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Transcript of Q Office Hours on Monday, 24Sep07, 7:30 AM PST

Note: although in general, anything said during my office hours can be considered to be public, in this case there was only one other person there, and at times the chat veered into personal discussion that one of us would prefer to keep private. Those places where text was cut are marked in the transcript.

[7:45]Q Linden Hey, Jansen
[7:46]Jansen Miles Hiya. Hmm. First office hours?
[7:46]Jansen Miles Looks like you need to build a following. :)
[7:46]Q Linden Yup...but it wasn't well-announced. I failed to complete the wiki page properly ,and just figured it out this morning.
[7:46]Q Linden No biggie...I'll get it right next time. :-)
[7:47]Q Linden Did you just trip across it, or were you looking for office hrs?
[7:48]Jansen Miles No, I was checking office hours on the Wiki. I got up unusually early this morning and was wondering if any office hours coincided.
[7:48]Q Linden cool. anything in particular on your mind?
[7:48]Jansen Miles Nope. But I have some advice. You need to set out some chairs, or let us place our own. :)
[7:49]Q Linden see those? Those were supposed to be my chairs for the day.
[7:49]Q Linden I popped 'em up there this morning. :-)
[7:49]Jansen Miles Ah, okay. I didn't realize.
[7:50]Q Linden Or since there are so few people, we can go over to my gazebo
[7:50]Jansen Miles Maybe five or six chairs close to the campfire would seem more inviting.
[7:50]Jansen Miles So, you're a new Linden, but how long have you been on SL?
[7:50]Basic Chair Right click me and choose 'Sit Here' to sit down
[7:51]Q Linden just 2 months!
[7:51]Jansen Miles Oh wow.
[7:51]Q Linden So I'm really a n00b
[7:51]Jansen Miles You're even newer than me.
[7:52]Q Linden What attracted you to SL in the first place?
[7:53]Jansen Miles Well, I read Snowcrash in the 90s.
[7:53]Q Linden Heh. As did half this world, I think.
[7:53]Q Linden Did you have experience with other online communities?
[7:53]Jansen Miles And I'd heard about SL for a couple of years. It was on my list of things to check out and I finally got around to it.
[7:53]Jansen Miles No. Not really. I played MUDs in the 90s
[7:54]Q Linden Do you consider yourself a gamer?
[7:54]Jansen Miles And beta tested and played Asheron's Call 2.
[7:54]Q Linden ah, cool
[7:54]Jansen Miles I would say yes, but I'm definitely in the camp of "SL is not a game."
[7:54]Q Linden me too...on both counts
[7:54]Q Linden but I like to know what people have for background experience
[7:54]Q Linden as a reference
[7:56]Q Linden Do you build stuff in SL?
[7:57]Jansen Miles I do.
[7:57]Q Linden Code too?
[7:57]Jansen Miles Yep.
[7:57]Q Linden I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts -- what works well, what doesn't.
[7:58]Jansen Miles I have definite opinions although at this early hour (I'm PST remember), I don't know if I can say much that's intelligible.
[7:58]Q Linden :-)
[7:58]Jansen Miles I'm putting together a list of UI enhancements I think would be good.
[7:58]Q Linden We haven't invented virtual caffeine yet.
[7:59]Jansen Miles Mostly relating to the build tools.
[7:59]Jansen Miles Building is very primitive in SL. Pun not intentional.
[8:00]Q Linden Heh...yeah. A lot of my recent history has been spent making 3D construction tools, including tools for kids. So I care a lot about this area.
[8:00]Q Linden It's one place I hope to spend some of my development energy at Linden.
[8:00]Jansen Miles And the build editing tools are impressive as they're expressed in-world, but leave much to be desired when compared to what a professional content developer might expect from his/her tools.
[8:01]Q Linden Yeah
[8:01]Q Linden Do you have particular high points of pain?
[8:01]Jansen Miles Some of the problems are intractable at the moment. Such as the parent-child relationships of linked sets. I.e. one root only.
[8:01]Q Linden (when you say you're putting together a list, how do you plan to share that list?)
[8:02]Jansen Miles Through the JIRA.
[8:02]Q Linden excellent
[8:02]Q Linden do you know about the SL Dev mailing list for open source discussions?
[8:03]Jansen Miles ...that would require major re-working of the SL object system. To smaller issues like the lack of ability to change point of rotation when rotating an object or linked set.
[8:03]Q Linden Yup, that's a problem I encountered this morning
[8:03]Jansen Miles I'm vaguely aware of SL Dev group activity, but I'm not directly involved.
[8:04]Jansen Miles I've attended one or two open source office hours.
[8:04]Q Linden Who else's have you been to?
[8:05]Jansen Miles And I'm familiar with Dale Glass' work because I see him at half the office hours I attend.
[8:05]Q Linden yup, he's been pretty involved, at least I've seen him around quite a bit
[8:06]Jansen Miles Rob, Lindie, Benjamin bug triages. Qarl. Zero. Torley. Blue.
[8:06]Q Linden oh, by the way...since this has ended up being a private session, is it OK with you if I post the transcript?
[8:07]Jansen Miles And I'm actually a bit surprised not to see Wyn Galbraith here. She seems to usually hit all the office hours I attend, although that may have something to do with you posting the hours late.
[8:07]Jansen Miles If you like.
[8:08]Q Linden I'd just like to establish a tradition of being open about everything that happens in my office hours
[8:09]Q Linden There were a couple of people who said they'd come if I held office hours, but I think that the late notice was a problem.
[8:09]Jansen Miles More than likely that was it.
[8:10]Jansen Miles So, what, in fact, is your role at LL? Boston. You were part of the Windlight team that came over?
[8:11]Q Linden No, actually. I was the first non-Windlight dev hired in Boston. I'm a game developer who became interested in SL. I'm just finishing up my "training" phase and looking around for what I should be spending time on now. User content creation tools is one possible area, as is architecture.
[8:12]Q Linden architecture meaning the long-term system design
[8:16]Jansen Miles C++ and OpenGL?
[8:16]Q Linden My skillz? That and Python, Java if you make me.
[8:17]Q Linden That doesn't parse unambiguously -- I love python, not so much Java