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6 AM

Torley Linden: Friendly greetings!
Torley Linden: I'm sorry I'm a bit late!
Torley Linden: Login was slowwww.
Torley Linden: But, I am here... and how are you doing in 2008?
You decline Torley Linden Present :D from ribena Homewood.
Tamasin Demina: hey torley
Torley Linden: Hi Tamasin! Hi everyone!
Laetizia Coronet: Happy New Year Tor, 2008 brought me my connection to the Net back :D
Harleen Gretzky: Hi Torley :) Doing great! How about you?
CaptainJack Delcon: Greeting Torley.
Torley Linden: Doing good myself, during the holidays things were pretty quiet... which is a big contrast from my usual days at work.
Torley Linden: CaptainJack, thanks for the snowman!
CaptainJack Delcon: Sure thing buddy!
Laetizia Coronet: nice avi Torley!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: h
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hi :)
Tamasin Demina: are those lag spikes on your back?
Torley Linden: Hehe, I always like having a variety of great avatars at my Office Hours.
Torley Linden: Laetizia, I didn't know you were disconnected, but that is... frightening!
Torley Linden: LOL, just prickly hedgehog-ness, I suppose.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: sl crashing all the time, i think i need a new machine
Laetizia Coronet: I moved to Italy and here things are slooooooow
Laetizia Coronet: two months to get a phone line up... banana republic! lol
JetZep Zabelin: Hi! Torley
CaptainJack Delcon: I used to sell cute little hedgehogs at a pet store.
Torley Linden: That is crazy! How's the weather in Italy?
Torley Linden: JetZep! Hiya!
Torley Linden: CaptainJack, oh yeah? Cuuute alrite.
Torley Linden: I like little woodland critters.
Torley Linden: I wonder if anyone really thinks hedgehogs are blue because of, well, Sonic.
Laetizia Coronet: here in the south it's not too bad... 10C.. no idea what that is in Fahrenheit
JetZep Zabelin: hehe, me too
Torley Linden: And if you came here for my Office Hours last week (when I was on vacation) so I wasn't around, I apologize! But, back now.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: only mad people who spend all there life on video games
Tamasin Demina: 52?
Torley Linden: I had a white Christmas but then the snow came and went PRETTY QUICKLY for just that day... it was kind of eerie, but nice at the same time.
Torley Linden: Hahah Handmadeandroid!
Tamasin Demina: i thought double it and add 32 i might be wrong
ribena Homewood: Hey guys
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, what's that above your head? Appears to be a dialogue bubble!
Torley Linden: ribena! I'm sorry I pressed decline, can you please resend?
Torley Linden: And heyhey!
ribena Homewood: heyaz!
fukidashi v3.5: Character protrudes!
Torley Linden: JetZep, I dig the dolphin-hat?
ribena Homewood: sorry it's a little late, i started building it at the wrong timing lol
aliceinwire Bleac: hello everyone ^^
Torley Linden: I mean that definitively, but ummm wondering what it is.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: ive just only been able to sign in in the last hour my avatar was stuck inworld for 20 hours :(
aliceinwire Bleac: how are you ?
Torley Linden: Ack, how'd you get stuck for so long? Related to known issues that've been happening recently?
Torley Linden: I'm good aliceinwire, good to see you again.
ribena Homewood: nice avatar torley!
Torley Linden: That avatar doth makes me smile.
JetZep Zabelin: Thx, this dolphin hat is another really affordable nice item from grendels
Laetizia Coronet: one thing scares me Torley, I understand LL checks sometimes if IPs are still correct - but mine obviously isn't. How can i avoid being logged off?
Torley Linden: Thanx ribena, it's from the Isle of Wyrms! Who usually make, uh, wyrms AKA dragons! But, hedgehogs are nice too.
Torley Linden: Haha sweet JetZep.
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
aliceinwire Bleac: burninator ^^
Torley Linden: Laetizia: Hm, how do you mean "IPs are still correct"? Do you mean, related to us detecting online presence?
ribena Homewood gave you Torley Linden Present :D.
ribena Homewood: i tried scripting it, i went no where though loll
Laetizia Coronet: yes, it is apparently a security against identityv theft
aliceinwire Bleac: how is going your holiday torley =
aliceinwire Bleac: ?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: purchased 'airwolf' rezzed it on vehicle testing sim set a course across protected oceans to 'harvey' then i was stuck on harvey, i signed in with an alt, was so cute all my friends and i pushed the avatar across a sim border to a script sim to try and off him, lol took an hour
Laetizia Coronet: but I am still me, lol
ribena Homewood: oh and hey handmade
ribena Homewood: how's it going?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hi ribena
Torley Linden: Oh, OK Laetizia... where did you see this mentioned?
Tamasin Demina: you bought airwolf and havent bought the airwolf flightsuit with tintable visor yet???
aliceinwire Bleac:
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol no
Torley Linden: Oh wow, there's an Airwolf in Second Life? I like that theme, and the Knight Rider theme, and so many more... vehicle-powered shows have such great music.
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
Tamasin Demina: you really must
Laetizia Coronet: ummm... I think some of your colleagues mentioned it - but that was over three months back
Tamasin Demina: its awesome
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: its a nice build, ok on class 5 private sims, but anything else its a bumpy ride
ribena Homewood: Whens the next tip of the week? xD
Torley Linden: Laetizia: Yeah, I'd have to see what context that was in, because I don't know how we use that to verify identity.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: comes with a hud with all the instruments lol
Laetizia Coronet: ok Torley, I'll just wait and see then :)
Tamasin Demina: did you get the gun one?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: omg tas you have the visor
Torley Linden: *nod*
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yeah
Torley Linden: ribena: Next week, like Thursday or Friday! But yeah!
Tamasin Demina: i *made* the visor :D
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: nice work
Torley Linden: Thanx for asking... =o)
Torley Linden: Oooh... *looks around*
Torley Linden: Thanks everyone for coming to visit me... this is so nice.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: have you seen electroma daft punk film
ribena Homewood: awesome! lol i watch them like every week
Torley Linden: Visors remind me of the work of Jaron Lanier.
aliceinwire Bleac: the phot of the winterfestival :D
Torley Linden: No, but aside from that work, I'm a pretty big Daft Punk fan; don't care too much for the more repetitive stuff but I like how they sample + mix melodies.
Torley Linden: *checks out Flickr*
Torley Linden: Awww you got a picture of that, aliceinwire!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: they are clever guys
Torley Linden: Thanx, I crashed shortly after...
Torley Linden: I'm gonna fave that.
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
Torley Linden: I hope Daft Punk never overheat in their helmets and collapse on-stage... they are pretty cool helmets too.
ribena Homewood: lol
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Dizzy Banjo: greetings
aliceinwire Bleac: i like daftpunk
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: they seem loosly based around old school battlestar galactica
Randal Kline: has anyone noticed that the group's notices arent sorted by year?
Moard Ling: The Residents rock
Torley Linden: Randal, I haven't checked yet, what's a good group to look at for that?
Tamasin Demina: i like daftpunk and AIr gofrench music
aliceinwire Bleac: you have see my repro torley ?
Moard Ling: yeah 2008 at the bottom
Randal Kline: free style
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: air are vert good
Torley Linden: Handmadeandroid: THEY DO bear a Cylonic resemblance!
Dizzy Banjo: whoa there is an avalanche of water sounds going on here !
Dizzy Banjo: happy new year all :)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: the art film electroma they made is weird
SZ Piano Bench D - Duet Torley: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: Oh my gosh... hrmmm... yeah, that Notices thing sounds buggy.
JetZep Zabelin: hehe Happy New Year =)
Randal Kline: H@ppy New Ye@r
Moard Ling: is there a red strobing light on the new Knight Rider ?
Torley Linden: Happy New Year, welcome to 2008!
aliceinwire Bleac: happy new year :D
ribena Homewood: happy new freaking year!
Torley Linden: Haha, the new KITT was made out of a Cylon Centurion... WHA???
Tamasin Demina: i hope so re: knight rider
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: Yes, I saw your repro! Thanks!
ribena Homewood: knight rider has a head what's a skull on fire right?
JetZep Zabelin eats purple yogurt
Moard Ling: gotta be better than KR 2000
aliceinwire Bleac: ^^
Torley Linden: VWR-3778 is a pretty clear UI bug.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: so 80s knightrider, lol a speaking car
Tamasin Demina puts on knight rider T
Torley Linden: ribena, that's Ghost Rider!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: black leather jacket
ribena Homewood: oh that one
Torley Linden likes a lot of sci-fi and fantasy and comic books.
ribena Homewood: *+-Rofl-+*
ribena Homewood slap's himself
Torley Linden: OMG STARS!
Torley Linden: THOSE ARE GREAT!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: blade runner is my all time numero uno film
ribena Homewood: lol
ribena Homewood: i like dawn of the dead :O
Moard Ling: Read a load of Hellblazer fo mas
JetZep Zabelin: nice poofer
Torley Linden: Yes, Blade Runner is a whole vat of greatness... have you seen the Final Cut?
Dizzy Banjo: ah the new edition is awesome
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes
Torley Linden: I haven't yet but I saw an ad on TV, and was amazed.
ribena Homewood: nope
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i got the 5dvd tin
Dizzy Banjo: the extra footage is incredible
Torley Linden: I want to hear the new tracks by Vangelis too, but I hope they're good (of course I do).
Torley Linden: Haha these are fun particles!
Dizzy Banjo: its like actually being inside the film !
Torley Linden: Ahh right on, Handmade.
Torley Linden: Oh yeah Dizzy? How so?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i think its a bit star wars the extra footage
Dizzy Banjo: some of the new vangelis stuff is great
Torley Linden: Some of the oldest content in Second Life was inspired by Blade Runner.
Dizzy Banjo: some is very poor
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: just rinsing it
Moard Ling: final cut lol, thats like a Status Quo farewell tour
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
JetZep Zabelin: Torley you left your body there!
Torley Linden: Perhaps you know this, but the region Gibson is where Second Life's own Tyrell Corporation setup roots, way back in 2002.
Tamasin Demina: hahahahaha
aliceinwire Bleac: and also by steam boy
Torley Linden: That ghost caught me by surprise.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i watched a scanner darlkly this week that twisted my melons
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: Oh, I finally saw Scanner Darkly a few weeks back.
Dizzy Banjo: BR 25 ed.. has like a 45 minute outtakes section.. which is almost like an alternative mini film
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: :\
ribena Homewood: Torley, i'm thinking about applying for a linden job :D i just love helping newbies
Torley Linden: I really liked the animation style, makes me think of future Second Life post-process effects.
Moard Ling: it improved KR's looks by drawign him
Dizzy Banjo: with very different meaning
Torley Linden: That is, of course, very good to hear, ribena. :D
JetZep Zabelin: LOL I wish I could work for LL. I cant get a job where I am
aliceinwire Bleac: for helping newbie there is the volunteer
Torley Linden: I like the fiction of Philip K. Dick a lot...
