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Georgette Whitfield: HooHooHoo!! HooHooHooHooHoooooo!
Catelin Clary: Hi Torley
Melody Paperdoll: Torleeeey!!!!!!
Torley Linden: sorry i am late... i was on the Beta Grid with Mono!
Clyde Landar: Torley!
Luke Poplin: Hiya Torley
Catelin Clary: Hoooo!
Nock Forager: Hello Torley
Polgara Paine: Hi, Torley
Torley Linden: not the sickness, the script performance booster
Imnotgoing Sideways: Konnichiwa <Hi> (^_^) Torley (^_^)
YummyPopcorn Antwerp: ;-)
Catelin Clary: Nice wings
Louise Later: WOW!
Margar Navarathna: hi torley
Jaymes Kjeller: Hey Torley!
Georgette Whitfield: HubbaHubba!!
Torley Linden: so good to see each and all of ya... hi hi :) this griffin avatar sure is fun :)
Catelin Clary: Making an entrance!
Super Greeter 4.7: Torley Linden - Friendly greetings, have fun, explore! Watch Second Life video tutorials and download them @
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Walden Mannonen: hehehe :)
Torley Linden: hmmm what happened to seats multiplying, there's supposed to be more than that!
Oracolo Janus: hello
Torley Linden: anyhoo tho, that's ok... i can sit right here ;D
Margar Navarathna: lol
Car1: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Damani Roadster 0.50 - watermelon: You are not the owner...
Car1: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Margar Navarathna: Torley id like to thank you
Catelin Clary: My adult children are griffen fans
Torley Linden: i just finished a How to Report Abuse video tutorial teaming up with our Governance Team... it'll be the Tip of the Week (you're the first to know outside of LL)... ;)
Walden Mannonen: It's the ENLIGHTENMENTOR! I love that title :)
Torley Linden: i <3 portmanteaus
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Wireman Oh: Hello everyone
Luke Poplin: .
Ewan Mureaux: do a video on how to reply to them promptly and show it internaly
Torley Linden: why thank you Margar, thank me for what? :) i'm happy to hear that in any case
Georgette Whitfield: Hello Wireman
Catelin Clary: Good.. perfect timing... I volunteer at the Shelter and someone griefed with buses...
Georgette Whitfield: Eeek
Georgette Whitfield: I got hit with Bobo bobo bobo chat spam today
Catelin Clary: returned all 200 of em... not actually that many
Torley Linden: i was at Shelter the other day, that sucks... i'd be unfortunate if it was a deliberate griefing, as opposed to a newcomer being rez-happy, that's a lot of busses tho
Ewan Mureaux: wait all day for a bus and 200 show up
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Georgette Whitfield: muahahaha!
YummyPopcorn Antwerp: ;-)
Louise Later: I checked about having your videos audio described and captioned. It CAN be done and for a great price! I'll email you about it, OK?
Catelin Clary: I know to edit the object and find the owner to report
Torley Linden: Louise please do :)
Imnotgoing Sideways: Edit or inspect. (^_^)
Louise Later: :))
Polgara Paine: wonderful!
Polgara Paine: Wheelies thanks you
Catelin Clary: I don't understand being "that bored" in SL
Georgette Whitfield: It's finding the object that's the hard bit sometimes
Jaymes Kjeller: Someone threw 200 buses at the shelter? That *is* messed up.
Imnotgoing Sideways: When I can't find the object or avatar... I just AR a Linden.... Socrates is my favorite. (^_^)y
Catelin Clary: And I just happened to rez at the right time
Georgette Whitfield: lol poor Soc
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Catelin Clary: If you believe in coincidence
Kara Spengler: heyas
Torley Linden: haha, it's funny you say that Imny, because Socrates actually mentions to AR him in the video if you can't find a legit name
Torley Linden: hey hey
Ewan Mureaux: torley i have a question about your upcoming AR vid
Torley Linden: whoa Margar you are super glowy and ethereal
Torley Linden: yes Ewan?
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oh? Heh.. Then I'm sure doing it right quite often. (^_^)
Imnotgoing Sideways: Did you see what Blue did for us yesterday? (^_^)
Torley Linden: what did Blue do?
Ewan Mureaux: sometimes we feel like you know we might come across as whiners when we AR stuff but its our only means of getting things done. Do G-Team hate people who AR legitimate stuff a lot?
Imnotgoing Sideways: The people from his hours were invited to visit The Corn Field. (^_^)
Kara Spengler: imnot: the cornfield? was in Marrianne's blog
Imnotgoing Sideways: We took a buncha pics on Snapzilla and someone posted a Youtube video. (^_^)
Torley Linden: Ewan, no, not at all. effective, legit ARs are always welcome. in those cases, it's the griefers/abusers/violators whose behavior is to be abhored, not the helpful Residents who AR them!
Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeppers Kara. (^_^)
Imnotgoing Sideways: I was the one in the Daisy Dukes. (^_^)
Louise Later: THank you, Polgara! I am looking forward to Virtual Ability Island opening this Saturday at 1 PM! Are you going Toley? Everyone--and especially Griffins--is invited!
Torley Linden: i'm not sure i can make that time but i'll note the SLURL to visit soon :)
Torley Linden: thanks!
Walden Mannonen: Virtual Ability, eh? Sounds awesome! What's that about? :)
Louise Later: :))
Torley Linden: i like the name
Nerxual Oh: thanks al
Margar Navarathna: oh hey torley
Georgette Whitfield: I think I might go
Walden Mannonen: hello Nerxual! :)
Margar Navarathna: i got a question
Nerxual Oh: hi walden ^^
Margar Navarathna: Torley
Georgette Whitfield: Its about disability and chronic health issues
Georgette Whitfield: And help for such
Louise Later: It is a special Island entrance for people with disabilities so that they can get oriented well
Georgette Whitfield: Yes
Imnotgoing Sideways: Nice! (o.o)
JayR Cela: hi there everyone :_)
Polgara Paine: It's extremely well done
Walden Mannonen: Oh. Well I'd like to visit and see what it's about :)
Catelin Clary: I'm friendly with some Herons and former Herons... just read some stuff about it
Louise Later: It is FUN!
