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DG Flyer - Networked Multiseat Sim-Wide Teleportation

The DG Flyer is the newest and most advanced "Intra-Sim" (within the same Sim) Teleportation System available today. Designed to solve many different issues faced by land owners and renters alike, the DG Flyer is surprisingly easy to install and maintain.

This section of the Wiki will detail several common situations encountered by residents of Second Life, and then present solutions centered around the DG Flyer. Read down the list of Situations, click the one that most closely matches your needs ... and read how the DG Flyer can eliminate the hassle you face today.

By: Darrius Gothly

Commercial (Stores, Malls, Business Centers, etc.)

Commercial properties have their own set of issues, most often because a large number of people all want vastly different things, and they all want them "right now." The DG Flyer is designed to help people find their way around your Commercial property as rapidly as possible. This saves you time getting them where they want to be, and saves them frustration because they can rapidly find what they want. (And then BUY it.)

Department Stores
I have a store with several departments. I want people to be able to find the right department easily.
Business Centers
I rent out various rooms and locations, and I need to show prospects the area rapidly.
Mall or Shopping Center
I rent out a few store stalls to people and I want a common landing area for everyone.
Security and Privacy
I want my employees to have access to the back office, but not regular visitors.

Residental (Apartments, Rental Homes, Rental Parcels, etc.)

Residential locations present several different challenges, but most important is the issue of Security and Privacy. The DG Flyer provides an easy method of ensuring only authorized people can access each Location Ring.

Apartment Buildings
I run an Apartment Building and I want the residents to get to their places easily.
Rental Parcel
I rent a parcel of land on a private island and I want a way to TP rapidly around my parcel.
Security and Privacy
I want to make sure people don't just "drop in" but I don't really like Security Orbs either.

Public Sims (Parks, Museums, Music Venues, etc.

Public Sims are designed to have a constant flux of avatar traffic on and off the Sim. As special exhibits or places of interest move around the Sim, it becomes more and more difficult to direct people to the right places. The DG Flyer system provides a high-volume, rapid teleport system that can be modified and updated in moments .. without special tools.

Park or General Scenic Area
My Sim is designed with several large Areas and I want people to start at the Landing Point of each.
Grander Scale Approach
I have the same large Areas, but I just want to move people between them.
Can I Do Both?
What if I want to move people within the Areas, but also FROM Area to Area?

Commercial Solutions

Department Store Solution

The medium to large size Department Store is an excellent application of the DG Flyer. Store Owners typically build outwards in order to put everything on one or two levels. However sometimes they are forced to build upwards as well, putting multiple floors in their store. Both arrangements present one common problem, directing people to the proper place within the store. Compound that with the fact that store owners need to keep things "fresh" by moving items around. But if you move a department to another location in the store, no one will be able to find it.

The DG Flyer supports up to 12 Location Rings per Network. A typical store would fit well within those limits. Identify the desired "Landing Spots" for each Department and drop a Location Ring there. Edit it so the arrowhead points in the direction you want people to face upon arrival then give it the name of the Department. Example names would be 'Main Door", "Leathers", "Silks", "RP Items", "Gowns", etc.

Offer your visitors a free HUD that allows them to call the DG Flyer from anywhere in your store. As soon as they see the neatly presented menu of all your Departments and realize how easily they can get to each and every one, they will feel much more anxious to explore around your wares.

Business Center Solution

Business Centers are a unique challenge because they must meet two needs; they must provide rapid access to both staff and prospective customers. Durng the "sell", the staff member shows off the various resources and areas available and pitches the customer on renting. This often requires the staff member to take the customer on a tour. The DG Flyer Multiseat TP allows exactly that. Both the staff member and the customer can ride together on the DG Flyer.

When the customer rents from the business center and they are using their rented time, it is important for them to get their visitors to the right location rapidly. Again the Multiseat feature of the DG Flyer comes in handy. A Host or Hostess at the front desk can either direct visitors to the proper designation in groups, or "drive" them there personally.

You may freely give the HUD away to renters, both for their own use and for them to hand out as well. Very simple to operate, the HUD will give all your customers, and your customer's customers the fastest most accurate access to your resources as possible.

Teleport Routing to Landing Point Solution

The DG Flyer will teleport you directly to the desired destination based on the placement of the Location Rings. When you set Teleport Routing to Landing Point on a Parcel or Sim, you force people to land on that spot no matter where they try to TP. The DG Flyer overcomes this problem completely. Simply put down a Location Ring where you want people to arrive, aim it the right way and give it an appropriate name. Make sure you put one at your Landing Point too, so people can arrive and immediately venture off to their desired destination.

Provide the HUD to both your Merchants/Renters and your visitors. This way they not only can maximize their shopping time (and reduce their frustration) but they are more likely to return to your Mall or Center if they know they can get around rapidly.

Securing or Hiding a Location Ring

You may find a need to Hide or Secure a Location Ring so that only specific people may access it. The DG Flyer provides a very simple and easy to understand method of securing any and every Location Ring. Each Ring maintains its own internal list of the Avatars that are "Allowed" to see it. The list of destinations shown to a rider will not include any locations that are Secured and they do not have access to.

