued discussion with you guys

[16:34] Blue Linden: the ongoing discussions about AO are a good indicator that we would

[16:34] Blue Linden: lol xstorm

[16:34] Blue Linden: oddly, I haven't been approached by vampires

[16:35] Toy LaFollette: Kill the vampires!

[16:35] Clarissa Lowell: Implementing consumer ideas will have to be seen

[16:35] Blue Linden: perhaps my big ol pointy choppers are too threatening to them

[16:35] Patty1 Rosca: *GIGGLES*:)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:35] Patty1 Rosca: *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:35] Clarissa Lowell: I usually see hte most naked avs/spampires in freebie malls or sandboxes. Places new people go.

[16:35] Holocluck Henly: theyre already dead

[16:35] Blue Linden: so....anyone want to hear my list of reasons WHY we need to merge grids?

[16:35] Clarissa Lowell: lol yes I'd say so Blue

[16:35] Clarissa Lowell: Yes was just going to ask that

[16:35] xstorm Radek: yes please

[16:35] Toy LaFollette: Id like to hear them

[16:35] Holocluck Henly: i went to cordova once. never again

[16:35] Opensource Obscure: sorry for the offtopic, please answer me in IM - i'm experiencing a bug right now and I want to properly document it - anyone here is seeing this place like it appears in this photo?

[16:35] Blue Linden: the biggest one is that it's weird that we don't let parents hang out with their own kids

[16:35] Timeless Prototype: what started the rumours about LL wanting to join TG to MG (acknowledge that you've said it's not happening)? But I seem to recall some kind of misleading signals, but I can't put my finger on it...

[16:36] Holocluck Henly: i see the only reason they would consider it is for financial reasons

[16:36] xstorm Radek: befor i AR some one for not reporting some thing *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:36] Blue Linden: LL keeping families apart is weird....I know some people who won't let their kids into TSL because they can't keep an eye on them there

[16:36] Clarissa Lowell: opensource i see all the things here and most of hte people

[16:36] Holocluck Henly: parents can still be with the kids at the computer when they come into TSL

[16:36] Clarissa Lowell: Blue, couldn't parents go into teen grid though, where the kid already are?

[16:36] Holocluck Henly: they probably see more than we imagine

[16:36] Blue Linden: similarly i think it's terrible that our 18th birthday present for teens is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY now gtfo"

[16:36] Chaves Shu: Lol, Blue... SL should be more Secured... and under 18 kid cant just walk into an Sex-shop/store in RL, but why CAN he do it in SL?

[16:36] Clarissa Lowell: Be easy to vouch for them, being their own family.

[16:37] Blue Linden: we take them away from their friends and the community they built

[16:37] xstorm Radek: no they can not under the TOS

[16:37] Clarissa Lowell: Could change that, x

[16:37] Blue Linden: luckily that won't be the case when AO continent is in place

[16:37] Holocluck Henly: its sort of like menudo for geeks

[16:37] Clarissa Lowell: Blue but isn't taht like leaving the nest IRL

[16:37] Blue Linden: different topic tho ;)

[16:37] Patty1 Rosca: the teens already are in this grid

[16:37] xstorm Radek: a person of a older age can not be at the computer with the kid

[16:37] Clarissa Lowell: school, going to college, leaving home

[16:37] Blue Linden: well kinda Clarissa...but you can always come home from school on the weekend

[16:37] Blue Linden: you can never go back to TSL

[16:37] Clarissa Lowell: yes but eventually all will join them here

[16:37] Holocluck Henly: see well they can be in toontown and stick to premade chat so no one talks about geogrpahy or math homework and gets suspended

[16:37] Timeless Prototype: IMHO, TG suffers from "well we get kicked from TG one day, so why invest time in it", making it boring and enticing underage kids to come to MG

[16:37] Blue Linden: not without a background check and and island....which has never happened

[16:38] Blue Linden: true clarissa, but it's heartbreaking for them

[16:38] Clarissa Lowell: Parents/family could be vetted

[16:38] Clarissa Lowell: Is it?

[16:38] Blue Linden: i've had many teens cry on my shoulder and i feel terrible

[16:38] Blue Linden: oh yes

[16:38] Blue Linden: some really cuss me out

[16:38] Holocluck Henly: but if you add the beta idea they may be intrigued that they can see stuff before the adults do

[16:38] Toy LaFollette: they get lonely I spect, Blue

[16:38] Holocluck Henly: cant you give them a grace period?