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
ribena Homewood: LOL
Moard Ling: i enjoy it too much to work here
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i found a renault sim last night italian one, and the free car was the best ive driven on sl, doesnt start to fly or anything even on top gear
Torley Linden: JetZep, a number of positions are "remote" and you don't need to be in/near an office. Maybe you already know this tho and you're referring to something else!
aliceinwire Bleac: try first on volunteer if you have not try it
ribena Homewood: brb yall
Torley Linden: Handmade, oh really? What was it called?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: italia i think
aliceinwire Bleac: you can help lot of people
ribena Homewood: back
Moard Ling: mermaid ao's are teh best for flyign and driving
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: scope has made one of the buildings
Torley Linden: And that segues me into, I really like checking out kewl places in Second Life, so if you have any landmarks you'd like to share, please feel free to send them my way.
Torley Linden: *makes a note*
JetZep Zabelin: Yes, I mean in the country I'm in foreigners aren't allowed to get a local job, but I could work remotely "in the US"
ribena Homewood: lol
Torley Linden: THE GHOST IS BACK!
ribena Homewood: omg
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: but the car you rez the bogey then the script automatically rezzez the body as an attachment, very high detail but no lag...fantastic
ribena Homewood screams
JetZep Zabelin: lol
Moard Ling: i rezzed the 65536x65536 prim the other day :)
Torley Linden: Ohh JetZep, I see. :|
Torley Linden: Is that ghost spitting at me...
ribena Homewood: torley, where did you get that avatar? it's awesome
Torley Linden: Who's doing the ghost effects? So fun.
aliceinwire Bleac: ihih
Laetizia Coronet: have no fear Torley, the heroic V-Team is near!
Torley Linden: ribena, Isle of Wyrms, Daryth Kennedy and friends!
aliceinwire Bleac: me
Tamasin Demina: brb
ribena Homewood: how much was it?
Randal Kline: she has a wand !
Torley Linden: Haha Laetizia, Linden Lab's VTeam? :)
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
JetZep Zabelin: LOL!
Moard Ling: or the Vtech team
ribena Homewood: [6:17] Torley Linden: I like the fiction of Philip K. Dick a lot... omg i'm still laughing from that
Torley Linden: ribena: Why's that so funneh?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: found the sim...'Renault Italia'
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: you have to go to the wee garage at the side of the track to get a car its not obvious
Torley Linden: Thanx Handmade, good to know.
Laetizia Coronet: they have a sim???
ribena Homewood: Dick alot LOL, is it a funny insult or something he likes to be called :D
Moard Ling: what is PKD factual ?
Torley Linden: I wonder if that's official? :)
aliceinwire Bleac: yes
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm italian
Torley Linden: ribena: Oh, hahaha... yeah...
aliceinwire Bleac: the weather here is cold
Torley Linden: It just so happens, when your last name is DICK!
aliceinwire Bleac: a bit snow
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
ribena Homewood: LOL
Laetizia Coronet: I live in Italy... but too short to speak the language well
Torley Linden: Moard: Hmmm?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: im impressed if its the shape of things to come, ive always ended up sick and 230m flying in a car, not fun
aliceinwire Bleac: i speak italian
aliceinwire Bleac: if someone need it
Torley Linden: When some people think of flying cars solving traffic, they usually don't think of others who'd also have flying cars.
Moard Ling: so any predictions for 2008SL ?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i meen the lag induced flying
CaptainJack Delcon: Thats true.
JetZep Zabelin: The cars would have to be phantoms
aliceinwire Bleac: but you can fly on different area
ribena Homewood: omg
ribena Homewood: stas
ribena Homewood: stars
Torley Linden: Gosh, those stars are refreshing.
Tamasin Demina: pretend you missed me
Torley Linden: Moard, besides the usual and obvious ones, I guess I have a few which are far-fetched and fantastical.
Laetizia Coronet: I predict for 2008 that we will be beamed up by the grays
JetZep Zabelin: we missed Torly last week, some started making various rumors
Torley Linden: Hahah Laetizia, ever heard of Roo Jones? He was an early Resident UFO abductor.
Moard Ling: i saw a shooting star last night, i wished on it but it was only a sateliite
Torley Linden: JetZep, what kinda rumors?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: electronic stars are weird if you think about it the energy to make them came from stars
Laetizia Coronet: no can't say I did...
Torley Linden: Hahahah. That IS weird!
JetZep Zabelin: Rumors like you dont work for LL anymore or you slept in.. etc
JetZep Zabelin: lol
ribena Homewood: LL doesn't work like that
ribena Homewood: does it?
aliceinwire Bleac: if you click on my hat i shot stars
Torley Linden: JetZep, LOL, oh, well I did update my wiki page, but maybe that wasn't obvious enough. I should've done that sooner, yes.
Torley Linden: I changed the sign in front of Watermelinden Land so you can click that and go to my wiki page w/Office Hours schedule near the bottom.
Moard Ling: do yo think knolls will catch on ?
Torley Linden: Knolls? What knolls?
Moard Ling: google knolls
Laetizia Coronet: grassy knolls - you know, from which Presidents can be shot at
Torley Linden: These knolls, I'm not familiar with yet...
Torley Linden: *googles 'em*
Torley Linden: @_@
ribena Homewood: okay yallz
JetZep Zabelin: lol
aliceinwire Bleac: conduminium resort ?
ribena Homewood: ima go
aliceinwire Bleac: Welcome to the Knolls Condominiums Resort . . .
Moard Ling: googles googles knolls lol
Tamasin Demina: see ya ribena, have a good year, or umm eternity, year is stingey
Moard Ling: Parker Knoll
Torley Linden: I see "Google Knol".
Laetizia Coronet: I think they will spring up all over DC, frankly ;)
Tamasin Demina: Knol Edmunds? he presents deal or no deal here
Torley Linden: Hmmm Knol looks kinda like a wiki... ?
JetZep Zabelin: Knolls are better than trolls?
Dizzy Banjo gave you DynaFleur Immersive Art Installation - D.Story, D. Enfield.
Moard Ling: well its christmas Nowell (No L)
Torley Linden:
Moard Ling: lol wiki entry for knol
Tamasin Demina: Liam 'n' Knol the Oasis brothers
Moard Ling: that is a restore point
CaptainJack Delcon: Darn my friend can't atten this gathering becasue she keeps crashing for some reason.
Torley Linden: Hmmm knols seem kind of controversial.
Laetizia Coronet: knol, that is a Dutch word for a plant part, like a potato
Moard Ling: oh yes
aliceinwire Bleac: Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
Torley Linden: CaptainJack, does she keep crashing just here, or whenever she tries to login elsewhere?
Moard Ling: knolly the pacyderm
aliceinwire Bleac:
aliceinwire Bleac: lol
Torley Linden: I can't say I'm too passionate about knols yet but I'd actually like to use them and see.
Laetizia Coronet: CaptainJack, this office is rather heavy ingraphics and such
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: knol is interesting = unit of knowledge.....groups of knols must be 'meams'
CaptainJack Delcon: only when there is a lot of people around her.
Torley Linden: Haha "memes"?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: memes*
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: :)
Moard Ling: what you need is soemthing like knols for band disography's, fixed format and accurate
JetZep Zabelin: Laetizia, thats why i try to come early or else it takes me forever to rez everyone
Torley Linden: I'm not sure how knols would be advantageous over, say, Wikipedia pages aside from being easier to find via Google.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes memes
ROMSEY Homewood: hi all!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: memes are ideas that group together
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: for suvival
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: like ideas
Torley Linden: Moard: I sometimes use but I think that's oriented towards dance and electronic music.
Moard Ling: the knols are made in competetion wiuth each other :)
Torley Linden: Memememeeeee.
Moard Ling: and wiki can harvest the bobw
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lolss
Give Avro: nice textures Torley:)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka:
CaptainJack Delcon: She has been here many time for hours here with nobody around. Problem exitest in most sims..
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Dizzy Banjo: yeh discogs is cool
Torley Linden: Thanx Give!
Torley Linden: If you want free textures, Give (if you didn't already get 'em), you can click the big sign atop... let me know if you can't see it...
Torley Linden: *watches the SL sunset*
Give Avro: okay:) me know thx:)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: sl is a memeplex
HUDDLES Chat Macro: version 0.1. Click square middle button for help.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Laetizia Coronet: if you like pink and green, go get 'em ;)
aliceinwire Bleac:
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: torleys fantastic melon memeplex
Dizzy Banjo: hmm
Torley Linden: I like memes because they're often easy-to-remember.
Dizzy Banjo: yeh
aliceinwire Bleac: but i prefer junodownload
Torley Linden: Who has time to cram so many thick facts into their head?
Torley Linden: Juno download? Is that related to Juno records?
JetZep Zabelin: Me me
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: facts are cool
Torley Linden: AKA
Moard Ling: can we get a number floating above our head indicating how many 10's ks of inventory we have
Dizzy Banjo: memeplex.. lol thats cool
Tamasin Demina: 97.8% of facts are made up by hamsters
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: never lived junos output to trancey
aliceinwire Bleac:
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
Torley Linden: Haha Moard, you know what, I wanted that a long time ago. I'm not sure if it's possible to do that.
aliceinwire Bleac: you can see my ep
Torley Linden: Oooh aliceinwire, kewl...
Torley Linden: Handmadeandroid: Are you thinking of another Juno, Juno Reactor? Ben Watkins and friends, who scored some of The Matrix?
aliceinwire Bleac: contamination
Moard Ling: do you the hamster is one of the longets living animals ...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes old school back in the day
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i was more into novamute
Torley Linden: Wow, Juno has a download site, and they are affiliated with their records shoppe, I didn't know this... *bookmarks alice's page*
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: dribbling in the corner lol
Torley Linden: Novamute? Like Richie Hawtin?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yeah
aliceinwire Bleac: also the MOS torley ^^
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hes my back in the day idle
Torley Linden: I like Richie Hawtin a lot.
Torley Linden: I can't wait to see what he comes up with next...
Moard Ling: co when kid stake tehm home from school they enivtabnly die and get replaced
Torley Linden: "The Tunnel" is one of my all-time fave tracks. It doesn't have much in the way of a melody, but it's got SUCH A MOOD.
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: I tried to do a parody once of the video in SL, using prims...
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: Welcome aboard all ye who have just come here!
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: Far, great colors. =o)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: for richie now...
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, you're really being distributed eh?
Give Avro: hehe the gift box:)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka:
Torley Linden: I want to see Philip Glass and Richie Hawtin collaborate.
CaptainJack Delcon: Im thinking my friend has a video card issue. might be the problem. Funny thing is im using the WindLight viewer on a very old system. Mac mini G4 w/ OS.10.3.9...
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm under label
Torley Linden: CaptainJack: Hmmm what graphics card does your friend have? Updated to newest drivers and everything?
Tamasin Demina: did you check out the happy mondays torley?
CaptainJack Delcon: yea. all uptodate.
Torley Linden: I like electro because it's good to breakdance to.
Torley Linden: Tamasin: I've heard of them but am not in-depth familiar.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: ive been crashing a lot recently
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: sl just drops
aliceinwire Bleac: i make brakdance
Moard Ling: like this
Laetizia Coronet: Ic realize this is not the spot... but electronic music does almost nothing for me
Tamasin Demina: i told about them the other week cos of the "twistin my melon man" line
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: That's OK, Laetizia!
