A140 Sim Cluster

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H10 sector

A140 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 840-893/1081-1101, so it exists in Grid Sector H10, Western Ocean, North to Caledon - Winterfel.


This sim cluster has a complex structure. There are no sims with mathematical disposition, but sim density is increasing here. There are a few microcontinents, sim groups or isolated sims, inside the sim cluster, usually historical themed:

  • Greek place (Spartan Empire, Atheninan Empire, Mediterranean Sea, Bremusa)
  • Ottoman place (Ottoman Istanbul, Ottoman Imparatorlugu)
  • Numbers place (Thirty One, Thirty Two, Thirty Three, Crystal Island)
  • Mars (single sim)
  • Casino place (EC Shop, Games Club Neptune, Neptune VIP, Uranus, Player, Casino Neptune, SL Player, Tritonz) - it should be considered a standalone microcontinent, it is at a visible distance from the sim cluster.

West Cluster Sector is formed of a 15 sims. Some of them are white, some are black (as seen on map).


All these sims have different Geographic features. But not the ground texture and elevation is what makes this place interesting. In many sims, ground is covered with objects (sculpties) that form what people walk on.

Land Status

There are many estates in the area. Most probably, this sim cluster is the result of random sim creation and deletion.

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