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Transcript for Thursday September 15, 2011

[12:58] Peewee Musytari \o/ "YAYYYY!!!"
[12:58] Peewee Musytari ||
[12:58] Peewee Musytari _/\_
[12:58] Jeremy Linden Jeremy Linden waves
[12:58] Arawn Graalrd Is Burning Life still in biz?
[12:58] Peewee Musytari its a Jeremy :))
[12:58] Marianne McCann Hey Jeremy
[12:58] Peewee Musytari woots
[12:58] Arawn Graalrd WE have Jeremy?
[12:58] Thriller Dancer Say 'on' or 'off'to turn me on or off, or 'help' for more commands
[12:58] Adamburp Adamczyk hey jeremy
[12:59] Marianne McCann Atawn - there has not been a "Burning Life" since 2009.
[12:59] Peewee Musytari and a flappy ruthed torben hehe
[12:59] Marianne McCann There is, however, Burn2, and it is ongoing
[12:59] Torben yay
[12:59] Marianne McCann Arawn, I mean, sorry
[12:59] Torben ellows
[12:59] Jeremy Linden Hey everyone. Still no Lexie this week. Rand should be here, though.
[13:00] Peewee Musytari whats lexie up to?..she siad she`d be gone till end of sept
[13:00] Peewee Musytari running in that hamster wheel?
[13:00] Jeremy Linden I'm afraid I can't really talk about what Lindens are doing outside work.
[13:00] Adamburp Adamczyk we understand
[13:00] Peewee Musytari ahh so she isn`t on another sl job is what I meant
[13:01] Arawn Graalrd We'll simply mug your alt
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk but lexie has a lot of respect here - and we're just concerned
[13:01] Torben nah, she´s looking for another rl job
[13:01] Marianne McCann Ah... so she must be running for President
[13:01] Peewee Musytari eeps
[13:01] Jeremy Linden Vote for Lexie!
[13:01] Torben just kidding I hope
[13:02] Arawn Graalrd It's a nervous time, to run for Pres; if Obama embraces Reaganomics, he'd win easy; it's all his decision.
[13:02] Peewee Musytari ur sposed to say she is in long and detailed meetings with lithium on how to fix Answers :P
[13:02] Torben Adam complained one time too often about LL support so Lexie needed extended vacations
[13:02] Marianne McCann Yes, but Lexie promises a prim in every pot!
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk oh, my crusade is finished
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk rod answered my im
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk not entorely happy with what he said
[13:02] Torben just teasing Adam :)
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk lol
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk but i have to accept it
[13:03] Marianne McCann So what's the buzz, Jeremy?
[13:03] Torben I stepped on Lexie´s toe so now she´s recovering
[13:03] Peewee Musytari rod is busy fixing group chat lag apparently lol
[13:03] Torben nough rumours for today
[13:03] Jeremy Linden We don't seem to have much of an agenda today, but I can give a few updates on what I've been working on.
[13:04] Jeremy Linden I'm still documenting new and evolving mesh features, not the least of which will be a new term: "land impact"
[13:04] Peewee Musytari ooh
[13:04] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann shifts nervously
[13:04] Peewee Musytari when they fall down?
[13:05] Arawn Graalrd When they multiply the prim equivalency
[13:05] Jeremy Linden Land impact is the same number as "number of objects on parcel" now, but it's meant to encompass the impact that mesh objects have, too. Meshes often obviosuly count as more than one "prim", so we wanted to be able to make a clear distinction.
[13:06] Jeremy Linden Now, "number of prims" will solely mean "number of distinct parts" and will not be related to land limits.
[13:06] Arawn Graalrd Isn't PE still in flux?
[13:06] Liisa Runo i like the word "impact" there, reminds me of a missile crater or something, very fitting
[13:06] Marianne McCann Off-hand, does that only account for mesh PE, or would we see other items - >10m prims, sculpts, etc. given more "weight?" Do we know?
[13:06] Jeremy Linden Arawn, land impact is actually the new term for "PE". We found that people were confused by the term "prim equivalent", since it still contained the word "prim".
