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Transcript for Thursday May 26, 2011

[13:03] Amanda Linden ok, welcome all.
[13:03] Rand Jeremy said he's going to miss all or most of the mtg
[13:03] Amanda Linden kk
[13:03] Peewee Musytari I`m fat n furry I`m always comfy lol
[13:04] Eddi loll thanks Jeremy :p
[13:04] Benji ty
[13:04] Amanda Linden ok, ready to go?
[13:04] Peewee Musytari jesh
[13:04] Amanda Linden ya
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger of course ;)
[13:04] Marianne McCann why not?
[13:04] Amanda Linden ok, then maybe the team can go through reg updates and then raymond and i can chat a little about the lithium conf last week.
[13:04] Amanda Linden then resi adds stuff...
[13:04] Amanda Linden thoughts? sound good?
[13:04] Lexie great
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk can we still add stuff?
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger amnda works for me
[13:05] Raymond Linden perfect
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk to the agenda?
[13:05] Amanda Linden sure
[13:05] Peewee Musytari to infinity and beyond
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk thansk
[13:05] Amanda Linden ok, raymond, lexie--updates...
[13:05] Peewee Musytari oops wrong movie
[13:05] Amanda Linden go for it
[13:05] Raymond Linden Ok
[13:05] Raymond Linden Well, we updated the icon sizes for images in user galleries
[13:05] Eddi hey rand sorry never see you :)
[13:06] Raymond Linden They are a bit larger and easier to view now
[13:06] Peewee Musytari kewl
[13:06] Lexie much easier to see
[13:06] Rand hi! Just floating around... :-)
[13:06] Raymond Linden We are also going to be making some updates to the Forum structure in the near future
[13:06] Lexie
[13:06] Lexie (yay)
[13:06] Benji Yes, you're just floating behind my lagmeter Rand
[13:07] Peewee Musytari answers first :P
[13:07] Peewee Musytari forums work
[13:07] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:07] Raymond Linden And we are working with Lithium to see if we can set up Replies in Answers. Still tbd . ..
[13:07] Raymond Linden Lexie - anything else?
[13:07] Peewee Musytari nooooo...but its so sucky :((
[13:07] Lexie We are working on it Peewee. Hang in there!
[13:08] Amanda Linden peewee, tell us how you really feel. :)
[13:08] Amanda Linden ha
[13:08] Marianne McCann /me snickers
[13:08] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:08] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:08] Raymond Linden Peewee - what specifically are you having issues with in Answers?
[13:08] Eddi hi Marianne :)
[13:08] Lexie I also think some Answers categories will be better off merged. So we are lookign at that
[13:08] Raymond Linden yep
[13:08] Benji Nods
[13:08] Marianne McCann Hey Eddi
[13:09] Peewee Musytari the no reply buttons, the fact that people have found a way to still post comments and we can`t see them, the order of posts in the threads
[13:09] Peewee Musytari and specially no reply button for OP
[13:09] Raymond Linden I am hoping to get some feedback from Lithium on the Reply functionality in Answers hopefully this week or early next
[13:09] Peewee Musytari hardly any answer us now
[13:09] Lexie ok
[13:09] Raymond Linden We'll keep you posted!
[13:10] Lexie Yeah those are issues we know about and its frustrating. We appreciate you working with the system
[13:10] Peewee Musytari and getting all the hidden comments back as posts too
[13:10] Raymond Linden Ok, thanks for the feedback Peewee. Any other issues you or the rest of you have encountered in Answers?
[13:10] Lexie oh, one other crucial update from me....
[13:11] Peewee Musytari if you fix all that we`ll love u
[13:11] Raymond Linden haha - ok
[13:11] Peewee Musytari :))
[13:11] Lexie The word "tortilla" is no longer **bleeped** :p
[13:11] Lexie lol
[13:11] Lexie filter is fixed
[13:11] DogWomble Dollinger wait ... tortilla?
[13:11] Amanda Linden seirously, that was bleeped? :)
[13:11] Lexie lol
[13:11] Peewee Musytari how about fickle?
