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I would love to become a mentor or a teacher.

Gal.JPG In SL I'm Gal Canning. In RL as well as in SL I'm a man of about 48 years old. I'm a technician, a teacher, a manager and can be characterized as a fixer.

Sharing knowledge and interact with people, that is what makes a human being a better person. So here I am, ready to share and interact.

Although I'm rather fresh in Second Life (march 2007) I already could translate my RL designing and programming experience to SL en LSL. One of the most amazing things I get to work... 3 Tier architecture. Interface in SL, business logic as PHP on my server and storage in MYSQL. I implemented my games this way. Stateless... you can continue whenever you want.

Want to see it... come and visit Avatarum. (Avatarum (131,121,55))

You can always send me an IM if you have a SL related problem or want to share something. You can also visit my blog to get to know

And I give training and workshops.

--Gal Canning 23:30, 30 October 2007 (PDT)