[13:06] Arawn Graalrd AFAIK, Megaprims will still be prims, until you add a mesh bow tie
[13:07] Marianne McCann But without a mesh bow tie, none of my >10m prims could go to a formal
[13:07] Jeremy Linden Arawn, I think that's true. Unless you link a normal prim to a mesh, or change its physics type, it still counts as just 1.
[13:07] Arawn Graalrd So, the edit window will list both prims and impact?
[13:07] Jeremy Linden Yep!
[13:08] Arawn Graalrd Will even physics time count, until you add the bow tie?
[13:08] Jeremy Linden We'll be changing parcel terminology to match. It'll be called "land capacity".
[13:08] Peewee Musytari people do tend to think in prims, I`m susprised that land impact is less confusing than prim equivalant
[13:08] Liisa Runo im suprised too
[13:09] Peewee Musytari won`t they still how many prims is that?
[13:09] Jeremy Linden Peewee, people think in terms of prims because that's what they're used to. I'm not the one who made the decision to use the new terms, but it makes sense to me in a world where prims are no longer the only unit of value.
[13:10] Arawn Graalrd Will Parcel Limits be set by Prims or Impact?
[13:10] Jeremy Linden Sure, Peewee. We'll still show the number of prims in an object, but prims alone will no longer be the limiting factor when you're trying to fill up your land :-)
[13:10] Jeremy Linden Arawn - they'll be set by "land capacity", which is paired with land impact.
[13:10] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann ponders the term "Bow Tie Impact"
[13:11] Jeremy Linden So, a 512m parcel would have a land capacity of... is it 117? The same as it would be in prims now.
[13:11] Arawn Graalrd Bow Tie is just the little bit of Mesh, that turns a few simple prims into hundreds.
[13:11] Peewee Musytari well a sim has 15K prims, so people logically keep track of it now going to have 15K prims or 15K prims and/or impacts?
[13:11] Marianne McCann 117, yes
[13:12] Jeremy Linden Just impact, Peewee.
[13:12] Peewee Musytari no prims at all?
[13:12] Peewee Musytari Aah!
[13:12] Jeremy Linden Well, no prim will have a land impact lower than 1.
[13:12] Liisa Runo dont worry people, it is just new word for PE, nothing really changes
[13:13] Jeremy Linden Yes, that's correct Liisa.
[13:13] Marianne McCann Hey Rand
[13:13] Peewee Musytari so what does that mean in relation to attachments that have no land impact?...are they still prims?
[13:13] Torben hi Rand
[13:13] Peewee Musytari hey hey rand
[13:13] Rand Linden Howdy! SOrry Im late
[13:13] Jeremy Linden It's just meant to make a clearer distinction between "prim" as a distinct part and "prim equivalent" as a land resource
[13:13] Arawn Graalrd Arawn Graalrd prefers the term Tardy, as Late is a technical term
[13:14] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann swears she just saw Rand in a suit and tie, but dismisses it as a fever dream
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk waves "happy birthday rand"
[13:14] Rand Linden haha
[13:14] Peewee Musytari ooh is ur b`day?
[13:14] Rand Linden yes i had on a diff outfit and avie...
[13:14] Peewee Musytari happy burfday rand
[13:14] Jeremy Linden He had skin tone!
[13:14] Marianne McCann He did!
[13:15] Peewee Musytari is ur wiki page done jeremy?....methinks I need to read that
[13:15] Jeremy Linden Peewee, I've only just started making updates to the terminology in the wiki. This is a very recent change.
[13:15] Arawn Graalrd This morning?
[13:15] Jeremy Linden The first doc to use it is this one:
[13:16] Peewee Musytari we will have colliding impacts hehe
[13:17] Jeremy Linden So Rand, would you like to share any updates?
[13:17] Arawn Graalrd Arawn Graalrd wonders if a sim could be overworked, by toggling a single prim mesh, in a really big object
[13:17] Rand Linden i don't have much .....
[13:17] Rand Linden I can share the new Quickstart I've been working on...