[16:38] Blue Linden: vetting family is tough....some very difficult issues with that

[16:38] Clarissa Lowell: Is there

[16:38] Clarissa Lowell: May I ask what

[16:39] Blue Linden: yeah, we let them say goodbye Holodoc

[16:39] Chaves Shu: Blue, if SL locks Adult Content Sims/regions/parcels with a code... or something else... then the Teens and the Adulds can live togheter in SL... like they already do in RL... but if SL gets more security then it shouln'd be a problem... eh?

[16:39] Blue Linden:'s an example

[16:39] Clarissa Lowell: Okay

[16:39] Holocluck Henly: why isnt there a group or outreach program here for them to start with made by and run by former TSLers?

[16:39] xstorm Radek: Blue tell them how teen grid can not get lindens from there own family in the Adult grid

[16:39] Holocluck Henly: their goodbyes arent forever after all

[16:39] Chaves Shu: Adults* Doom... crapy spelling...

[16:39] Blue Linden: one parent snuck onto the teen grid once because their kid was being harassed.....they made RL threats against the other teen

[16:39] Clarissa Lowell: Holocluck good idea. A welcome committee sort of

[16:39] Holocluck Henly: shades of myspace! sorry i had to sa that

[16:39] Holocluck Henly: yes clarissa

[16:39] Clarissa Lowell: Oh. Little League parent syndroms

[16:39] Clarissa Lowell: syndrome*

[16:40] Blue Linden: yeah lol

[16:40] Clarissa Lowell: Ew, what if that happens in SL

[16:40] Clarissa Lowell: "leave my kid alone" - "but all I did was tell them to stop firebombing my store"

[16:40] Walden Mannonen: being summoned people... good meeting... good luck

[16:40] Blue Linden: it also means teens can't tell who is a problem....currently ANY adult gets reported immediately by questions asked

[16:40] Clarissa Lowell: bye Walden

[16:40] Timeless Prototype: tc Walden

[16:40] Holocluck Henly: girl killed herself last yr when someone stalked her and made like a boy interested in her all because they thought she was talking about theri kid

[16:40] Toy LaFollette: we get a few new rezzies at NCI that have graduated TG

[16:40] Clarissa Lowell: so segregation works to stop problems happening?

[16:40] Holocluck Henly: later walden

[16:40] Blue Linden: yeah it will change if LL merges grids....something we have to consider

[16:40] Clarissa Lowell: yes - Megan, holocluck. happened on Myspace

[16:41] Toy LaFollette: make them welcome

[16:41] Blue Linden: oh yeah, that was bad Holodock

[16:41] Blue Linden: *doc

[16:41] Holocluck Henly: We have some former TSL here. what are your opinions about all this? dont be shy its a discussion. no enemies

[16:41] Clarissa Lowell: We do? Yes would love to hear their perspectives

[16:41] Blue Linden: segregation didn't stop the problem, no, but teens reported it very quickly

[16:41] Clarissa Lowell: Seems to work better...can know who's who easier

[16:42] Blue Linden: so that brings up another point.....

[16:42] Blue Linden: what precautions need to be taken before merge is possible

[16:42] xstorm Radek: crap just lost inventory

[16:42] Blue Linden: AO continent, although not being done specifically for grid merge, would make it easier

[16:42] Holocluck Henly: did crap lose or you lost

[16:42] Clarissa Lowell: yes precautions, good topic

[16:42] Clarissa Lowell: lol Holocluck

[16:42] Blue Linden: but what about the Little League Parent

[16:42] Chaves Shu: Blue, if a Report is beeing in action... i think a PICTURE/snapshot is needed...

[16:43] Holocluck Henly: theyre bad peoples regardless

[16:43] Holocluck Henly: they wanna go to someone else's parent is one thing

[16:43] Blue Linden: I'd agree with Chaves that it becomes a reporting issue

[16:43] Holocluck Henly: dont attack kids

[16:43] Blue Linden: so perhaps new abuse categories?

[16:43] Clarissa Lowell: like what?

[16:43] Chaves Shu: People often to Report, but they dont sent Snapshoyts...

[16:43] xstorm Radek: this is not the old days when we did a AR and yelled Blue

[16:43] Chaves Shu: yes...

[16:43] Holocluck Henly: we shouldnt entertain this if it isnt going to be pursued.

[16:43] Chaves Shu: new Report Cetegories...

[16:43] Holocluck Henly: LOL

[16:43] Toy LaFollette: ahhhh the good old days hehehe

[16:43] Clarissa Lowell: Some people are worried about false ARs.

[16:43] Blue Linden: hmmm higher penalty for adult caught bullying someone they know is a kid

[16:43] Chaves Shu: also set Snapshot sending ALWAYS on...

