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WTM Tao of Volunteers

Each White Tiger Volunteer has the ability to influence new Residents’ first experiences of Second Life. How we do so may vary by personality, but we must also adhere to standards.

Mentors are teachers or trusted counselors. If you are simply answering questions to passersby on Help Island Public, you are not mentoring – you’re providing support services. If you take aside a new Resident and take time to show him how to use the tools given to him (such as Search, or Make Outfit) or spend hours or days helping him with a technical problem, you are mentoring. Mentorships often end up in friendships with their charge.

The following statements set us apart:

KBnote.png "We will"
  • We will help anyone to the best of our knowledge and ability.
  • We will be humble, polite, courteous and patient in all endeavors.
  • We will give respect to those we help, despite knowing it may not always be returned.
  • We will seek no reward for our effort.
  • We will work as a team and help each other solve problems.
  • We will be reliable, committed, and trustworthy.
  • We will be funny and playful.
  • We will be respectful of the guidelines under which we serve.

Stay Informed

Each Volunteer is responsible for reading notices and guidelines beginning with the WTM Wiki Page. It will have useful information and links to relevant materials as we build out the site.

An accomplished mentor may be able to operate alone in situations where no other help can come. That mentor is aware of the many resources available (translators, grid statuses, Second Life Knowledge Base Articles, etc.) and can tap into them, on-the-fly.

If You Don’t Know The Answer

It is perfectly OK to say to the Resident, “I do not know the answer to that.” It is BETTER if you tell the Resident, “I do not know the answer, but I know someone who might,” or “I can research that and get back to you later.” In doing so, you are taking ownership of an issue, and providing good mentorship.

Consequences of Not Following the Tao

White Tiger Mentors should be aware there are consequences of not following the WTM Tao of Volunteers. Just as the Community Standards and TOS are the policies and rules of Second Life, the WTM Tao is the policy and rules of White Tiger Mentors.

KBcaution.png Important: Volunteers who do not follow the Group Rules and Tao of Volunteers will be removed from White Tiger Mentors.

Please be aware the decisions of the WTM Management are final.