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This is deprecated; I no longer do this. - Torley-favicon.png Torley on 2008-07-19 @ 11:57 PM PST

Hey Torley, I'm you. Here's what you need to do.

(The following applies to main viewer and WindLight releases, and sometimes Havok4 Beta, but not RC viewers, etc.)


  • Go to the Official Linden Blog and find the appropriate new release post.
  • Open up all resolved issues in Firefox vertical tabs. Macro-izing helps. If there are many, break it down into 2 or 3 passes.
  • For each issue:
    • Use "Change resolution", set it to "Fixed", and set "Fix version/s" to the one in the blog post (create one if it doesn't exist yet), and set the "Assignee" to the correct Linden (match the internal issue). If you don't know/can't find their Linden name, set it to "WorkingOnIt Linden".
    • Copy-and-paste a friendly message communicating resolution. Make sure it links to the blog post AND states which version an issue was fixed in. Both of these are highly recommended for reducing ambiguity, e.g., complaints of "Hey it's not fixed yet!" For example:
Thanks again for your reports and helping us to make progress! This bug is fixed in the newest WindLight version -- Second Life 1.19 (79674). Download link and more info here:
Keep watching the Official Linden Blog and check out for continued WindLight updates!
  • If an issue requires any specific, non-cookie-cutter notes, share 'em. Always, always thank Resis for reporting and providing details which aided in an issue's fix0ring.
  • After done with an issue, move to the next tab (Ctrl-Page Down) and repeat the above steps.
  • When all done a batch, right-click a tab and select "Close Other Tabs" to "fold the deck".