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6 AM

Torley Linden: Hey everyone :D
Torley Linden: good to see you all here!
Tinsel Silvera: hello
Desideria Stockton: Hi Torley
Torley Linden: arrivin' early too =) w00t
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Laetizia Coronet: hi Torley
Lyndsey Forager: oh torley - you are 1 big missing image
Laetizia Coronet: don't see ya yet but ok
Torley Linden: okay okay... gotta rezzzzzz :)
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Alexandra Rucker, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden waits for the grays to turn colorfulicious
Bjarkstatsk Emmons: hey des, your project list at wikispaces is something i gotta leave S.L. to see, right?
Tinsel Silvera: hello alexandra
Desideria Stockton: no, Bjark; they are all projects within Second Life
Tinsel Silvera: hello hazelee
Hazelee Haller: hello tinsel
User not online - inventory has been saved.
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Tinsel Silvera: i love your shirt Torley
Laetizia Coronet: You can open a browser even in your own profile
Alexandra Rucker: yea, but why would you want to? It's laggy enough
Torley Linden: thanks Tinsel, Spider Mandala made this awhile ago... although actually i must point out this is not a proper use of our trademark.
Laetizia Coronet: You talk to Torley, where is he?
Torley Linden: i am sitting down...
Tinsel Silvera: that is okay
Torley Linden: wearing blue jeans...
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Tinsel Silvera: we will pretend not to notice
Lyndsey Forager: it is cool though
Torley Linden: =o)
Bjarkstatsk Emmons: the projects and list of projects both
Torley Linden: nice to see you all here, how's things been going?
Desideria Stockton: I dont see you either Torley
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Benja Kepler, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Alexandra Rucker: look for watermelon hair? :)
Torley Linden: hmmmmm
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Benja Kepler, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Lyndsey Forager: i can see you now
Torley Linden: yeah watermelon hair is prolly an easier identifier
Desideria Stockton: the projects are listed in my profile
Kamael Xevious: Great, now that Pride is over and done with and I can relax again :D
Torley Linden: there used to be a prob with invisible avatars that became visible after a group name tag switch
Tinsel Silvera: pride was very nice
Torley Linden: but i haven't sen that in ages...
Torley Linden: so much going on it seems
Torley Linden: wow, how many of us are wearing blue jeans?
Desideria Stockton: yes, Rpide was very nive
Desideria Stockton: lol
Hazelee Haller: :)
Tinsel Silvera: apparently i did not get the blue jeans memo
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Thalia Tal: same here Tinsel ^^
Torley Linden: sorry this only has 10 chairs, my modest abode...
Tinsel Silvera: i have good excuse
Lyndsey Forager: i dont even have jeans in rl - i do have a demim skirt
Tinsel Silvera: can't find steampunk blue jeans yet
Torley Linden: i don't really do jeans in RL too but i was feeling kinda like a Steve Jobs moment
Torley Linden: Tinsel, what are "steampunk blue jeans"?
Alexandra Rucker: lol, someone's probably created them in Caledon :)
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Torley Linden: how are they different from "regular" ones?
Thalia Tal: Torley do you hold meetings in Voice First aswell?
Tinsel Silvera: they have them for the kids
Torley Linden: Thalia, i haven't yet -- i may in the future. keeping that an open possibility.
Thalia Tal: That would be great.
Torley Linden: running different SL viewers has been an interesting experience, to say the least.
Thalia Tal: Torley what do you do in SL ? I might be the only clueless around here.
Alexandra Rucker: voice, gaaah, as if there aren't enough leaks and lag already *twitch*
Torley Linden: Thalia, oh that's a good question -- :)
Thalia Tal: thank you
Torley Linden: i am concerned our system requirements should be updated, because SL eats up too much RAM...
Torley Linden: copious amounts of it... i can't see anyone capably using SL on a system with 256 or even 512 MB...
Tinsel Silvera: how's things going with the latest viewer?
Alexandra Rucker: Torley, Nicholaz Beresford has been doing a nice job squashing some of those leaks :)
Torley Linden: yes he most certainly has been Alexandra
Torley Linden: i like his colorful analogies too, fan of the show House...
Tinsel Silvera: i read his blog when i can
Torley Linden: it's only a matter of time before we get a patcher who likes Dexter, and all heck will break loose, haha
Alexandra Rucker: right now, his viewer is the only one I can really use for more than 5 minutes - the mainline viewer's gotten THAT BAD on my system
Hazelee Haller: speaking of the latest viewer, thank you for fixiing the eye problem.
Lyndsey Forager: so torly - what were you doing sitting on that chair in the ocean - ? the poster btw
Grizzy Griswold: Hi
Saijanai Kuhn: I haven't had a Dreaded IM group ping since the rolling restart I think
Tinsel Silvera: yes thank you
Torley Linden: Alexander: ugh that is awful to hear; i haven't tried the Nicholaz edition yet
Alexandra Rucker: You should :)
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: reporting bugs when sitting in that chair :)
Lyndsey Forager: ah
Alexandra Rucker: You can compare more easily that way *grins*
Tinsel Silvera: hello grizzy
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Bjarkstatsk Emmons: laet, i tried to search for the project list, but search wouldnt find it
Grizzy Griswold: Hi
Torley Linden: right now my attentions are divided amongst a number of internal builds, so i could really use clones -- but yeah that sounds pretty compelling, Alexandra... my understanding is hopefully more of his patches will be included in the "normal" viewer to benefit more
Tinsel Silvera: that JIRA list is a long list to search
Grizzy Griswold: Bjarkstatsk, I saw you over at the Sistine Chapel yesterday.
Bjarkstatsk Emmons: sure li
Alexandra Rucker: the sooner the better - squashing the memory leaks seems to have reduced the prims-up-the-butt problem
Torley Linden: i had a very sad time at SL4B, with the memory leaks... i watched as my viewer climbed to 1.2 GB usage, and then crashed me out
Benja Kepler: in the JIRA, Torley, is there a 'resolution Date' field?
Torley Linden: Alexandra: really? that is interesting... i don't know if there's a connection...
Tinsel Silvera: i was able to make it thru the celebrations
Bjarkstatsk Emmons: not sure if i remember u, but hi.
Tinsel Silvera: albeit moving very slowly
Torley Linden: Benja: not yet but Yoz Linden tells me we hope to add the ability to have that in the future...
Alexandra Rucker: I don't know either... but I know I can finally wear primmed avs and not have to reassemble myself after every teleport :)
Torley Linden: thanks for the hat Grizzy
Thalia Tal: Torley how many hours a day do you work ? average. I pressume SL is not an average 7-5 job.
Torley Linden: i would LOVE a "Resolution Date" field -- that is so important
Alexandra Rucker: so *something* is improved :)
Grizzy Griswold: Its not a hat..
Grizzy Griswold: its a piece of watermelon
Alexandra Rucker: lol
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Hazelee Haller: :)
Grizzy Griswold: and its animated so your av takes bites out of it.
Saijanai Kuhn: spams voting information for relevant jira:
Torley Linden: Thalia: at least 8 hrs/day (standard) but a lot of it leaks into my "play time" too, like on the 4th of July when i suddenly noticed bugs, i was taking notes of them to fully report later
Torley Linden: ohh Grizzy... lol... lemme try this...
Saijanai Kuhn:
watermelon_zerihaf whispers: Congratulations & Best Wishes
Alexandra Rucker: Jira his horribly hostile for what seems like 50% of blog commenters
Torley Linden: i misread it as "zeriHAT"
Tinsel Silvera: cool
Alexandra Rucker: *is
Lyndsey Forager: cool!
Saijanai Kuhn: make scripting a top-level category (yes I know its "project" but who cares)
Tinsel Silvera: where did you get that grizzy?
Torley Linden: oh this is cute, i dig this...
Lyndsey Forager: its very you troley
Grizzy Griswold: I was wandering around and someoen had put it out..
Tinsel Silvera: yes it is
Grizzy Griswold: anyone want one?
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i cant spell
Alexandra Rucker: sure :)
Hazelee Haller: yes, please
Torley Linden: Saijanai: i remember you mentioning this before... let's see a wider consensus on it... categorization as expressed as useful to many
Torley Linden: certainly there are a lot of finer details with scripting-related bugs
Saijanai Kuhn: heh. Its certainly the largets jira-related entry, and the 3rd largest WEB entry.
Torley Linden: Saijanai, btw, that's a great title -- "Antfarm wrangler"? do you have an antfarm in SL?
Saijanai Kuhn: what level of concensus do you need?
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Chase Marellan, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Benja Kepler: Torley, can you clarify about the JIRA voting? once taken internally, the votes become irrelevant?
Tinsel Silvera: hello simon
Torley Linden: Benja: here's what happens -- imported internally, the votes don't carry over. Lindens have a separate internal voting system. however, as part of the import template, it reminds that PJIRA stuff like votes isn't shown here...
Saijanai Kuhn: its related to mah ant...
Saijanai Kuhn: and to the farm where we'uns work..
Torley Linden: so i regularly encourage and make mention of what the actual public votes are.
Simon Kline: hi :)
Lyndsey Forager: eeek - i think i am crasashing
Tinsel Silvera: hello juko
Saijanai Kuhn: rez hell. Blame Qarl Linden
Tinsel Silvera: hey chase
Alexandra Rucker: sounds like they need to be reminded more often :)
Torley Linden: so that they are taken into consideration as part of the overall process of seeing who cared enough to show support for an issue.
Juko Tempel: Hiya
Torley Linden: heya Simon!
Chase Marellan: Good morning, all.
Torley Linden: Alexandra: are there particular issues that come to mind?
Desideria Stockton: can that voting system be sued by groups?
Tinsel Silvera: how are you chase?
Chase Marellan: Not quite awake, but fine, thanks. You?
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Simon Kline: hi torley! :)
Tinsel Silvera: near there as well
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... lufpleh Obstreperous, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: and of course, votes are one in a collection of factors, e.g., we know there are bugs that, regardless of votes or not, need to be fixed. so, each one a different case, but there are some safe generalizations
Torley Linden: hiya Chase
Torley Linden: welcome to my place in the Linden Village, Watermelinden Land :)
Thalia Tal: excuse me while I tp my friend he might just rezz in the middle of the watermelon
Alexandra Rucker: Not in specific... but I caught a blog comment where someone said one of the patches had 6 votes, and some of the 3-diget voted problems didn't even have a eta for a fix
Chase Marellan: Hey, TorleyQ
Alexandra Rucker: (sorry, lagging)
Saijanai Kuhn: except when it comes to chaning the strcture of Jira to be more accessable to the most active bug/suggestion catagory, you mean
Torley Linden: Alexandra: ah yes -- another good thing for me to cover more extensively. in regards to patches, they are more likely to be applied quickly...
Torley Linden: some of the bigger bugs don't have a clear repro.
Torley Linden: we "know" what they are but not how to cause them
Torley Linden: and clearly that is PAINFUL and MADDENING for all
YAZ Dagger: hi all
Thalia Tal: ***Hewoo***
Thalia Tal: yAzzy
Simon Kline: thankyou! i found it by accident the other day i spend alot of time at pathfinders sandbox and love your videos thankyou so much for those
Alexandra Rucker: Unfort, some of them may need programmers to get a real repro :(
Torley Linden: Group Notices failing being a good example of something that will likely require a complete overhaul to effectively fix, instead of band-aiding the current system
Torley Linden: Alexandra: the good thing here tho, we do have programmers -- open source contributors adding patches...
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Juko Tempel: band aids still appreciated though lol
Benja Kepler: will there be a 'Mosted Wanted Repro' list posted?
Torley Linden: there've already been a few open source peeps that now work @ LL
Lyndsey Forager: i dont know if this is a bug or not - but lately when i ahve gone to move an object one of the arrows isnt there - is that something that should go in jira?
Benja Kepler: *Most
Alexandra Rucker: Lyndsey, are you using the latest main client?
Lyndsey Forager: yep yep
Thalia Tal: how many staff currently work at SL? curious
Lyndsey Forager: firstlok
Alexandra Rucker: then ARGH that bug's back :(
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Vivienne Graves, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: OMG! i think i am familiar with that one, i don't have a repro -- does that apply t o attachments?
Torley Linden: i'm also reminded of very big and damaging content loss bugs like SVC-242... 113 votes.
Lyndsey Forager: yes, especially hair
Torley Linden: CRITICAL priority and we did, after much research, fix that one recently
Alexandra Rucker: Lyndsey, the workaround I know of is to grab one of the other arrows, wiggle it, and the missing one should pop in
Juko Tempel: and the FRiends list..
Lyndsey Forager: okies, i will remember that
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: please by all means, if you figure a way to do that repeatedly, let me know the JIRA # once you've reported it
Hazelee Haller: Yes, I'm still having problems with the friends list not working
Torley Linden: that has been an annoyance for ages... i think in my experience, it's been the Blue arrow that's disappeared
Lyndsey Forager: ive also notice if i link objects they will unlink by themselves sometimes
Alexandra Rucker: I'm seeing that in the Nicholaz build, but I thought it was a Nicholaz-induced bug, didn't realize it was back in mainline too :(
Torley Linden: Juko: yes, related communication systems like Friends list -- social breakdowns are upsetting.
Lyndsey Forager: yes, the up and down arrow!
Juko Tempel: extremely, and commercial implications too
YAZ Dagger: lol
Alexandra Rucker: Oh don't even get me STARTED on flist.... *rips hair out in frustration*
Saijanai Kuhn: objects can unlik due to randomizations due to rotations of certain objects in the link set
Tinsel Silvera: hello vivienne
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: good to know you have it too. i mean, well, the bug SUX but, the likelihood that both of us have seen it
Vivienne Graves: hi
Torley Linden: Saijanai: i seem to have noticed that on bigger linksets...
Torley Linden: yes?
Tinsel Silvera: hey tateru
Torley Linden: or related to it...
Saijanai Kuhn: were they animated or static?
Tinsel Silvera: didnt see you slip in
Torley Linden: heya Tat! hi Yaz!
Torley Linden: pardon for those i've not greeted who've just come... hello and welcome
Tateru Nino: I snuck in a few minutes ago.
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Tinsel Silvera: i just read your latest strip right before coming over here
Tinsel Silvera: i hope there are more on the way
Thalia Tal: Saij you have a bug on your back
Torley Linden: here's a question, and -- this is totally speculative, not saying it's going to happen... What if we were going to kill off the Second Life default wind sound?
Tateru Nino: There are.
Tinsel Silvera: good
Tinsel Silvera: {:o)
Kamael Xevious: Please do!!
Tateru Nino: Ah, that reminds me. Forgot to mute sound.
Alexandra Rucker: My sound is normally off anyway, doesn't matter to me
Tinsel Silvera: i like the sound when it is lower
Hazelee Haller: probably would not notice it being gone . :)
Juko Tempel: hehe likewise, often off
Alexandra Rucker: got tired of gesture spam, and I can already tell I'll get tired of voice spam too
Saijanai Kuhn: That's wind? THought it was traffic background...