[13:11] Raymond Linden haha
[13:11] Lisa Fossett Are the people posting the Questions being offered (obviously) the opportunity to subscribe to updates so they know where to come back to?
[13:11] Eddi sorry, if i set busy , i'm not realy i receive some massiv tp and i hate that:)
[13:11] Adamburp Adamczyk how about "cho bin"
[13:11] Lexie I think fickle is fixed too
[13:11] Adamburp Adamczyk chodbin*
[13:11] Peewee Musytari yay
[13:11] Amanda Linden tortilla seriously bad language. :)
[13:11] Dresden Ceriano yeah fickle... that was a good one
[13:12] Lexie
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger amanda the word 'tortilla' doesn't cause bad language
[13:12] Amanda Linden ha
[13:12] DogWomble Dollinger it does if it goes down the wrong way tho
[13:12] Lexie hahaha
[13:12] Marianne McCann Hey Daniel
[13:12] Amanda Linden nice one dog
[13:12] Daniel Voyager Hiya :)
[13:12] Amanda Linden hey daniel!
[13:12] Peewee Musytari maybe they thought it was like a taco
[13:12] Amanda Linden ok, think we're ready for an update from rand on kb.
[13:12] Dresden Ceriano oh they can cause a major disturbance if they're filled with beans
[13:13] Rand OK.. not a whole lot to report
[13:13] Rand Just plugging away at updating and cleaning up the KB
[13:13] Amanda Linden cool.
[13:13] Rand I did add a faq for the new search system
[13:13] Rand (in wiki of course)
[13:13] Amanda Linden lots of work there....
[13:13] Adamburp Adamczyk rand: how would we flag an article that we feel needs cleaning up please?
[13:13] Rand In Lithium? Best way is to comment on it
[13:13] Rand We get emails for every comment
[13:13] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is anti-lithium, is an old school suer
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk user*
[13:14] Rand Or, you can PM me in Lithium
[13:14] Rand heh...
[13:14] Rand In wiki, you can either add a note to my user talk page.... or...
[13:14] Adamburp Adamczyk how about good old-fashioned copy and paste to im or nc? would that be acceptable?
[13:14] Rand That's OK too
[13:14] Peewee Musytari irene posted a thread about KB...she says you can`t subscribe to the comments on it
[13:14] Amanda Linden thanks adam--we need you guys to tell us that stuff...
[13:15] Rand I saw that.. .I am able to however... not sure what's going on with her issue
[13:15] Rand Oh yes, and I am working with Localization to start creating new KBs for Japanese and Italian
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk it wasn';t emant as a criticism amanda, i know thatl;s all iseem to do aletly, but i generally feel we should be able to do flagthings up
[13:15] Rand ...recreating I should say... :-)
[13:15] Amanda Linden no no, it's all good!
[13:15] Amanda Linden wasn't taking it that way
[13:16] Rand OK thats if for me
[13:16] Rand *it
[13:16] Amanda Linden we love when you guys flag stuf ffor us.
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk /me will keeop his whining for a shareholders meeting
[13:16] Amanda Linden cool.
[13:16] Eddi question on forum or blog, do you have a list of user-flag, and definition?
[13:16] Amanda Linden eddi, not sure what ur asking...
[13:16] Amanda Linden lexie? raymond?
[13:17] Eddi about the tags, over the resident name
[13:17] Raymond Linden Not quite sure I understand the question
[13:17] Peewee Musytari can you add in giant red letter that the premium 1000L bonus is paid after 45 days?
[13:17] Lexie oh ranks?
[13:17] Peewee Musytari we get asked that every day
[13:17] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:17] Eddi yess
[13:17] Lexie In community help there is a list of ranks/roles
[13:17] Eddi the ranks .. what the resident can do with this different rank*
[13:17] Lexie It should help you understand it
[13:18] Lexie I will send you a link
[13:18] Eddi ok thanks :)
[13:18] nitro2424 do any of u know where i can get a job
[13:18] Peewee Musytari i sent u links already Nitro
[13:18] Dresden Ceriano mc donald's?