Torley Linden: What are your fave kinds of music, Laetizia?
Lexa Pro: torley! you're alive! =)
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Torley Linden: Lexa, yes! I'm sorry if you came during the holidays and I wasn't around, I was on vacation, I shoulda been more clear about that!
Laetizia Coronet: I am a jazz person with a love also for some rock
Laetizia Coronet: and even old skool gangsta rap :)
Lexa Pro: it's cool, everyone deserves some r&r sometimes.
aliceinwire Bleac:
JetZep Zabelin: I'm a classical guitarist
Torley Linden: Ooooh.
CaptainJack Delcon: Every one was on vaction...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: im a techno deciple :P
Torley Linden: Some of these would look perfectly in-place in SL...
Dizzy Banjo: speaking of electronic music : < here is a stream of the music from DynaFleur I composed :)
Torley Linden: Oooh.
JetZep Zabelin: hehe Banjo.. nice name
aliceinwire Bleac: torley you know spiral tribe ??
Torley Linden: I've heard of them but am not closely familiar, aliceinwire.
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm on the new underground label of that group
Torley Linden: Ahhh.
aliceinwire Bleac: people like ixindamix crystal distortion
aliceinwire Bleac: crazy people
Torley Linden: :D
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: I used to participate in raves a decade ago or so.
JetZep Zabelin: Torley did you ever play Natural Selection?
Laetizia Coronet: I used to sing in a jazz club around the same time :)
Torley Linden: JetZep: No I haven't, what is that, exactly?
Torley Linden: I like improvisation in jazz...
Torley Linden: freeform creation.
JetZep Zabelin: Its a half-life mod by NS studios
aliceinwire Bleac: they have make the most big rave in uk with 10000 people
Dizzy Banjo: Natural Selection is cool
Laetizia Coronet: yes, that is the key to jazz... the freedom of it!
Moard Ling: "improvisation in jazz" lol isnt that liek a core dump in BSOD
JetZep Zabelin: Aliens vs. space marines with commander mode
Tamasin Demina: if it has any more than three chords its jazz
Torley Linden: I've wanted to play The Orange Box and all the fun within, but haven't had a chance. Some of the mods look amazing.
Laetizia Coronet: it's more like "white snow" as jazz IS improvisation
Torley Linden: Oooh, JetZep, Aliens as in, the movie Alien?
aliceinwire Bleac:
Dizzy Banjo: portal is just so cool Torley you have to play it
Torley Linden: Moard: Haha, well I know "Guru Meditation Error" is from Amiga errors.
aliceinwire Bleac: emh 40000 people sorry
Dizzy Banjo: i was awed by it
Moard Ling: yeah red on bnalck much more assuring
JetZep Zabelin: not quit like Aliens.. they look more like aliens converted from warcraft
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: as i was saying ive been crashing a lot lol
CaptainJack Delcon: I love improvisation in Jazz music.
Torley Linden: I've seen videos of Portal, Portal seems to be a standout gem because of how well so many elements are balanced.
aliceinwire Bleac: on the castlemorton rave
Torley Linden: The voice-acting of GlaDOS is iconic now.
Dizzy Banjo: i actually spoke to the NS Studio guys about doing music for NS2.. it may still happen
Torley Linden: Ahhh JetZep. I remember when some people joked, "Starcraft is orcs in space"! LOL.
Torley Linden: Oooh really Dizzy?
Torley Linden: That sounds like quite an opportunity.
JetZep Zabelin: Zerglings! lol
Laetizia Coronet: lol @ orcs in swpace
Dizzy Banjo: well its an amateur ( ish ) mod.. but very well done
aliceinwire Bleac:
Dizzy Banjo: so it would be a freebie from me.. lol.. but i really liked the game
Chase Marellan: That would be very cool, Dizzy, hope you get it.
Moard Ling: Does Beaker work for LL
Torley Linden: Yeah, it's important to be passionate about your work.
Torley Linden: Beaker? The muppet? No.
Torley Linden: We've tried to hire him, but he keeps going "MEEP MEEP!"
Moard Ling: he should do
Laetizia Coronet: lol
Dizzy Banjo: ah hi chase didnt see you there
Torley Linden: ;0
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Tamasin Demina: my maths teacher was beaker
Chase Marellan: I've been hiding. :)
Torley Linden: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is such a great name too.
Torley Linden: Heya Chase!
Laetizia Coronet: Beaker! what memories
Chase Marellan: Hey, Torley!
Chase Marellan: Hi, all. :)
aliceinwire Bleac: you can download for free some good song in this site
aliceinwire Bleac: also live
Torley Linden: I wonder if there's a page with thumbnails of Muppets and all their names...
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, thanx for sharing.
Chase Marellan: I love that you can translate the Google interface into "Swedish chef".
Laetizia Coronet: I liked the Sweidsh Chef most though
Moard Ling: The Hoobs rock too
Tamasin Demina: i saw3 muppets babies avatars at alien nation 2.0
Torley Linden: ORSHY BORSKY!
Torley Linden: Haha yeah Chase.
JetZep Zabelin: I saw some Muppet avatars too, but I forget where
Torley Linden: I think that stems from an older kind of computer joke...
Moard Ling is reminded to watch saw4
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: fraggle rock lol
Tamasin Demina: oh I made my first slightly offensive avatar the other day!
Laetizia Coronet: I'd like to see a tadler and Waldorf go to Linden office hours :D
CaptainJack Delcon: I have a stuffed "Beeker " Doll behind my chair.
JetZep Zabelin: lol
Torley Linden: SAW 4 looks creepy but have you heard of The Poughkeepsie Tapes? @_@
Torley Linden: How was it "slightly offensive", Tamasin?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: saw 3 did my head in
Tamasin Demina: well
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: Laetizia: "It was awful!" "It was terrible!"
Tamasin Demina: its Osama Bin Linden
Laetizia Coronet: exactly lol
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol tamasin
Chase Marellan groans at the pun.
Moard Ling:
Tamasin Demina: so you might be offended if you lack the humour
Laetizia Coronet: "Was it? I slept through the whole thing!"
Torley Linden: I wonder if anyone's actually made a Statler & Waldorf as avatars... it'd be fun to see a duo go around as them. You'd need an animation overrider to emulate their walk tho, or they'd look totally FAKE.
Torley Linden: Oh gosh, what a pun... Tamasin... haha.
Moard Ling: saw "the prestige" and "the page turner" great films
Chase Marellan: hahahaha!
Torley Linden: Jokes about Osama remind me of the trailer for Harold & Kumar 2.
Torley Linden: That movie is so politically incorrect.
Lexa Pro: i liked what i saw of the prestige.
Lexa Pro still needs to see the harold and kumar trailer.
Torley Linden: The Prestige had music by Philip Glass, I think? Or was that another?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: philip glass lol
Lexa Pro stood next to philip glass at a urinal once
Dizzy Banjo: i saw an article about democrat candidates the other day.... called "OBAMA vs OSAMA"
Torley Linden: Oh, I was thinking of The Illusionist.
Torley Linden: Really Lexa? HAHAHA!
Lexa Pro: yep.
aliceinwire Bleac shouts: i love juno reactor and welle erdball
Torley Linden: Dizzy: What they do to people's names!
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Laetizia Coronet: bweuh... Osama -> Obama
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: I like Juno Reactor's "Pistolero", it's one of my faves.
Chase Marellan: That's almost too good for them to pass up, though.
Tamasin Demina: comes with cave, video camera, and a bomb with ao that sticks in your ass
Laetizia Coronet: cheap joke
Lexa Pro: i didn't sneak a look at his package or nothin', but i did notice that he washed his hands for an awfully long time afterwards.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Torley Linden: Tamasin: Goodness gracious.
Torley Linden: Lexa: Hahahahaha... seriously?
aliceinwire Bleac: conga fury ?
Lexa Pro: dead serious.
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: Lexa: Ever see the video on YouTube, "Philip Glass buys a loaf of bread?"
Ric Morgath shouts: hill on the grar
Tamasin Demina gave you Bin Linden AV.
Torley Linden: Thanx Tamasin.
Dizzy Banjo: give me Reich anyday over Glass..
Moard Ling: are we safe from norovirus hgere
aliceinwire Bleac:
Tamasin Demina: like so
Lexa Pro: i was at a benefit at webster hall that he was playing, my girlfriend at the time was friendly with the band psychotica, and startlingly, they were both on the same bill.
aliceinwire Bleac: juno reactor song for anchestor
Torley Linden: Tamasin, the face is pretty close... he looks like a bent-over Popeye!
JetZep Zabelin: Osama surfs?
Lexa Pro: and nope, never seen philip glass buys a loaf of bread.
Torley Linden: Oh there we go, different colors.
Laetizia Coronet: JetZep Alaeda is all over the web
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Torley Linden: Dizzy: I like how Reich's music inspired Tangerine Dream's "Love on a Real Train"... which is one of my alltime faves.
Laetizia Coronet: AlQaeda that is
aliceinwire Bleac: my fav movie and song
Torley Linden: Lexa: I like how Philip Glass has been friendly towards the comtemporary music world.
Chase Marellan: I love Tangerine Dream.
Dizzy Banjo: ah havent heard the tangerine for a while...
JetZep Zabelin: I know, I took alqaeda for a run-around the web a few years ago to waste their time
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i think hyperboria is the best tangerine dream album
Dizzy Banjo reminisces about narcotic tinged early years .... lol
JetZep Zabelin: jk
Lexa Pro: i just found my tapes of "stratosfear and "cyclone"
Torley Linden: I actually haven't heard that one yet, but I used to go through my email and listen to Phaedra.
Torley Linden: All those evolving chord sequences, arpeggiators, ah.
aliceinwire Bleac: AVALON
Chase Marellan: Last one I heard was "the Secret music of", I think, and I was a bit disappointed.
Laetizia Coronet: I translated a book about them, right about when the SL-terror scare was going
Moard Ling: cant stop play htis emabassred to name it
Torley Linden: You translated a Tangerine Dream book, Laetizia?
Laetizia Coronet: I keep playing Tom Browne's Jamaica Funk on YouTube
Marianne McCann: Moard - I recently got hooked on some of the "misheard lyrics" ones
Laetizia Coronet: no Torley a book on AlQaeda
JetZep Zabelin: The web was an amazing propaganda tool, you could actually get results
Torley Linden: Haha Sugarbabes, there IS a good DJ Hyper remix of one of their songs, I think.
Marianne McCann: on YouTube.
Torley Linden: Oh Laetizia, I see!
aliceinwire Bleac: you ahve see avalon torley ?
Torley Linden: Avalon in Second Life, aliceinwire? Or the movie by the maker of Ghost in the Shell?
Torley Linden: If it's the movie, no.
aliceinwire Bleac: the movie
Torley Linden: I've seen the trailer and that's the extent of my experience... for now... muhaha.
aliceinwire Bleac: oh bad bad
Gambino Convair gave you Torley is the BEST!!!.
aliceinwire Bleac: you have to see it
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
Moard Ling: as bad a s "The Holiday" ?
