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I submit this proposal as somewhere between a strawman and a devil's advocate position, but I really think the time has come for something similar to this approach to get serious consideration. Qie 06:17, 21 March 2011 (PDT)


  • planning for and management of the four Zindra Expo sims consume enormous time and effort, diverting attention from other Adult Content issues, with similar overhead being considered for use of the Zindra sim ("Promenade"), and
  • granting control of parcelling and other settings of Linden land by individual (non-LDPW) Residents poses serious challenges to objectivity, fairness, and judgment (hence necessitating the enormous overhead of the proposal processes for these land assets), and
  • objective measures are not available for the benefits to be expected from this outlay of Linden and Resident effort, and
  • the contemplated use of the Zindra sim can only at best approach the intended benefits of the original, lotteried parcel approach for that site,

be it resolved that

  1. all planned events for these land assets be cancelled and all future planning cease, and
  2. the four Expo sims go to US$ land auction at the earliest date convenient for Linden Lab, and
  3. the Zindra sim be parcelled by the Lab for the original intended purpose of the build on that site: lottery-assigned content spaces, and
  4. the Lab undertake to operate a lottery for the Zindra sim parcels on regular six months to one year intervals, commencing as soon as possible within time and resource constraints.