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A Tour of Route 1

Linden content on the Mainland is often under-appreciated. The LDPW has begun work on paving Route 1 on the Heterocera Atoll, and to increase awareness of that route, this page contains some highlights. The Mainland traveler may want to follow along with the sightseeing opportunities here, in a clockwise tour over that route.



Starting the tour in Miata, one sees that the LDPW Moles will have some extra work clearing encroaching brush that has grown up on neighboring parcels, partially obscuring the attractions.


Sociaria 189, 91, 38.jpg

This spot brings back memories of the good ol' days before the adfarm ban. Yes, adfarms are banned, so these sights are hard to find on the Mainland these days unless one uses one of the special clients that have graphics. Of course, this isn't an adfarm. It's a bit of nostalgic installation art, generously sponsored by those Patrons of the Arts, the Guild of recovering adfarmers. This guide wishes godspeed to them on their difficult path to wellness.



It's a comfort when traveling to have something familiar with which to orient oneself, and this spot has much of that. But it also has a taste of the exotic: In the foreground a very rare bit of signage, made extra special by being on a parcel that one could buy today for only L$60,000. (One would need to provide one's own sign, however, as Objects are Not Included In Sale. A shame. So to speak.)



It's very difficult to really appreciate the grandeur of this scene from a mere snapshot. The sight of these magically illuminated towers cascading down the hillside toward the road from the railroad above is something that really must be experienced in person.



Although there is some low, 20m brush left behind on the path, the PRIM_FULLBRIGHT splendor of this installation shines through unobscured. Such art cannot be denied to its public.

(Photographer on road in lower left of image, for scale.)



Here it's clear how the natives embrace the gift of Art that adorns their humble community. The walls surrounding this quaint tract provide a modest frame for the residents' appreciation of the mystically hovering sculptures that enrich the virtual lives of the locals, and must surely inspire them to create similar works.


The region of Foxglove is graced by two special attractions for travelers. The preceding location was just the suburban satellite of this gallery, with its more comprehensive collection of the Masters.



At this scenic stop, the traveler observes the efforts of the locals to protect their unique statuary, admonishing visitors not to annoy the ad-farms. It's hard to imagine anyone intentionally aggravating such a grand spectacle as this, but it's part of the region's charm that the denizens come fiercely to the defense of their local Culture.

(Photographer on road, bottom center, for scale.)



This site again shows the ravages of Nature, partially obscuring the beauty of the advertising graphics. Future travelers may rest assured that the LDPW Moles will be compelled to clear away the encroaching foliage as part of the paving effort, so Route 1 will be pristine in her grandeur for the public's motoring pleasure.



The harried traveler might easily overlook this gem in the rough, but this guide would enrich the tourist experience with the more hidden attractions. In this case, there are two very special parcels here. One knows they are special because they are gaily decorated with festive red ribbons (not shown--DO NOT TOUCH!), and offered for sale at L$9999 for the smaller, 16sq.m. plot--only a 12,500% mark-up from prevailing prices.



The tour concludes much as it began, with this reassuringly familiar tower, punctuating Route 1 with a pleasing symmetry at each terminus.

The photographer was exceptionally fortunate to catch this shot, the Work framed both by the local's loving craftsmanship and by the glorious Windlit sunset in the background. A splendid photo, but awe-inspiring to behold first-hand.