Torley Linden: It's funny how Shirow puts a basset hound in just about every movie.
Torley Linden: Was it a pretty exciting movie, aliceinwire?
Moard Ling: i cried at that ... when i saw its length
Torley Linden: I heard some folk say it was boring... compared to The Matrix.
Marianne McCann: My favoe YouTube right now, for obvious reasons:
aliceinwire Bleac: yea and is a bit of second life
Torley Linden: The Holiday, haven't seen that... wow, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black in the same film.
aliceinwire Bleac: a 3d virtual world
Torley Linden: Oh nice pictures, Mari!
aliceinwire Bleac: you ahve to see it torley yes yes
Torley Linden: Ah, memories... every time a video or picture of Second Life gets uploaded.
Marianne McCann: Ziggy Quirk took most of them
Laetizia Coronet: oh come on, a 3d virtual world... as if! What will they think of next!
Moard Ling: Jack black plays a soundtrack composer
Torley Linden: Ziggy Quirk gave me some fun bears!
Torley Linden: Laetizia: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: Some things are just too obvious.
Marianne McCann: I'd love to see it in actual video, though. I do the shows, I never get to ssee the shows
Dizzy Banjo: yeh ive seen that holiday film.. so bad.. lol
Torley Linden: *always remembers Jack Black in his Saturday Night Live performances*
Marianne McCann: Oh ya, I love Ziggy's bears. But I kinda collect em
aliceinwire Bleac: and steam boy ?
Torley Linden: If you haven't seen and like Jack Black, it's a MUST.
Marianne McCann loves the ones in her hands right now the mostest
Torley Linden: I haven't seen Steam Boy, wasn't too enthralled by the visual style, but I do like some Japanese cinematics like... what was that... Appleseed RULED.
Torley Linden: And I also like Casshern, the live-action movie.
Moard Ling: is that JB withthe haircuit ?
Torley Linden: Those special effects done on like US$13 million (correct me if I'm wrong) went a far way. That had killer robots, kickass action sequences, social commentary, and gorgeous aesthetics.
Torley Linden: Moard: He's on the left at the beginning.
JetZep Zabelin: I better start going to see more movies, I feel like I"m bein left behind
Moard Ling: ah yes
Moard Ling: that was wil lferreel
Chase Marellan: Dizzy, I've got that DynaFleur stream up; very atmosphereic, I love it. When does that open?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: this guy blew my mind
Laetizia Coronet: 13 million dollar social comment? Imagine how many African kids you can feed with that :-/
Tamasin Demina: ah see y'all later gonna go get some work done xxxx
Dizzy Banjo: tomorrow officially
Chase Marellan: See ya, tamasin
Torley Linden: Laetizia: The whole notion of money is a folly to some. It always invites discussion. For the same reason I feel similarly when people do nasty things on the Internet...
Chase Marellan: Cool.
Torley Linden: I think, "Gosh, you're so lucky to have a computer in the first place, many people would love to have one but don't."
Marianne McCann: Oh ya
Torley Linden: I have a definite leaning towards pragmatism and efficiency but not without fun. =)
Torley Linden: But at the same time, I like using technology to help others.
JetZep Zabelin: Yes, count your blessings
Laetizia Coronet: oh I was just being nasty... sometimes it irks me when some big star gives 10,00 to a good cause while many give more of their income, percentagewise
Give Avro shouts: torley look this:):)
Torley Linden: *nods*
Laetizia Coronet: as for internet... there's fools everywhere
Torley Linden: *looks*
Torley Linden: Yup, a lot of problems in Second Life aren't SL-specific... they're human behavior.
Marianne McCann: Uh huh
JetZep Zabelin: =)
CaptainJack Delcon: I know of people in Africa that have one computer conneceted to the interent wirelessly.
Torley Linden shouts: That's a nice sign, Give. I've seen Gambino's earlier version of it, it's making me blush! I don't think I'm that lofty! =)
Dizzy Banjo: yes.. infact SL is very very very good at revealing aspects of human behaviour
CaptainJack Delcon: For the whole tribe.
Marianne McCann: It's like dat old cartoon diagram of takin a person an adding the anonymity of the internet to make them a jerk
Moard Ling: unlike carring my own housing estate in my ppocket
Dizzy Banjo: good and bad behaviour
Give Avro shouts: yeah sure have it Gambino make:D
Torley Linden: Marianne: Oh yeah, I've seen that one, the Penny Arcade one.
Marianne McCann: Ya, dat's the one, Torley. An very very true. Anywhere on the 'net, including here.
Dizzy Banjo fiddles with stream...
Moard Ling: reminds me of red dwarf where they get a time travel device
Torley Linden: Addictions of various sorts can often manifest unmasked behavior...
Moard Ling: and they go 3 million yeas intot he past
Torley Linden: *digs time travel*
Moard Ling: but are stiull inm outer space
Torley Linden: It got so quiet!
Marianne McCann: I tink I'd love to be abel to time travel. I';d really like to visit the summer of 1964 for a while
Laetizia Coronet: there is a great French movie about time travel... some people wanting to kill Napoleon because he is ultimately responsible for WWI they figure
Moard Ling: Does "Memento" count as time travel ?
Laetizia Coronet: WWII
Torley Linden: Ah there we go... =D
aliceinwire Bleac:
CaptainJack Delcon: I love time travel. Im doing it right now...
Torley Linden: Moard, hmmm... not in a sci-fi sense, I think, but it was certainly depicted non-linearly.
Laetizia Coronet: in the end one kills his own great grandfather and subsequently disappears himself
Torley Linden: "Here's a time travel machine! Sleep in it and you'll come out 8 hours ahead in the future." "But, it's a bed!"
Laetizia Coronet: if I rememeber correctly
CaptainJack Delcon: "memento" is time displacement.
Marianne McCann giggles
Torley Linden: Laetizia, I wonder which one that is.
Laetizia Coronet: lol
Lexa Pro: i still need to see the linear edit of "memento" that's an easter egg on one of the versions of the dvd.
JetZep Zabelin: I like the old classic movie Time machine (i forget the name)
Laetizia Coronet: Torley, I really don't know, i should try to find it
Moard Ling: I imagine if there was time travel there would be a tax on it and a busienss class
Laetizia Coronet: it was smartly done
Torley Linden: Oh yeah Lexa, I heard that advertised heavily when it cxame out.
Torley Linden: I like the movie 12 Monkeys a LOT.
Marianne McCann: JetZep - the old adaptation of the H.G. Wells?
Torley Linden: One of my alltime faves, for time travel.
Moard Ling: 12:01 is good
Torley Linden: I saw the recent Time Machine adaptation with Guy Pearce (who was in Memento, haha).
CaptainJack Delcon: oh whats the time travle movie that came out on DVD last year?
Torley Linden: *loves connections*
Moard Ling: "The jacket"
Dizzy Banjo: does anyone here have a nike + iPod kit ?
JetZep Zabelin: Marianne, yes. Especially when the environment is changing so fast as time goes back
Laetizia Coronet: Moard, definitely taxed, and there would be prostesters against it for religious and/or environmental reasons
Torley Linden: CaptainJack: Any more details you remember about it?
Torley Linden: There was A Sound of Thunder, loosely based on Ray Bradbury, but I heard the movie stunk.
Marianne McCann: Oh ya, JetZep. Great scene
CaptainJack Delcon: Cop watch time in the past to get the killer ..
Marianne McCann: Ya, Torley. It stunk up the room. Shame, cuz it's a great little story
Torley Linden: I like seeing timelapse sequences a lot... anyone here familiar with Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka?
JetZep Zabelin: Baraka is great
Torley Linden: It's been my hope that as machinima advances, full timelapse movies will be made with gorgeous music.
Torley Linden: CaptainJack: Hmmm... Deja Vu I think?
CaptainJack Delcon: It was a boat the blew up..
Marianne McCann loved koyaanisquatsi
Dizzy Banjo: im thinking of setting up a group of nike + ipod users.. in SL
CaptainJack Delcon: Yea Deja Vu thats it.
Moard Ling: is the first in the Qatsi trilogy of films: it is followed by Powaqqatsi (1988) and Naqoyqatsi (2002).
Laetizia Coronet: I have to run people... it's great to be here again
Torley Linden: JetZep: I like the part in Baraka where all those tribesmen are sitting and going "THUKTHUKTHUK" with their hands out.
Moard Ling: NOPE
JetZep Zabelin: I havent seen Koyaanisqatsi... you actually know how to spell that? +D
Torley Linden: Moard, aye, I have yet to see the other two, so hard to spell those names!
Dizzy Banjo: ah yes that will be great especially with windlight day cycle speeds etc
JetZep Zabelin: LOL
Torley Linden: But yeah JetZep, after repeatedly typing it out, I've heard.
Torley Linden: Er, I've learned.
Torley Linden: Dizzy: YES!
Torley Linden: And great to have ya, Laetizia, be well!
Marianne McCann: Powasquatsi an, um... the other
CaptainJack Delcon: In theroy that is possable.
Torley Linden: Koyaanisqatsi also has a very catchy theme song that was interpreted by Rob Hubbard for the Commodore 64 game Delta.
Laetizia Coronet: arrivederci!
JetZep Zabelin: bye Laetizia, see you around
Torley Linden: "Koy", "Pow", and "Naq".
Moard Ling: Thats phillip glass again
Marianne McCann: Ya, Naq...
Marianne McCann: Ya know... someone could totally do the time lapse thing to music in here with Windlight. It would be cool.
Torley Linden: Mari, that sweater sure looks cozy. That's a great wool-like look.
Dizzy Banjo goes back to fiddling with stream on otehr machine.. brb
Torley Linden: Yeah, I have done a few WindLight timelapse experiments but never a whole movie.
Torley Linden: Like
Marianne McCann: Thankoo. Robin's been doin these fairly regularly. I'll see to t one ends up on ya
Moard Ling: Torley is there any way to promote a unit of clothing ?
Torley Linden: I want to show more scenes like avatar crowds in clubs and all that, tho.
Moard Ling: from shirt to jacket
JetZep Zabelin: I saw the timelapse one at the welcome area
Torley Linden: How do you mean, "Promote", Moard?
Torley Linden: Ooh kewl Mari.
Marianne McCann: All hand drawn too, not photosources. She's... obsessive in a good way
Torley Linden: JetZep: Ah yes, I remember that one.
Moard Ling: undershirt to shirt
Torley Linden: Mari, yeah, I'd feel more ownership in creating something original without having copied it from an existing design.
CaptainJack Delcon: The faster you move, the slower your time becomes. Hence time speeds up for you.
Torley Linden: Moard, not currently unless you have the original clothing texture and just apply it to a different clothing item type.
Marianne McCann: Likewise. More an more I like to avoid photosourcing when I can
Marianne McCann: It has a good time an place, but I end up happier overall
JetZep Zabelin: I need a new wacom before I could start making any texture worthwile
Torley Linden: What sort of Wacom are you looking at, JetZep?
Marianne McCann: I'm takin the week off of MacWorld Expo an gonna be doing a ton of stuff, I hope.
JetZep Zabelin: I had a 17" wacom a while back it was great
Torley Linden: I have an Intuos3 and it's been pretty good to me over the last year+ I've had it.
