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  • Simone will ask for a GsL forum
  • The translation for "Set not busy" which was "Als nicht beschäftigt anzeigen" will be changed to "Beschäftigt aus"
  • Danica noted:
    1. System requirements on the German web site
      Needs change to formal (du -> sie) as well as updating
    2. Bug connected to emtying the inventories trash is not present anymore in Second Life 1.22.3 (104867) Dec 4 2008 14:26:13 (Second Life Public Nightly)
    3. Upcoming changes related to land KBs. Those will be added to the Jira soon.
  • There will be a new rating for land named "adult" in addition to "mature" and "PG". "Adult" needs translation (look in the transcript for a description and discussion).
  • Groupnotices received via mail don't display umlauts -> bug.
  • "Repeats per face" which is currently "Wiederholungen pro Gesicht" will be changed to "Wiederholungen pro Fläche"


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