[16:43] Blue Linden: lol

[16:43] Blue Linden: you mean did an AR and yelled AT Blue

[16:44] Clarissa Lowell: yes that would be good

[16:44] Chaves Shu: so Reports CANT be false...

[16:44] Clarissa Lowell: lol

[16:44] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:44] Holocluck Henly: heh

[16:44] Blue Linden: the report system as it is can be tweaked.....raising priority for Age reports lowers response time for example

[16:44] Clarissa Lowell: Would be good except I'd still be afraid to be around real kids at least at first - instead of bumping, and bombing, false ARing?

[16:44] xstorm Radek: did a AR years back do to a underage and had to use the code blue

[16:44] Blue Linden: or raising penalty for griefing newbs in welcome area

[16:44] Clarissa Lowell: true but how to weed out false ones

[16:45] Clarissa Lowell: griefing welcome bad...or sandboxes...

[16:45] Chaves Shu: Well i think the Report priority should be Taken seriously directly...

[16:45] Clarissa Lowell: maybe less so if they were guarded?

[16:45] Toy LaFollette: or or or burning welcome areas !!! ;)

[16:45] Holocluck Henly: i have had many circmstances where i would have liked to AR someone because they blatantly acted like a teen trying to hang out here. but how do you do that? maybe a suspected minor category where someone runs a check

[16:45] Chaves Shu: in Murray (region) where i usualy hangout are quiet allot spam and harrasements going on...

[16:45] Blue Linden: i think same problems exist with needs proof to act to keep people from using reports as a tool for abuse

[16:45] Clarissa Lowell: Is it possible at all to hire people, economy is so bad it would be cheap, to guard areas which are open to public/kids?

[16:45] Clarissa Lowell: thanks blue I agree

[16:46] Blue Linden: yeah, holodoc.....sounding or acting like a teen doesn't help

[16:46] Chaves Shu: When people Report stuff then it looks more like LL nor Lindens even LIKE to re-act..

[16:46] xstorm Radek: no the underage person told us they was 10 years old

[16:46] Blue Linden: again...two grids, the mature grid and the adult grid lol

[16:46] Holocluck Henly: i got good at telling how a kid acting grown up behaves

[16:46] Blue Linden: if ONLY it were possible to send people to the immature grid

[16:46] Clarissa Lowell: I bet LL coiuld hire people for min. wage or even less in some countries, to stand and guard areas...and witness abuses. A lot of people would jump at basically being paid to play SL. lol

[16:46] Timeless Prototype: this is gonna take a huge amount of staff at LL to work these cases, is the total cost of ownership of a grid merge really worth it?

[16:46] Holocluck Henly: wow there would be so much room

[16:46] Blue Linden: if they tell you, that counts x.....

[16:46] Blue Linden: if it's in voice, report anyway

[16:46] xstorm Radek: im for that one blue *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:46] Clarissa Lowell: ha yes can LL create an immature grid :)

[16:46] Chaves Shu: BTW, you know directly if an AV is an child, due his behavour, acting, way of chatting...

[16:47] Blue Linden: there's usually evidence elsewhere

[16:47] Toy LaFollette: I think a lot of these changes result in the sims being named M and PG instead of Mature and Immature

[16:47] Blue Linden: if you are almost positive Chaves, but dont have evidence you can report and explain why you think it

[16:47] Holocluck Henly: well cost of server resources and bandwidth and staff versus legal more ARs adults leaving,

[16:47] xstorm Radek: i had a 89 % AR record

[16:47] Clarissa Lowell: Mature and Griefer. How about that? Think it'd work? :)

[16:47] Blue Linden: haha

[16:47] Blue Linden: mature and cornfield :D

[16:47] Chaves Shu: gheheh...

[16:47] Clarissa Lowell: LOL

[16:47] xstorm Radek: i know that 6 of them seem silly

[16:48] Holocluck Henly: silly... brb

[16:48] Chaves Shu: well also in holland (where i usualy should be) residents REquest for more Police forcements on the streets...

[16:48] Clarissa Lowell: children of the cornfield

[16:48] xstorm Radek: but it was a way to get things fix

[16:48] Chaves Shu: why doesnt SL do something like that too...

[16:48] Blue Linden: basically, I think that after 3 years running teen grid I have a lot of faith in those kids

[16:48] Chaves Shu: more lindens INWORLD...