Walden Mannonen: I mean, see more about it ;)
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Walden Mannonen: Hello Al Sonic :)
Walden Mannonen: hehe
Catelin Clary: I'm still waiting for the jack directly into my brain
Nerxual Oh: /ao off
Walden Mannonen: Hello Nerx ;)
Nerxual Oh: hi walden, hey al
Walden Mannonen: cate: that's coming at the end of this year ;)
Torley Linden: direct neural interface will come eventually ;)
Walden Mannonen: hehe
Melody Paperdoll: yay!
Torley Linden: i've been trying out Second Life on a cell phone
Clyde Landar: lol
Catelin Clary: LOL Walden
Georgette Whitfield: Wow how does that work Torley?
YummyPopcorn Antwerp: I heard about that! Is it any good on a cellphoen?
Nerxual Oh: nice bird av Torley, like the moding you did
Melody Paperdoll: I had it on my iphone via VNC ... cool but BERRY berry slow ROFL
Walden Mannonen: well I did see a video of it in action, a guy with a disability I think, he was using a neural interface
Catelin Clary: Yep... maybe I will still be alive... I'm pretty old
Random Person: hello all
Imnotgoing Sideways: I saw an article talking about SLim... Is that a LL project? (o.o)
Torley Linden: it's a collaboration between Linden Lab and Vollee... and it uses streaming tech
Nock Forager: My phone couldn't use it. still unsigned...
Nerxual Oh: Walden, what you been up to?
Ron Kaffebaum: hi everybody :)
Georgette Whitfield: Hey Random
Torley Linden: it works fairly well thus far, still a beta but... i reported some bugs and my reception sux
Georgette Whitfield: Hey Ron
Torley Linden: interestingly i have to go OUTDOORS to play Second Life on cellphone better
Wireman Oh: Hi Ron
YummyPopcorn Antwerp: HAHA!
Imnotgoing Sideways: HA! (^_^)
Georgette Whitfield: LOL
Torley Linden: Nerxual: oh it came this way, it was a gift! i didn't mod it and i enjoy it :)
Walden Mannonen: Not much, how about you Nerx? Haven't been by the Den recently but I should definitely do so :)
Clyde Landar: XD
Catelin Clary: Love the irony, Torley
Louise Later: LOL!
Nerxual Oh: ^^ nice torley
Torley Linden: i can't comment on SLim sorry =o)
Margar Navarathna: Cool
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oooh.. In a way... You just said a lot. (^_^)y
Wireman Oh: does anyone knows why my text on the chat windows look so bad?
Random Person: thers a gift Torley
Random Person: lol
Torley Linden: sorry i can't reply to IMs right now, focused on chatting out here... if you need to tell me something please do use the Web tab of my profile, i'm using a better contact form to be on top of what you're saying :o)
Margar Navarathna: lol torley if you want i can get you a copy of this avatar i made myself
Torley Linden: thanks Random hehe
Nerxual Oh: Ah my 2nd father's birthday is coming up Walden. So i dedicated my playlist to him yesterday and dj'ed
Torley Linden: Wireman, can you please be more specific?
Torley Linden: pictures, even?
Margar Navarathna: huh
Wireman Oh: looks like the fronts or bad
Kara Spengler: Wireman: I get that when lagged so bad I need to reboot
Catelin Clary: SL search has been quirky in the last couple hours... maybe other stuff
Clyde Landar: hey torley did you get my tin man outfit i sent you? i made it with the tin foil texture you made XD
Torley Linden: yes Clyde thank you!!
Torley Linden: very nice of you, i appreciate it
Clyde Landar: Yw :D
Margar Navarathna: nice av torley
Walden Mannonen: that's very nice Nerx... wish I could've been there to hear it :)
Torley Linden: thanks Margar :) Racush made it, Racush Cheeky to be exact
Nock Forager: If it's about font, try UI Size changing.
Wireman Oh: yea but its this video card I think
Nock Forager: ough
Torley Linden: on some rare configurations, antialiasing and the UI don't play well
Nerxual Oh: I already builded my 2nd father's gift too, its plushie of him and aXel together
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oh? (o.o)
Kara Spengler: Torley: what AV do you have? you are still mostly grey to me
Walden Mannonen: Oh! Who's... your second father then?
Torley Linden: Kara i'm a griffin, a watermelon-flavored one
Walden Mannonen: :)
Kara Spengler: cool
Walden Mannonen: Wildfjord?
Clyde Landar: Oh! i also made a shirt with art rage has the sl hand logo thingy on the front then it says sl rox on the back
Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm a lucky one then.... 4xAA is reaaaaly nice to my home machine. (^_^)y
Margar Navarathna: its like a griffin
Wireman Oh: Torley, is there a group of user that helps out with new users online ?
Nerxual Oh: aXel is my 1st father, Wildfjord is my 2nd father
Walden Mannonen: Ah, okay :)
Al Sonic: So to speak.
Torley Linden: Wireman, several... we have official Mentors but there are really cool Resident help groups like The Shelter, NCI... there's others. :)
Nerxual Oh: its showen in my picks on the profile that no one seems to read profiles no more
Georgette Whitfield: The libraries!
YummyPopcorn Antwerp: Mentors are always here to help out!
Kara Spengler: variations of the mentors too (points to her tag)
Al Sonic: Virtual families are funny things... but most of all great fun.
Louise Later: I love NCI--they are 24 hours
Georgette Whitfield: I will send you some useful landmarks wireman
Imnotgoing Sideways: Truly. (^_^)y
Torley Linden: always good to share resources around, if you know of help i don't, go ahead and say so :)
Polgara Paine: I often read profiles
Wireman Oh: If I run into a new user .who should I say can help them ?
Torley Linden: Second Life is community-powered, from the stuff made to the help given...
Nerxual Oh: rarely anyone reads profiles, it sucks
Imnotgoing Sideways <- Mentor, NCI Helper, And hopeful NCI class instructor soon. (^_^)y
Torley Linden: Wireman, i'd encourage researching some of these groups first and see what's helpful to you from firsthand experience, then you can point a newcomer towards those resources :)
Torley Linden: and as you can see, we have some helpy helpers right here hehe
Wireman Oh: ty
Ron Kaffebaum: wb Catelin
Walden Mannonen: I like to read 'em Nerx :)
Walden Mannonen: And yes now I see :)
Random Person: whats your AVC right now for that avatar Torley
Catelin Clary: OMG!! my graphics went wonky and I lost my computer
Random Person: ARC**
Louise Later: I do highly recomend NCI, Wireman. And their classes are a great help!