[13:18] Marianne McCann Please
[13:18] Rand Linden
[13:18] Rand Linden It's focused on basic mode
[13:18] Rand Linden And I intend to create a "transition guide" to help people moving from basic to advanced mode
[13:19] Rand Linden Oh, on a side note, we also added
[13:19] Adamburp Adamczyk rand, jeremy, could you look at updating pages ref useage of no entry lines
[13:19] Rand Linden Adamburp - i don't understand what you mean
[13:19] Rand Linden "...pages ref useage of no entry lines"
[13:19] Rand Linden ??
[13:19] Adamburp Adamczyk okay
[13:19] Rand Linden you mean ban lines?
[13:20] Jeremy Linden Perhaps, "pages that refer to lines that say "no entry"
[13:20] Adamburp Adamczyk thre sued to be a page on the wiki about using no entry lines for your own land
[13:20] Adamburp Adamczyk used*
[13:20] Marianne McCann I don't know if its possible, but it might be worth somehow mentioning in #2 that usernames can not changable, and may also be visible in some transactions.
[13:20] Arawn Graalrd Oh, no-entry lines could be ass-hole lines, only 50 meters high
[13:20] Adamburp Adamczyk eg "group only" entry etc
[13:20] Rand Linden Good point, thx Marianne!
[13:20] Marianne McCann (on the quickstart)
[13:20] Marianne McCann Welcome. It's a pretty common user question/issue
[13:21] Jeremy Linden Adam, I think you want this:
[13:21] Rand Linden ...Other comments welcome!
[13:21] Marianne McCann 2. Account type. Something that let's people know they can choose to upgrade later if they don't right then?
[13:21] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann sharpens her red pencil
[13:21] Adamburp Adamczyk no jeremy
[13:21] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk bumbles thinking
[13:22] Peewee Musytari rand could you incorporate into your quickstart text even if whoevers job it is to change registration doesn`t get round to it for another 6 months?
[13:22] Adamburp Adamczyk there *was* an article about using security orbs, required times to leav etc
[13:22] Lyrical Popstar hey :D
[13:22] Adamburp Adamczyk linked to no entry lines
[13:22] Rand Linden OK peewee, good suggestion
[13:22] Peewee Musytari if you can get it done on registration that would be a huge plus too lol
[13:23] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг hi ^^
[13:23] Erinyse Planer hi. sorry im late
[13:23] Peewee Musytari ty rand
[13:23] Jeremy Linden I don't believe Resident-created security orbs can interact with "official" ban lines. If there was a page about scripted security objects, it may have been contributed by a Resident.
[13:23] Lyrical Popstar is there a description of what exactly this meeting is for? i have some things i wanted to bring up but want to make sure this is the appropriate meeting :P
[13:23] Rand Linden Peewee, I don't have much luck getting MY jiras fixed, either!!
[13:23] Adamburp Adamczyk okay
[13:23] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:24] Adamburp Adamczyk i juist asked as to get some clarification
[13:24] Erinyse Planer rand that depends on what you mean by interact
[13:24] Jeremy Linden Lyrical:
[13:24] Arawn Graalrd User Tools, basically documentation, a nd just about anything should be documented.
[13:24] Erinyse Planer err jermey i mean
[13:24] Erinyse Planer sorry rand
[13:24] Rand Linden This meeting is in theory for anything related to The Second Life Wiki
[13:24] Jeremy Linden We're missing Lexie today, though. She knows more about the forums, blogs, and Answers than I do.
[13:25] Lyrical Popstar oh ok. my question was mainly concerning the jira
[13:25] Rand Linden Yes, Jeremy and I focus on docs, so we don't have much to say about forums, blogs, etc....but we can pass on comments...until Lexie returns
[13:25] Erinyse Planer Erinyse Planer had a question about forum enforcement and misuse of the post reporting if i am allowed to ask here?
[13:25] Arawn Graalrd Ask first, then wonder if it's permitted.
[13:26] Marianne McCann (Quickstart) Might want to consider adding a line in "Making friends," noting that some people prefer to know you better first, or whatever." (I get so hit by noobs offering friendship without even saying a word to me...)
