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> > This is an in-progress draft proposal < <

Hippotropolis is the Linden-sponsored home for the open source Second Life Viewer project and other open source community efforts.

We would like to see this single island expand into an archipelago (hippo-pelago, if you'll forgive the phrase) of open-source-centric projects and groups from across the Second Life world. Please consider the proposal below and add your responses and ideas to the Discussion tab above.

Hippotropolis Estate 2008

Currently one island. Will add regions to the estate as needed. See map below.

Meeting Area

Make this available to other groups.

FOSS Expo Parcel

Invite other free/libre open source software groups and projects to put up a kiosk to share info, builds, meet etc.

  • Also, offer free moves to interesting groups who we'd like to become part of the Hippopelago, i.e., put their island next to ours.

Hippo Award winners' parcels

  • Current winners' individual parcels
  • Past winners' shared parcels

Linden open source info center

For displaying information of relevance to the open source community, e.g. Zero's AWG slides.

Linden Offices

  • Currently only Liana Linden.
  • Invite more Lindens


  • Public sandbox

Open Source Sandbox estates

Open Source Sandbox estates will be available for use by any sldev community member who has a contributor agreement on file and is in good standing. These regions will not be open to the general public. See map below.

Ownership and Access

Region type: openspace simulator (low prim)

Estate owner: Linden

Estate managers: Lindens, perhaps sldev members (e.g., Hippo Award winners?)

Access: SLdev Sandbox Group (working title)

  • Upon receipt of a contribution agreement, Liana Linden will add you to the sandbox group.
  • If you have other reason to believe you should have access to this estate, ping Liana.

Group Roles

SLdev Sandbox Group (working title)

Members: any sldev community member who has a contributor agreement on file and is in good standing

Officers: all Members are also Officers

  • A very few officer roles will be turned off.

Owners: Lindens


How exactly will this group use this space?

  • Most useful aspects/opportunities?
  • Least useful?



Draft based on answers to questions below.


Need more info

  1. Who decides how the sandbox sim is used?
  2. How are decisions made?
  3. What are the primary uses of the space? What are occasional allowed uses?
  4. How are disagreements in the group handled? By whom?


Needs more info. See question above.

In addition to group policies on abuse,

  • Abuses of the Terms of Service or Community Standards should be reported to Linden via the abuse report tool.
  • Abuses of the Estate Covenant should be reported to the Estate Managers/Owner?

Map Proposal

Hippotropolis2008 v1.jpg