[13:18] nitro2424 oh how do i get them
[13:18] Lisa Fossett Something tells me nitro's on Basic viewer
[13:18] Peewee Musytari scroll up to where u aked before in chat
[13:19] Marianne McCann Indeed, Lisa
[13:19] Eddi Dresden , no wall-mart its better of mc donald ;)
[13:19] Dresden Ceriano not much... i've worked at both =(
[13:19] nitro2424 what
[13:19] Amanda Linden hey there, all jobs at linden are located on
[13:19] Amanda Linden that's the best place to go to check out what's avail.
[13:19] Amanda Linden oh, jobs inworld?
[13:19] nitro2424 kk thanks
[13:19] Kraptacular Kat amanda you are such a card
[13:20] Amanda Linden there's a whole section in the forums.
[13:20] Dresden Ceriano lol... yeah
[13:20] Amanda Linden ha, i'm not a card, just dense.
[13:20] Amanda Linden ;)
[13:20] Peewee Musytari he wants a job inworld cos we told him off for asking for money
[13:20] Amanda Linden today anyway
[13:20] Kraptacular Kat lol
[13:20] Eddi smile*
[13:20] Amanda Linden nice
[13:20] Eddi you need a coffee amanda? :p
[13:20] Amanda Linden i know. i'm running low.
[13:20] Dresden Ceriano
[13:20] Amanda Linden but, can't wait to share all the goodness at the lithium conf.
[13:20] Amanda Linden you guys want to hear?
[13:21] DogWomble Dollinger dutr
[13:21] DogWomble Dollinger sure
[13:21] Marianne McCann You bet
[13:21] Amanda Linden raymond, dyou want to start or shall i?
[13:21] Raymond Linden go for it!
[13:21] Peewee Musytari search NCI at Kuula nitro...they will help you there and give u lots of free stuff
[13:21] Amanda Linden
[13:21] Amanda Linden omg--was an incredible conf. i just went one day--thursday.
[13:21] Amanda Linden i picked up 4 pages of notes re: best practices of how other co's are using lithium.
[13:22] Amanda Linden in particular, home depot and sephora are adoing some very interesting things.
[13:22] Amanda Linden also had time to sit down/have a drink with lyle fong, the ceo.
[13:22] Amanda Linden and a lot of their exec team.
[13:22] Amanda Linden turns out, they point other customers to our platform to demonstrate a series of best practices...turns out we're donig pretty well so far--and that includes all of you guys.
[13:23] DogWomble Dollinger :D
[13:23] Peewee Musytari yay
[13:23] Lexie Yay!!
[13:23] Lexie SL community is awesome
[13:23] Amanda Linden and, maybe in the future, a few of their folks want to come in and attend these meetings. after all, it's your suggestions that get raised to them re: enahncements, etc.
[13:23] Marianne McCann /me digs up an NCI landmark
[13:23] Daniel Voyager wooot
[13:23] Raymond Linden Yes - your feedback has been fantastic
[13:23] Amanda Linden yeah, super exciting.
[13:23] Lisa Fossett You have robust users who care about the platform
[13:23] Lexie so true Lisa
[13:23] Adamburp Adamczyk yes
[13:23] Amanda Linden and, the closer we are to them re: partnership, the faster they will work on our changes/updates. :)
[13:23] Amanda Linden sneaky, huh?
[13:23] Raymond Linden haha
[13:24] Lexie niiice
[13:24] Lexie
[13:24] Dresden Ceriano buy them more drinks
[13:24] Peewee Musytari yus...they will make fixing answers easy...woots!!
[13:24] Peewee Musytari and bumping threads
[13:24] Amanda Linden raymond, lexie, and i are working up a nice list of improvements to the platform.
[13:24] Amanda Linden we want to grow the usage and make it more compelling visually and integrate some of the best practices.