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Alexandra Rucker: LOL
Torley Linden: LOLEX
Vivienne Graves: it would be an improvement
lufpleh Obstreperous: ambient volume set to minimum for me already
Hazelee Haller: :)
Vivienne Graves: odd being in an 'indoor' environment and hearing ambient wind noise
Thalia Tal: I personally like it
Vivienne Graves: (although I'm usually listening to music anyway_
Saijanai Kuhn: maybe user slectable white noise option...
Tateru Nino: There's a white noise sound I've got to disable here.
lufpleh Obstreperous: it gets painful on voice client when wearing headset
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Saijanai Kuhn: nothing, wind, rain, baby crying...
Torley Linden: oh dear... okay thanks for your opinions -- the reason i ask, some of us Lindens were talking about improved ambience, and how the wind sound, can sound like it's soo dead quiet and sinister and abandoned... and how in the Voice First Look, wind and footsteps (they sound like an old 8-bit game) have been combined into the Ambient slider
Alexandra Rucker: yea, that's all I need, listening to music and hear someone's 4-letter-word voice or gesture spammage... blech :P
YAZ Dagger: ahh cool i can hear water too
Hazelee Haller: I agree - too Twilight Zone sounding
Juko Tempel: a slider is good
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Torley Linden: as for right now tho we can effectively mute the wind sound by turning the appropriate slider all the way to the left...
Torley Linden: but like the atmosphere is being replaced by WindLight, perhaps so there should be a sonic equivalent too
Alexandra Rucker: Now if I could MUTE gestures AND voice WITHOUT muting ambient sounds.... that you could talk me into :)
Torley Linden: mmm this watermelon is good :)
Tinsel Silvera: that is a good idea
Grizzy Griswold: Yeah, the wind sound makes it sound like there has been some sort of apocalypse that has wiped out most of society. (:
Torley Linden: Alexandra: so you'd want to mute sounds emitted by avatars but not objects?
Benja Kepler: the wind noise is great for the deserted areas, like malls.....
Tinsel Silvera: lol grizzy
Torley Linden: er, avatar attachments specifically -- but not inworld objects.
Thalia Tal: Who said Malls were deserted?
Thalia Tal: Not when Im around
Benja Kepler: ha ha
Benja Kepler: ones I go to
Hazelee Haller: lol
Torley Linden: Grizzy: that's a vivid way of saying it. it reminds me of a certain anticipated game that's coming out, Fallout 3...
Tinsel Silvera: have not heard of that yet
Torley Linden: Twilight Zone makes me think of the Cornfield... and by the way, there's a Linden cornfield in one of the new Linden Village regions
Alexandra Rucker: I'd like a global setting to not hear - specifically - gestures and voice
Patchouli Woollahra: yay...
Tinsel Silvera: where? i want to see
Benja Kepler: does it have crop circles?
Hazelee Haller: Anyone get sent out there?
Alexandra Rucker: without having to mute specific avatars
Torley Linden: Southwest corner of Longfellow if you haven't been there yet.
Patchouli Woollahra: we need to show more runty griefers the cornfield.
Tinsel Silvera: i will check that out
Tinsel Silvera: hey pat
Torley Linden: Alexandra: just gestures and voice though? because i could see annoying sounds played directly from someone's inventory too.
Vivienne Graves: just wait and there'll be child vampire RP there before much longer, I bet...
Patchouli Woollahra: hey guys xD
Tinsel Silvera: come on over
Alexandra Rucker: Usually those are gestures
Patchouli Woollahra: Nothing wong with childvampires.
Alexandra Rucker: especially by newbies :)
Grizzy Griswold: I'd like to see more creative punishments for griefing....
Tinsel Silvera: i agree
Patchouli Woollahra: it's certainly better than the child pr0n hoo haa we had the month before.
Hazelee Haller: cild vamps - ooooo
Juko Tempel: guillotine
lufpleh Obstreperous: Alexander, there is a voice volume slider in preferances, that should act as a global voice mute
Saijanai Kuhn: empty mall sound should be chill wind blowing anime sound
Tinsel Silvera: public punishments?
Torley Linden: some people have also noted that (1) turning down the UI sounds slider doesn't mute the low WHOOSH when you create a prim and (2) the typing sound is comparatively hard to get rid off too
Vivienne Graves: the pillory
Alexandra Rucker: Lufpleh, that also mute ambient noise, too
Vivienne Graves: put in stocks
Benja Kepler: and creaky doors
Saijanai Kuhn: the one where eeryone stops and only their hair moves
Tateru Nino: Things like wind noises, repetitive ticks and drips, or white noise/water sounds just drive me spare. Totally mess with my ability to focus.
Patchouli Woollahra: out of chairs?
Torley Linden: Alexandra: what's the difference between muting voice and disabling voice chat for you?
Grizzy Griswold: Instead of suspending an account possibly make a special avatar or outfit that they have to wear for a certian number of hours before they can use a different avatar.
Benja Kepler: put them in the stocks!
Tinsel Silvera: i like that idea
Grizzy Griswold: Make sure all the residents know that's an avatar to that you wear if you get in trouble for harassing someone...
Patchouli Woollahra: there's very little way to enforce avatar clothing choices.
Torley Linden: Tateru: i have to apologize then that i have some of those playing here but my original intent was to have some ambient soundscapes but with random elements (like the piano riffs)
Alexandra Rucker: will there be a way to disable voice chat?
Tinsel Silvera: like a scarlet letter type of thing
Hazelee Haller: stocks are good
Alexandra Rucker: Because that hasn't been terribly clear
Vivienne Graves: I understand the focus thing...but then I can't selectively filter my auditory input (CAPD)
Torley Linden: Alexandra: yes, we certainly can turn off voice.
Grizzy Griswold: yeah, exactly a scarlet letter type thing..
Saijanai Kuhn: I like the piano riffs and what not
lufpleh Obstreperous: theres a sepersate slider for each of ambient, UI, voice
Tateru Nino: It's okay, Torl. I have a convenient mute button :)
Torley Linden: Alexandra: if you go to the Voice tab and uncheck the right box...
Grizzy Griswold: maybe make them wear an orange prison jumpsuit or something like that.
Torley Linden: hehe Tat
Patchouli Woollahra: There's the way that teen grid users are disallowed the use of underwear choices, but there's theoretically nothing to stop them from getting over it :(
Thalia Tal: :)
Tinsel Silvera: it would be nice if there was a public way of knowing who is doing what so we could protect ourselves
Thalia Tal: someone sit please
Alexandra Rucker: Torley, I'm not running the voice client, I'm runnign Nich's :)
Thalia Tal: lool
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Torley Linden: PRISON? reminds me of that new cartoon pilot, Superjail -- anyone else see it? very wild and evocative humor... not kid-friendly... but crazy like SL...
YAZ Dagger: i tried but sat on you hun :-((((
Lyndsey Forager: hello again - i did crash
Patchouli Woollahra: how do you enforce good behaviour in a world where your mom isn't going to suddenly pop up and say "Son, that disappoints me."
Torley Linden: Alexandra: ahhh well when in the actual Voice client, you can see in Preferences where to shut that down as desired
Torley Linden: welcome back Lyndsey
Tinsel Silvera: lol pat
Tinsel Silvera: this is true
Alexandra Rucker: Ok, as long as that stays, that'll be good :)
Patchouli Woollahra: We had Tateru do that for a while, but frankly? not scalable.
Torley Linden: i'd like to see sculpted corn, broccoli, more complex foodstuffs
Saijanai Kuhn: promotes his favoriate all time kids drawm which happens to be an anime: Hikkaru no Go
Torley Linden: :D
Torley Linden: anyone else see any kewl sculpties lately? any recommendations?
Saijanai Kuhn: kid's drama
Tinsel Silvera: maybe Tat could publish their names in the paper
Torley Linden: Saijanai: i haven't really seen that but i like the singer Hikaru Utada
Saijanai Kuhn: bas reliefs are kool
Patchouli Woollahra: there's a limit to how much detail you can put into a single sculptie.
Vivienne Graves: I've seen some SCARY ones...
Torley Linden: where've been some neat bas reliefs?
Grizzy Griswold: Well, I think the avatar thing would attach a stigmaand at least warn people..
Saijanai Kuhn: by far the best kid's TV drama ever produced
Torley Linden: Vivienne: oh yeah, like what?
Vivienne Graves: (sculpted prim breasts = ick)
Thalia Tal: lmao
Torley Linden: :O
Alexandra Rucker: but I'd still like to be able to mute gesture noises... most newbies can't figure out how to play sounds without a gesture, and that would cut down the 'i'm just testing" 20-in-a-row 'cause they're bored spam
Patchouli Woollahra: well, I found someone rezzing a 15-prim human shape in Luna Oaks.
Tinsel Silvera: there are some over in one of the caledon sims in a park
Kamael Xevious: Right, Patchouli. An ear of corn isn't really doable with the current LOD on a sculptie.
Thalia Tal: that is not eatable
Patchouli Woollahra: very realistic... aybe too realistic ^^;
Thalia Tal: well for some
Kamael Xevious: Not and have it look good, anyway.
Patchouli Woollahra: but square watermelons are doable!
Patchouli Woollahra: so are cowboy hats!
Grizzy Griswold: I saw someone the other day with prim breasts..
Alexandra Rucker: *twitch*
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Grizzy Griswold: that were about 50 times the size of normal breasts
Hazelee Haller: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: eh, nothing wrong with that.
Saijanai Kuhn: I'm workign on a sign for a friend's erotic poetry bookshop. Anyone want to see it?
Torley Linden: yeah -- i've seen some intereresting multi-prim sculptie combos, like a squirrel
Thalia Tal: I saw a corn field made by a linden
Tinsel Silvera: i have seen other sculptie parts as well
Thalia Tal: very realistic
Saijanai Kuhn: or an ant...
Patchouli Woollahra: Hionimi Engawa is known in SL for having boobs that go to 11.
Torley Linden: i like my new 10-prim sculptie chair lots
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Grizzy Griswold: these breasts were twice the size of the avatar's head.
Tateru Nino: There's quite a large market for those, Grizzy. I've seen whole stores devoted to just those.
YAZ Dagger: wow where was that thalia ?
Alexandra Rucker: I can NOT figure out the attraction for those :P
Tinsel Silvera: that is scary tat
Torley Linden: :O
Thalia Tal: somewhere around here
Patchouli Woollahra: they had that going on with flexiprims as well.
Alexandra Rucker: more than a handful is a waste, I say :P :)
Thalia Tal: think it was pathfinder linden
Lyndsey Forager: no way - lol
Torley Linden: yeah, and there are obviously people who want flexi sculpties :)
Thalia Tal: but unsure
Torley Linden: i WONDER WHY
Hazelee Haller: too bovine
Tateru Nino: It doesn't matter if you can see the attraction or not. Everyone's wired differently.
Patchouli Woollahra: the only trick is to realise that you can't have very big boobs with them.
YAZ Dagger: awesome i love all the places that look so real:-))))
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: Dead or Alive. ahem.
Torley Linden: some kewl sculpties i've seen... boat pillows dolphins (ha ha they make me smile)
Patchouli Woollahra: Someone will come up with a Kasumi avatar when that happens, I'm sure of it.
Vivienne Graves: the dolphins are cool
YAZ Dagger: like the beaches and that
Torley Linden: Patchouli: oh the beach volleyball... ah yes
Vivienne Graves: I've seen those
Tinsel Silvera: the dophins are cool
Tateru Nino: Some people think that the common magazine covergirl is butt ugly and we're all a bit perverted for liking it, as a society.
Torley Linden: i like sculptie dolphins lots =)
Patchouli Woollahra: ... and then do a youtube with a bouncing animation.
Patchouli Woollahra: eh, I can appreciate the human form in general. nothing wrong with that on its own.
Torley Linden: "do a YouTube", ha ha i like the phrasing of that
Alexandra Rucker: lol
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Torley Linden: "a sculptie cow... with working udders!"
Vivienne Graves: de gustibus non disputandum
Patchouli Woollahra: they'll probably do it with the Slow Motion debug flag enabled...
YAZ Dagger: i see a amazing squirrel yesturday at a friends house it looked cute with its own anim
Torley Linden: it's been a long time since i saw a "serious" farm in Second Life
Patchouli Woollahra: and it will be like Bay watch.
Torley Linden: hahaa Patchouli that's one of my faves, great for the...
Patchouli Woollahra: It's hard to have a serious farm in Second Life.
Patchouli Woollahra: the primmage required would be immense.
Torley Linden: for a long time we used to put "Don't hassle the Hoff" in our About credits, that's appropriately been replaced with "Bananas are the new cubes" or something like that.
Patchouli Woollahra: the main issue is that a region, 15k prims, costs US$295 a month to keep up.
Grizzy Griswold: Torley, you should check out the Sistine Chapel in sl..
Torley Linden: Grizzy, Pastrami Linden (of WindLight fame) told me about that, where is that? ooooh Vassar... ah yes...
Torley Linden: thanx
Tinsel Silvera: i read about that the other day grizzy
Torley Linden: Landmarks make it easier for me to keep up with this
Tinsel Silvera: haen't been there yet
Saijanai Kuhn: build entirely with bananas, Grizzy?
Kamael Xevious: And short of selling tickets to see the farm, how do you make a farm pay for itself?
Benja Kepler: worringly, Hasselhoff now advertises my ISP
Torley Linden: Benja: what the heck
Grizzy Griswold: I actually saw Pastrami there yesterday, Torley
Tateru Nino: That's nearly 2cents US per prim.
Patchouli Woollahra: In perspective, the Second Life version of Sector 7 uses 14k prims.
Torley Linden: Grizzy: was he dressed as Kirby?
Grizzy Griswold: yep
Torley Linden: Kam: yes, that's a very good point, unless, say, it was a farm college or something using it for educational purposes ;)
Torley Linden: i like the Sector 7 MEGATRON
Benja Kepler: I just like the ISP to work - no gimmicks
Alexandra Rucker: Pastrami... damn, now I want some :P
Patchouli Woollahra: agreed.
Vivienne Graves: well, there's the question of whether you expect it to pay for itself
Patchouli Woollahra: BTW, my shop is online already.
Vivienne Graves: I can see someone having an installation like that just for its own sake
Torley Linden: altho for some reason Hugo Weaving, they made him sound like a more mechanized Frank Welker in the Transformers movie clips i saw...
Kamael Xevious: Torley, convincing a Dean to pay 195 a month for a farm is NOT going to be as easy as you might think.
Vivienne Graves: if they could afford to write off the expense
Kamael Xevious: It'd be damned near impossible, actually.
Torley Linden: Vivienne: yeah, i like seeing if someone fanciful and wild would even craft individual animals and a barn kit prefab to sell... i've seen a few barns...
Patchouli Woollahra: it's still a bit short on buyable stuff, but I suppose this is what happens when I put three days of work into one item.
Chase Marellan: What's this talk I hear about people hosting their own sims?
Torley Linden: Kam: hmmm well i'm really going out on a limb here, but if they set it up as a training workshop of some sort (?) much as current college presences in SL...
Patchouli Woollahra: pishtalk.
Torley Linden: but only, more animals
Torley Linden: Chase: not realistically for a long time until we open source the servers :)
Patchouli Woollahra: currently one of the major issues that SL as a server has is the overuse of proprietary libraries.