Moard Ling: 17 "
Torley Linden: Ah have fun there, Mari! Someday I'd like to attend one of those.
Torley Linden: I'm a big fan of some Mac authors, like David Pogue.
JetZep Zabelin: Intuos3 is another brand? I should check it out
Marianne McCann: Thankoo, Torley. I hope to come home with a new desktop
Torley Linden: Intuos3 is from Wacom, it's been a reliable mid-range workhorse.
CaptainJack Delcon: intuos is good.
JetZep Zabelin: oic =)
Torley Linden: Wacom's high-end is Cintiq and their entry-ones are Bamboo.
Moard Ling: A4 £450
Torley Linden: But, really, despite the labels, use what works best for you.
JetZep Zabelin: I forget what mine was, I got it in a trade for some graphic design work in the 90s
Marianne McCann: Yup. Dat's why platform wars is so silly
Torley Linden: Ahhh.
CaptainJack Delcon: Any Wacom is better than a mouse andy day.
Marianne McCann has a Mac and a PC in front of me right now
Moard Ling: i fot a xp-pen for £15 form argos
JetZep Zabelin: Trades can sometimes be the best deals.. or the worst =P
Torley Linden: I use PCs a lot and I have a Mac laptop; I'd use Linux more if I had specific usages for it but I'm in favor of making informed choices.
Torley Linden: Aye, JetZep.
Torley Linden: Sometimes too what matters is not just the traded item, but the stories that go along with it.
Torley Linden: When you look back, you may have a fun tale to tell of how something came to be!
Torley Linden: ;)
JetZep Zabelin: yeah =)
Torley Linden: I was surprised that the Wacom Direct store had the best US price I could find for extra stylus nibs.
Moard Ling: No one will ever believe what can happen in here
Torley Linden: They had good shipping too, I'm pleased from that one experience.
Torley Linden: Hahaha Moard.
Torley Linden: Second Life seems pretty out there if you describe it to someone who's never seen a computer before. Even lots of people familiar with computers still think it's pretty wild.
Torley Linden: In time though, this changes.
Moard Ling: i think to any sane person it sounds way out there
Torley Linden: You have a very good point.
Marianne McCann: I ain't even tried to 'splain SL to my real life mommy an daddy. They can hardly manage e-mail
JetZep Zabelin: When I found SL , I was like wow here it is.. didnt think something like it existed yet
Moard Ling: trying expalingin what your 20k is composed of
Moard Ling: inv is composed of
Torley Linden: LOL!
Torley Linden: That's SO true!
Torley Linden: I found SL during a downpoint in my life, so looking back, it was kind of like Neuromancer... where Case is on hard times and jacks into the Matrix.
CaptainJack Delcon: Hey Torley, is there a team that is working on making the UI more user friendly. I love the new Graphics slider in WL.
Moard Ling: you ever feel down in SL go and see the band "FIRENDLY FIRE" guaranteed entertainment
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
JetZep Zabelin: hehe =) Glad to see things turn out so beautifully
Torley Linden: CaptainJack: There sure is, and it's called the Resident Experience Team. Are you familiar with Project Dazzle too?
Marianne McCann: Torley - likewise. An frankly, dis is sorta what I always hoped the net woudl be
Torley Linden: and Benjamin Linden is head of RX Team. I'm like a peripheral member.
Torley Linden: Which graphics slider did you particularly like, CaptainJack?
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
CaptainJack Delcon: no I'll look into it.. I have some ideas for them...
aliceinwire Bleac: and i'm in the project tooo :D
Torley Linden: Ahhh OK, yeah, Benjamin has weekly Office Hours so you can meet him inworld too.
Torley Linden: Yup, aliceinwire's been helping us!
aliceinwire Bleac: ^^
CaptainJack Delcon: The one in Prefers.. and also like the option to custom my setting as I learn more about the viewer..
JetZep Zabelin: aliceinwire i think youre amazing
aliceinwire Bleac: now i'm making a translation of the viwer
aliceinwire Bleac: looong work
Marianne McCann: Wow
Moard Ling: teh new search is cool for freebie shopping
aliceinwire Bleac: thx jetzep
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
Torley Linden: Ah yes CaptainJack, yeah, we totally overhauled the Graphics tabs in there. We plan to add more simplicity like that.
CaptainJack Delcon: I have lots of friend that would love SL but its a steap learning curve.
aliceinwire Bleac: you too ^^
aliceinwire Bleac: we are all amazing
JetZep Zabelin: =)
aliceinwire Bleac: we are all made of stars :D
Torley Linden: I'd like to thank each and all of you for coming to my Office Hour, and welcome to a New Year in 2008! I've got to go for now and continue other work, but I'll be back here at 2 PM today for my next Office Hour if you'd like to come!
Torley Linden: (aliceinwire, that's like the Moby song!)
Chase Marellan: See you, Torley!
aliceinwire Bleac: yeah :D
aliceinwire Bleac: i like moby song
JetZep Zabelin: Great work Torley
CaptainJack Delcon: I plan to teach people on hour to get there captains licecen in SL.
aliceinwire Bleac: my music work is pretty similar
Marianne McCann: Captainjack. I dun so much look at is as steep, as one that requirres a helping hand sometimes.
Marianne McCann: Have fun, Torley!
CaptainJack Delcon: Ok by torley.
Marianne McCann: Steep to me is Blender
JetZep Zabelin: I keep learning about scripting
Torley Linden: Bye for now, and thanx! =^_^=

2 PM

ribena Homewood: hey torley!
Memnoch Matzerath: yaaay!
Squirrel Wood: Yayzerama!
jazz Applemoor: Party ....
ribena Homewood: omfg he rocks
Memnoch Matzerath: heyoo torley
Torley Linden: Y'all be rezzing in for me... welcome to 2008!
Wyn Galbraith: Torley!
Torley Linden: Hayooo hiyaaaaaz.
Ssslith Snook: Hello.
jazz Applemoor: WOO!!!!
jazz Applemoor: :)
Torley Linden: Nice to see you all here already!
Torley Linden: Yayzerama!
icktoofay Kamachi: hi torley!
Torley Linden: How's each and everyone doing?
Wyn Galbraith: That's so cute.
icktoofay Kamachi: great
Ssslith Snook: Not too shabby.
ribena Homewood: i know, i so want his avatar
Squirrel Wood: fine fine ^^
jazz Applemoor: couldn't be better ... and yourself?
icktoofay Kamachi: i've been waiting for a long time to meet a linden :D
Torley Linden: I'm excellent, thanx.
Torley Linden: Oh really, icktoofay! Does that mean I'm your first?
icktoofay Kamachi: yea
Memnoch Matzerath: hee, I see them all the time, they sneak into the shop like ninja
ribena Homewood: woohoo!
Torley Linden: Pleased to be that, then.
ribena Homewood: i've met a couple of lindens
Torley Linden: Memnoch, haha, yeah, there's this ongoing joke... well it's a healthy joke... new Lindens shoppin' at Grendel's Children.
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
icktoofay Kamachi: i love your video tutorials, torley
jazz Applemoor: same here
Memnoch Matzerath: I've noticed. XD
Wyn Galbraith: They are the cat's meow, Torley.
ribena Homewood: Philip Linden, Aki Linden, Elle Linden and Lexie linden and now you :D
Torley Linden: Thanx a lot for watching, icktoofay! Any suggestions for future video tutorials?
Torley Linden: Ah, nice ribena. I know all of them and of course they are nice folks. =)
icktoofay Kamachi: ack
ribena Homewood: Philip's awesom
Torley Linden: I was asking Lexie the other day for Volunteer advice.
ribena Homewood: awesome*
Torley Linden: Philip is the founder of Linden Lab!
ribena Homewood: was you?
ribena Homewood: i know
tucor Capalini: New opportunity with Linden Trading cards?:)
ribena Homewood: that's the good bit!
Squirrel Wood: Linden Bears! ^^
Wyn Galbraith: I was thinking Linden Cutouts.
Squirrel Wood: You just gotta own them ^^
ribena Homewood: i got Aki's linden bear
Torley Linden: Hehe... hmmm... Linden trading cards and bears used to be circulated and promoted a lot... we haven't made a conscious effort in awhile but 'twas Nicole Linden who started off that fun.
ribena Homewood: anyone want a copy?
Torley Linden: I've seen some cutouts of various Lindens.
Memnoch Matzerath: Kona cracked me up when he was last in shop.Deleting our floor panels!
ribena Homewood: i've seen the screaming Lee Linden
ribena Homewood: that's funny as hell
Torley Linden: :O Why, Memnoch?
Squirrel Wood gave you Ruthed Torley.
jazz Applemoor: he he --- hows that for attraction to a shop ... a linden cut-out standing at your store :)
Torley Linden: Lee's a very veteran Linden... he's been around since... 2002, 2003 I think?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Wyn Galbraith: They we can be surrounded by Lindens when ever we want. :D
Torley Linden: Haha picture of Ruthed Torley, that's great.
Torley Linden: I have a deliberate ruth avatar too.
ribena Homewood: I started second life in 2003-2004, i was banned in 2004
Torley Linden: It's funny when they're interactive cutouts...
Torley Linden: X_X
Torley Linden: I like the Wyn cutout. :)
Memnoch Matzerath: He accidently clicked around, returned a tile, flea goes, "what the heck" So we went downstairs and cracked much jokes at him., :D
Wyn Galbraith: You can take one.
Kerry Giha: hehe that is like wearing a missing texture shiry
Torley Linden: Got one!
Kerry Giha: shirt
ribena Homewood: Torley?
Wyn Galbraith: I won't be able to do office hours anymore. Starting a day job next week.
icktoofay Kamachi: i crashed ;(
Squirrel Wood: Eeep
ribena Homewood: Could you send me a landmark for the place you get your awesome avatars? xD
Torley Linden: Awe Wyn, what's the day job? I think you mentioned some about this before?
Torley Linden: ribena, my avatars come from many sources, but I'm sure my Grendel's Children-created ones, Memnoch can show the way and tell ya all about it. :)
ribena Homewood: :D
Wyn Galbraith: Full time, in the City. Can't really say which company, but it's a good one.
Torley Linden: Or if you use Search for "grendel"... I have a lot of neat Grendel Torleyized variants, I'm really quite thrilled.
Torley Linden: Gotcha, good to hear that, Wyn!
icktoofay Kamachi gave you Torley Linden Sign.
Memnoch Matzerath: Hee, this is true... might be a bit overwhelming
Squirrel Wood: good jobs are rare ^^
ribena Homewood: brb yall
Memnoch Matzerath: we have over 900 items, last count...
Wyn Galbraith: I've been working evenings for a couple of months, now moving to days.
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: "You shouldn't have broken that -- it was a good brick." -- Link to Ed, as they sifted through the rubble of a burned-up house.
Torley Linden: Hey icktoofay, that's a nice sign, thank-you.
Torley Linden: :)
icktoofay Kamachi: your welcome :D
Torley Linden: I like how you stylized the loops on the letters... I'm a big fan of good typography...
ribena Homewood: Did you look at the thing i made you Torley?