[16:48] Blue Linden: most of them are really super creative.....they made all my best avatars, after all

[16:48] Clarissa Lowell: Blue the kids in there now who are willing to forego lack of the funzors stuff in SL are likely the creme de la creme

[16:49] Blue Linden: most of the ones I've met are polite overall

[16:49] Clarissa Lowell: Smart, and creative, and hard working. Not only in for funz

[16:49] Toy LaFollette: a combining of the MG and TG would bring more Lindens Inworld

[16:49] Blue Linden: and the really bad ones are no worse than the worst adult

[16:49] Chaves Shu nods...

[16:49] Clarissa Lowell: I agree on that, personality types same ratio kids or adults

[16:49] Blue Linden: maybe less bad as suggested earlier because they haven't had as much practice being jerks ;p

[16:49] Holocluck Henly: there are "good ones" whose social ways are grating to most adults

[16:49] Holocluck Henly: its a cultural thing

[16:49] Clarissa Lowell: lol I think it's more a question of dedication

[16:49] Blue Linden: *nods

[16:49] Chaves Shu: Well mostly an AV doesnt tell directly if the person behind the screen is a Child nor Adult...

[16:49] Blue Linden: yes, some care very very much about SL

[16:49] Clarissa Lowell: true holocluck not all people like kids especially.

[16:50] Blue Linden: they "get it" they are the always on generation

[16:50] xstorm Radek: oh gee please do not let the idiots that i have had ban back in to SL even if they are 40 years old now

[16:50] Timeless Prototype: Hiro Pendragon was suggesting "inside" and "outside" - a concept that would make private 3D region truly private, is this something that can be implemented?

[16:50] Clarissa Lowell: I do, they are hte future but it isn't an issue of me personally :)

[16:50] Chaves Shu: Same as males who use FEMALE AV's in SL...

[16:50] Clarissa Lowell: Blue I agree, they grew up on computers and will make some awesome things

[16:50] Blue Linden: i dunno mean a setting to take your sim out of SL's contiguous space?

[16:50] Timeless Prototype: no Blue

[16:50] Clarissa Lowell: xstorm lol

[16:50] Timeless Prototype: basically draw a box in space in your parcel

[16:51] Blue Linden: ah parcel privacy....door locks that actually work hehe

[16:51] Timeless Prototype: if you're in it, you see everything, if you're out of that box, you don't see what's inside

[16:51] Blue Linden: right....i suppose it would be

[16:51] Clarissa Lowell: Someone said they found a private island that was not able to be cammed into

[16:51] Holocluck Henly: how pretty would mainland be with that?

[16:51] Blue Linden: and i would love it if it blocked you could have an underwater space that was private AND dry ;p

[16:51] xstorm Radek: you can keep underage people off your land now

[16:51] Clarissa Lowell: Good idea Blue

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: x yes if you haev private land you can do more, most ppl rent tho

[16:52] Blue Linden: i'm the least technical I don't know how possible that stuff is

[16:52] Holocluck Henly: yeh there iss an age verify setting

[16:52] xstorm Radek: just go to about land and set it

[16:52] Blue Linden: sometimes being the dumb one at the lab pays off though ;)

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: true but that would keep almost everyone out

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: hee

[16:52] Chaves Shu: haha, Well i wish the PRIM counts on SL's vehicles wanst a big problem eighter... then Cars Airplanes, Boats would be nicer...

[16:52] Blue Linden: i don't have to be grid monkey EVER

[16:52] Holocluck Henly: yeah but like go get yourself age verified.

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: lol

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: holocluck I read thru the existing way and it's a mess

[16:52] xstorm Radek: better to be a mole just nort around me

[16:52] Blue Linden: Chaves, I saw someone with massive wearable vehicle that required a whole crew to rez all the many parts

[16:52] Clarissa Lowell: Was one reason I went premium

[16:52] Holocluck Henly: i dunno i had no trouble

[16:52] Blue Linden: was cool

[16:53] Holocluck Henly: i cant even remember what i did

[16:53] Toy LaFollette: the existing age verification has been in beta since first became a part of SL.... was a very poor one... the new way will have several alternatives

[16:53] Holocluck Henly: i set snurky this past month

[16:53] Blue Linden: but of course that's veering off topic a I guess we're done with the topic then?

[16:53] xstorm Radek: we kill moles and rats

[16:53] Chaves Shu: haha, i made a nearly scaled Boeing 777 Airliner...

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: No Blue

[16:53] Blue Linden: did anyone have anything to add before we go complete mad?