Chase Marellan: Ah.
Grizzy Griswold: I have to say that the last couple of weeks have had the best performance I've ever had in sl..
Patchouli Woollahra: Kakadu for JPEG2000, Havok for physics, that renderer LL commissioned originally for SL...
Chase Marellan: Too bad, I was pretty excited by that one. :)
Patchouli Woollahra: FMOD.
Grizzy Griswold: though that was coming right off of some of the worst performance
Tinsel Silvera: mine has been much better since the restart
Patchouli Woollahra: we're one subversion behind, even with the latest patch.
Tateru Nino: Voice, too.
Patchouli Woollahra: vivox.
Patchouli Woollahra: but to be fair, it's a bit hard to expect anyone to come up with a opensource voip server.
Kamael Xevious: Torley, I think we need to talk sometime about how a course in SL is offered at the college level. If you want university support, it's not merely a matter of saying "let's do this" There has to be published research, for example, that shows an advantage to the virtual environment over the classroom. If that info doesn't exist in agriculture, you either need to argue for actually doing and funding such a study, or wait until someone does.
Patchouli Woollahra: in short, LL educational support still has a place even in this day and age.
Torley Linden: Kam: thanks for your thoughts on that!
Patchouli Woollahra: even though, realistically, a lot of the Lindens originally handling it seem to be doing other things now.
Chase Marellan: There's a ton of research on virtual education.
Patchouli Woollahra: Like opening offices in Boston.
Torley Linden: i have seen some pretty wild stuff in SL i found out was actually funded
Kamael Xevious: My classes in SL, for example, have to be funded out of MY pocket because there is no evidence to even suggest that teaching English in SL isn't actually a detriment to a student's education.
Torley Linden: some of these art museums, for example...
Patchouli Woollahra: It's been agreed that visualising stuff really goes especially well with the latest youth generation.
Torley Linden: Kam: that sounds very frustrating :\
Patchouli Woollahra: Kamael: that's stupid.
Patchouli Woollahra: claim it out of your taxes.
Patchouli Woollahra: professional expenses.
Kamael Xevious: I do.
Torley Linden: online education is still very scary and nonsensical to some people
Patchouli Woollahra: Agreed.
Torley Linden: e.g., "what benefits do we get out of a virtual space?!"
Kamael Xevious: As for visualizing things, how do you visualize an abstraction of an abstraction?
Patchouli Woollahra: there's stil a certain stigma to being taught with a chalkboard that doesn't use chalk, a chair that isn't there, and a teacher in Vietnam who happens to know his work.
Kamael Xevious: How do you visualize the definition of a noun, for example?
Tinsel Silvera: but yet this could be a classroom right here
Torley Linden: that almost sounds like it's bordering on some bizarre Sesame Street-esque fantasy
Benja Kepler: that Virtual Rome project - - is that going to be in SL?
Patchouli Woollahra: sometimes it helps to have things around.
Saijanai Kuhn: language education should be a no-brainer for virtual realities
Tinsel Silvera: and we could be getting credit for what torley teaches today
Grizzy Griswold: For me the whole benefit of virtual space is doing things that are imposible/impractical in rl.
Torley Linden: *checks out virtual Rome*
Tateru Nino: Got to deal with a griefer. Pardon.
Patchouli Woollahra: "This is an apple. apple is a noun."
Torley Linden: ooh Tinsel very nice =)
Tinsel Silvera: sorry tat
Patchouli Woollahra: voice will be good for education.
Tinsel Silvera: hope it works out
Grizzy Griswold: I can't afford to go to the real Sistine Chapel but I got to go tto the sl one yesterday.
Grizzy Griswold: for example
Patchouli Woollahra: oral education for IETL and TOEFL will get a kick.
Grizzy Griswold: I also rode on a dragon yesterday...
Tinsel Silvera: it is really that simple if people get past the virtual part
Torley Linden: hearing the Sistine Chapel makes me think of, for example, the Virtual Louvre on the early World Wide Web
Patchouli Woollahra: we have some Elizabethian villages in SL.
Kamael Xevious: That's an example of a noun, Patchouli, not a definition.
Torley Linden: Patchouli: what are some examples of those?
Saijanai Kuhn: there are foreign language communities for many languages in SL, Spanish, French, Swedish, Japanese, English...
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Vivienne Graves: but a representational abstraction of RL objectsd people are familiar with still serves the same purpose...this is a REPRESENTATION of an apple, but you still see an apple even if you can't touch or smell ot taste it...
Grizzy Griswold: I also like the fact that I can meet types of people that I wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to
Patchouli Woollahra: I'm not sure, but we did have a replica of the Globe playhouse.
Torley Linden: and oh don't forget that we recently added the option to the Second Life installer to choose a language before it installs... :) more languages to be added in the future...
Tinsel Silvera: i agree grizzy
Patchouli Woollahra: good.
Patchouli Woollahra: Although I think whoever wrote the Chinese UI wasn't exactly on a good day.
Alexandra Rucker: now if the client could h ave a universal translator built in... *grins*
Benja Kepler: perhaps better suited would be things you can't see or touch like quantum physics demos
Patchouli Woollahra has tried to read it, but frankly? disaster.
Tinsel Silvera: that would be so nice
Saijanai Kuhn: being able to type "???" rocks
Torley Linden: Patchouli, i don't know who did it... we should improve that, since you brought it up
Patchouli Woollahra rezzes a box with a cat and poison in it.
Tinsel Silvera: i have someone in my friends list right now that speaks no english
Patchouli Woollahra: I offered, but got turned down.
Tinsel Silvera: communicating is dificult
Torley Linden: Alexandra: hehe that term always makes me think of Star Trek
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: I don't know how to write patches for a specific aspect of the client :(
Alexandra Rucker: Star Trek is pretty popular, and the analogy works :)
Torley Linden: i love a lot of the very beneficial messages from Star Trek...
Patchouli Woollahra: Oh yes... Data Linden has a star trek office.
Torley Linden: ah yes, Data = of course he's a big Trek fan
Patchouli Woollahra: I once had a TP accident in it.
Benja Kepler: is there a Lore Linden?
Tinsel Silvera: he is a nice guy
Alexandra Rucker: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: I'm still recovering from it.
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Neo Rebus, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Neo Rebus, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: hahahahah Benja i did used to tease him about that.
Patchouli Woollahra occasionally feels gelatinous in Second Life.
Torley Linden: i would like a Horta avatar...
Torley Linden: i guess i could get closer with sculpties now.
Tinsel Silvera: horta?
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley needs more prims.
Torley Linden: Horta is a silicon-based lifeform...
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Torley Linden:
Saijanai Kuhn: that eats rocks
Torley Linden: looks very organic and kinda like a pile of rocks in itself
Tinsel Silvera: hello neo
Neo Rebus: Heya
Benja Kepler: (and an island in the Azores)
Torley Linden: hiya Neo!
Torley Linden: ooh
Tinsel Silvera: how are you?
Patchouli Woollahra: wewt wewt!
Torley Linden: so many ways we can take words. it's scintillating.
Neo Rebus: i'm okay :)
Patchouli Woollahra: just want to check, my dress is reasonably okay right?
Tinsel Silvera: glad to hear that
Torley Linden: AFAIK Patchouli yes, and i like the hat
Tinsel Silvera: you look fine pat
Grizzy Griswold: I like that dress, Patchouli.
Torley Linden: ha ha that's a great hat and ears
Patchouli Woollahra: hehe... thanks.
Torley Linden: Patch what species are you meant to be?
Patchouli Woollahra wasted three days researching and sketching this design out.
Patchouli Woollahra: Well... I'm my own special breed.
Hazelee Haller: love the hair
Torley Linden: oooooh
Patchouli Woollahra: this is a bit from my original avatar.
Tinsel Silvera: so i have heard {:o)
Torley Linden: i like looking in a circle here and seeing each of your avatars
Patchouli Woollahra: zomg, Torley, is that some watermelon?
Torley Linden: how we express ourselves. today we are pretty much humanoid; sometimes in Linden meetings we have themes, not formally but because it's fun -- i was a dragon the other day
Torley Linden: yeah, this watermelon keeps going on. very enduring.
Tinsel Silvera: hey neo - you are a steampunker
Saijanai Kuhn: someone walked by with a cell-shaded minimalist avatar the other day was quite kool
Torley Linden: steampunk -- there's a lot of cool grit and room for textures
Leia & Lime Soda whispers: To The Empire!
Grizzy Griswold: Torley I have lots of clothing/avatar related themes at my club.
Torley Linden: oooh Saijanai do you remember who it was?
Neo Rebus: i'm in the babbage kids group, but i don' do a lot in it
Torley Linden: Grizzy: that's great, dressup/costumes is one of the early joys i remember in Second Life
Tinsel Silvera: babbage area is awesome with its textures
Vivienne Graves: New Babbage is probably the best steampunk sim I've seen
Neo Rebus: but i had fun makin' a street urchin outfit :)
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Tinsel Silvera: i live in babbage neo
watermelon_zerihaf whispers: Congratulations & Best Wishes
Saijanai Kuhn: not off the top of my head. Tuaght some of us the cell-shading technique. He was spheres for his head and body, hands and feet, and stick figure everywhere else
Grizzy Griswold: there's a pic of me from last night. (:
Torley Linden: i used to attend ~*~ WIN L$500 FOR BEST COSTUME ~*~ events
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: *looks*
Tateru Nino: Sorry about that. Some newbies apparently being paid to rez tip-jars in assorted public places.
Laetizia Coronet shouts: Test... does my shout reach you in Grasmere? I fear there is a problem between the server of Grasmere and my ISP... again
Tinsel Silvera: welcome back tat
Patchouli Woollahra: it's a bit late for that now isn't it, Torley? Somdays I do wonder how much of the recent rework of LL systems is efficiency and how much of it is distancing yourselves from us.
Neo Rebus: there's not enough real contests any more. all the "contests" you can find in search are stupid ads.
Saijanai Kuhn: and he had about 5 wisps of flexy hair coming striaght out of his head. I think its a classic cartoon character in the alternate cartoons, but can't place it
Torley Linden: Patch: i don't use the Events calendar now, i find it too messy.
Grizzy Griswold: I have contests on occasion but not very often.
Patchouli Woollahra: response times to some recent major events in the sandboxes and public prelude islands heartened griefers.
Vivienne Graves: Mister Natural
Vivienne Graves: Robert Crumb
Saijanai Kuhn: no face
Torley Linden: that seems to be a common sentiment... and i see people form their own organic systems without using the Linden ones
Tinsel Silvera: i can't never get the events calendar to work right
Tateru Nino: Actually the search for events is crippled now anyway, Torl.
Grizzy Griswold: I try to use my tips that I make to go towards the expenses of running the club..
Patchouli Woollahra: I blame the idiots who put ads into the wrong spot.
Torley Linden: Tat: oh that sux, how's it crippled?
Saijanai Kuhn: almost a R. Crumb character but not quite
Grizzy Griswold: and right now the attendance isn't big enough for me to have much left over
Grizzy Griswold: but it is growing
Torley Linden: Patch: sadly we had so many ads and spam..
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Torley Linden: Grizzy that's a fun habit
Tateru Nino: It only searches based on prefix strings. That is it only matches events whose names start EXACTLY with the string you provide.
Grizzy Griswold: I gave it to my friend that's a rl nun when I took it off
Torley Linden: habit, as in nun's habit
Kamael Xevious: Right, Torley, but unfortunately, advertising is still out of reach for a resident solution. No resident has access to the global population the way LL does.
You shout: Laetizia: I CAN HEAR YOU
Patchouli Woollahra: agreed. I've been offering to help out with that... which I got turned down on s you know.
Alexandra Rucker: Harry Linden said they were cleaning it up, but the same spammage is in there, day after day...
Tinsel Silvera: so there is no variance tat?
Kamael Xevious: And advertising solutions are sorely needed.
Tinsel Silvera: must be exact?
Tateru Nino: Searching for "beach" will match "beach party", but searching for "party" will not.
Laetizia Coronet shouts: TOrley I can't reach you or see you! lol
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Vivienne Graves: I've encountered that problem
Tinsel Silvera: no wonder i can't find things
Patchouli Woollahra: Second Life Insider and New World Notes have a pretty close to global reach for Second Life residents who are serious about their world.
Vivienne Graves: it makes a search for events almost useless
Tateru Nino: It's been around so long, I'd forgotten mostly.
Tinsel Silvera: i'm looking bass ackwards!
Torley Linden: Kam: yeah -- but i also think, okay... say an event was to "book the house full", even on a dedicated island, 50 or so avatars would be a healthy number... it's not audaciously hard to get that many if you promote elsewhere.
Patchouli Woollahra: the Second lLife herald, and SLEx/SLB.
Vivienne Graves: if there were a way to do a keyword search, like there is with places
You shout: Laetizia: HA!
Alexandra Rucker: YES
Torley Linden: Tat: harsh, thanks for the details :\
Patchouli Woollahra: keyword search in SL is a disaster.
Alexandra Rucker: Events *NEED* a keyword search capability, not a prefix search
Tateru Nino: Or search for events by location.
Benja Kepler: I'm off - bye Torley - have a good one
Tateru Nino: Sorry. Didn't mean to seem harsh.
Patchouli Woollahra: I see too many place listings that are nothing but keywords strung together.
Laetizia Coronet shouts: Hey YOU'RE a Linden so it's YOUR problem! HA!!!!! :P
Torley Linden: yeah, better search, we've got internal prototypes of ways to improve that...
Kamael Xevious: location searches would be wonderful.
You shout: Laetizia: :p
Torley Linden: take care Benja!
Tateru Nino: As far as I was told it was intentionally done.
YAZ Dagger: i have to go but have loved the comments :-)))
Torley Linden: thanks for visiting
Kamael Xevious: But honestly? Dump the whole search function thing and go to a Yellow Pages book system....
Torley Linden: take care YAZ
Patchouli Woollahra: allowing groups to post events rather than merely residents might be a good leap forward.
YAZ Dagger: take care all
Tinsel Silvera: see ya yaz
Laetizia Coronet shouts: Have a nice day... I'll JIRA it
Patchouli Woollahra: thesedays I attend a lot of events that are run by entire groups rather than single hosts.
Torley Linden: we do know that it's gotten to the point where we can't just patch in some of this added functionality, a new system must be done...
You shout: thanks Laetizia feel free to let me know the # when you have
Laetizia Coronet shouts: okies
Patchouli Woollahra: time to pull the house down and start over.
Tateru Nino: Pardon me. Griefer. Must go deal.
Kamael Xevious: Yep.
Kamael Xevious: SL 2.0
Torley Linden: i go casually by what works for me, and for cool new places, i usually read Resident blogs or hear about it via word-of-mouth
Saijanai Kuhn gets more flames for this idea:
Patchouli Woollahra: not really... we'll still need to keep some of the old stuff for a while.
Tinsel Silvera: i read a lot of blogs
Torley Linden: i don't try using the inworld Search a lot, because it often doesn't turn up desired responses
Patchouli Woollahra: people still want to wear their cool stuff.
Torley Linden: i also like to blog photostreams and click through to SLURLs
Grizzy Griswold: So Torley how soon until SL becomes like the holodeck?
