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A view of what's inside the object, useful when an object is merely a "box" or "shell" used to contain items you want to "unpack" to your inventory, such as a set of clothes.

Most of this window shows a Contents folder with all contents within it. These are the same contents shown in the Contents tab of the Build Tools window when selecting the same object.

Copy To Inventory

  Copies the entire contents of the box object to your inventory. If there are no-copy items, you're notified that clicking this moves those items, with no remaining copies left in the object's contents.
Copy And Wear

  The items are copied then worn. Click this if the box object contains an outfit you want to wear immediately. This button is grayed out if there are no body parts or clothing to wear.

After you've unpacked a box, if it contains copyable items, you can take it back into your inventory item if you wish to keep it around as a backup, or if you no longer have a need, discard the box.

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