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NOTE: This page is a work in progress, none of the procedures documented here are finalized yet. Brad Linden 15:13, 31 March 2011 (PDT)

This page describes how to make changes to Autobuild and get it tested and integrated for others to use. It's intended to be analogous to the process described at How To Submit A Viewer Change but somewhat simplified.

Testing Requirements

Unit Tests

Tests are under autobuild/tests You can run them by running nosetests -v from the top of the autobuild source tree. (see nose documentation)

Integration Tests

We have teamcity running a test build against a staging repo: autobuild-integration. So changes should be pushed there first for testing before getting promoted to .

You need to check out 4 repos side-by-side to run the tests here:

Then run autobuild-testscript/ You can also test against additional packages by checking them out alongside 3p-curl and setting the test_pkgs environment variable either manually or in autobuild-testscript/BuildParams