Kamael Xevious: That's great, Torley. But not all of us have time for that.
Torley Linden: hehe Saijanai, encouraging discussion -- good you are so enthusiastic
Patchouli Woollahra: when qDot Linden creates the teledildonic?
Torley Linden: Kam: exactly, and i want to see more time saved too --
Torley Linden: i've been giving my own suggestions on future SL search stuff. i need a lot more time saved
Alexandra Rucker: I'd like to point google at SL search *grins* except I can't *sad face*
Saijanai Kuhn: check out the last comment
Torley Linden: i have a lot less time to relax than i once did, so it's become a necessity...
Patchouli Woollahra: oh sure... let's use Google to search SL!
Patchouli Woollahra: that's a thought... if you ignore that its design is optimised for the way webpages are served, not people.
Vivienne Graves: Web functionality integrated in SL would be a great thing
Tinsel Silvera: i agree
Patchouli Woollahra: agreed.
Torley Linden: Saijanai, BTW, that issue isn't really actionable by itself.... the summary should be more descriptive =)
Chase Marellan: You know, using google wouldn't be that crazy.
Torley Linden: hehe using Google to search SL eh? ;)
Patchouli Woollahra: uBrowser attelpts to introduce HTML/Flash on a prim.
Patchouli Woollahra: but it'll take time.
Torley Linden: we all know how quick Google is
Kamael Xevious: I'd prefer something more accurate like Lycos, but the idea isn't a bad one. A grid crawling spider to keep it updated... web-based search that allows you to search for AnYTHING, not just what SL says you can search for... would be lovely.
Vivienne Graves: I've seen HTML on a prim
Tinsel Silvera: yes
Alexandra Rucker: it can't be any worse set of results than what I get NOW :)
Patchouli Woollahra laments the passing of the cross-eyed bug issue.
Vivienne Graves: the only problem is that each page is served to an intermediary server
Chase Marellan: Right, then pull results into SL using web services.
Patchouli Woollahra: I liked it. it had its comedic moments.
Vivienne Graves: and you have to pay 10L upload for each page as a texture
Alexandra Rucker: *blinks* There was a cross-eyed bug? I never noticed :)
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: is there no way to patch it as being an optional thing?
Torley Linden: it's great to hear some of this brought up, it's very similar to what we were thinking internally
Kamael Xevious: Yeah, it had its moments, Alexandra.
Hazelee Haller: too busy noticing cross-eyed people
Torley Linden: hahaha cross-eyed bug, some of our annoyingest bugs do the zaniest things
Torley Linden: i was like "WTH"!
Grizzy Griswold: the crosseyed bug is kinda fun.
Torley Linden: reminds me of those YouTube videos with contortionists...
Chase Marellan: I think I prefer the cross-eyed bug to the "head literally in my butt" bug from yesterday.
Grizzy Griswold: My friend has her crosseyed as her profile pic.
Tinsel Silvera: i landed with my hair attached to my leg yesterday
Patchouli Woollahra: there was the issue that went 'lodge my head up my ass'.
Grizzy Griswold: I've had the head in butt bug
Hazelee Haller: or the head that turns around backwards like Linda Blair
Alexandra Rucker: I'll take crosseyed over prims-up-the-butt any day :)
Torley Linden: Chase: oh yeah, that "head in arse" one -- wait, you had that yesterday?
Alexandra Rucker: considering I didn't noticed the former :)
Kamael Xevious: I miss the default gray texture. LOVED my "missing image" avatar. Used to put that on and hang around in Ahern.
Grizzy Griswold: and I ge tthe prims up the butt about 3 times a day
Patchouli Woollahra: "I'm sure it must be necessary in some cases, but I'm lost as to what."
Vivienne Graves: I call that 'prim buggery'
Torley Linden: ewwww Vivienne
Torley Linden: EWWWW!
Torley Linden: NOT GOING THERE
Hazelee Haller: lol
Tinsel Silvera: is that just linden humour at our expense?
Patchouli Woollahra: Oh, there's that.
Chase Marellan: I thought it was pretty funny.
Torley Linden: "head in arse" should be fixed but i've heard stray reports -- one fix for it was checked in but if you have more info,
Patchouli Woollahra has asuffered some unwanted churn in Second Life a few days back.
Chase Marellan: I kept trying to show my wife but every time she looked over, it had stopped.
Torley Linden: gotta love that subject line: "Inexplicable folding of Avatars such that they are walking around with their heads up their arses"
Kamael Xevious: Yeah, that was a fun one too.
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Hazelee Haller: lol
Tinsel Silvera: torley
Patchouli Woollahra: This ruthing thing is frightening away some newbies.
Tinsel Silvera: lmao
Torley Linden: that summary conveys astonishment amazingly well
Tinsel Silvera: i hate the ruth thing most of all
Tinsel Silvera: probably because i am a guy
Grizzy Griswold: yeah
Torley Linden: agree, ruthing aka "I TURNED INTO A REALLY UGLY WOMAN WITH A MULLET"
Vivienne Graves: 'help! I look like an ugly short woman with bad hair!'
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: it's like Ordinal mlaprop at the worst possible time.
Hazelee Haller: hate that ruthing thing -- comes at worst possible times
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Torley Linden: hahahaha Vivienne
Grizzy Griswold: can you at least make Ruth have a better hairstyle?
Patchouli Woollahra: no can do.
Tinsel Silvera: torley - was there really a ruth at one time?
Torley Linden: Patchouli: oh that is SO WRONG, SO WRONG!!!!
Patchouli Woollahra: Ruth's hairdo is an expression of Second Life!
Alexandra Rucker: Oh gods yes, "ruth" definitely needs better hair!
Torley Linden: Tinsel: i don't know how the name came to be but it was a prototype avatar and, my understanding is it *can* be changed but no one's done it yet...
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Patchouli Woollahra: Business in front... PARTY AT THE BACK!
Torley Linden: Benjamin Linden and i were thinking about a more neutral form
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Tateru Nino, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Tinsel Silvera: i heard she was the original for all of us
Torley Linden: like something more akin to a mannequin, or art doll...
Tateru Nino: And back. It was on your land, Patchi.
Tinsel Silvera: like our grandmother or something
Chase Marellan: Torley -- I was just going to request that.
Torley Linden: Tinsel: scary what our ancestors are like eh?
Patchouli Woollahra: O_O
Hazelee Haller: but ll those muscles!
Patchouli Woollahra groands.
Kamael Xevious: Hey, we all start as female in RL, why not in SL?
Chase Marellan: Anything without breasts.
Tinsel Silvera: yes
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Neo Rebus: in the beginning, God created Ruth.
Alexandra Rucker: lol
Torley Linden: yeah we do have an internal project called "Avatar identity is sacred"
Tateru Nino: Whole lot of C4.
Patchouli Woollahra: Wht is WRONG with this world when my good intentions are abused!
Hazelee Haller: and Ruth haunts us all forever
Torley Linden: that was proposed by Ventrella Linden aka
Patchouli Woollahra sighs.
Tinsel Silvera: explain more on that torley
Torley Linden: sure -- well Ventrella was very disturbed seeing Ruth...
Torley Linden: and he said that we should never log in looking so ugly...
Torley Linden: let alone being stuck in that form
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Hazelee Haller: lol
Hazelee Haller: as if we have a choice
Tinsel Silvera: isn't it simply caused by one server losing your info when handing you off to another?
Tateru Nino: It's a one bit change to the data protocol packets ;)
Tinsel Silvera: so you are replaced with ruth?
Kamael Xevious: How about a default shape as a glowing, flying question mark?
Patchouli Woollahra: you know, if we're going to allow doll avatars, I think now would be a good tim to look at some of the discrimination that others are forcing on people with tinier avatars.
Torley Linden: Tat: yeah, simple things like that, i would really hope they get done
Tinsel Silvera: oooh i like that kamael
Hazelee Haller: question mark would be better than ruth
Torley Linden: Tinsel: yes, it's a generic "cookie cutter" not unlike a "MISSING IMAGE"
Patchouli Woollahra: Actually, PRIMITAR!
Tinsel Silvera: tat you come and go more than a cat {:o)
Tinsel Silvera: everything okay?
Tateru Nino: Sorry. My time is rarely my own.
Chase Marellan: I'd happily go with Primitar
Torley Linden: it's so funny, yet awful to hear Ruth being described...
Torley Linden: "For a long time after first logging in, I had boobs and a beard. My body type was gone. And instead of a bald head, I had a boofy haircut that is a cross between Barry Manilow and Wolfman Jack. "
Torley Linden: ^ that's how Ventrella said it...
Tinsel Silvera: that is scary torley
Chase Marellan: hahahahahahah
Patchouli Woollahra: some people are so greedy.
Kamael Xevious: heh
Grizzy Griswold: You will always get crap for your avatar from someone unless you are a human that is a reasonable aproximation of what you are in rl.
Hazelee Haller: I go to a business meeting, trying to impress, and walk in ruthed!
Patchouli Woollahra: she should be happy she didn't have something like a Frank Purdue-upholstered alien lifeform stuck on.
Kamael Xevious: I must say, AVs are MUCH better looking today than they were 3 years ago.
Patchouli Woollahra: agreed.
Torley Linden: people can choose to large extents (and their abilities to customize) what they want to be in here
Patchouli Woollahra: you look at 2003 Eggy Lippmann and 2006 Eggy... there's a bit of difference.
Tinsel Silvera: i have seen some of the earlier prototypes
Patchouli Woollahra: also: Hamlet on his first day at work in SL, and Hamlet these days.
Torley Linden: i love that freedom of Second Life, it's like "oh i can be a lady, or a hedgehog, or an ice-breathing dragon, or maybe even a shambling mound of jello! ooooh!"
Torley Linden: Patchouli: i also have the classic Eggy egg avatar!
Patchouli Woollahra: Hamlet Linden on day1 looked like a reject from a Sai Baba commune.
Kamael Xevious: Or me in 2003 (Keanu Reeves after a week of no sleep) and me now.
Torley Linden: i haven't seen Hamlet's most recent avatar form but he was my original referrer to Second Life
Vivienne Graves: An improved avatar mesh would be a good thing, also...the Poser 2 model base is...well, rather outdated
Tateru Nino: I've got my own before and after photos on the history wiki.
Torley Linden: HAHAHAAH "reject from a Sai Baba commune", these are great
Kamael Xevious: Never could get rid of the bags under those eyes.
Saijanai Kuhn: I still can't find a decent SL beard. Sometimes I use my own
Patchouli Woollahra: Poser 2 mesh is getting a bit old, that much is agreed.
Torley Linden: Vivienne: yeah, there are some major parts of the architecture which could stand a refresh
Grizzy Griswold: I have only been in sl a year and I look back at my avatar during the first 5 months or so and realize how much better I look now.
Torley Linden: anyone else notice that the default duck-waddle walk actually looks somewhat sensible when you use the Slow Motion Animations option?
Torley Linden: my avatar has gone through a lot of changes, with common themes
Alexandra Rucker: slow what?
Alexandra Rucker: there's a slow mo option?
Saijanai Kuhn: its a bit tricky though, to get it right
My head: sez: its a bit tricky though, to get it right
Torley Linden: Client menu > Character > Slow Motion Animations
Vivienne Graves: Of course there would be an outcry with a new mesh...because skins, clothing, prim attachments, etc would have to be replaced
Patchouli Woollahra: they've been working on second life since 1999, it stands to reason that some parts of it might be less fresh than others.
Alexandra Rucker: Great, stuck somewhere I never look :P
Patchouli Woollahra: Cry me a river and build me a new dress.
Torley Linden: Vivienne: yeah, unless there was some way to "retain" the old way and let people transition at-will to the new way... that always involves a question of carry-over baggage
Tateru Nino: A lot of folks tell me that the default walk is there because they feel nobody cares enough to fix it.
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Neo Rebus: i'd love to see a brand new SL come out, I just don't think linden labs is the one that's going to do it. they'd lose all their current user base if they stopped doing development here.
Patchouli Woollahra wants continuous torso UVs on the new avatars. really.
Tinsel Silvera: i wish they would fix the default walk
Torley Linden: Tateru: it's strange how artifacts placed at a certain point in the timeline continue to last with us for ages, eh?
Patchouli Woollahra: I'm getting sick of painting across and then suffering a disjoint.
Grizzy Griswold: I especially hae the default groundsit.
Torley Linden: i suppose that is why, to a great extent, informed design decisions, e.g., getting it done right the first time -- or as close as can be for that time period -- is so fundamental
Patchouli Woollahra: we still have a llHippo library in the open source. imagine that.
Grizzy Griswold: because if you are wearing a dress...
Tateru Nino: it's organic. A branch goes one way, and for a long time people keep ducking it to get past.
Torley Linden: Tat: that's a good analogy. who'll grow new trees!?
Alexandra Rucker: yea, one of my friends had the hippo bug resurface two nights ago
Hazelee Haller: these default problems are not at the top of list because of more pressing things.
Tinsel Silvera: cool shirt kamael
Patchouli Woollahra: we never really had wrinkes on clothes implemented, right?
Kamael Xevious: thanks.
Saijanai Kuhn: he Het Grid COULD enable a radically new SL 2.0, but look at the flames I get. IMagine if LL actually announced it...
Torley Linden: i'm familiar with many of the common request too, e.g., for arm textures to be asymmetrical so you can have a tattoo on just ONE arm
Patchouli Woollahra: too bad.
Tateru Nino: Every software project periodically gets thrown away and redesigned. Then the new one grows organically to meet new needs, until it too has to be discarded.
Tinsel Silvera: my wrinkles never look like wrinkles
Patchouli Woollahra: Some of us want to live on the bleeding edge.
Torley Linden: Saijanai: well it'll be interesting to see, with new features only enabled on some regions initially, what will happen in regards t othat.
Hazelee Haller: who wants wrinkes in a dress, or in a face?
Torley Linden: and how that will affect where people go
Patchouli Woollahra: Some of us do, Hazelee.
Saijanai Kuhn: the technical details are relatively trivial compared to the customer relations details.
Neo Rebus: i want wrinkled clothes!
Hazelee Haller: Then you acan have mine. :)
Patchouli Woollahra: notice the number of clothes in SL that actually HAVE wrinkles painted in.
Saijanai Kuhn: The response to the CR questions was along the lines of "And then a miracle happens"
Torley Linden: and by the way...
Chase Marellan: Thsi jacket, for instance
Patchouli Woollahra: Go on, Torley.
Kamael Xevious: Wrinkles would fundamentally alter the clothing market.
Torley Linden: everyone here knows that the Appearance editor's Wrinkles sliders don't work and have been broken a long time, yes?
Kamael Xevious: Right.
Tinsel Silvera: yes
Vivienne Graves: yes...'face detail' does somethign close though
Patchouli Woollahra: we had a tribute to you on HIP a few days back by some guy Guiseppe Gunther
Tinsel Silvera: why not just take it out
Alexandra Rucker: there's a wrinkles slider?
Saijanai Kuhn: I thought it was my belly was to fat to allow wrinkles...
Torley Linden: that's a sad thing i asked several times to be removed... i know it comes up every now and t hen.
