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This is a project I am currently working on.


Progress (April 10, 2007):
Server: 100%
Vendor: 0%


Early Phase

The vendor will be able to provide the following information to the customer:

  • Name of Object (clothing, or image, etc.)
  • Price (User Defined)
  • Description (User Defined)
  • Permissions (Automatic)
  • Password (security for purchases) (User Defined to prevent loss upon server restart)

Notecard Syntax(Total line length may NOT exceed 256 characters(llGetNotecardLine maximum)):


Notecard Example:

Cheap Items||10||Cheap Objects||5chp8de4%dhl
Freebies||0||Free stuff for Newbies||6ujkgvyukj

I have made my vendor server capable of upgrades without loss of the UUID(a.k.a. key).

Medium/Later Phases

  • Searching for items (by name, description, etc.) (Likely)
  • Vendor Sub-Linking (Choose to open another Shop's vendor system from a list of available systems.) (Somewhat likely)
    • Example: TxMasterG Ping Server
      • Subserver 1
        • SubSubserver 1.1
          • Etc.
      • Subserver 2

Payment Plans

  • Full Vendor
  • Commission
  • Time-Vendor-Online(weeks?)