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This document describes a land security system that may be in development by TxMasterG Ping in the future.


There will be two versions that can be purchased.

  • Single Owner
  • Group Owned(Deeded)*

*=Not all of this will apply to the Group version because of scripting limitations.


  • Eject User
  • Ban User
    • Unban User
    • Reset Ban List
  • Add To Pass List (if applicable)
    • Remove From Pass List
    • Reset Pass List
  • Unsit User
  • Teleport Agent Home


Scripting Language Limitations

  • The security system will only be able to work on the parcel it is over.
    • Example: If the land owner owns an adjacent parcel it will be unaffected.

Probable Introduced Limitations

  • Access Levels(for specific access levels see below "#Access Levels")
    • The owner will specify who has certain access levels.
    • Each access level can execute certain commands.
    • The highest access level may manipulate access levels and what access level people are in.
    • The owner will always be in the highest access level.
  • The owner may also specify a short list of people who the device cannot be used against.
    • This automatically includes those in the highest access level.

Access Levels

  • Level 0 (Not A Level)
    • People who have no control over the actions of the device.
    • These people may see who is the owner of the device.
  • Level 1 (Lowest)
    • Eject
    • Unsit
  • Level 2
    • Level 1 plus...
    • Ban
    • Give Pass
  • Level 3
    • Level 2 plus...
    • Unban
    • Remove Pass
  • Level 4
    • Level 3 plus...
    • Reset Ban List
    • Reset Pass List
  • Level 5 (Highest Level)
    • Teleport Agent Home
    • Manipulate Access Levels
    • Manipulate who is in which Access Level