Locations will only be included in the menu if they are either "Public" (unsecured) or if the rider is Allowed to see the Location. When you need to bring someone to a Location Ring that they are not normally allowed to visit, you can have them simply "Ride Along" as you "Drive". (Assuming of course that you have permission to visit the Location Ring yourself.)

Note that the Access Control does NOT include Owner Override. You must add yourself to the Access List or you cannot access that Location Ring.

Residential Solutions

Apartment Building Solution - Fast and Reliable

Apartment Buildings (as well as other multilevel residences) are often a problem because of access and security. Sometimes an elevator is used, and sometimes a general TP board or system. The DG Flyer System replaces both with ease and provides an extra level of security control that other solutions cannot offer.

Each Location Ring in the DG Flyer System maintains its own separate Access Control list. If an Avatar name is not on that list, then the Location Ring will never be shown to them in a menu. Out of sight, out of mind ... and out of reach.

You can quickly clear the Location Ring's Access Control List when a Renter departs (just drop in a single notecard). When you rent the apartment, drop in a notecard for the new Renter. This "locks" the Location Ring to just them. They can then add names or remove names as they wish. They control their own Security List.

Mod Rights are NOT Required! The renters cannot Modify the Location Rings, but they can modify the Access Control list within the Ring.

Residential Parcel Rental

If you're renting your own Residential Parcel, either on a Private Sim or Mainland, the DG Flyer is a perfect solution to open up your Parcel but not decrease your security. Once you have installed a DG Flyer on your parcel (by dropping the DG Flyer Platform on the ground), you can put Location Rings at any place you desire. As you build up your parcel and place structures at various altitudes, a single Location Ring in each one lets you rapidly TP between each.

The unique Access Control of the DG Flyer also lets you keep your private structures private. Each and every Location Ring can have its own separate Access Control List. When you "Lock" a Location Ring, only those people on the Access Control List will even know it exists. However, you can also ferry your guests there by having them ride along on the DG Flyer Multiseat Platform.

The DG Flyer and Teleport Routing Landing Point Security

When you have control of the Teleport Routing option for your Parcel, you can ensure that people do not suddenly pop up just anywhere. Anyone TPing to your parcel will wind up at the Landing Point you designate. This is common for stores and should be common for residences too. However it also means that only Owners of the Parcel (or the Owners of the Group that owns the Parcel) can TP around the Parcel.

The DG Flyer overcomes this limitation by allowing rapid and reliable teleports to only specific locations. You designate an allowed destination just by putting down a Location Ring. Using the Access Control of the Location Ring, you can also limit access to only a select few. Thus the combination of Teleport Routing and the DG Flyer make a highly flexible and useful system while maintaining security.

Public Sim Solutions

Multiple Flyer Networks on a Sim

Many Public Sims are laid out as several different "Areas". Each Area has a specific theme or purpose. The DG Flyer can be used to serve each individual Area. You may use as many Networks per Sim as you wish, thus it becomes an easy matter to assign one Network for each Area. In fact, it makes sense to name each Network for its Area.

When visitors use the HUD and access the list of Networks, they will see a list of your Areas. Within seconds of arriving, your visitors have already seen a list of all your main attractions, but have selected the one they most wish to see. Another few quick seconds and they are exactly where they wanted to be, arriving all at once and with almost no effort or confusion.

Sim-Wide Simple Solution

If you only want to shuttle people between the Landing Points of your main Areas, the DG Flyer is still your best solution. The HUD allows your visitors to travel to your destinations from anywhere in the Sim. This means no matter what section or area they're in right now, every other section and area is immediately accessible to them. Visitors are more likely to visit those places they can access rapidly. The DG Flyer and HUD can make that happen with ease.

Combining Sim-Wide and Parcel-Wide Networks

The DG Flyer is flexible enough to support both Sim-Wide Networks as well as Parcel-Wide (or even Private) Networks. It is important to remember that Networks do not "Cross", so anyplace where two Networks meet, you will need two Location Rings as well; one from each Network. (This is much the same as two bus stops that are around the corner from each other.)

The Sim-Wide Network would route people from Area to Area within the Sim. By giving it a name similar to your Sim, your visitors will understand that it is the Sim-Wide Network. Each Area would then have its own Network as well. Once again, naming them similar to their Area helps visitors find their way around.

You will need two Location Rings at the Landing Point for each Area. One will be from the Sim-Wide Network so that visitors can TP there rapidly. The other will be from the Area (Parcel-Wide) Network and will "let them in the door" of the Area.

The HUD is especially useful in this situation. It allows any visitor to rapidly teleport to any Area's Landing Point and anywhere within the areas as well. When a visitor wants to find someplace else, they start by selecting the proper Network (for example, "JungleLand") and then the specific location within that Network (for example, "The Hippos"). Remember that you are allowed to freely give away the DG Flyer HUD to any visitor, employee or guest.

Purchasing the DG Flyer Multiseat Sim-Wide TP

The DG Flyer is available from Xstreet here. An index of all of the DG Products for Second Life (DGP4SL) items on Xstreet.