[13:24] Raymond Linden Peewee - I did meet the VP of product and specifically talked to him about the Reply functionality in Answers! So, hopefully, we can figure something out!
[13:25] Amanda Linden lha, i met several of their vp's
[13:25] Peewee Musytari cool ty raymond :)
[13:25] Amanda Linden oh, sorry raymond.
[13:25] Amanda Linden :)
[13:25] Amanda Linden keep going, i'll stop.
[13:25] Amanda Linden /me sips coffee
[13:25] Raymond Linden oh - please go ahead.
[13:25] Amanda Linden well that's the big stuff, what about you?
[13:26] Peewee Musytari I added an item to the agenda sort of on this topic....about the smileys
[13:26] Raymond Linden Well, they have some pretty interesting Facebook integration modules coming up.
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk /me wonders when amanda'll pop in for coffee'n'donuts
[13:26] Lexie That could be interesting
[13:26] Marianne McCann Oh, I bet thse will be... uh... wildly... er... popuar
[13:26] Amanda Linden really cool and twitter too.
[13:27] Raymond Linden And it was cool meeting the different companies using the product
[13:27] Dresden Ceriano blech... what about twitter?
[13:27] Lexie hehe never know!
[13:27] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:27] Amanda Linden raymond, tell them about the cool twitter thing we're looking at
[13:27] Marianne McCann True, Lexie
[13:27] Eddi aw .. about fb i,m little " :/ " it have some lag, and i hate, i hope its not a flash module.. :p
[13:27] Peewee Musytari cool and twitter in same sentence... /me is impressed
[13:27] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is not
[13:27] Raymond Linden Lithium does have some interesting Twitter integration that we are looking into
[13:28] Amanda Linden yeah, like this is cool...
[13:28] Dresden Ceriano cool
[13:28] Amanda Linden the ability for us to take a twitter comment and then move it over to lithium as a forum thread.
[13:28] Amanda Linden so that you can have indepth discussions on twitter topics.
[13:28] Amanda Linden and then twitter out that the discussion is happening on the forum (at a specific place)
[13:28] Amanda Linden i hearted that one.
[13:29] Arawn Graalrd Was it Lichtenstein, who did the cartoons?
[13:29] Eddi Raymon cause, if i use firefox, flash_player and second life in same time , hmm its very lagy .. :/ and firefox freez some time ..
[13:29] nitro2424 kk still cant find a job do u guys know where any clubs that r hiring r
[13:29] Raymond Linden They are also really focusing on opening up their platform to have developers outside of Lithium to help build improvements
[13:29] Raymond Linden They are calling it Developer Nation I think
[13:29] Lexie I really like that
[13:29] Peewee Musytari nitro go there
[13:30] Dresden Ceriano can you set up a twitter account that will tweet new topics as they're posted? that would be cool
[13:30] Lisa Fossett Nitro, look to the bottom right of your viewer for something that looks like a comic chat bubble. Click on that and find my IM
[13:30] Amanda Linden ty lisa
[13:30] Peewee Musytari click teleport on that lm
[13:30] Raymond Linden So, all in all they are really tapped into the tech community which is cool
[13:30] Lisa Fossett He's in basic, I'm sure
[13:31] Lisa Fossett I'm trying....
[13:31] Peewee Musytari he said he has an inventory earlier
[13:31] Amanda Linden ah
[13:31] Amanda Linden so, all in all it was a great conf.
[13:31] Lisa Fossett YAY
[13:31] Amanda Linden we'll come back to you with updates re: some of the improvements on our roadmap and get your feedback/thoughts.
[13:31] Amanda Linden oh, and 30 second commercial break.
[13:32] Amanda Linden did you guys see tha twe launched the new search project viewer?
[13:32] Marianne McCann /me did
[13:32] Amanda Linden def check it out. the buzz is good!
[13:32] Dresden Ceriano /me goes for a cigarette
[13:32] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:32] Amanda Linden ha
[13:32] Peewee Musytari yeah I looked in there today
[13:32] Daniel Voyager yay
[13:32] Marianne McCann The new search is fab. Granted, not too hard to beat what was there...