Torley Linden: ribena, what was it named?
Torley Linden: I think I asked you to resend but I didn't get a copy?
Torley Linden: Sorry if I missed it.
ribena Homewood gave you Torley Linden Present :D.
Torley Linden: Thanx! Got it now.
ribena Homewood: it's a late happy new year present :P
Failed to place object at specified location. Please try again.
ribena Homewood: Basicly all of my linden friends got one lol
Torley Linden: Aww thanks ribena!
Torley Linden: :D
ribena Homewood: xD
Squirrel Wood: Hello Zen ^^
Zen Linden: don't mind me, i'm just focusing on some stairs :)
Torley Linden: Welcome everyone!
Wyn Galbraith: Hello Zen, trade you a cutout of me for a your bear.
Torley Linden: Heya Zen! Haha, oh yeah, that bug...
ribena Homewood: Glad you like it :D i love building stuff like that :DDD
Torley Linden: Gosh, it just bit me moments before you got here, Zen... I have other repro locations too, like even the Brampton stage we use for WindLight Office Hours.
ribena Homewood: On your last video tip of the week
Zen Linden: ack! Yes! Bear! Keep bugging me! I need to do that once my rsi dies down
Zen Linden: yeah, i may head to brampton
Zen Linden: i remember it there
ribena Homewood: Who was that guy in the distance
Torley Linden: Hope your hands + forearms feel better soon, Zen!
ribena Homewood: I've seen him before
Torley Linden: :)
icktoofay Kamachi: whoa, two lindens here :D
ribena Homewood: where?
Torley Linden: ribena, that was Gambino! He made a nice sign for me too.
ribena Homewood: oh gambino comvair?
Torley Linden: Yes.
Torley Linden: You know him?
ribena Homewood: Yup i'm a good friend of his
Torley Linden: Zen has been doing awesome work on WindLight.
ribena Homewood: thought i've seen him from somewhere in that suit
Torley Linden: *eyes the "Mmmm. BUGS!" sign*
Wyn Galbraith got a new computer and has been captured by Windlight.
jazz Applemoor: well ... i really need to update mine :)
icktoofay Kamachi: i saw windlight and wanted to try it; unfortunetly my computer can't handle windlight ;(
jazz Applemoor: its great when you install it
Torley Linden: Aw icktoofay. :( That's too bad, but things should look somewhat better than the main viewer, still.
Memnoch Matzerath: windlight is a joygasm.
tucor Capalini: hahahhaa
ribena Homewood: So Torley, what's your next tip of the week going to be?
tucor Capalini: had to use non windlight yesterday for a few minutes....that was painfull! all of my builds looked far weaker :)
Wyn Galbraith: My old system bellied up 6 months before schedule. Had to buy a new one.
Torley Linden: You'll have to tune in next week to find out, but one of the future ones is definitely going to be how to use parcel streaming media (music + movies).
Torley Linden: I'm eventually hoping to do one on terraforming, and more land ones.
icktoofay Kamachi: good idea
Torley Linden: I'm waiting for some features to get added to some of them, then I can teach about those too.
ribena Homewood: Can i be in one? lol
icktoofay Kamachi: maybe on auctioning too
Torley Linden: By "some of them", I mean certain areas of Second Life, specific topics.
ribena Homewood: Nice
Wyn Galbraith: Would love the ones on terraforming. Did you do videos on doing videos in SL?
Torley Linden: ribena, if you're spontaneously there, hehe... I don't really plan it out who's in 'em, I'm pretty improvisatory.
Jason Swain: Maybe you should include Squirrels Teraforma Torley ^^
ribena Homewood: xDD
Wyn Galbraith loves that thing.
Squirrel Wood: heh
Torley Linden: Wyn: I did a text step-by-step for my specific process but doing a video on doing videos is somewhat trickier, because it's recursive... I need something that can record my recorder...
Wyn Galbraith: Just used it today. Or do you mean the huge one?
ribena Homewood: How much was your avatar did you say?
Torley Linden: maybe a different recorder...
icktoofay Kamachi: i saw Truthseeker Young at a sandbox :P
Wyn Galbraith: LOL, Sorry Torley.
Wyn Galbraith: Didn't think about that angle.
Torley Linden: Squirrel's innovation and others are great... I don't think I'd be getting into .RAW and larger-scale stuff *yet* but Gigs Taggart did a patch for a variable-strength terraform brush.
Torley Linden: Small world, eh, icktoofay?
icktoofay Kamachi: :P
tucor Capalini: ooo nice
Torley Linden: Wyn: It's OK! It's a good topic and suggestion in any case... there's just some technical trickiness to it.
Squirrel Wood: ye... I'd love to be able to use variable strength terraforming in scripts...
Wyn Galbraith: Well if anyone can do it, Torley can.
Marianne McCann: I would love to see more options with textures of the land, m'self
Marianne McCann: Maybe in a RAW layer or someting
Torley Linden: Like, painting the land, Mari?
Marianne McCann: Hey RObin
Marianne McCann: Ya, like dat.
tucor Capalini: im just taking a guess at this, but is land basically a very large sculpty?
Robin Sojourner: Hi Mari! Hi Everyone
Torley Linden: And thanx Wyn... I remember before ever doing my first video tutorial, and it evolved. So to anyone who's interested in making them, it looks a lot easier after you relax and start experimenting and playing around.
ribena Homewood: heyaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marianne McCann: We've hadda issue with dat on Livingtree with getting our beeaches an waterways to look right
jazz Applemoor: : ) - could be
Marianne McCann: beaches*
icktoofay Kamachi: Torley, do you know how often the map image is updated to the objects on the land? like i put a sign at 399m and still waiting for it to show on the map at my parcel :S
Torley Linden: tucor, no, not technically. It's similar in that it can appear "organic", tho.
ribena Homewood: Aki's online, cool
Torley Linden: Oh, icktoofay, this question PAINS me but I owe an earnest answer! It used to happen overnight, but currently, there's not a set schedule I know of... :( it may be a few days, or sometimes, after rolling restarts I think.
icktoofay Kamachi: ok lol
Torley Linden: No current Linden has "ownership" of the World Map and tiles and Second Life is very large now, which makes it a lot more intensive to regenerate all the map tiles.
Al Sonic: Well, terrain is what it is, with its own similarities and upsides and downsides in comparison to sculpties.
Torley Linden: icktoofay, which region is it tho? I can see if a manual refresh might work.
tucor Capalini: okies :)
Torley Linden: Robin, that is an awesome shirt. My eyes are wowed.
Robin Sojourner grins
Robin Sojourner: Thanks, Torley.
Torley Linden: Where could I get such a beautiful shirt, please? :D I was admiring one Mari was wearing this morning.
Torley Linden: And the same one she's wearing now, I think?
Torley Linden: :)
Marianne McCann: Funny you should mention dat, Torley
jazz Applemoor: who the heck is that cut-out lol
ribena Homewood: br yallz :D
Robin Sojourner: I realize as a hedgehog, you can't use it, but I made it because you admired Mari's thi smorning.
Al Sonic: After all, terrain has collisions, sculpties don't. Sculpty vertices are editable in 3 dimensions, terrain is editable in 1.
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Marianne McCann: An I said "I'll see what we can do about dat"
Torley Linden: We've been hoping to do a more flexible sculptie editor; some Lindens like Qarl and Q (they're different people) would be good to talk to about that.
Robin Sojourner gave you Moose Torley.
Torley Linden: Thanx Robin! Moose eh?
Torley Linden: Hehe.
Robin Sojourner: There are moose on this one. On the front and back. :D
tucor Capalini: ahhhh i think thats where i jumped to that conclusion when looking at some terrain tga(?) files, that it was basically one color of the scuplty texture, and varied in intensity when using terreforming tools :)
Torley Linden: Yeah, terrain either goes up or down... can't poke to the sides, or have holes in the middle (like caves).
Torley Linden: Ahhhh sweet.
Marianne McCann: So it's got meese!
Torley Linden: I should try this on now...
Torley Linden: *morphs*
ribena Homewood: Hey Mucker! :D
<3>: Couldn't find animation texture?
FRAN'Z magik D00HICK3Y!: 2227 bytes free
ribena Homewood: meet Torley and the Peppz
Zac Yue: hey
ribena Homewood: PEEPZ*
Torley Linden: Ohhh particle storm!
ribena Homewood: caps
Torley Linden: Hey hey!
Squirrel Wood: <3>: Couldn't find animation texture?
Torley Linden: Welcome to my Office Hour!
icktoofay Kamachi: i crashed again :S
Torley Linden: Uh-oh, that's not a good sign Squirrel, my necklace may be broken.
Squirrel Wood: Watermelinden ^^
Torley Linden: *hopes I don't have content loss*
ribena Homewood: HAHA torley
Robin Sojourner: Looka good on you, Torley! :D
ribena Homewood: why do you have a woman avatar on this account and on your Alt
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Man and wife make one fool.
Torley Linden: Thanx! *rebakes*
Torley Linden: ribena, funny you should ask, because that's actually in my FAQ... =)
tucor Capalini: Torlina? :)
ribena Homewood: xDDD
Jason Swain: Might I ask if you have any more details on the upgrades to the asset system next week Torley?
Torley Linden: Long story short, I can do it because Second Life lets me.
Marianne McCann: I always figgured the best answer is "why not?"
ribena Homewood: Omg, your funnier than i thought lol
Torley Linden: Jason, sorry I don't know about that. Where/who did you initially hear about that, tho?
Wyn Galbraith: Because being a woman is more fun
Torley Linden:
Wyn Galbraith is just joking.
Torley Linden: =o)
Jason Swain checks his source
Wyn Galbraith: I hear being a guy can be fun
Torley Linden: I be whatever I can be, and be my best.
Torley Linden: Or something like that!
jazz Applemoor searches for "knife" in his inventory, takes it out and starts to cut the awaiting watermelon into slices for everyone
Marianne McCann: I've heard rumors dat bein a kid might be a lot of fun
icktoofay Kamachi: lol
Jason Swain:
ribena Homewood: xD
Squirrel Wood: Blog post Torley
Squirrel Wood: That's where it is
Wyn Galbraith would frankly like to throw gender out the window.
Torley Linden: Oh that post from Rika, Jason... OK, I don't know further details of *what's* involved, but our Operations Team would (they're not much inworld, very busy fighting fires and juggling to keep things running).
ribena Homewood: right guys
ribena Homewood: ill catch Yallz later
Torley Linden: tucor, that's a pretty fun-looking robot, wow, spinning legs.
Torley Linden: Have a good one ribena!
tucor Capalini: i find this avtar thows gener out rather easily :)
ribena Homewood: :D same to you
jazz Applemoor: eek ... the robots are invading
Torley Linden: Thanx again for the nice clothes, Robin! You sure have a way with textures!
