Autobuild uninstall

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      autobuild uninstall [-h] [--config-file INSTALL_FILENAME]
                          [--installed-manifest INSTALLED_FILENAME]
                          [--install-dir INSTALL_DIR] [-n] [-q] [-v] [-d]
                          [package [package ...]]


List of packages to uninstall.


-h, --help show this help message and exit
--config-file INSTALL_FILENAME The file used to describe what should be installed (defaults to $AUTOBUILD_CONFIG_FILE or "autobuild.xml").
--installed-manifest INSTALLED_FILENAME The file used to record what is installed.
--install-dir INSTALL_DIR Where to find the default --installed-manifest file.
-n, --dry-run run tool in dry run mode if available
-q, --quiet minimal output
-v, --verbose verbose output
-d, --debug