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link is a subtype of integer.

The functions and constants in this category all take or return a link parameter. Events in this category expose a link parameter. Alternate names for link include: link_number


link values are often one of the following special values:

Flag Description
LINK_ROOT 1 sends to the root prim in a multi-prim linked set[1]
LINK_SET -1 sends to all prims
LINK_ALL_OTHERS -2 sends to all other prims
Flag Description
LINK_ALL_CHILDREN -3 sends to all children, (everything but the root)
LINK_THIS -4 sends to the prim the script is in


  • Not all LINK_* flags can be used with all functions or constants.
  • The only LINK_* flag that shows up with linked_message is LINK_ROOT. There is no way to know if a message has been sent to a specific prim or to all prims in the linkset.