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If you need help setting up assistive technologies to use Second Life, I am at your service.
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Ganymede Ceriaptrix

Ganymede Ceriaptrix (otherwise known as Queen Ganymede) is an androgynous, eccentric Second Life software architect and jazz performer.

In Second Life, Ganymede is a freelance systems engineering consultant (as Ganymedia Engineering), developing technology solutions for in-world and off-world enterprises to make the most out of Second Life as a collaboration, information delivery, education and applications platform (in-world LSL; server-side Java, PHP, Python, MySQL). For a real-life living, Ganymede is a business applications and artificial intelligence analyst-developer for a small consultancy firm based in Brighton, United Kingdom. For commercial projects, Ganymede is available for hire on an as-required and as-available basis, with no hourly or day fees charged, via per-outcome, sliding scale rates.

Please note that availability varies according to current workload, which is currently quite high.

Ganymede is a volunteer team member of Virtual Helping Hands, Inc., a Linden Award 2010 Finalist non-profit organization helping individuals from all over the world by coordinating virtual and non-virtual resources to assist with mental, physical and spiritual health. Ganymede is undertaking a major redevelopment of the LSL-based Max Virtual Guidedog assistive technology tool, an attachment that allows vision-impaired SL residents to navigate and experience the virtual world when used on top of the Max Voice Plus viewer screenreader. This solution allows the unmodified Linden Lab viewer to be used successfully by vision-impaired residents.