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Kitto Flora Transportation News

If you read this, please IM Kitto Flora that you have, he wants to know if this gets any use.

November 19 2013

2013 Yule Train on sale

The limited edition 2013 Yule Train is now on sale at Kitto Flora Engineering, thru end of December.

August 8 2013

Update Center Open

The self-serve update center is now open. You can take your old engine and wagons to it and automatically get them updated to the new technology V3 version. Yule Engines are an exception, not all versions have been created in V3 yet. Contact Kitto Flora if you need a Yule train updated quickly. To access the update center go to the Kitto Flora Transportation store at and click on the red teleport sphere.

August 1 2013

V3 Trains On Sale

The new V3 series Train Sets and Wagons are now on sale at Kitto Flora Transportation Old V2 series trains and wagons are discontinued. The self-serve updater is being worked on.

March 26 2013

New Train Demo

For 7 months I have been working on a complete re-design of the 'toy' steam train system, re- writing the scripts from scratch to use new non-physical and *smooth* motion, new and better track navigation system and a lot of improvements made possible by recently added LSL functions. You can now try the new train at Yeodeol <181,206,47>. Comments and questions are welcome.