Kamael Xevious: In fact, I don't even remember when they DID work.
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: he spammed the island with Torley-colored Spam pattern sprites.
Neo Rebus: The wrinkle slider used to have an effect, just not a pleasant one, if I remember right.
Kamael Xevious: Like May 2004, I seem to vaguely remember thinking "That's cool." But since then?
Torley Linden: Tinsel: right now what's happening with such frustrations is, we're getting more of a Resident Experience team together, bucketing stuff in categories, and asking teams of devs to take them on in batches
Torley Linden: so i suppose that Wrinkles one would go into avatar tweaks
Patchouli Woollahra: and I've been asking to join them.
Tinsel Silvera: ah
Saijanai Kuhn wants pet animated avatars
Torley Linden: e.g., if you look at recent release notes, you may see themes of fixes
Kamael Xevious: avatar skeletons.
Saijanai Kuhn: with six legs and attena
Saijanai Kuhn: antennae
Torley Linden: we've been on a big road of "hey, Open Source contributor, you patched an issue? thanks, let's get it in ASAP, it would be heinous of us if we didn't thank you and apply this fix..."
Saijanai Kuhn: something
Torley Linden: and some longterm concerns have been addressed because of that...
Torley Linden: such as the ol' debit permissions confusion...
Tinsel Silvera: i can understand that
Torley Linden: aka "i clicked a box and it took all my L$" one
Alexandra Rucker: I *love* the new debit perms window :)
Torley Linden: i am glad you do Alexandra!
Patchouli Woollahra: I haven't seen that one yet, actually.
Torley Linden: bright yellow!
Torley Linden:
Torley Linden: ^ background info
Patchouli Woollahra: I must reset my vendors soon.
Torley Linden: that was a pain for so long...
Torley Linden: and i'm glad it got done at last... there's always something going on but i always enjoy when quick things get done fast...
Torley Linden: we've had several new devs too eager to hop on those fixes
Torley Linden: coming soon, that dang "The system is logging you out..." bug should be resolved too
Patchouli Woollahra: No offense, Torley, but sometimes the Love Machine that LL uses doesn't encourage certain behaviours amongst Lindens... :(
Torley Linden: that one where, if you logout, then try to log back in, and you get BLOCKED arghhh
Torley Linden: Patch: how do you mean?
Torley Linden: please tell me more =)
Kamael Xevious: Is there a resident experience group for architecture? Cos I'd join that one in a heartbeat.
Saijanai Kuhn: heh. I get kicked off and get that one
Patchouli Woollahra: glitzy projects getmore of the love rather than dreary fixes by the nature of how it works.
Torley Linden: Kam: architecture, how so?
Torley Linden: Patch: ahh where did you hear that? :O
Kamael Xevious: The build engine needs updating, Torley.
Tinsel Silvera: you are not waiting long enough before signing back on
Patchouli Woollahra: oh lookies, flexie. oh lookies, sculpty!
Kamael Xevious: Even with Sculpties,t here are still shapes we need that we don't have.
Tinsel Silvera: i read in the blogs you have to wait a certain amount of time and then sign back on
Patchouli Woollahra: And in the meantime... we're still crashing into the ground during sim crossovers.
Torley Linden: Patch: i do know our Ops Team, that does a lot of the essential infrastructure caretaking, they get lots of love, as does the GridMonkey, whoever's on
Torley Linden: i have seen love for a lot of office administrative tasks too, day-to-day stuff that is needed to keep us running
Patchouli Woollahra: I really hope so. there's very little way for anyone outside of the office to peek in most days.
Torley Linden: when i check the Love Machine readout it's a very diverse spread
Tinsel Silvera: from your point of view torley -what can we do to make things better here in SL?
Torley Linden: i agree Patch, i wish more of our "behind the scenes" Lindens would hold Office Hours but some are all too busy fighting fires for most of their workdays...
Patchouli Woollahra: pay them overtime for an hour to log in after office hours for Office Hour? xD
Torley Linden: Kam: ahhh yes, building tools and such -- Qarl is good to talk to about Sculpties since he coded it, but Benjamin Linden has Office Hours where those topics get brought up
Patchouli Woollahra: or draw lots?
Alexandra Rucker: I'd like to see office hours for HARRY :P
Alexandra Rucker: heh
Torley Linden: there is certainly a lot of internal Linden stuff that needs to be communicate better, more
Torley Linden: Alexandra: didja ask him?
Saijanai Kuhn: qrl has his first ofofice horus today at 11
Kamael Xevious: heh, Communications. I could REALLy help you guys there.
Patchouli Woollahra: get the teams together during busy times and draw lots.
Alexandra Rucker: he refuses to answer my IM's and notecards :P
Torley Linden: Patch: well overtime/$$ sometimes isn't the issue, they want to relax and destress... that's been a part of it fo' sho
Alexandra Rucker: so... yes I asked, but no, no word bad
Alexandra Rucker: *back
lufpleh Obstreperous: would help if those that hold hours actuall said where there office was, not just ambleside, put the loc in the calendar or in profile picks
Torley Linden: Tinsel: great question -- i'd recommend, from what i've done and found have worked well... being a teacher, passing on knowledge and sharing it...
Torley Linden: Tinsel: a lot of what i've done has come out of seeing questions go unanswered or time wasted by not having answers more accessible
Neo Rebus: i can't make it to most people's office hours anyway, 'cuz i'm in school all day long and they don't let me play SL there.
Patchouli Woollahra: being a teacher... oy vey, that works well until the student starts spamming LOLcubes.
Tinsel Silvera: i am on the waiting list with Blue and her group for volunteer/mentor
Tinsel Silvera: you seem to be the only Linden who truly spends time in SL
Torley Linden: e.g., my Video Tutorials link list has been viewed near-250,000 times... i originally did that in response to complaints of how hard it was to find such things
Tinsel Silvera: do the others and we just don't know about it
Patchouli Woollahra: actually, Hermia does that a lot too.
Torley Linden: Tinsel: there are more Lindens who're inworld but it isn't publicized. so yes...
Tinsel Silvera: or are you the only one?
Saijanai Kuhn: Soft spends a lot of time in the scripting cgroups
Patchouli Woollahra: Mia regularly wanders the OIs on a regular basis.
Torley Linden: Soft is very engaging! Soft comes from the Open Source community
Torley Linden: great, more examples...
Tinsel Silvera: you are just more public about your visits
Kamael Xevious: Those vidtuts have been one of the best things LL has ever done, Torley. I hoped you got a bonus for those :D
Torley Linden: and lufpleh, Office Hour locations --
Saijanai Kuhn: Soft fixed that sill x-7 bug
Tinsel Silvera: i agree kamael
Torley Linden: i know Lindens have different personal style and individuality which is good because we have so many kinds of Residents... i certainly think there are a lot of my coworkers doing wonderful things that need to be made more visible
Patchouli Woollahra: Robin Linden comes in regularly as well...
Torley Linden: Kam: thanks so much Kam! i'd love to do more in the future
Torley Linden: yes, Robin is my Mentor @ LL, she tries to have regular weekly office hours too...
Patchouli Woollahra: even if more and more of her visits have degenerated into 'The Third Degree with Prokofy Neva'
Tinsel Silvera: it seems like the only time we hear of anyone coming inworld is when their office visit is published in a blog
Patchouli Woollahra: it's atrocious I tell you.
Tinsel Silvera: lol patch
Torley Linden: i know there's some confusion about where to find Office Hours and individual Linden availability so i've been encouraging more Lindens to write at
Kamael Xevious: Yeah, Prok is out of control right now. I think they need to adjust her medication, maybe.
Saijanai Kuhn: the office hours are held regularly for many lindens
Patchouli Woollahra: he hogs the microphone. and people abruptly stop wondering why Torley kicked him off the Blog and Forums.
Saijanai Kuhn: The google calander gives a monthly schedule
Tinsel Silvera: thanks to your blog hud you seem to always be amongst us
Tinsel Silvera: it is nice
Torley Linden: i think Sardonyx Linden (new dev, Open Source extraordinaire) has also wanted to spend more time inworld and share his adventures, if you think that's a good idea send him an IM ;)
Tinsel Silvera: maybe other lindens need to get a blog hud
Patchouli Woollahra: bloghud rox.
Prospero Frobozz: Hello, grey people!
Kamael Xevious: Torley has a bloghud?
Torley Linden: Tinsel: thanks for noticing that, i like sharing my adventures!
Kamael Xevious: GIMME! :D
Torley Linden: hey Prospero!
Saijanai Kuhn:
Alexandra Rucker: LOL
Torley Linden: yup i do Kam
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Tinsel Silvera: i love following your adventures
Tinsel Silvera: there are so many sims now i don't know where to go
Saijanai Kuhn: what's the latest count?
Tinsel Silvera: so your's helps to decide what to check out
Torley Linden: yeah, i love being recommended new places too
Tinsel Silvera: i heard over 10,000
Torley Linden: so by all means Tinsel if you find anything kewl, please send me landmarks... or if you have a stream of your adventures as well
Alexandra Rucker: *boggles*
Saijanai Kuhn: kowai
Tinsel Silvera: you are like a tour guide {:o)
Tinsel Silvera: i will
Alexandra Rucker: torley, you've been to Caledon, right?
Torley Linden: even in this day and age there are few really prolific explorers, comparatively speaking, so i can really appreciate when someone takes the time to share what they've really enjoyed in SL
Tinsel Silvera: i love caledon regions
Torley Linden: i have been to some of the Caledon regions, not all of it... amazing how much it has grown
Patchouli Woollahra hasn't blogged to for ages.
Torley Linden: i like the steampunky victorian classy sorta atmosphere there...
Neo Rebus: i don't explore at all anymore. the world got too big, and too full of petty crap.
Vivienne Graves: Caledon is something like, what 17 sims now?
Alexandra Rucker: I darn near fell off my chair last time I stopped back - it had sprouted like 12 new sims :)
Patchouli Woollahra: Torley: everyone loves Desmond Shang's ideas.
Tinsel Silvera: you need to neo
Torley Linden: i remember when Caledon was 1... then 4... ha!
Patchouli Woollahra: Neo: poor dear.
Torley Linden: Desmond Shang... i once found some of his tulips!
Patchouli Woollahra: Neo: you're missing out on the fun.
Tinsel Silvera: mr. desmond is adding to constantly
Neo Rebus: last time i really went exploring was when the snow sims had just been brought online
Torley Linden: he did an exercise in scarcity... it was very fun
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Kamael Xevious nods.
Torley Linden: Neo: wow, that was somewhat before my time...
Torley Linden: i remember when Waterhead and those adjacent regions got brought up
Patchouli Woollahra: Oh, those sims.
Tinsel Silvera: mr. desmond and mr. shaunathan are really nice people
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Torley Linden: and fast forward to the present and now we have a Linden Village and you guys are here with me
Saijanai Kuhn: I pitched another radical idea yesterday to Benjamin LInden: a client-side portal to peer2peer worlds like Corquet
Saijanai Kuhn: Croquet
Patchouli Woollahra: they're cosnidered a pain by some Residents these days when I speak with them :(
Torley Linden: i sure like nice people in Second Life =o) so many cool tales that have not yet been told.
Tinsel Silvera: lol
Patchouli Woollahra: all that cloud and fog makes it impossible for some to live in.
Tinsel Silvera: i think it is the circumstance you are in with them
Patchouli Woollahra: hopefully Windlight will fix it.
Saijanai Kuhn:
Torley Linden: i used to joke about SL avatars going into World of Warcraft and saying hi -- but more generally speaking, open protocols in the future have some intriguing possibilities...
Patchouli Woollahra: Croquet works in a closed loop...
Torley Linden: yes, WindLight has done away with those old classic clouds -- they are an OPTION if you still want them, tho...
Prospero Frobozz: Heh. SL avatars going into WoW and getting *killed*....
Tinsel Silvera: isn't that kinda what philip wants though - for us to be able to walk out of here?
Torley Linden: latest test build i tried you can have both the classic + WindLight clouds
Tinsel Silvera: to crossover into other virtual worlds?
Torley Linden: Tinsel: Philip certainly wants to make SL tech accessible to benefit the human condition =)
Saijanai Kuhn: croquet requires a Sqeuak installation. Let the client start squeak and Croquet, and import a SL avatar into the world
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Vivienne Graves: that should fx some of the complaints about the lack of atmospheric ambience abve a certain height
Patchouli Woollahra: Speaking of cross-world travels, Tateru's been doing comics where she gets stranded in CoH.
Torley Linden: if that means crossing over into other virtual worlds, then it could open up a lot of new room for exploration
Torley Linden: it is realistically much longer-term, but very exciting to speculate/ruminate about in the meantime
Torley Linden: hahah Patch i haven't seen those yet
Couples MultiAnimator v2d whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
Saijanai Kuhn: the peer2peer worlds and SL aren't compabitble directly due to the design difference, but no reason why they can't talk to each other
Patchouli Woollahra: Oh sure... let's frightern the Here guys with our giant floppy penisings.
Tinsel Silvera: Tinsel is not ready to go to Entropia yet!
Torley Linden: i haven't ever played City of Heroes but my abstract reasoning was that, "i'd be a tank... and whomp people"
Prospero Frobozz: I think we're a long ways away from that :) I mean, heck, it's all we can do to open Microsoft Word documents in things other than Word, and even then they have glitches
Patchouli Woollahra: and our orbital guns.
Tinsel Silvera: unless i can take Ordinal and all her tools with me
Saijanai Kuhn: croquet allows importing poser avatars already
Torley Linden: Prospero: yeah, common file formats...
Grizzy Griswold: City of Heroes: Super Grizzy
Patchouli Woollahra: and our open policy on item creation.
Vivienne Graves: and cagers...can't forget those
Torley Linden: things are changing every fraction of a second...
Prospero Frobozz: I keep hoping that the OpenDOcument format will rule the world, but MS is very intrenched....
Tateru Nino: They won't let us forget them.
Patchouli Woollahra: nah, cagers aren't as effective these days.
Prospero Frobozz: entrenched
Prospero Frobozz: (how illiterate of me)
Saijanai Kuhn: OpenDoc was too radical. Is that different than OpenDocuments?
Torley Linden: i'd like to thank you all for coming to mah office hour today! i must go for now... it's been so lively but i shalt be back here @ 2 PM PDT... t'care all in the meantime. =D
Patchouli Woollahra: Some places even have good systems that can tell when something is a cage round and boot the owner.
Patchouli Woollahra: take care, Torley.
Prospero Frobozz: Of course, the SL protocol could become the lingua franca of new virtual worlds, as there's no MS
Tinsel Silvera: thank you as always torley - it has been a pleasure
Torley Linden: oooh luminiscence!!
Patchouli Woollahra: come take a look at my shop one of these days xD
Kamael Xevious: Thanks, Torley.
Neo Rebus: byebye torley!
Grizzy Griswold: thanks Torley
Torley Linden: have a good one everyone! *waves and smiles*
Vivienne Graves: thanks, Torley
Grizzy Griswold: bye
Saijanai Kuhn: take care Torely
Hazelee Haller: bye Torley

2 PM

Torley Linden: Hey everyone. :D
starcomber Vig: hi Torley
Laan Hax: hello
Lyndsey Forager: hiya Torley
Orzga Aabye: hello!