[13:32] Olivia (prncss435436) i met that day
[13:32] Amanda Linden yeah, sent you guys a group notice because figured you would be interested.
[13:32] Eddi bring me an coffee pls :p
[13:32] Olivia (prncss435436) that was you
[13:32] Olivia (prncss435436) lol
[13:32] Peewee Musytari it dropped my biznez way down the list
[13:32] Olivia (prncss435436) sorry
[13:32] Olivia (prncss435436) wrong window lol
[13:32] Peewee Musytari so I made some changes to see if its better tomorrow
[13:32] Daniel Voyager New search is great!
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano i only tried it on the web, but it seems much better
[13:33] Lexie Also, I know some of you are cringing at the words FB etc but remember how SL evolved. You all tried new things and made stuff happen. We need to keep exploring right? Thats what we do right? Search viewer is a good example of evolving.
[13:33] Olivia (prncss435436) shit im still dancing
[13:33] Amanda Linden thanks daniel--saw your tweet. made my day
[13:33] Marianne McCann And I have to agree with some on Twitter - the events "Happening Now" would be a great tie-in to VWR-17022
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk lexzie, some poeple would argue that sl has de-volved
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk in terms of usability
[13:33] Eddi prn, go in world and click stop to animating my avatar :)
[13:33] DogWomble Dollinger try that olivia
[13:34] Lexie There will always be a variety of opinions. Thats what makes SL grow.
[13:34] Lexie ㋡ IMO
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk true
[13:34] Marianne McCann But it's much more usuable, givig me better results, and I rather like some of the category imrpovements to the search
[13:34] Amanda Linden yep.
[13:34] draconis.neurocam the whole point of secondlife was for it to be its own thing, i find it disconcerting to think lots of companies are treating it as a new internet scenario
[13:34] draconis.neurocam facebook that is
[13:34] Amanda Linden and, whatever we can do to make the user interface easier, the more we can grow the world--good for everyone.
[13:34] Peewee Musytari mostly people don`t understand the pushing of FB from what i`ve seen...its not compatible with fantasy personas and they are deleting them
[13:34] Marianne McCann (Now to see the social aspects: groups, friends, etc. evolve)
[13:34] Amanda Linden we are aware of the fb thing.
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk well i personally decicded to join the "express your oopinions with your smackers" campaign
[13:34] Amanda Linden did you see the notice re:encouraging folks to put up pages vs. profiles.
[13:35] Amanda Linden on fb
[13:35] Marianne McCann I've found the FB thing to be incredibly easy to manage. My avvie doesn't spend any time there. Problem solved.
[13:35] Marianne McCann /me winks
[13:35] Daniel Voyager Loves the new "scrollable" in Search. :)
[13:35] Lisa Fossett In addition, FB is cracking down lately on SL accounts on FB (non-RL accounts). It's against FB TOS
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano yes... i actually went and made one to see what that was about
[13:35] Amanda Linden nice.
[13:35] Peewee Musytari I don`t use it personally, just saw that recent thread where they deleted a lot more last week...did they change their minds?
[13:35] Amanda Linden well, use the feedback button or go to the forum section on search....the thread.
[13:36] Amanda Linden re; search
[13:36] Marianne McCann If folks want to use FB, great. It's another option for them. If they don't, easy enough for nme to not click a "like" button.
[13:36] Marianne McCann BlooMoo Money
[13:36] Dresden Ceriano right marianne
[13:36] moo Money /me waves
[13:36] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is 100% anti-"social networking"
[13:36] Ann Otoole fb knows who hangs out on SL websites that have fb like buttons. fb tracks your movements that way. if you don't want to be tracked then learnn how to filter fb out in your hosts file.
[13:36] Amanda Linden yep-all about options.
[13:37] Peewee Musytari agree is escape from reality...fb is full on reality lol
[13:37] Dresden Ceriano right
[13:37] Lexie I do like options
[13:37] Amanda Linden interesting... we've done surveys and 50% of our resi's are all about escaping reality and 50% want to connect to RL identity.