Margar Navarathna: Hey Torley I was wondering if you'd like a copy of this Avatar
Catelin Clary: that really sucks
Georgette Whitfield: lol Random
Nerxual Oh: Torley is it ok i rez something for a quick minute? I wanna my friend Walden and Al something
Catelin Clary: Is my seat still here?
Random Person: what, just curious
Random Person: lol
Nerxual Oh: *show
Georgette Whitfield: TUI and ASL also do good classes
Fryke Bloch: torley are you pro at LSL?
Georgette Whitfield: And don't forget this weekend is the weekend of learning
Jaymes Kjeller: I've just realised something. I've never been to a NCI class. Maybe I should...
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Louise Later: I'll try them too, Georgette
Torley Linden: lots of learning opportunities out there
Torley Linden: yes please Margar :)
Margar Navarathna: kk
Torley Linden: yes Nerxual, that's fine
Nerxual Oh: ^^ ok
Catelin Clary: Ooops... Margar... can I grab a corner?
Wireman Oh: thanks Georgette
Margar Navarathna: ill get on that buddy pal
Torley Linden: Fryke: no, but always happy to learn. :) i grew up in SL basically respecting some of the best LSL coder pioneers on theeeee wholeeeee grid
Clyde Landar: i also made this sl shirt torley, here you go
Margar Navarathna: ill give you um full rights so you can watermelon it up
Clyde Landar: i used art rage
Fryke Bloch: oh ok
Louise Later: Could you tell more about the "weekend of Learning" Georgette?
Nerxual Oh: Walden, thats my gift to Wild
Torley Linden: haha that's essential for me Margar, thanks
Al Sonic: Hah, so very cute.
Torley Linden: yes, what's this "weekend of Learning" about"?
Georgette Whitfield: It's being run by mentor coaches Louise
Nerxual Oh: ^^ Bill and i made it together
Imnotgoing Sideways: Kawaii!! ^^
Georgette Whitfield: Simon Kline is the dude in charge of it
Georgette Whitfield: He's hopeing to make it a monthly thing
Nerxual Oh: it was quick building so i didn't feel like putting detail
Walden Mannonen: Kawaii indeed :)
Margar Navarathna: ITs this Saterurday
Georgette Whitfield: Lemme see if I can find a link on the wiki for it
Georgette Whitfield: Yes Margar
Walden Mannonen: I'd like to get that gesture too so I can call things Kawaii ;)
Walden Mannonen: hehe
Dennis Slocombe: Greetings all! :_D
Torley Linden: knowledge is a useful resource in that, the more you use of it, the more there is... it doesn't get depleted like other resources
Margar Navarathna: i am have a decemberween party at jinx
Margar Navarathna: search in map
Catelin Clary: Wow... I've been trying for the mentor or volunteer program for a while... they are still backlogged
Nerxual Oh: plus i made it squeak
Walden Mannonen: Decemberween!
Margar Navarathna: YES
Wireman Oh: bye everyone , I have to go ,
Walden Mannonen: thanks Immy
Imnotgoing Sideways: Squeek! =^-^=
Georgette Whitfield: Bye Wireman
Louise Later: Bye, Wireman!
Torley Linden: take care Wireman :)
Kara Spengler: yeah, they close down applications once in awhile
Dennis Slocombe: where's Mr. Watermelon at??
Dennis Slocombe: so i don't eat him
Torley Linden: hahaha
Nerxual Oh: Bill did the Wild plushie and i did aXel
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Dennis Slocombe: lol
Margar Navarathna: i made a watermelon av lol
Dennis Slocombe: ahh,okl
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Margar Navarathna: ill send it to you torley
Nerxual Oh: thanks for letting me rez Torley ^^
Dennis Slocombe: Greetings Torley
Catelin Clary: Yeah, I know... waiting impatiently... they just changed the application process
Dennis Slocombe: :_D
Georgette Whitfield: Me too Catelin
Georgette Whitfield: But you could come and mentor at the SL libraries too
Georgette Whitfield: Same idea
Imnotgoing Sideways: Wah!!! Second Life™ fall down, go BOOM! (T_T)
Georgette Whitfield: And you don't need to be a librarian
Margar Navarathna: merry decemeberween incase you cant make it torley
Fryke Bloch: Torley since ur a linden do u still need to pay tier fee for ur island?
Catelin Clary: Actually applied once and it got marked as I retracted it
Torley Linden: Fryke, no, it's a work island.
Fryke Bloch: o ok
Fryke Bloch: kool
AlexanderThe Benelli: Hi
Torley Linden: good question :)
Fryke Bloch: ty
Dennis Slocombe: is the Open Space project finsihed enough so that we residents can go in it & explaore??
Torley Linden: i know some of what goes on here doesn't quite seem like "work" but that's Second Life for ya ;D
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Fryke Bloch: true
Fryke Bloch: lol
Kara Spengler: the account I really wanted to be a mentor was not yet 6 months old (the cutoff) when they closed the application process, so I mentor as a kid with this one
Nerxual Oh: Hmm C4th is dj'ing at the den, Walden and Al
Dennis Slocombe: hehe
Clyde Landar: XD secobd life is all play no work lol
Margar Navarathna: h get it off
Margar Navarathna: please dont grief its laggy enough
Dennis Slocombe: also torley, how can i become a SL Mentor??
Ewan Mureaux: you should be able to have your mains mentorness transferred when you hit 6 months, thats what i'm waiting for on this one
Catelin Clary: You need to apply.
Catelin Clary: and the applications are backed up
AlexanderThe Benelli: dennis, theres a link on the secondlife website
Margar Navarathna: Yeah i was looking into this i am intereseted myself
Anthoney Biedermann: yep apply dennis
AlexanderThe Benelli: and you need to be at least 6 months old
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oooh.... I saw these guys on Snapzilla today.... Heh... Someone's in trouble. (=_=)
Dennis Slocombe: oh, ok
Torley Linden: right now there are changes coming to the Mentor/Volunteer help process too... i'll let the Volunteer Team announce those but we're undergoing changes to scale/recognize independent helper groups better
Fryke Bloch: Torley will Linden Lab add more to LSL?
Polgara Paine: good
Georgette Whitfield: The best thing to learn about volunteering is to go to Amber Linden's office hour
Nerxual Oh: Warian is a SL mentor
Ewan Mureaux: they added new touch features :D
Catelin Clary: I've been in world 17 months, and a volunteer at the Shelter and I still have to stand in the queue
Georgette Whitfield: To find out when applications reopen
Torley Linden: yes, what Ewan said, that's new and exciting
Nock Forager: ya it's great for menu things.> new functions.
