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This simple web service generates an ICS (iCal) file.

A bare call to the service ...


... will result in a web page being returned displaying the service's 'usage' information.

Generic and Simple ICS V2.0 File Generator.



?job=mk [&cal=...] &title=... &details=... [&location=...] [&host=...] [&url=...] &start=... {&end=...|&dur=...} [&tz=...]


http://HOST/gen-ics.php? ...
jobmkreq'make' is the only action supported at this time
calnameoptname of the calendar
titletitlereqtitle of event
detailsdetailsreqdetails of event
locationlocationoptlocation of event
hosthostopthost or event facilitator
urlurloptinformational URL
startstart-date/timereqstarting time and date in ISO 8601 format
endend-date/time1-ofending time and date in ISO 8601 format
durduration1-ofduring of event in standard PHP4/5 date format.
tztimezoneopt timezone in ISO 8601 format

Upon issuing a correctly-formatted URL, an ICS/iCal file will be returned.

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