Torley Linden: Good to seee you all! :)
Torley Linden: ooooh
Torley Linden: rezzing in... slowly but surely
Torley Linden: pardon if i'm a little bit late, was just finishing my performance review
Torley Linden: how's everyone doing today?
Orzga Aabye: a long rez is a mark of an amble enviornment.
Lyndsey Forager: did it go well?
Lyndsey Forager: great thanks
starcomber Vig: hopefully slower than tomorrow
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Gangus Carter, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Gangus Carter, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Squirrel Wood: Torley! I demand you have fun today ^^
Torley Linden: ahh i don't know if it went well yet, hehe i submitted it and then i'm going to talk with my Mentor (Robin) about it later
Torley Linden: thanks!
starcomber Vig: Torley you not gonn a make it rain right?
Torley Linden: oh what a conundrum...
Torley Linden: how come there's only 5 seats?
Lyndsey Forager: would you like this seat torley?
Squirrel Wood: it refused to rez more
Torley Linden: oh gosh, prim shortage :O
Shadowen Silvera: hi everyone
Squirrel Wood: You have the magic ring Torley ^^
Daedalus Young: hi
starcomber Vig: hi Shadow
Torley Linden: i am really sparse on prims
Torley Linden: thanks Lyndsey!
Torley Linden: oooh there's another seat
Torley Linden: okay that worked, good to know
Lyndsey Forager: he he, musical chairs
Torley Linden: and i'm not making it rain, but it looks like two of my outfits collided (!)
Al Sonic: It crashed.
Torley Linden: i swear i was wearing something and something else got put on
Lyndsey Forager: lol
starcomber Vig: thats called layers!
Torley Linden: hahaha oh i see what i did
Squirrel Wood: shift-drag ?
Torley Linden: i dragged one folder into another and then dragged the folder on the top-level hierarchy on me
Torley Linden: X_X
Lyndsey Forager: shall we turn our backs a second?
Torley Linden: a nested folder containing extra stuff
Torley Linden: no it's okay really, i don't mind being silly
Torley Linden: ha ha ha
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: so how is everyone? what's new and exciting? :D
Squirrel Wood: <= ^^
Lyndsey Forager: have you seen, voice-a-holics have opened a headquarters to help people use voice
Al Sonic: Just finding out more stuff to build. Like 6-prim dodecahedrons.
Torley Linden: i haven't been to Voice-A-Holics, got a landmark?
starcomber Vig: there's a big divide on voice
Torley Linden: oooh Al, how are you doing those?
Lyndsey Forager: sure
starcomber Vig: worse than expected
Lyndsey Forager gave you Voice-aholics Headquarters, Ear (152, 94, 50).
Torley Linden: thanks Squirrel let me make a note
Torley Linden: ha ha Voice-aholics is in EAR region?
Torley Linden: that's so timely.
Squirrel Wood: that thing is an ambience generator
Lyndsey Forager: i know, so funny
Al Sonic: Ah, parcel is full...
Lyndsey Forager: they have great partys , with people chatting in various languages
Torley Linden: sorry i'm short on prims... hmmm
Squirrel Wood: would be cool if you could make a piano set for it ^^
Lyndsey Forager: its so cool
Torley Linden: doh, only 9 prims free
starcomber Vig: ao off
Gangus Carter: hi are you?
Lyndsey Forager: just as well hair prims dont count
Torley Linden: hi Gangus doing lovely and yourself?
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Only in men's imagination does every truth find an effective and undeniable existence. Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of art as of life. -- Joseph Conrad
Gangus Carter: im good thanks
Torley Linden: an ambient generator eh? kewl -- i was talking about this earlier today with some other Lindens
Orzga Aabye: would it help to remove shoews? re prim count?
Torley Linden: some suggested to kill the wind noise
Squirrel Wood: heh
Torley Linden: Orzga: attachments don't count as objects on a parcel
Torley Linden: but i was like "we need better ambience overall, that'd rock
Lyndsey Forager: wind is quite noisy sometimes
Squirrel Wood: I have the wind noise at a very quiet level
Torley Linden: i have my wind muted...
Orzga Aabye: ok so i'll wear the tower lol
Al Sonic gave you Dodecahedron.
Torley Linden: thanks Al i shall check this out soon
Laan Hax: Mine is always muted, I play at work
Torley Linden: "play at work" eh? how 21st-century is that? :D
starcomber Vig: gangus care with the steel :)
Laan Hax: heh, I manage our island, every is jealous because I get to play in world all day
Torley Linden: that big sword reminds me of something out of a Final Fantasy game.
Torley Linden: that is pretty cool Laan. now that is definitely modern. =)
Al Sonic: As I looked at it, it occurred to me I should stock myself some triangular textures. Stuff that works when you taper your prim to a point.
Torley Linden: whoa black spots!
Lyndsey Forager: lol, or the sword in the southpark episode when they parody wow
Gangus Carter: lol
Daedalus Young: that was a great episode
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: that was a pretty funny episode but the scene when they're gorging on food was pretty gross!
Gangus Carter: you can take my seat if you want
Lyndsey Forager: totally
Torley Linden: i also liked the Simpsons parody of WoW... how long is it before they do a Second Life parody? i wonder.
Lyndsey Forager: it would be so funny
Torley Linden: internally, Lindens have a list of things that must come true in order for Second Life to succeed worldwide...
Torley Linden: it's more of a joke list than anything
Torley Linden: but one thing i put down is "Second Life gets namedropped on a chart-topping rap song"
Lyndsey Forager: is it shareable?
Torley Linden: and also "Second Life gets parodied on the Simpsons"
Lyndsey Forager: cool
Torley Linden: it's not public but Lindens who've contributed to it may often joke about what they've put :p
Daedalus Young: we already had a firstlife website
Daedalus Young: or what was it?
Torley Linden: it's not super-secret or anything
Torley Linden: yeah, that First Life website was funny
Torley Linden: ha ha
Shadowen Silvera: those two actually make a lot of sense
starcomber Vig: lol, we already got "detachable ..." good track
Orzga Aabye: events in sl are taken for precident in supreme court cases
Torley Linden: it had little pirate kids on the front, that's great
Torley Linden: some things are taken a lot more seriously now in SL, some things are more surreal
Squirrel Wood: Kevin & Kell does have a parody on 2nd life. called ninth life. ^^
Torley Linden: haha i haven't seen that, Squirrel... where is that at?
Torley Linden: is that for cats?
Squirrel Wood: yep.
Squirrel Wood: let me dig it out
starcomber Vig: it surprises me that firm either have little knowledge or believe that the sex market as it is will still drive...
starcomber Vig: *firms
Daedalus Young: did you ever see that Kitkat commercial on Youtube?
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i read that stella mccartney isin sl looking for an anti-fur slogan - i hope she is not having that event in lush wood
Daedalus Young:
Squirrel Wood:
Torley Linden: oh gosh *looks* ah yes i have seen that Kit Kat one
starcomber Vig: oh the anti-fur thing, thats really surreal, humans have incoscious fears thats all it is
Torley Linden: i heard about Stella McCartney -- Paul McCartney is my fave beatle
Torley Linden: ha ha ha ha Lyndsey oh that's too crazy
Torley Linden: yeah, what happens when those people encounter furries?
Torley Linden: "this is my NATURAL coat!"
Lyndsey Forager: i liked ringo - he voices the thomas the tank engine kids tv show
Torley Linden: oh really? i didn't know that...
Torley Linden: i always thought "Ringo Starr" was a really kewl name tho
Lyndsey Forager: its very 80's
Torley Linden: i like a lot of 80s video efects,
Lyndsey Forager: he has such a calm voice
Torley Linden: Thomas the Tank Engine -- i have a watermelon Thomas avatar somewhere
Lyndsey Forager: cool!
Can't create object 'Object' because the parcel 'Torley Watermelinden Land of Happiness, Fruit, & Recitations' at Grasmere 173, 28.9738 is full.
Daedalus Young: oh yeah, I've seen it at the Linden Dunk
Lyndsey Forager: i loved it - and the fat controller
Torley Linden: =D
Torley Linden: that's a great name, "fat controller"
Torley Linden: it gets right to the point, no pretense whatsoever.
Lyndsey Forager: yep, he was a wee fat man in a morning suit
Torley Linden: memorable characters are at the heart of every great story.
Lyndsey Forager: yep yep
starcomber Vig: that was Squarepusher wasn't it?
starcomber Vig: yep
Lyndsey Forager: but, i suppose i watched different kids tv - being that i am in scotland
Torley Linden: hahahaahaha
Orzga Aabye: oh sir topham hatt ..
Torley Linden: i like that track too, starcomber
Orzga Aabye: i didn't know htat.
Torley Linden: that was acid phat in a different kinda sense
Torley Linden: when i grew up i also liked The Rainbow
Torley Linden: the one with Zippy =)
Lyndsey Forager: he is so cool
Torley Linden: i've wanted a Zippy av for some time now
Torley Linden: they get kind of surreal...
Lyndsey Forager: have you seen the twangers episode of rainbow - it was made for a joke - not meant to be relased - lots of double enteandres
Torley Linden: sometimes you wonder what kids are really learning...
Torley Linden: HAHAHAAHAHAHA yes
Torley Linden: i have seen that
Torley Linden: "play with my balls" :O
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Lyndsey Forager: ive got a big red one!
Torley Linden: okay, yeah, you totally have to see that to get it <.<
Torley Linden: it's bawdy
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Gangus Carter: oops
Torley Linden: it would be such a weird sight to have a Zippy av walking around in SL... well, you never see his bottom half
Torley Linden: so perhaps you could take his puppet booth too
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Vivienne Graves, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Vivienne Graves, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: i wanted to make a giant Zippy head and sacrifice people into it
Gangus Carter: lol
Lyndsey Forager: it alwased puzzled me as a child that bungle the bear would have no clothes on all day and put his pjs on for bed time
Torley Linden: one thing that's happening with future WindLight, we hope, is post-process effects --
Torley Linden: i've seen some of them and i bet that we could add, like, a classic TV effect or something
Torley Linden: i'd like to have some of that 70s TV waver over everything
Torley Linden: hahahaha Lyndsey, that is truely weird!
Torley Linden: now that you mention it, that's such a good point...
Lyndsey Forager: has old and new tv shows that streem
Torley Linden: there are so many childhood memories i'd like to see come alive in Second Life
Torley Linden: have all of you seen the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream island?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: it's suitably colorful, looks just like a kid's TV show
Orzga Aabye: no
Lyndsey Forager: no, i have heard it is worth a visit though
Torley Linden: i really think it's got a unique style
Al Sonic: Hm. I'll try to remember that.
Torley Linden: let me get a picture
Torley Linden:
Torley Linden: there's a SLURL in there too
Lyndsey Forager: cool
Gangus Carter: So Torley thinking about making any new tutorials or anything to put on
Squirrel Wood: ^^
Torley Linden: great question Gangus, i sure do want to do more. at the current time i haven't had much time.
Orzga Aabye: oh's almost as pretty as vermont :-)
Torley Linden: part of the problem is i find myself in a position where i get pinged all day with various requests and such
starcomber Vig: the musical tricks and parodying contemporary composers was amazing
Gangus Carter: yeah
Torley Linden: so it's difficult for me to really concentrate with my video recording + editor
Lyndsey Forager: that pic is so cartoon-ey - very cool
Torley Linden: thanks starcomber, i had a blast with that, that was a weekend thing
Gangus Carter: well i love your videos...they are so cool.\
starcomber Vig: Torley get a secretary! :)
Torley Linden: thanks so much Gangus, the encouragement really does help me
Gangus Carter: your welcome
Torley Linden: ha ha maybe someday i'll have an assistant; it's currently hard to manage my email, it's grown a lot over the last few months
Torley Linden: i like chatting it up of course but peace and quiet helps too
Gangus Carter: lol
Torley Linden: esp. for finding inspiration and really exploring the world
Al Sonic: SLURL... it sounds like, slurry... mmm, Slurl milkshake?
Gangus Carter: I call the assistant job!!!!!! lol
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Torley Linden: hahaha SLURLRRRY
Torley Linden: yeah, it's like "drink a SLURL", some sort of beverage that teleports
Torley Linden: Gangus: lol =D
Gangus Carter: :)
Torley Linden: the other day someone suggested that when we TP, it should have a sliders-like effect
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man. -- Chuang Tzu, philosopher (c. 4th century BC)
Torley Linden: like that old show with Quinn and the Professor Arturo
Gangus Carter: yeah that would be col
Gangus Carter: cool
Daedalus Young: through the wormhole
Shadowen Silvera: i miss that show
Torley Linden: oh, wise philosophy. kinda kafkaesque.
Lyndsey Forager: lol, wouldn't it be great tp tp in rl - i used to dream of having a startrek one
Torley Linden: yeah, wormholes -- Stargate is another great one.
Daedalus Young: or like in Donnie Darko
Torley Linden: DONNIE DARKO = one of my fave movies
Torley Linden: the immaterial living! AHHH!
starcomber Vig: i love the audio effect straight from neuromancer on... I think the Amiga
Daedalus Young: yep, mine too
Daedalus Young: can watch it over and over again
Lyndsey Forager: amigas were great - back in the day
Torley Linden: hmmmm starcomber, i'm not familiar with that
Torley Linden: but incidentally the other day, i was watching complete playthroughs of a LOT of classic Amiga games
Lyndsey Forager: cool
Torley Linden: let me get the link for that too -- i dig the demoscene culture
Orzga Aabye: demoscnee?
Torley Linden: yes, doing as much as possible with limited computer resources, and being really resourceful...
Lyndsey Forager: i would love to get a amiga emulator for the pc, but my pc dosent even have a floppy drive now
Torley Linden: coming up with scrollers and ASCII art and all sorts of mad stuff
Torley Linden: Lyndsey, what's prolly required is to download some disk images, then
Torley Linden: that's what i did before... they have some archives scattered around
Orzga Aabye: too bad Note's in Sl aren't monospaced
Squirrel Wood: amiga emulators need no floppy drives. just disk images
starcomber Vig: right, emus for the PC should be avail
Orzga Aabye: kills poss. to ASCII art them
Lyndsey Forager: i must check it out - lemings the game rawks
Torley Linden: oh gosh i played Amiga so much...
Daedalus Young: I'm raised with MSX
Squirrel Wood: <= Amiga Emulators
Daedalus Young: so I only play MSX games on emulators :P
Lyndsey Forager: thanx fo rthe link
Torley Linden: so many rounds of Lemmings -- have you guys seen the recreation of the actual Lemming characters in SL?
starcomber Vig: you know that must have been one of the first objects i ever picked up in Sl, the exploding lemmings
Lyndsey Forager: no, i dont know
Torley Linden: one of my first couple of friends in SL made a lemming, that was Francis Chung and Kex Godel way back
Torley Linden: yes starcomber! those are the ones
Torley Linden: they tend to generate good reactions ;)
Torley Linden: esp. if someone has never played Lemmings before, they think it's an SL thing or something
starcomber Vig: thats true, that was the first reaction
Squirrel Wood: WinUAE is the best Amiga emulator out there, it gives you so many options to configure that beginners will find it terrible but Amiga lovers will worship it. ^^
Lyndsey Forager: i love when the little lemmings said "lets go!"