Torley Linden: we're getting Mono going live public next week, hopefully
Imnotgoing Sideways holds her breath for that new touch feature...... 1 PRIM VENDOR FTW!!! \(^_^)/
Georgette Whitfield:
Nock Forager: next week? :D
Al Sonic: Agreed, INGS ^_^
Torley Linden:
Louise Later: TY Georgette
Torley Linden: yes, along with Release Candidate 1.21 hopefully, Nock
Nock Forager: hehe hope so!
Torley Linden: there are also some other "featurettes" included, like the ability to save snapshots to disk as PNG or JPG i believe..
Ewan Mureaux: will 1.21 be an extened rc run or is it just gona have a mono compiler?
Al Sonic: Ooh yeah!
Imnotgoing Sideways: Nice! (^_^)
Al Sonic: Snapshot improvements. =D
Torley Linden: Ewan: likely not as long as 1.20, but we'll still need to test it
Torley Linden: 1.20 was unusually long
Imnotgoing Sideways: I go nutz batch converting all my BMPs every weekend. (T_T)
Torley Linden: Imny, ha, similar case here... it can take a long time to crunch them all
Squirrel Wood: I wouldn't mind 10 rc cycles
AlexanderThe Benelli: well, it's not about the amount of cycles but the length f each one I think
Ewan Mureaux: i'd like 1.21 to be quick (if its stable) and required so we can get everyone singing from the same (mono) hymn sheet
Imnotgoing Sideways: I don't know how you do it.... Your Snapzilla updates are superhuman.... You seem to be able to post 3 pics in the time it takes me to write a comment. (>_<)
AlexanderThe Benelli: I mean, 1.20 was shipped with some nasty bugs still in it...
Catelin Clary: I hope they got all my crash reports... LOL
Fryke Bloch: o thats awsome torley wen will mono be in the main grid?
Torley Linden: yes i feel the same about that Ewan... even older viewers can run Mono since scripts are server-side, but 1.21 or newer is needed to create/recompile
Dennis Slocombe: ahoy stacey
Dennis Slocombe: :_D
Torley Linden: Fryke likely next week, there's been a dedicated (fantastically so) group of Resis on the Beta Grid helping to test Mono
StaceyRayne Jameson: hello sir
Ewan Mureaux: and 1.21 is needed for the touch features
Fryke Bloch: wow thats awsome info ty torley
Walden Mannonen: Torley I'd like to see how it all works... is the beta closed?
Imnotgoing Sideways almost always runs the RC... Unless it crashes and burns painfully. (^_^)
Torley Linden: aye Ewan, we need to communicate that
Louise Later: What "touch" features does it have?
Dennis Slocombe: when is the 1.21 version of SL going to be avalible??
Opensource Obscure: "the deploy to the production Second Life environment in fact will not be starting today, as we're still working on QA; it is more likely to start next week." 11 aug
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oop! Lunch over. (T_T)
Torley Linden: it's an open beta, Walden!
Imnotgoing Sideways: Bah! (>_<)
Imnotgoing Sideways says Bai Baii!!! (^_^)y
Ewan Mureaux:
Walden Mannonen: Yay :)
Torley Linden: thanks for links to that info! very helfpul!
Walden Mannonen: aww bye bye Immy
Carl Kondor: i have a report to say if didnt allready been said, when someone tp us if we dont acept in teh moment sometimes or sl crash or goes to the menu of "you been loged out". is that a known problem?
Torley Linden: * HELPFUL rather :)
Torley Linden: Carl, yes... sounds like SVC-972 on the Issue Tracker ( )
Carl Kondor: ok thanks
Catelin Clary: Torley.. if you are a cloud now on my screen... does my rebaking help that?
AlexanderThe Benelli: I know it's bad style to talk about bugs here, but anybody having the same problem with "black terrain" under water..I'll get the jira#
Catelin Clary: I've noticed that sometimes people rezzed become clouds
Walden Mannonen: I think I am seeing a similar problem, if I neglect to accept an invitation to teleport until I've gone to another sim on my own, it gets stuck on "Requesting Teleport...." and then it disconnects after a minute.
Catelin Clary: I'm a Mac person BTW
Opensource Obscure: catelin: yes, no more 'Ruth' for us!
Dennis Slocombe: i'm also happy to anounce to you all here in Second Life, that there is now a Tourism comopany in Second Life
Dennis Slocombe: :_D
Torley Linden: AlexanderThe: it's fine to talk about bugs here, but i'm just not directly involved in the bug triage process currently so i may not know, but if someone else can answer, great
AlexanderThe Benelli: this one is the "black terrain under water" bug
Nerxual Oh: Ruth still exist, Al my friend already proved that
Torley Linden: Catelin, i don't think so. rebaking is for your *own* avatar
Catelin Clary: Yeah, but Torley WASa griffen... now he's unrezzed
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Georgette Whitfield: Poor torley
Torley Linden: <.<
Catelin Clary: I hate when that happens
Dennis Slocombe: it's called AAA Tours & Tourism & me Dennis & StaceyRayne Jameson are the ones who are incharge of it all
Georgette Whitfield: Good luck Dennis
Catelin Clary: Is it a client side problem?
Melody Paperdoll just runs around going "meep!meep!" leaving a trail when I'm a cloud /me giggles
Louise Later: TY Dennis!
AlexanderThe Benelli: wtf is the sound spamming?
Nerxual Oh: Al was in female shape with Ruth hair under his head, that was i think 2 weeks ago or sooner
Dennis Slocombe: we'll be providing transportation to all of the regions & sims that have Linden Made roads & alleyways plus cruises for all who are intrested
Torley Linden: argh i have sounds off right now :|
Dennis Slocombe: we'll be doing this by bus & boat
Dennis Slocombe: :-D
Carl Kondor: i have on and dont hear anything speical
Georgette Whitfield: I have the nice music on so can't hear sounds very loud
Louise Later: I hear the piano music
Clyde Landar: yeah i dont hear sound spams either
Carl Kondor: turism in sl hehe cool
Georgette Whitfield: :)))
AlexanderThe Benelli: might be client side problem, its **** lagging for me...
Torley Linden: Catelin, the cause can be several possible things. sometimes, due to limited bandwidth, shapes don't load as quick as they should.