[13:37] Amanda Linden but, that's the beauty--you can do either.
[13:37] Marianne McCann I think the issue is that the argument has long been "Facebook versus SL" or even "Facebook becoming SL" that it is hard for people to consider it as an option for those who want that element.
[13:37] Amanda Linden up to you
[13:37] Daniel Voyager SL FB now has 145,262 likes :D
[13:38] Lexie oh ty for the number Daniel
[13:38] Peewee Musytari do u think it has made more under 18s join SL and lie about their age?
[13:38] Marianne McCann /me is happy to not bring the baggage of my first life into my second, and not take the baggage of my second life into my first
[13:38] Daniel Voyager np
[13:38] Ann Otoole if you want the marketing advantages of FB then out yourself and go for it lol.
[13:38] Arawn Graalrd Facebook won't let me use a professional name?
[13:38] Dresden Ceriano people get scared the facebook type reality will become expected and in some cases demanded
[13:38] Amanda Linden 16+ can join SL now...
[13:38] Peewee Musytari cos so many now seem to talk like kids and are registered as adults
[13:38] Dresden Ceriano in SL i mean
[13:39] Kraptacular Kat marianne you cant export your baggage
[13:39] Adamburp Adamczyk i agree peewee - that';s why i locked down my 1/4 mainland sim
[13:39] moo Money I don't like it when unfamiliar clearly avatar SL accounts attempt to friend me on FB
[13:39] Peewee Musytari they use text speak on forums
[13:39] Peewee Musytari yuk
[13:39] Marianne McCann I rather wish, though, that there was an SL specifci option for a "feed/wall" that did not require me to leave the SL UI for a third-party website
[13:39] moo Money it's my RL (and only) account and I only approve people I've met IRL or have known for a while
[13:39] Lexie Interesting Marianne!
[13:40] Eddi Marianne, yeap interesting lol
[13:40] Marianne McCann Lexie - is one example of that notion. I also wrote about another option in my blog. /me winks
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano i had thought about something like thqat too marianne
[13:40] Lexie I will take a look ㋡
[13:40] Eddi back in few, sorry*
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano for twitter though
[13:40] Marianne McCann I would LOVE a feed where I could provide asynchronus information to my friends and associates, without having to rely on a unreliable 9and sometimes bothersome) group chat
[13:41] Dresden Ceriano i mean like twitter
[13:41] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:41] Marianne McCann Meanwhile also allowing me to go "what are my friends up to?"
[13:41] Lexie I like that
[13:41] Peewee Musytari a diff way to have conference chats would be kewl
[13:42] Peewee Musytari the current ones are worse than group chats for lag
[13:42] Dresden Ceriano we have to do something to make networking better in SL... things have changed
[13:42] Marianne McCann If I could log in, pull up a feed, and see "Oh hey, GrouchoMarx Resident is at a cool show right now" and join them, I'd be all in for that
[13:42] Amanda Linden :) good idea marianne.
[13:42] Amanda Linden i have a meeting at 4pm today with the profile guy (the guy who rules the profiles world)
[13:42] Amanda Linden and i'll find out what he's up to...
[13:42] Amanda Linden but, super good idea.
[13:42] Marianne McCann And that way, ol Groucho doesn't ave to conference chat me and spam with "Come to my show" or whatever
[13:42] Dresden Ceriano the profile king?
[13:42] Arawn Graalrd /me normally makes his location visible to friends, but few friends follow suit
[13:43] moo Money I wouldn't mind a tab in viewer 2.0 that lets me see a feed of published friend activity
[13:43] Amanda Linden :)
[13:43] Marianne McCann Ya, Moo
[13:43] Amanda Linden ok, i want to make sure weh ahve time for resi questions on the agenda...
[13:43] Lisa Fossett /me thinks there went a perfect example registration name fatigue
[13:44] Amanda Linden products forum question...
[13:44] Arawn Graalrd 2/14 friends show up on map
[13:44] Amanda Linden lexie? wanna take that one.