[13:26] Lyrical Popstar lol
[13:26] Peewee Musytari worst that can happen is u get an answer in 2 weeks
[13:26] Jeremy Linden Erinyse, this is the right place, but unfortunately Lexie would be the one with the best answer.
[13:26] Peewee Musytari is the right place
[13:26] Erinyse Planer can you pass my question along then with a request for an official response please?
[13:27] Arawn Graalrd Would Forums be a WEB Issue?
[13:27] Lyrical Popstar My question is with the jira. Once a jira is posted, how much are suggestions and such considered, and how do we know if/when the suggestions/requests will be considered?
[13:27] Rand Linden Sure, Erinyse... can you be more specific?
[13:27] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг ?
[13:27] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг ups sorry
[13:27] Rand Linden Lyrical: I think it depends on the issue involved
[13:28] Rand Linden I can tell you that security issues do get reviewed immediately
[13:28] Rand Linden If it's a real bug, then it will likely get triaged somewhere...
[13:28] Lyrical Popstar well i'm asking with this particular jira...
[13:28] Rand Linden If it's a feature request/enhancement, then it may take longer
[13:28] Peewee Musytari if its a bug then u usually see people at least attempting to troubleshoot/fix it.....if its a suggestion, it may as well be in invisible ink for the most part lol
[13:29] Erinyse Planer I would simply like to know if LL officially supports the use of reporting parties to report forum posts that simply discuss legitimate issues within SL or request for the end of private "security groups." Certain groups have put out calls in group chat, and notices, and in thier wiki for the reporting f any post to the forum that discusses or criticizes or requests restrictions upon any sort of security force
[13:29] Lyrical Popstar there's a big community of people really trying to work on this issue heard, and we're all wondering if it's even being considered at this point, and don't know where to get feedback
[13:29] Erinyse Planer and if that is NOT supported by LL if theres a way that those groups can be curtailed from abusing the report post features
[13:29] Marianne McCann Ahh.... I know what you're talking about
[13:30] Peewee Musytari there is one for bringing back last names that has about 1500 votes and bazillions of comments and I think its in a LL blind spot hehe
[13:30] Lyrical Popstar yeah that's the one i'm talking about
[13:30] Arawn Graalrd What's SVC-7125 about?
[13:30] Lyrical Popstar it's been a really popular topic on many blogs, social networking sites, etc. for a while now and with no feedback from LL yet.
[13:30] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг what s svc-7125?
[13:30] Adamburp Adamczyk *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*☆ DICKLEY ☆*'``'*:-.,_,.-:*
[13:30] Jeremy Linden Arawn, you can view it at
[13:31] Erinyse Planer i cant. jira wont let me log in to view it
[13:31] Jeremy Linden It's a feature request called "Bring Back Last Name Options!"
[13:31] Rand Linden Lyrical: you might have more luck in the server UG meeting.
[13:31] Torben Fritz Linden set the status to "In Review"
[13:31] Jeremy Linden Your jira login should be the same as your SL login.
[13:31] Rand Linden In general, feature requests will take a long time to get addressed, since we already have a backlog of features to implement
[13:31] Torben so it seems it has been looked at at least and might be considered
[13:31] Marianne McCann If anything on the last name issue, it might be nice to have two possible name option spaces (firstname.lastname) that a new user could fill in. not sure what thet would do when it comes to legacy last names, but ya.. .seems more server endish
[13:31] Rand Linden Thx Torben... there you go.
[13:31] Erinyse Planer jeremy a certain linden locked me out because i told one of her freinds to stop bothering me on it
[13:32] Torben Lindens don´t have friends ;)
[13:32] Erinyse Planer any attempt to log into jira sends me back to the login page
[13:32] Lyrical Popstar we want last names back sooooo bad. lol
[13:32] Lyrical Popstar Lyrical Popstar gets on her knees and begs :P
[13:32] Adamburp Adamczyk i agreee
[13:33] Arawn Graalrd We can stick underscores on our first names, but noobs will still not know their ways about.