Torley Linden: Help menu > Lag Meter may indicate another problem; while we don't have a specific message for "avatars not loaded", it'll point to whether you have a lot of packet loss, which does interfere with textures/shapes/etc. rezzing
Georgette Whitfield: Hey Torley, do you know where I can get the Zorba the Geek gesture?
Georgette Whitfield: That vid was so cute
Georgette Whitfield: *Greek
AlexanderThe Benelli: I use ctrl+shift+1 +g*
Louise Later: Geek would work for SL!
Torley Linden: oh thanks Geo, i don't have it on this account but please IM Torley Olmstead so i remember to send it to you from there
Al Sonic: Hahaha, geek... probably gonna get a parody like that soon enough.
Georgette Whitfield: lol I guess
Torley Linden: haha Zorba the Geek ;) tru dat
Georgette Whitfield: WooT WooT
AlexanderThe Benelli: and my framefrte is about
Torley Linden: i've heard of Zorba the Creep too
Sasha Nurmi: greetings *waves, smiles and trys not to get noticed*
Georgette Whitfield: Those creatures were so cute
Torley Linden: the gesture was made by Piero Padar
AlexanderThe Benelli: /
Torley Linden: heya Sasha :)
Georgette Whitfield: Ty Torley
Torley Linden: ah yes bless FoxSan and Kevin for enlightening me about the Zorba =)
As StaceyRayne's ZoeRayne grows inside of her, it feels like butterflies in her tummy.
Torley Linden: you're welcome Geo
Oracolo Janus: Hi Torley I just wanted to tank you for your snapshots tutorials and windlight settings.
Torley Linden: i like eccentric and odd questions...
Torley Linden: you're welcome Oracolo!
Fryke Bloch: Torley rumor has it that Second Life may be out for the 360 as well is this true?
Torley Linden: thanks for letting me know
Torley Linden: for every rumor, cite a source -- who said that, Fryke?
Dennis Slocombe: so, IM me Dennis Slocombe or StaceyRayne Jameson for prices & more informations'
Dennis Slocombe: & thanks
Ewan Mureaux: you can use SL™ on an xbox
Torley Linden: i'm not interested in rumors/speculation without attributable sources.
Georgette Whitfield: Out for the 360?
Fryke Bloch: idk i just saw it in forums
Georgette Whitfield: What does that mean?
Georgette Whitfield: Is that a USism
Georgette Whitfield: ?
Fryke Bloch: i googled second life for xbox 360
Georgette Whitfield: Ah lol
Clyde Landar: dude if sl was for xbox i so would love that
Georgette Whitfield: Doh!
AlexanderThe Benelli: btw, coming to thanks...not that this would be a complete list: Thanks for....remiding me of the "awesome" of graphical tablets and making me a fascinated user of artrage 2....25$ spend with a smile *g*
Nerxual Oh: ^^ oh since youtube kinda hates me and couldn't comment on FoxSan's video, I wanted to tell you Torley, those avatars, Tekki, me and Bill have them. Their called Sin Deamons. You get them on Sl exchange
Torley Linden: we have no official plans to do XBox 360 at this time... so whenever you see rumors and "i heard", people NEED to be able to back that up with evidence
Torley Linden: oh you are totally welcome Alexander
Opensource Obscure: Torley, I made an HUD that lets you update from inside SL with a couple of mouseclicks. It also publishes in your post the image of the owner (or group owner) of the parcel you're in, and it includes Name/Description of the parcel. I'd like to be sure that this is legal and that it respects SL ToS. Who should I ask to? See here for an example :
Torley Linden: ahhh thanx Nerxual! *writes a note*
Nerxual Oh: ^^ yw
Squirrel Wood: Rumor says that Torley likes pink and green. Izzat troo? :p
Fryke Bloch: ok
Carl Kondor: is colours of watermelon :P
Sasha Nurmi: hmmm... Torely I dunno how mutch you know about SL buggs, like one REALY anoying, after a while the viewer acts like thers a prim right infront of my screen (no huds there) and it makes unable to zoom in on object, makes me zoom arround in a spot right infront of the screen, but on avatars and ground works, whats this odd thing, tryed fiddlin with settings see if its a bugg there, but no dice
Torley Linden: that sounds neat Opensource; hmmm i don't know how Residents can ask our Legal dept. directly. it sounds like it's similar to the basic mode of sending a postcard tho? i like the sound that it auto-includes parcel info
Torley Linden: Squirrel: TROO
Fryke Bloch: Torley do u have an alt?
Opensource Obscure: should anyone need the code, i'm happy to share it
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Clyde Landar: brb
Torley Linden: Sasha, sounds familiar. camera bugs are exactly the sort of thing that benefit from video bug reproductions
Ewan Mureaux: heres one way to run SL™ on an xbox
Torley Linden: they are hard to describe in words
Georgette Whitfield: Fryke I heard that Torley and Philip are the same person!!!!
AlexanderThe Benelli: profile pics are not allowed ito be used i think...there was that "magic mirror" thing whcich was disallowed by the gteam, afaik
Fryke Bloch: lol
Opensource Obscure: was it an object you use inworld, alexander?
Georgette Whitfield: AHH!!!!
Al Sonic: Torley's main alt is older than his Torley Linden account, and then he has other alts.
Nock Forager: Is that mean you have to ask before using their pics in profile? Alex.
Fryke Bloch: lol
Fryke Bloch: moddign the 360
AlexanderThe Benelli: those magic mirrors just display the profile pic of the neearest avatar
AlexanderThe Benelli: Yes
Ewan Mureaux: profile pic display things are said to bypass the SL™ permissions system and are against TOS
AlexanderThe Benelli: Gteam allowed the creator to use an updated version which asks people
Opensource Obscure: ah got it - right. this is about web, though
Nerxual Oh: Well its good to have alt so you don't hit with tons of IMs about how SL has problems with this and that. -.- Its why i hate popularity
Nock Forager: oh it's good infomation. thanks.
AlexanderThe Benelli: but that was a gteam office hr ages ago
Walden Mannonen: there are objects I've seen that pull the profile pics without asking but tell me to click it opt out while it's displaying my pic :/
AlexanderThe Benelli: yes, but it's the same issue about IP and privacy
Opensource Obscure: thanks, i'll check the transcripts
Torley Linden: hmmm OpenSource the closest contact addy i know is but that's for trademark questions, not ToS specifically; still, they might be able to point you to who would know for sure about that.
