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About Holger Gilruth


Holger has been in SL since 2002 (no kidding, really 2002) and has
been active as virtual estate manager, journalist, photographer,
translator and mentor. He is an avid collector of tools and gadget
and enjoys to share them and his indepth know-how in SL for free.
His helpful assistance is appreciated many a times at RFL, Burn2,
SL birthday events, VWBPEs and other great event in SL.

During the SL hype, Holger worked alongside SL’s first real-life
millionairess Anche Chung. Holger personally owned and sublet up to
150 sims at that time and ran 3 community gateways successfully, which
rated usually among the top 5 as regards return and consumption rate.
He also assisted large German corporates to setup a presence in SL.
And then, the gateways were closed by Lindenlab over night.

After the hype, he experienced as so many us the 'troth of disillusionment
of Garnter's hypecycle' and let go of his beloved sims 'Viennese freebies'
and many others.

In RL, Holger works in Telekom technical support and looks back at
a great variety of technically related jobs from cameraman to heavy
transport expert, exhibition and conference services, lights and sound technician,
trainer of callcenter agents and usually seeks a job change when it stopps
being a challenge.

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