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This is a proposal for a revision of the Willkommen Deutschland (Welcome Germany) group.

Group Management

  • Rename "Commander" role in "Mentor Advisor" role (sounds less like a military squad).
  • Rename "Moderator" in "Mentor".
  • Set the "Moderate Groupchat" and "Send Notices" abilities for "Commander/Mentor Advisor" as well as "Moderators/Mentors".
  • Add a group logo (looks cold/loveless otherwise)
  • Close group for public.
    • Closing the group will have the benefit that it really only contains Mentors and new Residents, as well as those who never left the group. It will exclude all potential flamers and advertisers who otherwise could easily re-join.


We will

  • post urgent grid status reports via group notice (summarized and in German).
  • answer questions about SL and the use of the Second Life client.
  • announce classes and events hostet at the German Welcome Area.
  • remove members who are either advertising, spamming, flaming or trolling.
  • remove unused accounts on a regular basis in order to reduce load on the database and therefor make group notices and group chat as reliable as possible.

How to join?

This group is limited to Second Life Mentors and new Residents. New Residents will automatically be added to the group once they joined via the website and didn't choose a Community Gateway.
Second Life Mentors who'd like to join the group should write an informal note to any current "Commander" in order to be added to the group and to the Mentor role. All Mentors agree to abide to the Tao of Volunteers while writing in the group chat or representing the Willkommen Deutschland group.

Regardless of their SL age, Residents won't become removed from the group in case they abide to the guidelines (e.g. don't spam or flame) and keep keep activly using their account. Furthermore, all Residents who were already members of the group prior to the revision and whos account wasn't inactive for more than 6 month will be able to remain members as well.