Wyn Galbraith knows that robot.
tucor Capalini: i have loved this charactor ever since i saw him in The Black Hole in 79 :)
Jason Swain: Thats cool, I was just wondering, Ops does a great job :)
jazz Applemoor runs and hides
jazz Applemoor: :)
Torley Linden: Watermelon wool, this is too awesome.
icktoofay Kamachi: anyone here tried sculpties? :P i tried and made a few weird things lol
Torley Linden: *nods at Jason* =D
Robin Sojourner grins
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Marianne McCann: I've made one whole ting with a sculptie... but the bear I'm holding is all made of them
Torley Linden: I've built a few things with sculpties but am still looking for an easier creation path.
tucor Capalini: icktoofay, i have dabled with them, using Sculptypaint
Squirrel Wood tosses SVC-1134 at Torley ^^
Torley Linden: PloppSL is one of the easier to paint and export sculpt textures + maps, but the stuff it generates tends to be kind of jaggy.
Robin Sojourner: Yeah, all the time. I made the bear that Mari is carring with them.
Memnoch Matzerath: yep icktoo, they taste good with cinnamon
Robin Sojourner: I made it in Modo.
Marianne McCann had a computer named "B.O.B." after V.I.N.cent's counterpart
Squirrel Wood: ploppsl likes to crash on trying to make stuff 3d
tucor Capalini: outstanding :)
Torley Linden: Squirrel, at first glance, I can really see where that'd be useful. I should let our Governance Team have a look at it, too.
Torley Linden: Making it an option too seems like it'd alleviate cases where, say, two friends have a silly dispute and one person bans another but doesn't want to autoreturn their stuff (and yes, we've had those feuds).
Squirrel Wood: Right now I'm trying to get votes on it up ^^
Torley Linden: Is there already a meta-issue for griefing? I haven't checked.
Squirrel Wood: I don't think there is
FRAN'Z magik D00HICK3Y!: 2227 bytes free
Robin Sojourner: Torley, is there any chance that the bbcode on the Linden forums will ever be enabled again?
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Marianne McCann: Been havin my share of dat too. I now gotta watch how big my snapshots are on Windlight to avoid crashes
Jason Swain: Welcome Back
Jason Swain: Torley
Torley Linden: Sorry, I crashed! And thanx!
Robin Sojourner: wb
Marianne McCann: Welcome back!
Squirrel Wood: Wb ^^
Torley Linden: Robin, I hope so. I don't definitely know...
Miskat Qinan: hello :)
Torley Linden: it's waiting on more pressing projects by our Web Developers to be done first, I think.
Torley Linden: (Billing, age verification, etc.)
Al Sonic: Heh. Good question. Those web developers sure sound busy.
Miskat Qinan: my AO ain't working here
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Cookie: You don't want to be in the car with me when I'm alone. -- Derek B.
Torley Linden: That's odd Miskat... and hi! I have scripts on...
Torley Linden: Al: From one thing to the next! Recently, they got the Showcase up...
Miskat Qinan: well, I just sit in the air
Marianne McCann loves squirrels' cookies a lot
Torley Linden: Video tutorials I did are on it, so that's really nice.
jazz Applemoor: i have multiple HUD's on too
Torley Linden: Miskat, did you TP while sitting?
Torley Linden: If so, there *is* a known bug.
Miskat Qinan: yes I did
Squirrel Wood: ^^
Torley Linden: That should be fixed soon, too.
Miskat Qinan: that went wrong
Torley Linden: Ah yes... OK... try Tools menu > Stop All Animations?
Torley Linden: It may work as a workaround.
Marianne McCann's face lights up, "Thankoo, Squirrel!"
Miskat Qinan: anyway, my AO is not the interesting here
Memnoch Matzerath: Ya, they just have to keep an eye on the code, the first few days of that I was looking on the showcase and had other account names on the top of the screen. O.o
Squirrel Wood: Oh! Torley, you do know that on windlight prims and avatars can be drawn before the HUD ?
jazz Applemoor: toss me one Squirrel
jazz Applemoor: :)
tucor Capalini: now THATS a hat!
Torley Linden: Memnoch, yipes! That's not good... first I heard of that but I hope that's fixed now. If it recurs, let me know.
Torley Linden: Squirrel, how specifically do you mean... ? Can you place this in context for me, please? :)
aliceinwire Bleac: is fsorry i was stuck in my committee of the invitation of the new mentor party
Marianne McCann: I've not seen dat
Memnoch Matzerath: will do, I have a picture I took of it, it happened twice in one day
Marianne McCann: Good t'see ya, Alice
aliceinwire Bleac: discuting why thay can't use the trademark SL logo
Jason Swain: Yes, I would have thought that the HUD should have the higer proity?
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: Oh, where can't they use the logo? I was talking to our Legal dept. recently about some related stuff.
Squirrel Wood: let me find a screenshot torley
jazz Applemoor: thanks squirrel
aliceinwire Bleac: yes they want use the lofo for the new mentor flyer
Torley Linden: OK, thanx.
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: Ahh, OK.
Memnoch Matzerath gave you Other Names On Top Of Page.
aliceinwire Bleac: and i have say that thay can't use it
aliceinwire Bleac: because is a violation of the trademark
Torley Linden: *waits for texture to laod*
Squirrel Wood gave you HUD-Z-Sort Broken WindLight.
Al Sonic: Oh yeah, I HAVE seen incidents where really close objects actually go through the HUD.
aliceinwire Bleac: also the vteam is changin all they logo
aliceinwire Bleac: with one without the sl logo
aliceinwire Bleac: so they have to use creativity and make soemthing other
Yuu Nakamichi: Torley, do you have any news on how this happened?
aliceinwire Bleac: maybe they learn better how to use photoshop
Torley Linden: Squirrel, that looks wrong, thanks. How do I repro that? Is it already in the Issue Tracker? Should be fixed!
Squirrel Wood: repro is easy...
Squirrel Wood: wear a hud and zoom in on objects or avatars
Torley Linden: Yuu, I don't know.
Squirrel Wood: if you get close enough things will draw above the hud
Yuu Nakamichi: seems so odd...
Torley Linden: I'm wondering the same thing Lex is, and I hope it doesn't happen again.
Yuu Nakamichi nods
aliceinwire Bleac: why i have to make the login when i enter in the site of support ? you cna'0t use the same cookie and give me the access in the support page without do the login ?
Wyn Galbraith: Wow Squirrel, that's cool. Is it just in Windlight?
Torley Linden: Squirrel: Hmmm... let's see if that works for me...
tucor Capalini: can i trade my minimap "W" back in for the windsound?:)
Squirrel Wood: I assume its just windlight - then again I use windlight only
Torley Linden: Ah, easy repro!
Wyn Galbraith: Never noticed it before and I'm always zooming up on things.
Torley Linden: Thanks Squirrel... OK yeah, let me know if that's already on the Issue Tracker, in any case I'll let Team WindLight know.
jazz Applemoor: i am on windlight (not the LATEST version thou) andthings are ok
Marianne McCann: Anybuggy heard anything about windlight crashing in the presence of large size textures inworld?
Torley Linden: And I'll report it myself if someone hasn't done it well before me. :)
Torley Linden: Marianne: How big? Awhile back there was a 2048x2048 texture crashing bug.
Squirrel Wood: I assume its not on it yet
icktoofay Kamachi thinks he knows of a bug... not sure if it's already reported...
Al Sonic wonders if this has anything to do with how they enabled Glow on HUDs.
aliceinwire Bleac: you can't use the same cookie on the second life support page or the second life site
aliceinwire Bleac: ?
Torley Linden: tucor: Oh, and we got some help from Aimee Trescothick on fixing some Mini-Map bugs... I don't know if it will fix that one too, but they seem related.
icktoofay Kamachi: subdomais could be an issue
Marianne McCann: I'm not sure of the size (Robin, you might know), but an old work table with a grid texture was consistently crashing me while in camera view
aliceinwire Bleac: so ican't have to do the login when i enter on the support page
Rocky Merosi gave you Magical Freebies and More!! 700, The Magic Soapbox (132, 139,.
icktoofay Kamachi: subdomains*
Miskat Qinan: Torley, if I may ask one short question in between, since I have been able to build some wicked stuff with your textures, which permissions do you give to them? Am I allowed to use them commercial, to say it easy.
Marianne McCann: I can find out and JIRA it. Wasn;';t too big a deal once the texture was changed
Torley Linden: One good thing about bugs that happen often is they're more likely reproducible... or easy to track down... some of the crashes that happen once an hour, they are tricky buggers!
jazz Applemoor: well everyone and torley .. i have to go now ... its time for my securety errands
Marianne McCann: See ya Jazz
Torley Linden: Mari, thanks... let me know if it happens in the main viewer too.
Marianne McCann: It would stall me in the main, but not crash me
Torley Linden: Miskat, thanx, I give them full permissions, use them for ANYTHING you want, including commercial purposes.
Robin Sojourner: wow.. it was 2048x2048. I didn't realize that. I picked it up as a freebie my second week here, back in 2004
Marianne McCann: Dat'd be it, then
Squirrel Wood: 2048 textures should be resized to 1024 nowadays
Torley Linden: Yipes Robin! Those shouldn't be possible to create anymore, but if it's a "legacy" texture... I thought we fixed that bug.
Jason Swain: I have a bug that happens once a week but I just cant find the repo for it so its currently marked "cant repo" but I will find the repo oneday ^^
Robin Sojourner nods
Miskat Qinan: Thanks Torley, I drop by another time again to show you some stuff, you said in a notecard or so you'd like that :)
Marianne McCann: I guess dat solves dat
Robin Sojourner: Yeah, I don't want to use something that large anyway. Just as well it's gone now.
Torley Linden: Miskat, of course if you do make anything kewl, I'd really appreciate it, and you're welcome! So go ahead, and yup yup!
Squirrel Wood: and 1024x1023 textures will get downsized to 1024x512 :(
Miskat Qinan: ok, thanks for that. I leave you to your discussion. bye for now!
Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
aliceinwire Bleac: bye bye
tucor Capalini: speaking of those, thank you very much for the texture video...i had no idea about the lag i was inadvertently causing people...but I do now :)
Marianne McCann has to suggest a couple vidtut topics
Wyn Galbraith: Learn something new every day.
Torley Linden: Yes, I'm especially thrilled when Residents do tutorials of any kind.
jazz Applemoor sitches his tag over and waves goodbye
Torley Linden: Part of my texture-learnin' came from Robin Sojourner here so I'm thankful. :)
jazz Applemoor: *switches
Robin Sojourner grins
jazz Applemoor: bye all
Torley Linden: And the very, very nice clothing templates.
Robin Sojourner: Bye jazz
Torley Linden: Bye jazz, take care!
aliceinwire Bleac: bye jazz
Yuu Nakamichi smiles at Robin
Jason Swain: See you jazz
Wyn Galbraith: B-bye!!! :D
Marianne McCann: Ya been to the texture library she put in a while back? I love the books she has there (an I say dat as someone who learned fomr them, not as a plug or nuttin)
Al Sonic: Speaking of those textures, I should pass along thanks from a friend who quite liked how your textures worked on a bug I was building for him :)
Torley Linden: Sharing wisdom is so important to me. When I was a necomer, I was helped by so many...
Torley Linden: I was encouraged to share in kind.
Torley Linden: Mari, yes, I remember visiting the white classical-looking one for the first time too.
Marianne McCann: Uh huh
Wyn Galbraith: What texture library?