Carl Kondor: oh i remember one thing that apen, i was having fun stucking an elevator whit a cube but idk how it disapeared and by useing edit tools dindt been able to choose him even by having option "only my objects" this bug never apen but the action fo him continue there but wasnt really there
Opensource Obscure: thanks Torley!
Torley Linden: :)
Fryke Bloch: torley i saw that there is a plugin folder in second life folder on my pc why is that?
Ewan Mureaux:
Nerxual Oh: oh Torley! Your textures awesome, I used them on my gamer chairs I made
Torley Linden: Fryke, you didn't accidentally drop it in, did you? or run any 3rd-party viewers which may've made use of something like that?
Torley Linden: oh thrilled to hear that, Nerxual :D
Squirrel Wood: As far as I see it, the profile is public. Everyone can look at you rprofile picture there. So it really doesn't mak emuch of a difference if some prim shows it when you cpme near it ...
Fryke Bloch: no i didnt i lfet it alone
Georgette Whitfield: Agree Squirrel
AlexanderThe Benelli: well the gteam argumented, that "public" and free to use is different
Ewan Mureaux: but it us your texture you havent given permission for other people to use it
Georgette Whitfield: I guess
AlexanderThe Benelli: I guess its best to go to one of their office hours
Opensource Obscure: showing pictures inside world is subject to laws plus Tos & CS; showing them on websites is not subject to ToS or CS - just inter/national laws
Georgette Whitfield: I stuck my pic on Torley's tree anyhoo
Opensource Obscure: is this right?
Georgette Whitfield: Even if the tree is illegal lol
Ewan Mureaux: and say next to one of my plots theres a business i dont want to be associated with yet it displays my profile pic with no opt out that pisses me off
Torley Linden: Georgette, yeah, that tree requires clicking... doesn't have a dialog but it doesn't do it automatically.
Georgette Whitfield: True
Torley Linden: i can't offer legal advice, not my area of expertise. =)
Georgette Whitfield: And it's a nice tree
Fryke Bloch: torley i have heard of ppl getting ims from others with no name and ppl uploading pics for free is this illegal?
Squirrel Wood: But you can offer legal water mellons ^^
Torley Linden: thanks Georgette. i'm sure if there's a significant problem i'll remove it.
Carl Kondor: lol
Torley Linden: Fryke, please *do* cite sources for "heard of"stuff.
Georgette Whitfield: I need to go and look and see if it's full yet
Fryke Bloch: ok
Opensource Obscure: i want illegal watermelons!
Torley Linden: it's not really helpful to mention speculation without substantiated context.
Torley Linden: my watermelons are open source. :)
Ewan Mureaux: watermelons laced with LSD
Opensource Obscure: i will close their sources then!
Georgette Whitfield: Wow OpenSource is a melon too
Opensource Obscure: ahahah g.
Al Sonic: Then where's a watermelon skin texture?
Georgette Whitfield: ;-P
AlexanderThe Benelli: lol, @ opensource: go to a shop irl and steal one, and tada u have an illegally accquired watermleon
Opensource Obscure: : )
While the ZoeRayne continues to develop, StaceyRayne notices the growing signs of stress on her tummy.
Georgette Whitfield: Torely did you ever make a helmet out of melon shell in RL?
Opensource Obscure: dinner! cena italiana! bye all : )
Georgette Whitfield: Bye Open
Torley Linden: i did Geo, i have video to prove it :)
Georgette Whitfield: LOLOL
Torley Linden: take care Opensource
Carl Kondor: ciao
AlexanderThe Benelli: tc opensoruce
Torley Linden:
Oracolo Janus: Buon appetito Opensource
Georgette Whitfield: I love that LOLcat pic of the cat with melon helment
AlexanderThe Benelli: lol...even typing is impossible with 0.4
Torley Linden: i've seen Sisyphus cat too, along the same sort of ideas
Georgette Whitfield: *helment
Torley Linden: ouc hthat's painfully slow, Alexander
Georgette Whitfield: Dang
Georgette Whitfield: *helmet
Carl Kondor: im whit 12/13fps ^^
AlexanderThe Benelli: thats not slow, thats slideshow ;-)
Georgette Whitfield: Ahahah those pics are too funny
Fryke Bloch: torley i once saw a video of this guy that hacked his iphone to play second life on there but it was laggy
Carl Kondor: yea i saw a guy playign sl in iphone too
Fryke Bloch: i saw it oin youtube
Torley Linden: i've seen people play SL on iPhone with wifi trickery
Fryke Bloch: o
Torley Linden: but there's not an official client for it yet
Melody Paperdoll: it's slooooooowwwww
Melody Paperdoll: lolfor me it is anyway
Torley Linden: (i blogged about something related the other day @ )
Melody Paperdoll: probs just my network :-p
Sasha Nurmi: O.o well that gonna blow a hole in your wallet if its on iPhone
Fryke Bloch: torley if i put the client on my black berry would it work?\
Melody Paperdoll: gonna try Teleport c'os apparently the screen refresh is faster
Nerxual Oh: going back to the Den, cya waldan, al and Torley
Torley Linden: hm Fryke, i don't know for sure. Vollee's mobile client is compatible with lots of different cellphones...
Nerxual Oh: /ao on
Fryke Bloch: ok
Melody Paperdoll: Vollee say they're doing a iphoneversion
Al Sonic: Mhm. I'll be there whenever this is over.
Melody Paperdoll: can't wait
Torley Linden: yup i saw that too Melody :)
Torley Linden: exciting news
Torley Linden: i'm glad to see Second Life get increasingly portable and accessible from more places
AlexanderThe Benelli: Torley, on the wiki u said that it's too much effort to upload raw versions of your videos for complete localizations
Torley Linden: a lot of people have uses for that
Fryke Bloch: torley how is it working at LL
Melody Paperdoll: I wanna be able to attend live music events in my break at work /me giggles :)
Georgette Whitfield: Hey again Elle!
Torley Linden: Fryke, oh it's wonderful, thanks. awesome job!
Fryke Bloch: kool\
AlexanderThe Benelli: Is it soo bad to upload a HD one with "ingame" sound only and no text?
Torley Linden: definitely an unorthodox way of working which'll become more popular in the future...
Torley Linden: Alexander, yes, sadly so. it'd take re-rendering. i don't have the time or the computer power for that. i'd do it if it were much quicker.
