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Saed Lehtovaara(Sai-yeed Leh-toe-vah-ruh). If you pronounce it wrong, I will give you AIDS

The name is Saed, Saed Lehtovaara

In-world profile

I am fickle young lad i play bingo all day and wait for my kids to call while being force fed pills.

There is one word that comes to mind when I think of myself: "LOTFWMHUACA" LOTFWMHUACA = Laughing On The Floor With My Head Up A Cows Ass

That acronym is in Wikipedia SO YES IT IS A REAL INTARWEB THING

[23:06] Rob Nacon: I dont just jizz right there on the carpet D:

/me:"This is the beggining of the end" 2007 AD

the man is ebil ebil=200% more ebil than evil


Well, You will find that I am quite "free-spirited"(I believe thats what you kids call it now days.), and that I much prefer to be a leader than a follower.You will also find that I am quite Militaristic, so if you are weak... I will bite you. I have many skills and am willing to be a hired slave(will come into detail later). I have been to the future, and it is ghey.



I am I proficient scripter and will script for cash, I am noted for being quite cheap on the prices


Same as scripting pretty much

"Yeah, I really am that awesome"