[13:33] Erinyse Planer I would like to see last names back too
[13:33] Peewee Musytari it would be kinda amusing if they did bring them back....there would forever be this massive "Resident" family group covering a year or so in sl history hehe
[13:33] Erinyse Planer one of my most common things new users ask me is how to get a last name
[13:33] Lyrical Popstar it's almost like a class issue too... not intended i'm sure. but people who don't have last names are almost like second-class citizens :P it's silly, but it's how a lot of them are treated
[13:34] Lyrical Popstar display names are great. i love that feature.
[13:34] Peewee Musytari yeah they would have been a great addition to the old system
[13:34] Marianne McCann I could see that Erinyse. They see the older names and want that
[13:35] Lyrical Popstar yeah
[13:35] Erinyse Planer For a while i sent them through various registration apis that still assigned last names... but those are harder to find now
[13:35] Liisa Runo ... and we are running out of sane first names already, i have already seen names like "OMFGwhyAllNamesAreTaken34873992 Resident"
[13:35] Lyrical Popstar would it help if i sell my SL kidney in exchange for last names? :P
[13:35] Torben I believe might be a great user group to discuss this topic
[13:35] Arawn Graalrd Arawn Graalrd settled on the surname of Spitteler, as best of awful; it makes him look like a celibate nazi, but didn't know how constrictive names could be; it's a way of recognizing seniority.
[13:35] Erinyse Planer server group says its not their call
[13:35] Jeremy Linden Unfortunately, it's not really an issue we can address here. As technical writers, Rand and I are placed in a later role in development. We are best at discussing features that are currently in use. :-)
[13:35] Torben Torben loves Lyricals passion
[13:36] Lyrical Popstar lol
[13:36] Lyrical Popstar i'll keep an eye out for the group Rand mentioned
[13:36] Arawn Graalrd So, how do we document the injustice of the REsident Surname?
[13:37] Peewee Musytari do u know if bring back 2 names is ever discussed by LL?....or would u not even be allowed to say that
[13:37] Liisa Runo The server geeks dont care about issues like this. So once again im requesting for UG meeting with "Secondlife service" theme.
[13:37] Rand Linden I don't know if it's been discussed or not.
[13:37] Marianne McCann Who would be the better person to hit on that for? Andrew and Simon's UG?
[13:37] Erinyse Planer I can tell you from expereince server group and server beta group will not discuss that issue
[13:37] Rand Linden What about allowing spaces in names? Would that address teh problem to some extent?
[13:38] Peewee Musytari if the login could handle it
[13:38] Rand Linden Marianne - probably that UG, yes, though they may not have any insight either.
[13:38] Lyrical Popstar no. we really want last names. it's one of the most widely talked about complaints in SL
[13:38] Marianne McCann Agreed, Rand. Hmm.
[13:38] Liisa Runo Andrew and Simon and Oskar will just sigh when we bring topics like last names to them.
[13:38] Peewee Musytari how would it know its not a legacy name?
[13:38] Erinyse Planer rand... that group will not discuss it
[13:38] Rand Linden Right, peewee... there is probably some good reason why spaces are not allowed
[13:38] Erinyse Planer they sent us here back months ago
[13:38] Marianne McCann Ooh, ya, and one doesn't want the Andrew sigh. I know if from asking physics questions back in '08
[13:38] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann winks
[13:39] Rand Linden It's not something we can address.
[13:39] Lyrical Popstar or are we talking about something different and i'm just one-track minded? :P
[13:39] Torben spaces would confuse LSL even more than now also
[13:39] Arawn Graalrd So, where is it documented, which UG to lobby?
[13:39] Rand Linden You might try one of Viale's UG's... e.g.
[13:39] Rand Linden describes all the UGs
[13:39] Rand Linden In reality, there might not be a UG for each and every type of issue
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk funny rand :)
[13:40] Peewee Musytari it would be nice if whoever`s group it is would at least acknowledge that huge JIRA....its kinda rude ignoring so many people totally even if there is no solution
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk i emailed rod about he frequency of YG
[13:40] Erinyse Planer I wish we had a just plain user experience usergroup to capute all the crap that cant be covered in any other group
[13:40] Lyrical Popstar oh wait. spaces would be cool actually
[13:40] Adamburp Adamczyk and about wht does not get covered
[13:40] Peewee Musytari even underscores would be a good compromise
[13:41] Arawn Graalrd We haven't underscores?
