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Please feel free to update this page as needed.

Notes related to SNOW-375 on how to download, compile, install, and run the viewer with detached windows.

Step-by-Step Guide

Compile Against Snowglobe Trunk Sources

$ svn co

Get Current Libraries and Artwork

$ wget
$ ln -s trunk/ linden
$ unzip
$ tar xzf slviewer-linux-libs-oss-viewer-


$ cd linden/indra/
$ ./ configure

Apply Patch

Do it inside linden/

$ cd ../
$ cp (...)/snow-375.0.9.9.patch.txt .
$ patch -p1 < snow-375.0.9.9.patch.txt


$ cd indra/viewer-linux-i686-relwithdebinfo
$ make

Install Gnome# Desktop

Communicator depends on Gnome# Desktop runtime, install if you haven't already:

Run Communicator and Snowglobe

  • after compilation you get (...)/linden/indra/viewer-linux-i686-relwithdebinfo/newview/Snowglobe-i686- - copy it somewhere and extract it
  • run Snowglobe
  • get and extract Dzonatas Sol's Communicator (separate build) - currently
  • run communicator.exe
  • login in Snowglobe
  • use the toolbar Communicate button to show the detached windows

Also see original notes provided by Opensource Obscure.


Communicator Command Line

As of 0.9.6, these options are available:

$ communicator.exe --uri=http://host.tld:port --port=number
  • --uri : overrides default outgoing URI connection to the viewer
  • --port : overrides default incoming port connection to communicator

Snowglobe Preferences

These preferences can be found in the debug menu of the viewer:

  • InterfaceAllowConnections : To allow connections or deny all connections (default: allow)
  • InterfaceAllowRemoteConnections : To allow/deny remote connections (default: deny)
  • InterfaceServerPort : The port number of the API (default: 50140)


Use git to clone the repository:

$ git clone

There are a few branches:

master              - source branch of current version
communicator        - latest development branch (merges into master, tagged into X.X.X)
communicator.X.X.X  - tagged branches of specific version X
snowglobe           - latest development branch with changes for communicator
Upstream-X.X.X      - snapshot of oss-viewer branch in LL's repository

You can also browse the repository.


  • Need to automatically spawn Communicator when Snowglobe starts. Currently have to spawn separately.
  • Need a preference panel option to set address of Web/REST server port. (Used to connect from communicator to viewer asynchronously.)
  • Need a preference panel option to set address of default TCP dial-out port. (Used to connect from viewer to communicator synchronously.)
  • Update cmake build-package to include communicator and extra libs if specified on cmake config or make command, but not to include by default.
  • Need a debug option to Hide/Show built-in communicator windows when detached windows are shown.

Also see the issue tracker for MonoVida Communicator.