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Not much to see here, most info on my SLProfiles page.

How about a list of software languages I know or have used in the past for a time.

  • LSL
  • PHP
  • Inform (interactive fiction language, compiles into Infocom virtual machine byte code, very powerful stuff, I love it)
  • BASIC (real BASIC, not that VB stuff)
  • Assembly (Commodore 64/128 & Amiga)
  • AREXX (such a wonderful language, loved it)
  • AMOS (Amiga)
  • Amiga BASIC
  • C (only the basics)
  • MIVA (spent may too much time trying to work around the limitations)
  • PERL (not a fan, barely remember it)
  • Many others that I have most likely forgotten.

Mostly I focus on LSL & PHP these days.