Torley Linden: i haven't used WinUAE in a long time... but when i close my eyes... i can hear the music of Lemmings
Torley Linden: that can-can song...
Torley Linden: it had great chiptune music
Squirrel Wood: Indeed.
Lyndsey Forager: i can remember the noise my disk drive made when loading lemmings
Torley Linden: i must say one of my fave things about Psygnosis, company responsible for Lemmings, was the purple owl logo and font by Roger Dean, who paints floating islands
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: me too!
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Torley Linden: i love floating islands
Squirrel Wood: I still can master Turrican II within about 75 minutes. And I *still* know where most of the extra lifes are hidden ^^
Torley Linden: i've seen some in SL but i like to think of these giant creations with self-sustaining life habitats on them
Torley Linden: OMG TURRICAN! there's another name i haven't heard in ages
Squirrel Wood: WinUAE simulates the floppy noise quite accurately
Torley Linden: if for some reason used to think it was a Transformers offshoot
Torley Linden: it's always kinda curious how we take... classic vibes... and bring them into new media
Lyndsey Forager: really, is was so distintive for each thing that loaded
Al Sonic: hm... neo-nostalgic? 0.o
Shadowen Silvera: hey torley ive got to run in a minute but i wanted to make a suggestion before I go. Since the knowledgebase and wikis often reference the forums can we get it enabled for basic members to view it?
Daedalus Young: that's a JIRA issue too
Daedalus Young: but with status Won't Fix
Torley Linden: hmmm good question Shadowen -- we turned that off to discourage spammers and related abuse. however, i should clarify that...
Torley Linden: the forums *are* accessible to Basic accounts.
Torley Linden: you do need to have at least Payment Info On File tho.
Shadowen Silvera: i understand that. im talking viewing however
Al Sonic is really lucky to have been grandfathered in to that.
Daedalus Young: yes... the payment info is a bit of a problem
Wyn Galbraith puffs, "I had to fly all the way here!"
Orzga Aabye: lol
Lyndsey Forager: that would be cool, i dont have payment info on file as i dont have a credit card and it doesnt take maestro - my debit card
Torley Linden: yeah; i don't know if that is a non-trivial thing to do. last i checked, and still currently, our webdevs have their hands full of stuff. but you have a good point...
Squirrel Wood: make the forums read only for them if they have no payment info ?
Daedalus Young: that would be much better already
Shadowen Silvera: i hear a lot of people complain about it
Torley Linden: i think because of how vBulletin (forum software) works... it's considerably harder to have selective permissions than simply blocking people -- which is unfortunate.
Shadowen Silvera: there is a lot of good information on the forums and its a shame they cant atleast read it
starcomber Vig: dont think that'd be a good idea tho even inj principle
Lyndsey Forager: cool birdie wyn
Torley Linden: Shadowen, if you or anyone else knows of a similar config existing on vBulletin, please email me, let me know...
Wyn Galbraith: Thanks, nevermore.
Torley Linden: it helps if we know someone else out there is already doing something similar
starcomber Vig: Forums should stay open until you misbehave or something
Wyn Galbraith can't see Torley.
Torley Linden: starcomber: sadly we had a lot of misbehaviors from the get go -- there was so much spam i saw. :\
Wyn Galbraith: Oh cute, Torley!
Torley Linden: thanks Wyn!
Torley Linden: forums currently aren't a high priority compared to other tools like Issue Tracker and the Wiki... but i definitely used to post there a lot and gained a lot of knowledge from the forums.
Lyndsey Forager: impressive wing span
Wyn Galbraith blushes.
Torley Linden: i do know something else eventually wanted for the forums is an upgrade to 3.6.x of the vBulletin software
Shadowen Silvera: the frustrating part is when a wiki references it
Daedalus Young: yes, quite a lot with sculpties too
Torley Linden: Shadowen: i totally agree, and you want to check out what's in there, and get that info or discuss...
Lyndyn Tzara: The knowledgebase refrences are what get me
Daedalus Young: I had to contact somebody else to get a copy of the Wings exporter
Lyndyn Tzara: I get alot of complaints on Help Island from people who get directed to the Knowledgebase by F1, then can't get all the information since they haven't provided payment info
Torley Linden: ahh thanks for sharing that.
Shadowen Silvera: Since sl has moved into using knowledgebase for basic account support it seems to be a glaring hole in the information chain
Torley Linden: hmm it seems to be too --
Torley Linden: part of the historical prob has also been that...
Torley Linden: Residents who wanted the forums organized differently, and such -- so they formed their own 3rd-party ones
Torley Linden: some of which are quite popular...
Gangus Carter: Torley right now im watching "Torley on Piano 22 - Techno rave party" on awesome your really good on piano!!
starcomber Vig: Torley is wrong to have the Knowledge base as a downloadable for instance?
Torley Linden: but by all means if there's stuff we can cover in another more accessible place, please let me know. (i expressly put some stuff on the wiki instead of the forums because of cleaner appearance and it's collaboratively editable)
Torley Linden: Gangus: i had a lot of fun with that one =o)
Torley Linden: starcomber: ah, how do you mean?
Gangus Carter: yeah it looks like you did
Lyndsey Forager: i really like the wiki - its so easy to find what you are looking for
starcomber Vig: linked PDF, whole HTML or else along with the client
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... J4n Ling, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: each communication medium has its own strength
Lyndsey Forager: but - i must admis to spending more time reading sl fashionista blogs
Torley Linden: starcomber: i gotta say one of my pains with the current KB is that it isn't easier to link to direct pages
Wyn Galbraith: Eeks
Torley Linden: there are certainly a lot of great Resi blogs out there
Lyndyn Tzara: With the VBulletin software though, you should be able to simply allow guest browsing, and disable it from auto-registering forum accounts for new accounts without payment info
Lyndsey Forager: can i ask, what is the policy on buying L$ on e-bay , i read some folks got banned?
Torley Linden: Lyndyn: that sounds like it would work, but i personally don't know how that'd be setup.
Squirrel Wood: the problem with buying stuff on ebay is the high chance that its fraud
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: i'm not sure of that offhand
Lyndsey Forager: i just wondered
Torley Linden: lemme check... hmmm...
Orzga Aabye: so that talented guy on TOrley Piano 22 is you?
starcomber Vig: I heard that's why some account got suspended as being vehicle, knowingly or not, for fraud transactions?
Torley Linden: Orzga: yes, that be me
Orzga Aabye: hmm that'd B u
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: i'm checking with our support peeps re: eBay, one moment please...
Orzga Aabye: :-)\
Lyndsey Forager: sure
Torley Linden: ah yes.
Torley Linden: so re: eBay, where we are at latest...
Torley Linden: fraud IS a super-big concern...
Torley Linden: and we are moving towards getting eBay to enact policy to ban Linden $ sales.
Torley Linden: this doesn't appear to have been finalized yet, it looks like some of our billing & business personnel are still talking with eBay about it.
Lyndsey Forager: thanks for clearing that up Torley
Torley Linden: so this is *tentative* and subject to change based on what happens in the future
Torley Linden: but that's what it looks like for now -- you're welcome Lyndsey
Torley Linden: while fraud isn't talked about very much publicly due to obvious reasons, i know we've expanded staff to deal with that...
Torley Linden: as it becomes ever-more-pressing as Second Life grows
starcomber Vig: whats the feeling within LL, Torley, about orientationj beinjg offloaded partially to some major sim owners? Is LL just giving up on OI or you see an advantage there?
Lyndsey Forager: i suppose it is the lines where sl and rl become blurred
Shadowen Silvera: i imagine its a scalability issue
Torley Linden: starcomber: hmmm -- that's a good question. it's actually offering more choices for Residents in terms of what they want to experience first.
Torley Linden: some of it does dovetail with scaling, yes.
Torley Linden: but some of it also points towards a more open future --
Torley Linden: where people might possibly host their own servers...
starcomber Vig: Phil said early stats were encouraging
Daedalus Young: just like the web
Torley Linden: and this sort of Community program with the RegAPI and creating these gateways is one in a gradual step towards that.
Orzga Aabye: i found it strange that the orientation island was a place of no return.
Torley Linden: from what i understand from Ryan (director of product management) it's been going well...
Torley Linden: ahhh Orzga, that reminds me of something...
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Saijanai Kuhn, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: we have an Orientation Island Public but it's still the *old* version
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... Saijanai Kuhn, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: perhaps then, we should have that updated to the current-style Linden OIs, with the 4 main areas
Torley Linden: what do you think?
starcomber Vig: one factor there is language, so for a Brazilian registering to an OI where all speak Portuguese...
Torley Linden: starcomber: a great reason too, that i was going to also mention -- glad you said it first
Torley Linden: while we undoubtedly want to localize more Linden help resources...
Torley Linden: it really helps if someone's already done that and has a great understanding of the culture involved
Torley Linden: i heard the dude who masterminded the game Rez is going to showcase Japanese pop culture in SL
Torley Linden: my source on that is
Lyndsey Forager: cool
Torley Linden: i've, ah, definitely been noticing that just like offline art styles have cultural distinctions...
Torley Linden: it's similarly fascinating to look at build styles from Residents around the world
Torley Linden: and the aesthetics contained within
Torley Linden: oooh it got so quiet :D
Gangus Carter: lol
Torley Linden: hee hee
Gangus Carter: Silence
Daedalus Young: I'm asking a girl out on irc, so
Orzga Aabye: ____+___
Torley Linden: i wonder if anyone's made a tumbleweed script device...
Torley Linden: /tumbleweed!
Vivienne Graves: it's interesting to observe the different vibe you get in the primarily Japanese sims, anyway
Gangus Carter: lol
starcomber Vig: it's refill time T :)
Torley Linden: Vivienne: what kinda vibe do you feel?
Vivienne Graves: places like Kabuki, for instance
Orzga Aabye: tumple weed?
Vivienne Graves: Well...
Vivienne Graves: it's...different
Lyndsey Forager: I know I shouldnt as a lady her age, but are you ages with me Torley?- you seem to remember a lot of the same stuff i do - I was born in 1979
Vivienne Graves: a bit more playful, perhaps
starcomber Vig: the problem there is they are somehow, or they seem to me... isolationist
Saijanai Kuhn: the younger Japanese have a radically different culture than the older Japanese, or so I gather
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: hee hee =) close, yes... my age is on my personal blog, takes some diggin' tho ;)
starcomber Vig: that may be a factor
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: hmmm those cultural things are intriguing...
Torley Linden: i know some Japanese Resis have come right up to me with their Babbler HUDs... and tried to start talking
Torley Linden: and others were quiet and kept to themselves
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... J4n Ling, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Torley Linden: so i guess in that, what i experienced, anyway, that's part of human individuality
Saijanai Kuhn: I had someone try to sell me a car in Italian earlier
Torley Linden: altho what's interesting is their MeltingDots OI is far more linear than the current Linden OI
Torley Linden: oh really Saijanai? :O
starcomber Vig: need help with Ita just call me Torley
Torley Linden: do you speak Italian? and was it a nice car? ;)
Torley Linden: thanks starcomber, what other languages do you speak?
Saijanai Kuhn: I speak enough spanish to tell that it was what they were saying
Daedalus Young: Italian car I hope
starcomber Vig: ita, eng
Torley Linden: ahh
Torley Linden: it cracks me up to see prim cars cost disproportionately high...
starcomber Vig: maybe a new Cinquecento (500) out today
Torley Linden: it's not like it cost a lot to make them ;)
Gangus Carter: lol
Torley Linden: i once saw like, this cardboard-box looking thing for L$10,000
Saijanai Kuhn: 100L$ I think I have a freebie that looked better at least
Torley Linden: i was thinking that was a touch high!
Lyndsey Forager: i speek enough french to get a beer and ask where the train station is, lol
Torley Linden: hahaha
Torley Linden: "je veux un BEER"
Daedalus Young: I have 2 free Nissans
Torley Linden: oh gosh this is sad, i know the French word for cheese, but i don't know "beer"
Lyndsey Forager: slp
Vivienne Graves: yes...the cost of prim cars is absurd...especially considering that some of them are atrocious
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Lyndsey Forager: biere
Vivienne Graves: I've seen one place that sells SL versions of Mecedes and Rolls and so on
Vivienne Graves: poorly textured
starcomber Vig: You can get a nice 1961 thunderbird for 300
Vivienne Graves: for 5k each
starcomber Vig: love that car
Saijanai Kuhn: my favorite is the Japanese for MacDonald's: ??????
Saijanai Kuhn: makudonarudo
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... J4n Ling, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Orzga Aabye: lo
Torley Linden: hAHAHAHAHA
Torley Linden: oh that's rich
Torley Linden: i love that
Torley Linden: :D
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: romanji = <3
Welcome Mat: Hello and YAYZERAMA... J4n Ling, welcome to Watermelinden Land in the Linden Village!
Orzga Aabye: what's the "rudo" part>?
Lyndsey Forager: i hear that the oxford english dictionary now has a listing for a McJob
Orzga Aabye: suffix for .. "watch your head"
Saijanai Kuhn: no old sound in japanese and all syllables have vowells
Al Sonic: l's and r's are the same for them, remember?
Torley Linden: ha ha ha that reminds me of a news story of how that was controversial
Saijanai Kuhn: so its donarudo = donald
Torley Linden: McDonald's of course objected to "McJob"
Saijanai Kuhn: LOL never heard that
Lyndsey Forager: Yeah, thats the one
Torley Linden: oooh learn something every day
Torley Linden: nifty
Orzga Aabye: macdonalds is a national treasure
Lyndsey Forager: thats the job you ge asked if you want fries with your pay
Orzga Aabye: were going to use it to replaec social security, welfare, and prison reform
Torley Linden: i have a funny story, it involves my Grandma... and when she was feeling lost in America, she looked for the golden arches to help guide the way
Torley Linden: so when she saw golden arches, she knew she was safe
Lyndsey Forager: awww
Saijanai Kuhn: tabakko (can't spell it) is the word for tabacco but its genuine kanji, not phonetic
Lyndsey Forager: thats funny
Torley Linden: almost makes it sound like a church....
Torley Linden: there's also Burger King, and that game, "Sneak King" :)
starcomber Vig: lol power of the big-iron brand
Torley Linden: Saijanai: thanks for sharing those, that's pretty cool
starcomber Vig: "it's roasted"
Saijanai Kuhn: Japan is probably the only country in the world where the courts have ruled that tabacco does no harm
Torley Linden: anyone else remember the Sliders episode where it was a parody of gang wars between McDonald's and Burger King?
Gangus Carter: ive never seen it but that sounds funny
Orzga Aabye: nope-y noep
Torley Linden: Saijanai: it's also interesting that, i think (not sure at most recent), but they have a longer average life expectancy than most countries
Lyndsey Forager: Scottish Gaelic has big gaps for modern wors - and you can hear someone talking gaelic and they will say english words like radio and computer in amongst it
Shadowen Silvera: reminds me of snowcrash
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: oh, interesting
Torley Linden: Snow Crash is one of my fave books
Shadowen Silvera: lots of gang war type stuff between food chains and such in that book
Saijanai Kuhn: Japanese has 10,000 foreign loan words. They're a bitch to learn
Torley Linden: but, if i were to pick one, i'd go with Diamond Age...