Wyn Galbraith: Or which.
Marianne McCann: Cool text trick!
aliceinwire Bleac: i have make soem photo with windlight
tucor Capalini: the librarary sounds interesting
Marianne McCann: Wyn - in Livingtree
Robin Sojourner: It's a thing I built, to do for textures what the Ivory Tower does for Prims.
aliceinwire Bleac: i have not problem
Torley Linden: Haha text in the air... that's so fun-looking.
tucor Capalini: wow!
Torley Linden: I like how it fades out!
aliceinwire Bleac: but the photo on my are not so clean
tucor Capalini: i would be very interested in seeing that Robin!
Squirrel Wood: the thing is called Prim Chatter
aliceinwire Bleac: i see lot of pixel on my photo
Torley Linden: I always like it when Residents share great places at my Office Hours.
aliceinwire Bleac: maybe i do something wrong
Robin Sojourner: I have the main tutorial, and now I have a library, with a book about how to handle textures on the inside of hollow prims, and how to make gradients in PS.
Robin Sojourner: The location is in my Picks. Or I can drop a landmark on anyone who would like one.
Robin Sojourner: It's free, of course. :D
Torley Linden: *really really likes helpful templates like Robin's :)*
Robin Sojourner: Torley, have you seen the Hollow Prims book?
Torley Linden: Not yet, when did you make that?
Torley Linden: Sounds like something I'd lurve to check out!
FRAN'Z magik D00HICK3Y!: 2227 bytes free
FRAN'Z magik D00HICK3Y!: 2227 bytes free
Squirrel Wood gave you Prim Chatter manual.
aliceinwire Bleac: wb torley
The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
Insufficient permissions to view notecard.
Squirrel's Fortune Carrot: Here's some wisdom for you:
Squirrel's Fortune Carrot: What is death but a passage to life -- Travis M. Farnsworth
Jason Swain: I found that I crashed alot tring to reach this SIM?
Robin Sojourner: WB Torley
Torley Linden: Apologies, I am crashing while snapshotting!
Jason Swain: Welcome back Torley
Torley Linden: *sends my crash logs in*
Torley Linden: Thanx!
No room to sit here, try another spot.
aliceinwire Bleac: nuuu
Torley Linden: ZOMG I'm Ruthed...
Torley Linden: I need helps!
icktoofay Kamachi: lol
Marianne McCann: ut oh... not the snapshot crash windlight thing again
aliceinwire Bleac: torley why my snapshot are so pixellated?
Sporty Tone: What about the alt?
Torley Linden: Mari, yeah, I'm not sure if it's the same cause but... I'll ask Runitai Linden.
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, where are they again?
Squirrel Wood: I find that my windlight does crash logging on crash and wants to do it again when the client is ran again
Robin Sojourner gave you Textures - Inside Hollow Prims.
aliceinwire Bleac:
Torley Linden: Thanx for the book, Robin! Will have a look (hey, that rhymes!).
Al Sonic: I've taken a good few snapshots and haven't crashed from them yet.
Jason Swain: maybe they want twice the log data :p ^^
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, I don't see any particular pixellation... yet...
Marianne McCann: Torley - I'm setting the same sort of crashes again when I go above 800 * 600, too
Marianne McCann: I assume it is jes a memory issue
Marianne McCann: seeing*
aliceinwire Bleac: but is not like your picture :(
Torley Linden: Runitai did suggest that I might be running out of memory.
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, hmmm... my resolution is 1920x1200 approximately... I think I'm on a bigger screen.
aliceinwire Bleac: mmm
Marianne McCann is on a teensy lappy
Al Sonic: Oh right, and a reason I've been doing so much snapshotting is that I finally made .
aliceinwire Bleac: and that cna make a snapshot better?
Al Sonic: That just being water brightness issue.
Torley Linden: Higher resolution does allow for more detail, yes.
Torley Linden: Wow, flying book!
icktoofay Kamachi: :P
Al Sonic: VERY good use of flexies.
Memnoch Matzerath: a sneaky one
tucor Capalini: that is too cool :)
Marianne McCann: *great( avvie, Memnoch
Memnoch Matzerath: hee.. thx Marianne
Marianne McCann is always impressed by the diversity of avvies here
Yuu Nakamichi: just to come back to the login issue Joshua Linden has a post-mortem here, confirming Lex's suspicion..
Torley Linden: Thanks Yuu, for finding that.
Torley Linden: Are those issues already linked?
Yuu Nakamichi: no problem..
aliceinwire Bleac: flybook have not so big screen
Yuu Nakamichi: yes they are.
Torley Linden: K.
Torley Linden: Just checkin'!
icktoofay Kamachi clicks play on the little music tab.
Torley Linden: That flying book is hypnotic.
Yuu Nakamichi: :)
Torley Linden: I'd like to have a whole library.
tucor Capalini: with brooms that sweep themslevs too!
Marianne McCann: Torley - ya, woulod be very "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"
aliceinwire Bleac: oh i love the fly book avi
Memnoch Matzerath: it's even more hypnotic when a few other users have them on, a whole collection :D
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
Marianne McCann: Does it have a flyleaf?
tucor Capalini: does it move your camera view up and down with the motion of the book also?
Al Sonic: I've seen something like that book in (at least) one video game before.
Robin Sojourner: oh, bad, Mari
Jason Swain: I just wanted to say I love the name change from Fixed Internally to Fix Pending, it seems alot clearer to thoses that don't use the JIRA that much
Marianne McCann: Thankoo
Torley Linden: Thanks Jason! Yeah, I totally agree... I'm glad you think so too.
Squirrel Wood: Aye
Torley Linden: A lot of people don't make a distinction between what's behind-the-scenes at Linden Lab and something public, so simplification's always appreciated for that.
Squirrel Wood: It is MUCH more clear that way
Jason Swain: Maybe Torley you could do a video on how to use the JIRA for newer members
aliceinwire Bleac: my resolution is 1200 x 800 :(
Memnoch Matzerath: nah, all the motion is animation, in mouselook though it bobs a bit, not too sickenly
Torley Linden: And the fact the icon changed to be more of an intermediary state, too.
Marianne McCann: Good one, Jason
icktoofay Kamachi: ok, i gotta go all; it's lunchtime here, i might be back later :D
aliceinwire Bleac: Second Life 1.18.5 (3) Nov 28 2007 13:59:53 (Second Life Release) You are at 262572.6, 257820.8, 37.6 in Grasmere located at ( Second Life Server CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1596 MHz) Memory: 1014 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Graphics Card Vendor: Intel Graphics Card: Intel 945GM OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE: Packets Lost: 1209/1107944 (0.1%) Viewer Digest: ffac34f4-0452-2fcc-16b7-c2868f0923ef
Squirrel Wood: Yes! Jira for dummies ^^
Torley Linden: Hmmm aliceinwire, that's an odd resolution for a screen unless it's a smaller widescreen...
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Marianne McCann: I'd love one on land stuff. Like setting up group land, selling, estate tools, etc.
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, you could still do Client menu > High-res snapshot, and save to disk.
Squirrel Wood: 1024x800 is usually a resolution found on notebooks
aliceinwire Bleac: oh right :)
Torley Linden: Mari, aye, all of "land" is great and very ripe for covering... there's so much within it, it could be a very multi-part series.
Squirrel Wood: especially the sub-notebooks
Marianne McCann nods
Jason Swain: 1280x800 here Squirrel ^^
aliceinwire Bleac: torley when you buy me a new notebook :P
Squirrel Wood: or that one
Torley Linden: You can actually manually force the resolution of snapshots to 6000-something-by-6000-something but it's pretty slow to take those.
Marianne McCann: I'll wait for the 400-part vidtut series on scripting
Torley Linden: Hee hee.
Marianne McCann giggles
Squirrel Wood: 1680x1050 here ^^
Squirrel Wood: 22" widescreen
Torley Linden: I'm glad big screens keep getting cheaper.
Marianne McCann is using a 12" Powerbook G4
Torley Linden: Nowadays, even most basic computers for "word processing" are good for so many other things, too.
Squirrel Wood: I tried SL at work...
Torley Linden: I'm on a Q6600, budget quad-core, hee hee.
Torley Linden: *hasn't tried running OS X on this PC yet, but is curious about it...*
aliceinwire Bleac: have to see my cpu temperature lol
Squirrel Wood: 10 seconds per frame with all details on low and SL running at 800x600 windowed
Jason Swain: *drools*
Torley Linden: I have a Mac laptop too but don't use it as much, mainly because of lack of time/need.
Marianne McCann: I've tried SL at my borin place too, Squirrel. In fact... I might be doin iit now
Al Sonic: "budget quad-core"... XD
aliceinwire Bleac: Property Value CPU Core 0 Temperature 52 ºC (126 ºF) CPU Core 1 Temperature 61 ºC (142 ºF) HDD Temperature (ST9120821AS) 43 ºC (109 ºF)
tucor Capalini: ouch
Torley Linden: Al, yeah, compared to the other ones in the range, and the prices are getting even lower; some Q6600s can be had for US$260 now.
aliceinwire Bleac: i can cook wurstel on it
aliceinwire Bleac: i can make a barbecu with my pc
aliceinwire Bleac: a grill
Marianne McCann had to get a lap desk for the lappy, cuz she was getting visible marks on her leg
tucor Capalini: at least your heating bill will be cheaper this winter :)
Squirrel Wood: Oh My. Time sure flies here
Shakti Cianci gave you 2 Torley From Shakti Cianci - Urgent.
aliceinwire Bleac: Property Value Manufacturer Quanta Model 30BB Version 66.21 Serial Number None Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation Chipset Model 955XM/945GM/PM/GMS/940GML Express Processor to DRAM Controller South Bridge 82801GBM (ICH7-M) LPC Interface Controller SMBus Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) SMBus Controller @18E0h CPU Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu Socket Socket 479 [U2E1] Processor Upgrade Memory Summary Location System board or motherboard Maximum Capacity 2048 MBytes Memory Slots 2 Error Correction None Name Matrice memoria fisica Use System memory Warning! Accuracy of DMI data cannot be guaranteed
Jason Swain nods at Squirrel, "Time with Torley always flys"
Torley Linden: Ahhh dear.
Torley Linden: Hee hee.
Torley Linden: I must be going now, onto other work, but as always, I'd like to thank each and all of you for visiting me. Have an ultra weekend too... do something memorable you'll smile back on. :D
aliceinwire Bleac: :(
Jason Swain: Have you thought about maybe anouther office hour Torley? :D
tucor Capalini: ADD moment......but can anyone point me to a good source to begin learing the source code for SL?
Robin Sojourner: Thanks for having us, Torley!
Marianne McCann: Aww...
Marianne McCann: Have a fun weekend, Torley!
Al Sonic: Heh indeed... well, farewell!
Jason Swain: Yes Thank you Torley ^^
Squirrel Wood: Happy Weekendings ^^
Memnoch Matzerath: Take care Torley Good to finally see you again :D
Torley Linden: *waves, raves, and smiles!* Feel free to keep talking amongst yourselves if you'd like. Moreso!
aliceinwire Bleac: have a fun weekend torley