Georgette Whitfield: Yay!
Torley Linden: for a long time i've wished video and audio productions had a more standardized file format which could easily and elegantly be packaged and exchanged
AlexanderThe Benelli: ok, somebody found a charity "buy torley a new PC just for the purpose of localization"
Georgette Whitfield: Torley, a few of us where talking about how sL has changed our lives: can you share how it's helped you?
Torley Linden: there are lots of proprietary solutions but nothing really "universal" or "commonplace"
Georgette Whitfield: lol Alex
Louise Later: :))
Fryke Bloch: torley why does second life not allow underaged kids to play on the adult grid instead of just the teen grid like have them both together
Carl Kondor: mature places
Torley Linden: oh sure Geo... :D in addition to my past blog posts, it's really been an uplifting experience. i found love here (my wife), am talking with you right now (that's great)... explored a lot of creative possibilities...
Torley Linden: there's so much i could go on...
Carl Kondor: teh sl teen it hink dont lets underage player enter those lands
Georgette Whitfield: Fryke have you SEEN what's out there?!
Al Sonic: That sounds like a complicated question.
Fryke Bloch: yea
Georgette Whitfield: Thanks Torley
Ewan Mureaux: we have enough immature types as is
AlexanderThe Benelli: teen grid, that's kind of a "where there is light there is shadow" aspect of sl
Torley Linden: Fryke, i recommend reading past posts on http://blog.secondlife as to the legal and social ramifications/problems...
Torley Linden: oops,
Georgette Whitfield: We were all saying how much it has changed our lives for the better
Fryke Bloch: ok ty
AlexanderThe Benelli: I mean, its a "LOT" easier to be an illegal underage player in main sl than to register for teen sl
Torley Linden: Geo, oh i'm always glad to hear those :D inspiring to hear tales of SL making first life better!
Carl Kondor: yea thats true
Torley Linden: i discovered SL during a very sad time of my life
Fryke Bloch: why were u sad
Louise Later: Definitely for people with disabilties! It has been wonderful for me!
Georgette Whitfield: Me too, I had just lost my dad
Torley Linden: a lot of bad things happened, like my Dad died, and then there were ugly family feuds, and my hearing developed problems so i stopped being a composer (at the time)
Georgette Whitfield: Awwww
AlexanderThe Benelli: it's a one click step process now...type in name, email , avatar name, cavatar is created, then downlado sl and ur are good to go...
Carl Kondor: i connect whit the outside wotld
Torley Linden: so i always love hearing about people who are empowered through Second Life
Fryke Bloch: im sorry to hear that torley
Carl Kondor: and knew more of other contrys
Ewan Mureaux: my psychiatrist worried about SL™ though whether it has become a replacement
JayR Cela: SL helped me recover some a severe head trauma accident and stroke in RL
Torley Linden: thanks Fryke, things are much better now though
Fryke Bloch: good to hear that
Torley Linden: there'll always be adversity but having ways to deal with it is SO important :)
Sasha Nurmi: hey ya Neko =)
Georgette Whitfield: I think SL helps distract you with good stuff until you are better enough and more confident to try more RL things too
Nekorina Bourjade: Helloo!~ :D
Louise Later: Ewan--how do you get SLtm to print that way?
Georgette Whitfield: And the creative side is therapeutic
AlexanderThe Benelli: Torley, i read the wiki articel about ur hearing prblem...cant spell the u know that one of the therapys stated on wikipedia is the use of "pink" noise?
Nekorina Bourjade: Greetings every one
Louise Later: :))

StaceyRayne feels tired and needs to sit down for a little bit.

Ewan Mureaux: i have a Second Life® trademark compliance gesture pack
Torley Linden: i tried that Alexander, for hyperacusis, and it didn't work for me. i didn't notice a difference. i've built up a tolerance over the years but am still sensitive.
Georgette Whitfield: lol Alex
AlexanderThe Benelli looks around an is sure that this therapy has sime side effects
Al Sonic: Haha, clever.
Georgette Whitfield: Awww hehe
Louise Later: TY Ewan!
Torley Linden: i cracked up today after seeing the story of Copyleft, sounds like there's been a big legal victory for distributing open source software
AlexanderThe Benelli: oh, thats sad, sry 4 u, torley
Torley Linden:
Ewan Mureaux: i set it for sale there for 0L if anyone wants it
Carl Kondor: silence...
Torley Linden: i appreciate it when knowledgeable people make legal issues easy to understand...
Carl Kondor: ;)
Louise Later: Thank you so much, Ewan! It encourages everyone to show how they value the real thing!
Torley Linden: it can be so confusing with so many words and jurisdictions!
Ewan Mureaux: eyeinhandlogo
Ewan Mureaux: oops
Torley Linden: i use the word "hamsa" but that hasn't caught on
Ewan Mureaux: Eye-in-Hand logo®
Ewan Mureaux: hehe
Torley Linden:
Louise Later: LOL!
Torley Linden: ^ see the coincidence? ;)
Walden Mannonen: Wow...
AlexanderThe Benelli: lol, there u go, another thin learned today... *g*
Walden Mannonen: that's cool :)
Ewan Mureaux: hamsa is a muslim cleric with hooks for hands and an eye patch
Torley Linden: i used to be fond of saying, "hamsta" is a "hamster gangsta"
Georgette Whitfield: Oh him lol
AlexanderThe Benelli: hamas=>the sign of spiritual sl fans^^
Carl Kondor: lol
Torley Linden: gotta know how to GET DOWN
Torley Linden: *boogies*
Ewan Mureaux:
Margar Navarathna: BYE TORLEY remeber i am having a party saturday at jinx
Margar Navarathna: it would mean alot if you could come bye bye
Melody Paperdoll: buhbye torley!!!!!! hugs and watermelons!!!
Georgette Whitfield: Oh I have an Hand of Fatima pendant
Georgette Whitfield: Awwww bye Torley
Torley Linden: thanks Margar! take care :)
Georgette Whitfield: You going?
Ewan Mureaux: Fatima Whitbread?
Georgette Whitfield: LOL Ewan
Georgette Whitfield: No the Hamsa thing
Walden Mannonen: Bye bye Watermelinden... yeah... seems to be past 1...
