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New Media plugin

This is some rambling about the new Second Life viewer plugins and how it could be extended. Such plugins could have many uses, from allowing people to show new kinds of animated movies, or to display a live, interactive view of their own computer, etc. Discuss here.

Current Setup

* The Second Life server is the main computer that your own computer connects to when you start Second Life. It starts a login process which allows you to eventually start roaming the Second Life world with your avatar. Without any plugins at all, the main communication is directly between your client and the current server running the land your avatar is standing on, also known as a "simulator."
* The Second Life client is the program you download in order to connect to Second Life.
Simpleserver diagram.svg


* With Gridproxy, you can add a program that intercepts data as it comes to your computer or is sent out to the Second Life simulator. This allows you to add new features to Second Life by installing plugins that modify/insert/delete the data before it can reach its final destination. Gridproxy could create a local webpage to control a given plugin and thereby give you a robust GUI for the plugin, or, you could use the new media plugin to add a GUI on a prim in some way within the main viewer window.
**Possible plugins might include new chat/IM types or a more sophisticated estate management system, etc.

Gridproxy diagram.svg

Media Rendering Plugin

With the new media rendering plugin framework defined by Linden Lab, developers can now add new functions to Second Life without requiring Gridproxy. Basically, the plugin is able to draw directly onto a prim and the Second Life viewer is able to detect mouse-button clicks and the words you type within the prim and pass your text and mouse movement back to the media plugin.--testing link. This allows for some pretty neat possiblies, like the ability to show a program window or computer screen running on a prim. using VNC Multimedia plugin.svg

Proposed Extension to Media Plugin

* A possible extension to the new media plugin would allow a developer to manipulate ingoing/outgoing data as Gridproxy does, as well as draw directly to prims as the Media Plugin does. New interactions with the viewer could include receiving internal data about avatar positions, or creating a new kind of particle effect. A plugin could provide specialized control of the avatar for use with the old Puppeteering code or for creating Mechanima. New particle effects might be added via such a plugin. New Physics for use with different kinds of virtual worlds might be added that way. Specialized plugins could allow people to play complex games in realtime, such as is possible right now with Worlds of Warcraft and other roll-playing games. Plugin extension.svg

Puppeteering Plugin

With the never finished puppeteering code written by Linden Lab, combined with an extension to the new media plugin, developers could create plugins that would would allow animators, mechanimators, etc, to animate one or more avatar using sophisticated programs and scripts directly.