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Resource Method Description
/Agent/ID GET <- { id : uuid }
/Agent/Chat POST -> { text: string, type: integer, channel: integer } <- &status
/Agent/Groups GET <- [ &group, ... ]
/Agent/Position GET <- { Position: &position, GlobalPostion: &position, Region: uuid }
/Agent/Typing POST -> &empty <- &status
DELETE -> &empty <- &status

Note: Description syntax is only based on LLIDL.


Response is UUID of the logged in Agent/Avatar


Deliver a message formatted to Local Chat


Response is a list with details of groups joined by the connected agent


Response is the Region UUID, Position within the region, and global position of the Agent/Avatar



Start the typing gesture


Stop the typing gesture


{ status: string }

Value is "ok", consistently



id  : uuid
insignia  : uuid
powers  : binary
accept_notices  : bool
list_in_profile  : bool
contribution  : integer
name  : string




X  : real
Y  : real
Z  : real



Valid empty LLSD payload (i.e. "<llsd/>")