Georgette Whitfield: I never thought
Torley Linden: gee that Hamza sure isn't a nice guy :|
Walden Mannonen: :/
AlexanderThe Benelli imagines sl-player entering a muslim mosque in the middle of nowhere, no running water, no electricity , sees the hamsa..."woow...they got sl here in the desert???"
Georgette Whitfield: I should paint it turquoise
Torley Linden: Alexander, lol
Georgette Whitfield: lol Alex
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Torley Linden: i've seen some nice mosques in Second Life
Carl Kondor: does this gonna end in less then 30min? is to know if i after dinner i still can come back a hear a litttle ^^^
Blackie Dagger: hi everyone!
Torley Linden: i am prolly gonna go in a few min. Carl but i always like to stay and chat extra, over the hour
Georgette Whitfield: lol Carl
Torley Linden: hey hey Blackie! thanks again for the horse :)
Carl Kondor: i check chat log
Blackie Dagger: :)
Torley Linden: have a good dinner
Georgette Whitfield: Bye Carl
AlexanderThe Benelli: miss dinner..u get it every day in the weekk..torley is on thursday only
Carl Kondor: ok see later maybe afk brb
Melody Paperdoll: ah I'm crazy not reading lol I thought you were going already :-P
Ewan Mureaux thinks a mosquito should hang out in a mosque
AlexanderThe Benelli: ;-)
AlexanderThe Benelli: but have a good dinner and tc *g*
Torley Linden: mosque-itos may learn to not bite humans
Louise Later: LOL, Ewan!
Torley Linden: i got mosquito bites the other day... it totally sucked!
Georgette Whitfield: In Scotland we get midges
Georgette Whitfield: Worse than any other bugs
Georgette Whitfield: Wee pests
AlexanderThe Benelli: lol, is this anti.muslim? might be against the Community Standards ...loool....
Georgette Whitfield: Never go camping in Scotland in August lol
AlexanderThe Benelli: ;-)
Torley Linden: "midge" sounds like a nicer word
Georgette Whitfield: Yes a bit Alex
Georgette Whitfield: They're wee blighters lol
Ewan Mureaux: i'm pro-islam also pro-wordplay
Torley Linden: keep it punny people XD
AlexanderThe Benelli is pro wordplay and pro free choiche of religions
Torley Linden: does anyone else here watch Robot Chicken?
Torley Linden: autobots rollllll out
Torley Linden: it cracks me up so much, how much wordplay they do
Nekorina Bourjade raises her Hand to the Robot chicken question
Louise Later: Metoo!
AlexanderThe Benelli: robot chicken? don't know that
Sasha Nurmi: shure *smiles* everyone loves chikens
Ewan Mureaux: torley you would love a show we have here called Qi
Torley Linden: Robot Chicken is so fast-paced...
Georgette Whitfield: LOL yes Ewan
Torley Linden: Qi eh? haven't heard of it yet... *looks it up on Wikipedia*
AlexanderThe Benelli looks for robot chicken
Georgette Whitfield: lol
Ewan Mureaux: its presented by a guy called Stephen Fry he is the embodiment of witticism
JayR Cela: bye~byee everyone :_)
Georgette Whitfield: The Oscar Wilde dude
Torley Linden: hahaha
Torley Linden: bye JayR :)
Ewan Mureaux: its like a panel shhow but you get points off for being obvious and the questions are all very strange
JayR Cela: :_)
Georgette Whitfield: Bye JayR
Louise Later: Wilde dude!
Blackie Dagger: bye JayR
Ewan Mureaux: yep
Louise Later: by JR
Ewan Mureaux: and Dr. House's old comedy partner
AlexanderThe Benelli: I'll watch some robot chicken later on joost, adult swim is showing it there i think *g*
Torley Linden: this QI sounds like it's pretty clever... gee they had Mike Oldfield's daughter on there?
Torley Linden: that's an intriguing connection
Torley Linden: Joost is a lot of fun :)
Georgette Whitfield: Oh I love Fry and Laurie
Torley Linden: i like the Joost ads/UI design a lot, it's very slick
Georgette Whitfield: lol
AlexanderThe Benelli: yep, joost is hot
Georgette Whitfield: This guy I know swears by the free SciFi movies on Joost
AlexanderThe Benelli: perfect example of ow to simplify a complex system for all types of users
Georgette Whitfield: It's free telly, right?
Torley Linden: i used to watch Sci-Fi Channel a lot... !
Torley Linden: free with advertising
Georgette Whitfield: Oh well
Georgette Whitfield: Stilll good
Torley Linden: i'm fine with ads if they're relevant and amusing
Georgette Whitfield: All telly has ads nowadays
Louise Later: Me too--then I used all my TV time on SL instead
AlexanderThe Benelli: yep, "starhunter", and co^^
Torley Linden: there are many kinds of ads, like colors ;)
Torley Linden: some ads make me laugh so much, others are like "SKIP THE DARN THING ALREADY"
Torley Linden: *clickity click click*
Georgette Whitfield: You would like the Irn Bru ads Torley
AlexanderThe Benelli: well, there are some fun ones, but ca 80% are just stupid...
Torley Linden: whelp thanks SO much for being with me at my office hour, i am going to go for now! *makes a note to check out Irn Bru*
Georgette Whitfield: Unfortunately they're orange and blue not pink and green, but still
Georgette Whitfield: Awwwwwwwwww
Georgette Whitfield: Bye Torley
Torley Linden: stay tuned for my next Tip of the Week this weekend... and have a lovely time in Second Life until then!
Ewan Mureaux: hahaha when i am a burger i want to be washed down with irn bru
AlexanderThe Benelli: cya torley!
Blackie Dagger: bye Torley, take care
Jaymes Kjeller: See you later Torley!
Nock Forager: seeya Torley
AlexanderThe Benelli: one question
AlexanderThe Benelli: lol
Georgette Whitfield: lol Ewan
Ewan Mureaux: bye torley
Georgette Whitfield: Hhehehe
Torley Linden: take care each and all... quiiiick Alexander!
Al Sonic: Yay. Goodbye :D
AlexanderThe Benelli: will there be a section on building on here?
Oracolo Janus: Bye Torley
AlexanderThe Benelli: simple Yes, no, maybe :P
Louise Later: Thanks Torley! Have a great SL day!
Georgette Whitfield: I lost my av
Torley Linden: bye Geo, Ewan, Alexander, Blackie, Jaymes, Nock, Al, Oracolo, all! and YES i'll eventually have a building section
Torley Linden: STAY TUNED...