[13:41] Peewee Musytari not in usernames no
[13:41] Rand Linden Usernames are alphanumeric only
[13:41] Arawn Graalrd We should have a user group, for uncovered subjects.
[13:41] Peewee Musytari best you can do is JohnDoe for 2 names
[13:41] Lyrical Popstar Lyrical Popstar votes for spaces :D
[13:42] Torben talking about technical writing: it would be a huge step forward if new residents would know that the weird username they make up will be seen inworld for the rest of their life
[13:42] Erinyse Planer yes it would
[13:42] Lyrical Popstar hehe yeah
[13:42] Rand Linden Yes, Torben, I'll be sure to add that to the Quickstart Guide
[13:42] Peewee Musytari yeah thats what is for...a bandaid to the bigger problem
[13:42] Lyrical Popstar most of the usernames now are like Lyrical2q094utq8t
[13:43] Erinyse Planer meh ive seen worse then that even
[13:43] Marianne McCann Lyrical - was one I saw down at Moose Beach recently, was "AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken Resident" or some such
[13:43] Torben I have a hard time talking to people when I can´t type their name^^
[13:43] Erinyse Planer its gotteh to the point people are jsut using random charactor strings
[13:43] Lyrical Popstar oh i wish i had thought of that one :P
[13:43] Peewee Musytari be glad you are not a DJ welcoming people lol
[13:43] Torben hahaha
[13:43] Peewee Musytari on voice
[13:43] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:44] Torben you would just hear me giggle and call them "blue pants guy with the weird name"
[13:44] Lyrical Popstar lol
[13:44] Arawn Graalrd Abbreviate their names to something pronounceable, to welcomke them.
[13:44] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:44] Erinyse Planer okay i have another question about the wiki
[13:45] Erinyse Planer how the heck do we ar a wiki entry that links to sites that gives real life info about second life residents?
[13:45] Jeremy Linden The original intent of usernames vs display names was supposed to be like using an email address vs. your actual name in someone's in box. "" (like a username) might show up in your inbox as "John W. Smith" (like a display name). It does seem like it didn't quite work out like that in SL.
[13:45] Peewee Musytari quickstart guide is great rand btw :)....will be a useful place to send people
[13:45] Erinyse Planer Erinyse Planer refrains from saying we told you so >>
[13:45] Erinyse Planer oh opps
[13:45] Rand Linden Erinyse - there's not really an AR process for wiki pages, however you can IM me and I will review the page
[13:45] Lyrical Popstar yeah. in-world though, it does take a lot away from the feeling of community and identity
[13:45] Jeremy Linden I didn't invent the feature. I just need to explain it ;-)
[13:46] Marianne McCann Agreed, Jeremy. Not a bad idea in a lot of ways, but many "unintended consequences."
[13:46] Lyrical Popstar hehe :D
[13:46] Rand Linden If you can determine that a person divulged RL info about another user, then THAT can be AR'ed.
[13:46] Erinyse Planer theres not an ar for reporting stuff on the wiki.
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk erinyse do you mean jlu?
[13:46] Lyrical Popstar Lyrical Popstar offers her left arm too. i don't need it :P
[13:46] Erinyse Planer thats one of many examples
[13:47] Rand Linden No, Erinyse, there is no AR category for wiki
[13:47] Erinyse Planer which is the problem rand
[13:47] Peewee Musytari the other fail on display names was that they would have been great for RP ...which was an intended use I believe...but then you can only change them once a week
[13:47] Torben I believe you can also undo the edit that revealed the information or blank the page
[13:47] Rand Linden If youfind something offensive on teh wiki, you can also just edit the page to remove the offensive info.
[13:47] Erinyse Planer file it under disclosure governance wont look at it cuase it deals with wiki, and say file a ticket.
[13:47] Rand Linden right, Torben!