Vivienne Graves: <3 Neal Stephenson
Vivienne Graves: Cryptonomicon was amazing, too
Torley Linden: i believe Sci-Fi channel is making a miniseries of Diamond Age
Saijanai Kuhn: hope it is better than EarthSea...
Saijanai Kuhn: whatshername wrote an open letter condemning it before it was even released
Torley Linden: what i loved about Diamond Age is because it blends fantasy and sci-fi without necessarily having them coexist in the same world, but as a narrative device (within the Primer) which serves to enhance and progress the dynamics of the plot and Nell's learning experiences
Orzga Aabye: but it's all coming true ahead of schedule
Torley Linden: Saijanai: i heard about the EarthSea tragedy too, wasn't that by Miyazaki's son?
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i havent read snow crash - and before sl i had never heard of gor, so much still to read
Saijanai Kuhn: No that's the movie. She promotes the movie
Vivienne Graves: you're not missing anything not reading the Gor books
Saijanai Kuhn: firest 5 Gor books had a plot
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i have no idea what its all about
Shadowen Silvera: gor in sl and the gor books are not the same
Al Sonic: Dunno if McDonald's is a national treasure but ya could sure make some jokes about national defense, as we haven't declared war on any country with one of those McDonald's in it.
Torley Linden: yes...
Torley Linden: when i checked out Gor in Second Life...
Torley Linden: i was like "WTH!?!?!?! CONTINENTS ARE ALL JUMBLED AROUND"
Torley Linden: i couldn't find my way with one of the Gor book maps
Torley Linden: i gave up on that
Saijanai Kuhn: the next 20 or whatever where all just soft porn
Vivienne Graves: Trust me, 'The Story of O' whips Gor's arse with a belt (and so do Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty novels)
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Shadowen Silvera: hehe
starcomber Vig: funny I never met an open-face Gorean in RL
Torley Linden: so honestly, if people are going to say "Gor in SL is different", start with the geography because... it ain't the same!
Torley Linden: what the heck is an open-face Gorean?!
Vivienne Graves: served on toasted sourdough bread
starcomber Vig: one that says "i am..."
Vivienne Graves: with hot mustard
Torley Linden: first person narration?
Lyndsey Forager: but, i cant wait (/me jumping up and down) for the new Harry Potter book
Orzga Aabye: and turkey
starcomber Vig: such as i am with Scientology or so
Torley Linden: This avatar wishes to climb stairs! May this avatar hear the Harry Potter spoilers?
starcomber Vig: so they're shy
Torley Linden: i heard a crazy spoiler theory BTW for Deathly Hallows...
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Orzga Aabye: just finsih snicket
Torley Linden: i have no idea if it's true, it'd better not be!
Lyndsey Forager: cool
Orzga Aabye: it really got strange at the end.
Lyndsey Forager: go on, tell us
Torley Linden: some dude was in a hot dog eating competition and he waved a big sign
Torley Linden: and the sign... said........... *gasps for suspense*
Torley Linden: *** HERMIONE DIES ***
Al Sonic: Yeah yeah.
Torley Linden: <.<
Orzga Aabye: say it aint true
Torley Linden: i have not read the books but only seen the first movie
Torley Linden: but i like Hermione a lot
Lyndsey Forager: i heard that, someone said a horcrux is hidden inside her and harry must kill her
Torley Linden: oh gee Lyndsey... that's even more twisted!
Saijanai Kuhn: well she did gear each book for the readership she started with. They're 18 or so now
Orzga Aabye: umm ..
Torley Linden: that's horrifically phantasmagoric!
Orzga Aabye: i object...
Gangus Carter: well ive got to go!!(Torley...Im open for that assistant job) lol bye!!
Al Sonic: I saw that competition while I was eating out at a... I forget the place's name.
Torley Linden: hehehe have a good one Gangus
Torley Linden: good to see ya
Orzga Aabye: hide htat horry thinkgy someplace decent
Lyndsey Forager: i think harry will defeat voldemort - but they will both die
Gangus Carter: lol bye
Torley Linden: Voldemort is played by Ralph Fiennes in the movies, which is just slimy...
Squirrel Wood: Elvyra - Mistress Of The Dark ^^
Torley Linden: i think he's a great actor but the fact he played Amon Goeth in Schindler's List was a downright terrifying role
Vivienne Graves: A potential spoiler I heard is that Harry's not 'the One'...that it's really Neville Longbottom
Vivienne Graves: who dies saving Harry's life
Torley Linden: oooh Elvira is cool! she really made the most of her icon-ness
Squirrel Wood: yup
Saijanai Kuhn: Elmira is the One
Torley Linden: Vivienne: that's pretty interesting too. i think the last name "Longbottom" is pretty funny :o)
Torley Linden: Elmira from Looney Tunes!?
Lyndsey Forager: so much harry potter to look forward to in july
Saijanai Kuhn: yep
Torley Linden: yeah, new movie, new book...
Torley Linden: JK Rowling is a hero to so many.
Saijanai Kuhn: Tiny Toons wasn't it?
Torley Linden: Saijanai: yes! ah right
Torley Linden: i really liked the Stephen King Entertainment Weekly when he goes on to praise JK Rowling...
Lyndsey Forager: its so sad, but i ant decide wheter to race through the book or savour every page
Orzga Aabye: i have here in my private pantheon ..
Torley Linden: i wonder what a story the two of them working on would be like
Vivienne Graves: I read the last one straight through in 4 hours
Vivienne Graves: then went back and reread it
Vivienne Graves: hehe
Lyndsey Forager: woah!
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: you want to enjoy it but at the same time, you wanna know how it ends?
Saijanai Kuhn still thinks that Hikaru no Go is best children's TV dram ever porduced...
Vivienne Graves is a fast reader
Lyndsey Forager: yeah - its gonna tear me apart
Torley Linden: call me old-skool but i think it's rad how Harry Potter has gotten a lot of people into/back into reading
Orzga Aabye: that is fast ..
Lyndsey Forager: totally, its amazing
Orzga Aabye: but i think it lends itself to fast reading ..
Lyndsey Forager: i run a youth club and the kids loke talking about the harry books
Torley Linden: like the reviews say, "a page-turner!"
Shadowen Silvera threatens a pimply-faced teenager with a wand, "read!"
Torley Linden: Lyndsey, pretty cool
Torley Linden: hahah Shadowen!!
Torley Linden: that'd be a funny library poster
Torley Linden: i think it energizes passion and shared interests...
Saijanai Kuhn: it's easy to become a cultural icon in the West and East because of Hollywood
Torley Linden: because the young Potter fans can go to great lengths discussing the mythology
Lyndsey Forager: i bet you have a broken wand hidden in your umbrella there torley
Lyndsey Forager: just like hagrid
Torley Linden: it does involve creative thought
Torley Linden: ha ha ha Lyndsey, Hagrid cracks me up
Torley Linden: i like "gentle giants" tho
Lyndsey Forager: i loved the BFG
Torley Linden: i really like Alan Rickman as Snape tho
Saijanai Kuhn: try getting a news blrub on the BBC if you're an non-translated comic and cartoon:
Lyndsey Forager: he is such a good actor
Torley Linden: i am not sure how faithful or respectful he is to the book version, but... he's a great actor
Torley Linden: the way he does that sneer and with the greasy long hair, *shudders*
Orzga Aabye: i want snape to be good.
Lyndsey Forager: he is proper scarrey
Orzga Aabye: i feel for him ..
Vivienne Graves: Gary Oldman's the only other actor I can see in that role, I think
Torley Linden: i'd like Snape to have redemption too
Torley Linden: thanks Saijanai, you sound really passionate about the series
Orzga Aabye: he's been injured and has retreated
Lyndsey Forager: it dosent look good for snape at the end of book six
Saijanai Kuhn: search people "sai" in SL...
Saijanai Kuhn: Sai is Hikaru's mentor
Orzga Aabye: i don't know about that ... there are some theories ...
Al Sonic stopped following the series and doesn't know why.
Torley Linden: i wonder how it will all turn out
Torley Linden: i'm a sucker for epic mythos
Lyndsey Forager: i love a bit of suspense
Torley Linden: yeah, and be primed on, well, something exciting is going to happen
Torley Linden: hey Teep!
Teeple Linden: Hi hi!
Torley Linden: we're talkin' about Harry Potter!
Torley Linden: how's it goin Teep?
Wyn Galbraith idles to go check her RL pond, rumor is the fish disappeared over night. brb.
Torley Linden: hmmm strange Wyn
Teeple Linden: Really? I just saw the previews. This next episode really seams to (pardon the cliche) kick things up a notch
Teeple Linden: seems* wow
Torley Linden: oooh i have to see that, i bet it's on YouTube...
Torley Linden: and yes, really.
starcomber Vig: Wyn look for a mean cat hiding in the bushes
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." -- Oscar Wilde
Torley Linden: we've had quite a lively discussion through a variety of topics
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i do like my outfit
Torley Linden: hmmm... that reminds me, i'd like bushes that rustle when i go in them in SL
Shadowen Silvera: ello teeple
Torley Linden: trees are too quiet when you go through the branches
Teeple Linden: Hi, Shadowen :-)
Torley Linden: i don't think i've seen a cat hanging from a tree yet
Claryssa Schmidt: hi Teeple
Torley Linden: like that 70s poster, "HANGIN IN THERE"
Saijanai Kuhn: should be easy to do right now. Just have a sensor that kicks off a sound at a certgain point
Torley Linden: yeah Saijanai, i think it's one of those simple things that doesn't get done enough
Shadowen Silvera: llVolumeDetect
Torley Linden: custom collision sounds are kinda rare
Shadowen Silvera: phantom branches and leaves
Shadowen Silvera: and ive seen a fake physical flexi
Torley Linden: fake physical flexi?
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Wyn Galbraith returns.
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Female Animation Ovverride (AO): Couldn't find animation Flydownland
Shadowen Silvera: aye
Saijanai Kuhn: I've got a fake physical joint system
Torley Linden: Lyndsey great av :D
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: the flexi hat is a nice touch too
Saijanai Kuhn: wel, not physical, which is the problem
Shadowen Silvera: actually torley its at marbles store. you know him
Teeple Linden: Please pardon the sudden departure :-(
Torley Linden: no worries Teep
Saijanai Kuhn: cheers
Torley Linden: Shadowen: ahhh hmmmm this sounds familiar to something i did talk about with Marbles awhile back
Al Sonic: *shrug* *waves*
Shadowen Silvera: he has flexi curtains you can walk through and they move
Torley Linden: there was a bug awhile ago, where i could make a flexiprim physical....
Wyn Galbraith: It wasn't our cats. This is my sweet 73 year old fatherinlaw type and he walks with a heavy foot. The fish are there, but the hide under the duck weed if anything comea around.
Torley Linden: some interesting glitches in the system
Orzga Aabye: really ??
Torley Linden: i used to live near to a pond
Torley Linden: i once put a frog in it, but he got away
Wyn Galbraith made this pond she did.
Torley Linden: i have never seen him since
starcomber Vig: ah BigFoot :))))
Saijanai Kuhn: we need to set the glitches in stone. That way, we can upgrade the system easier
Torley Linden: ooh you made the pond?
Wyn Galbraith: Oh and frogs moved in!
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Orzga Aabye: wow .. that seems out of reach .. flexi- and collission detect
Torley Linden: landscape it all pretty too?
Shadowen Silvera: he hasnt been online much
Torley Linden: frogs moved IN? nice.
Torley Linden: it'd be nice to have sculptie flexis, eventually
Torley Linden: many uses for those.
Shadowen Silvera: nice video about miniatures btw
Wyn Galbraith: Yep, there was some really heavy courting going on last fall.
Torley Linden: froggy goes a-courtin'!
Saijanai Kuhn: read the anti change rant at the bottom of my jira:
Orzga Aabye: shadows ...
Squirrel Wood: Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part 1-6 & 7-13...
Wyn Galbraith: So this spring we found tadpoles and the little fish we thought were dead weren't.
Torley Linden: Squirrel: those are masterful works of electronic music
Torley Linden: one of my faves is Oxygene 8
Squirrel Wood: ^^
Torley Linden: the melodies are sublime
Squirrel Wood: I need to get me the entire collection
Torley Linden: i like JMJ's Best Of for sure...
Torley Linden: is it Aero? i think that's the compilation i listened to
Torley Linden: oooh
Torley Linden: caw! caw!
Lyndsey Forager: kewl
Squirrel Wood: oxygene 2 and 4 are quite good
Wyn Galbraith: The ravens outside answer.
Torley Linden: i'd like more ambient in SL... even going into an elevator and hearing something pleasant play
Torley Linden: quote the raven, evermore!
Torley Linden: ahhhhh.
Wyn Galbraith: Like Myst
Torley Linden: Myst is one of my faves.
Saijanai Kuhn: has anyone done a Myst Sim?
Torley Linden: including the sound design.
Vivienne Graves: Something from Eno's 'Music for Airports', say
Wyn Galbraith loved that about Myst, the sounds.
Vivienne Graves: instead of usual 'elevator music'
Torley Linden: Saijanai: YES :D
Torley Linden: Myst Uru Online island is one
Wyn Galbraith: It's a work of art, even if the first one was too easy to figure out.
starcomber Vig: oh Myst again.... now... how long did it take you to solve #1 without external help?
Wyn Galbraith puts wildlife sounds everywhere.
Orzga Aabye: i reacted to the artwork
starcomber Vig: And Riven then
Wyn Galbraith: Oh I knew the answer half way in.
Saijanai Kuhn: had a client who was an artist. She bought it for the art
Torley Linden: haha well the easiest puzzle for me in Myst was the music one
Wyn Galbraith: Riven was good. I have the last one still shrink wrapped.
Torley Linden: and the Miller brothers, so resourceful.
starcomber Vig: lol... because those were sleepless nights :))
Wyn Galbraith covers her tailfeathers.
Torley Linden: oh dear, look at the time. i'm going to leave for now -- but i wish you all well and thank each of you for coming to visit me at my office hour. :)
Saijanai Kuhn: nothing beats Cosmic Osmo
Shadowen Silvera: qarl worked on riven didnt he?
Al Sonic: :)
Torley Linden: Shadowen: yes, yes he did
Wyn Galbraith: I worked with a programmer that did a piece of Riven I think.
Lyndsey Forager: nice to see you Torley - have fun
Torley Linden: Qarl has also worked on MATRIX RELOADED special effects
Torley Linden: nice to see you too!
Shadowen Silvera: nice talking torley
Al Sonic: Goodbye then Torley!
starcomber Vig: see you next Torley
Torley Linden: take care everyone... until next time! =o) be well!!
starcomber Vig: have fun
Squirrel Wood: These hours of yours are always interesting ^^
Shadowen Silvera: please dont forget about the forum issue
Wyn Galbraith: HE kept trying to give me the clues for his part, where the seallike things are basking on the rock.
Torley Linden waves and smiles!!