[13:44] Lexie Sure
[13:44] Peewee Musytari ooh yes please
[13:44] Marianne McCann ( was my blog entry, FWIW)
[13:44] Lexie Peewee, I think we will need to talk about it with the team. We have a LOT of sub forums right now. We need to slim down a bit
[13:45] Lexie So.. I think once we do a bit of that, we may be able to see how something like that could fit in
[13:45] Peewee Musytari its not a chat one...on the old one people posted but you couldn`t reply
[13:45] Lexie hmmm
[13:45] Peewee Musytari is more of an info a interesting read one
[13:46] Raymond Linden Yeah, we are working on trying to slim down the forums - if you have ideas . . .there is a thread started . . .let me try to find it
[13:46] Lexie Could something like that be a feed?
[13:46] Lexie Or do you mean strictly a forum board Peewee
[13:46] Nathan Adored /me wonders what all he missed.
[13:47] Raymond Linden Forum consolidation thread:
[13:47] Peewee Musytari the way it used to work was people posted a new product they released and usually am xstreet link too and it was really great for seeing new cools stuff
[13:47] Amanda Linden fyi - agenda for those that arrived late.
[13:47] Amanda Linden
[13:48] Lexie ok
[13:48] Amanda Linden thanks peewee.
[13:48] Amanda Linden and, you also had a qeustion re: smileys
[13:48] Peewee Musytari yeah that was from someone else...just the new ones don`t say what they are
[13:48] Peewee Musytari in the selection box
[13:48] Lexie We can check on that new smilie issue. I am guessing they can fix it. Will update you soon
[13:48] Peewee Musytari they all looks similar
[13:48] Lexie agreed
[13:49] Amanda Linden cool, thx lexie.
[13:49] Amanda Linden ok, info hub re: adamburp.
[13:49] Peewee Musytari the others have a little name tag when u put cursor over them
[13:49] Dresden Ceriano i just want to mention... before it get too late... the inline photos are still not spaced correctly
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk yes amanda -the same question i im;d you over
[13:49] Lexie What do you see happening Dresden
[13:49] Amanda Linden we've taken a closer look at them...and thinking about them in the context of bigger strategic planning re: nue.
[13:49] Raymond Linden Dresend - horizontally or vertically?
[13:50] Amanda Linden lexie has skimmed all the creme (great ideas) off of our past meetings and we're beginning do to some planning.
[13:50] Dresden Ceriano they're not lined up with the text horizontally
[13:50] Amanda Linden nothing to report this week--other than were on it.
[13:50] Adamburp Adamczyk straight answer please>? from someone who donatea LOT of his own time to help noobs
[13:50] Amanda Linden and, for the record....
[13:50] Dresden Ceriano like the smilies were
[13:50] Amanda Linden i registered a new alt and went to boardroom.
[13:50] Amanda Linden i get the issues.
[13:50] Lexie
[13:50] Adamburp Adamczyk yes i met you remember? as my alt "bob"
[13:50] Amanda Linden and all of the things you've collectively brought up are important.
[13:50] Amanda Linden ha
[13:51] Amanda Linden did you know it was me?
[13:51] Nathan Adored got a new alt so you could show up without them knowing you were a Linden? oo
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk from the word go
[13:51] Lexie hahaha
[13:51] Amanda Linden seriously!
[13:51] Amanda Linden omg
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk seriously
[13:51] Amanda Linden i'm so outed.
[13:51] Marianne McCann ((Man those "Resident" usernames are getting wful weak))
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk so, can I have a straight answer?
[13:51] Dresden Ceriano whatever... i'll put it on the agenda for next we... i just thought it was covered last week and the week before
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk ref wHO do we aask?
[13:51] Amanda Linden adam, you sneak you
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk ask*
[13:51] Dresden Ceriano week*
[13:52] Amanda Linden and you even tried to friend me.
[13:52] Amanda Linden nevermind.
[13:52] Amanda Linden ok
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk you asking me for a snog on the bridge? come on!