[13:47] Torben :)
[13:47] Erinyse Planer file a ticket they say flike an ar
[13:47] Erinyse Planer and yes torben then they revise it right back
[13:48] Torben Erin, then you ping Rand and he comes to beat em up
[13:48] Jeremy Linden Rand, didn't we discuss a wiki editing policy that covers "edit wars"?
[13:48] Marianne McCann What Torben said
[13:48] Erinyse Planer all attempts to remove the kryptonradio website from the wiki were undone and met with threats of ars
[13:48] Time Minder You have been online for 1 hours.
[13:48] Rand Linden Jeremy - we did at one point... but I don't think it ever was made "official" best I recall
[13:49] Jeremy Linden
[13:49] Torben can you post a link?
[13:49] Erinyse Planer and that site routinely pairs SL resident names with real life names
[13:49] Lyrical Popstar what? there's a site that does that? :/
[13:49] Rand Linden Erinsye - send me URL of the offendinng page
[13:49] Marianne McCann Erinyse - I think the question of that group will end up having to fall under a larger policy move on all of the "law enforcement" type groups (this is somewhat off topic for wiki/KB, but still)
[13:49] Erinyse Planer the wiki page or the page it points to or both?
[13:49] Harlow Heslop Harlow Heslop sneaks into the meeting
[13:49] Arawn Graalrd Would they even know my non-secret identity?
[13:49] Rand Linden the wiki page... that I can do something about...
[13:50] Rand Linden the 3rd party site, we have no control over
[13:50] Lyrical Popstar and unfortunately, something off of the LL websites... not much you can do :/
[13:50] Lyrical Popstar that's a shame that people are doing that
[13:50] Marianne McCann Sneaky, sneaky, Harlow
[13:50] Rand Linden I don't think LL can prevent a 3rd party site from divulging such is against SL TOS, but we can't enforce that outside of SL!
[13:50] Lyrical Popstar harlow, you're steppingo n my leg that i'm gonna donate to LL... don't damage it!
[13:50] Harlow Heslop haha i heard rumor of last name talk and that was my JIRA so i wanted to come listen in. *laughs*
[13:50] Harlow Heslop oh i can give both my arms if they'd like :D
[13:51] Torben awww
[13:51] Erinyse Planer no but you could ban the residents that did it
[13:51] Harlow Heslop and sorry if i'm standing on oyu. on my bad computer cannot see a thing.
[13:51] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг back
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk rand, im me please
[13:51] Torben welcome back
[13:51] ъսъъlε ъlօաεг ty torben ^.^
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk tis relevant and imporant
[13:51] Peewee Musytari rand....on the lindens home KB page, it says you can change linden homes 5 times in 24 hours, I think it is 5 times an hour (or used to be) is there somewhere u can check if that really changed or if its a typo?....I didn`t edit it in case its actually been changed to 24 hours
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk important*
[13:53] Torben uh oh, everybody went speechless
[13:53] Arawn Graalrd Arawn Graalrd speaks
[13:53] Marianne McCann Sorry, Hadda IM I hadda attend to
[13:53] Peewee Musytari all reading wiki pages lol
[13:53] Rand Linden Peewee - I will look into that
[13:53] Arawn Graalrd /arf
[13:53] Peewee Musytari ty
[13:54] Torben yay, welcome back everybody - I was scared for a second
[13:54] Jeremy Linden !
[13:54] Marianne McCann o.O
[13:54] Peewee Musytari Peewee Musytari holds torben`s hand...don`t be skeered
[13:54] Torben awww thank you!
[13:54] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:55] Marianne McCann Well, I need t'run along, looks like
[13:55] Marianne McCann Have fun, all!
[13:55] Torben so maybe the last name fans need to visit all usergroups available and raise awareness
[13:55] Jeremy Linden Thanks for coming!
[13:56] Torben bye bye Mari
[13:56] Torben Torben thinks about signs and sit-ins
[13:56] Rand Linden Yep, we're out of time...thanks everybody!
[13:56] Lyrical Popstar thanks guys :)
[13:56] Arawn Graalrd Usergroup Incompleteness Awareness Week?
[13:56] Harlow Heslop have a good one! :)