[16:53] pickle Flagon: tut tut x

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: We haven't heard from the ex teen gridders here

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: We'd like to

[16:53] Chaves Shu: but got plans for anything betters, anyway lets get back to the topic

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: cluck and I at least

[16:53] Blue Linden: of the most famouse x teen gridders ;)

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: brb thirsty

[16:53] Holocluck Henly: well if its like ebay was when i set up bank debiting at first, they will send a postcard to a billing address for filling out and returning. or enter a code on the poscard

[16:53] Clarissa Lowell: I"ll scroll when I get back

[16:54] Blue Linden: any ex-teen gridders want to pitch in? or have I acted as official TSL rep?

[16:54] Toy LaFollette: I was way to old for TG when it was started hehehe

[16:54] Holocluck Henly: Daniel and Dimitrio are so quiet

[16:54] Blue Linden: i think he's afk ㋡

[16:54] Holocluck Henly: lol

[16:54] Blue Linden: wait...Dimi?

[16:55] Blue Linden: i was talking about Daniel

[16:55] Chaves Shu: my little brother... plays SL-Teen... well he likes it... aslong stuff doesnt get messed up...

[16:55] Blue Linden: we bored them lol

[16:55] Holocluck Henly: theres one i dont see today forgot his name. he likes to be snoopy

[16:55] Timeless Prototype: lol, speaking of sleeping, it's time for me to sleep, nite all

[16:55] Blue Linden: see that's the way to deal with teens who bug you Holodoc....bore them to death. They can't take it

[16:55] Holocluck Henly: night timeless!

[16:55] Chaves Shu: okiedoo Timeless

[16:55] Chaves Shu: was nice to meet ya today

[16:55] Holocluck Henly: heheh!!!

[16:55] Blue Linden: haha

[16:55] Chaves Shu: sleep wel!

[16:55] Toy LaFollette: Oyasuminasai <Good Night> (^_^)

[16:55] Timeless Prototype: likewise Chaves

[16:56] Timeless Prototype: ty all

[16:56] Daniel Voyager: ^_^ :) Well, I think as being a FormerTGer, I think the grids should just remain the same. I was a famous TG Documentarian over there, 95 days ago.

[16:56] Blue Linden: take care timeless thanks for joining us ㋡

[16:56] Timeless Prototype: yw Blue

[16:56] Holocluck Henly: :)

[16:56] Chaves Shu: Weltrusten! (sleep well in Dutch)

[16:56] Blue Linden: that's true....the teen grid was Daniel's oyster

[16:56] Chaves Shu: hmm...

[16:56] Daniel Voyager: yeah! I was famous over there

[16:57] Daniel Voyager: I transfered last December

[16:57] pickle Flagon: well only recently i learned that there was 2 grids

[16:57] Blue Linden: definitely much harder to be famous here hehe

[16:57] Daniel Voyager: yep

[16:57] xstorm Radek: what you did not show him how to do shoes ? OMG!

[16:57] Toy LaFollette: hehehe

[16:57] Holocluck Henly: his bear collection is earning him some fame here too. or at least on flickr :P

[16:57] Chaves Shu: BRB, got called by my Serge...

[16:57] Daniel Voyager:

[16:57] Toy LaFollette: Im not famous but known by many :)

[16:57] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES* :)Blue Linden 16:58, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

[16:57] Blue Linden: Daniel is in the running to beat Torley as SL Flickr champion lol

[16:58] Clarissa Lowell: bear collection. :)

[16:58] Holocluck Henly: And thanks to blue i have 2 seconds of infamy

[16:58] Daniel Voyager: - Indeed, Blue.

[16:58] Clarissa Lowell needs more bearssss

[16:58] Toy LaFollette: Daniel's been around a long time :)

[16:58] xstorm Radek: Torley no longer has time any more

[16:58] xstorm Radek gave you MM SVN Unsitter v1.00.

[16:58] Holocluck Henly: he'smaking vidtuts for the rest of the internet

[16:59] Toy LaFollette: I missed seeing you Blue at the Lindern tour I gave for Path on Monday :)

[16:59] You decline Raglan Galaxy - Planet surface from A group member named Josephine Planer.

[16:59] Holocluck Henly: we gonna go on more trips?

[16:59] Blue Linden: oh really Toy

[16:59] Blue Linden: they get up too early for me

[16:59] xstorm Radek: if Daniel ever wish to see some one clean out 6 sims and rebuild them to scale he can watch me

[16:59] Blue Linden: and yeah, coming up on 5....thank you all very much for coming to office hour

[16:59] Toy LaFollette: ya, he asked me to give a tour of Oxbridge to a group of Lindens

[16:59] Clarissa Lowell: did any former gridders give their opinions? or want to?

[17:00] Blue Linden: I'll post transcript on the wiki office hour page

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