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Shows all the groups you belong to. Filter the list by typing into the search field at the top of the sidebar.

Double-click a group name to enter group chat with that group.

  Each group's entry includes a thumbnail image of that group's insignia if the group has uploaded one. To hide these images, click then uncheck Display Group Icons.


Mouse over a group entry to display these icons:

  Show the group's profile.
Green info btn.jpg   Opens a small information window where you can click Leave to leave the group, or View Profile to view the group's profile.

Right click on a group to display the following options (most are also available as buttons at the bottom of the sidebar when you select a group):

  • View Info: Opens the selected group's profile.
  • Chat: Opens group chat for the currently selected group.
  • Call: Initiates a group voice call with the currently selected group.
  • Activate: Activate the group (see below).
  • Leave: Leave the group.


Click to choose these options:

Display Group Icons   Shows or hides group icons in the list.
Leave Selected Group   Leave the currently selected group.

Click to choose these options:

Join Group...   Search for and join an existing group.
New Group...   Create a new group.

Click to activate the currently selected group. You may only have one active group at a time, and your active group and role determine which title appears over your avatar's name tag. To remove the title from your name tag, activate the group called none.

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