[13:52] Amanda Linden nuts.
[13:52] Nathan Adored Oo
[13:52] Amanda Linden ok, well. i def get it
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk YOU friended me, i;d name your alt but it;s not allowed :P
[13:52] Amanda Linden yes, please don't.
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk /me won't
[13:52] Lexie Dresden, We will check on the image alignment
[13:52] Amanda Linden anyway, we're workign onit (point proven)
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk but please can you give me a straight answer?
[13:52] Marianne McCann I bet I know what her last name was.....
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk who do i ask?
[13:52] Dresden Ceriano alright... ty
[13:53] Peewee Musytari Lexie do you know what happened to Terrence`s "week or so" plan to fix the teens turning 18?...they are still all broken and there still doesn`t seem to be a teen user group active
[13:53] Lexie I have not heard any news yet Peewee
[13:54] Lexie Any other topics?
[13:54] Peewee Musytari we should start telling them all to email him lol
[13:54] Lexie lol peewee
[13:54] Lexie ok, Im making a new rule..
[13:55] Lexie everyone has to say something happy before they can leave :p
[13:55] Peewee Musytari talking of there a KB on the sponsorship thing about the 13-15 year olds?
[13:55] Lexie happy!
[13:55] Kraptacular Kat I like monkeys
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger say something happy?
[13:55] Lexie hahaah
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger /eme sings the happy happy joy joy song
[13:55] Lisa Fossett joy joy
[13:55] Eddi /me give one part of pizza to Lexie
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano i'm going to greek fest this weekend and eat as many gyros as i can
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano \o/
[13:55] Lisa Fossett <---harmonizes with Dog
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger i think the lindens here are really helpful and nice :)
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger there's my nie thing
[13:55] Lexie Rand, do you know if there is one (Peewee's question)
[13:55] DogWomble Dollinger hahaha lisa
[13:55] Lexie
[13:55] Marianne McCann Hapy: a couple weeks ago now, Bay City had its third anniversary. Our community is growing and maturing, and the city is fast becoming a great place to be.
[13:56] Rand Not that I know of...
[13:56] Marianne McCann There's my happy thing
[13:56] Lexie Yay Bay City!
[13:56] Grimhilda me too
[13:56] Rand I will speak to Terrence and create one if he says OK
[13:56] Grimhilda he he
[13:56] Lexie great Rand
[13:56] Peewee Musytari had someone wanting to se up 200 accounts for their school of under 15s
[13:56] Peewee Musytari I sent her to terrence cos there is no page I could find
[13:56] Grimhilda galatobourikos here I come
[13:56] Dresden Ceriano yeah my sister's coming too
[13:56] Arawn Graalrd /me likes to be morose and quarrelsome: Happiness is a fine intellectual challenge.
[13:57] Lexie aww Arawn ㋡
[13:57] Amanda Linden :)
[13:57] Amanda Linden ok, looks liek we're at the end of our time...
[13:57] Lexie Lots of good feedback today
[13:57] Amanda Linden really great feedback.
[13:58] Amanda Linden thanks to everyone whoa ttended.
[13:58] Raymond Linden Thank ya!
[13:58] Peewee Musytari *wants to see home depot forums* to see if they are better than ours hehe
[13:58] Arawn Graalrd Logic is a group of pretty flowers, that smell bad; happiness is a group of bad smells that flower pretty
[13:58] Marianne McCann It may come in handy later, though, Ann. Never know about those Caledonians.
[13:58] Eddi xxxxx, hug lexie and amanda :)
[13:58] Rand i will post transcript
[13:58] Lexie Thanks all! Bye for now
[13:58] Marianne McCann Have fun all!
[13:58] Amanda Linden thanks all!!!
[13:58] Peewee Musytari good meeting ty lexie, amanda, raymond rand :)
[13:58] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[13:58] DogWomble Dollinger thanks lexie
[13:58] Rand bye all
[13:58] Eddi bye bye all tc, and have fun ;)