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15:03  Geenz Spad  on that note, I think we'll be relabeling the first bit of the meeting as open discussion, since no one ever seems to really have any content creation related JIRAs to bring up
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  Geenz Spad  hey Siddean, we'll start at around 3:10, sound good?
  Typhaon Nishi  Hey Siddean :)
  Siddean Munro  morning
    Yep sounds good
  Geenz Spad  alright then
15:04    so how has everyone been?
  Typhaon Nishi  sweet
  Nalates Urriah  Typhaon, your can read Qarl's answers to your questions in my summaries of Metareality podcasts. Look in Gen News

[15:04] Kadah CobaKadah Coba is eating lunch

  Typhaon Nishi  cheers Nal
  Geenz Spad  lunch at 3PM? :P
  Nalates Urriah  :)
  Geenz Spad  or so I'm assuming it's 3PM your time; pretty sure that's accurate
  Kadah Coba  inorite?
15:05  Maxwell Graf  hunger knows no clock for the virtual resident, nor sleep!
  whispers Geenz Spad whispers  anyone had any further thoughts about the UI discussion?
  Nalates Urriah  3:05 PM SLT
  Geenz Spad  and silly whisper
    anyone had any further thoughts about the UI discussion?
  Sahkolihaa Contepomi  11:06PM for me.
    omg it's Kadah.
  Kadah Coba  Meant to go earlier, but was busy.
  Geenz Spad  that's the story of my life now days :p
15:06    anyone had any interesting ideas?
15:07  Nalates Urriah  Toy has VLM
  Geenz Spad  ah, I noticed that on your blog
  Kadah Coba  ?
  Nalates Urriah  It's one I like
    virtual land marks
15:08  Kadah Coba  Oh, that
  Geenz Spad  here's the link to Nal's post on it:
    I think it's an interesting idea
  Nalates Urriah  Thx Geenz
  Kadah Coba  Too bad all the Lindens that were planning something similar over a year ago are all gone.
  Geenz Spad  eh, who knows, maybe something can come of it
15:09  Typhaon Nishi  that would be cool if you could get Qarl to come to one of these meetings
  Geenz Spad  weirder things are happening right now
    Qarl tends to be pretty busy, I had extended an invitation to him, but my guess right now is he's pretty busy
  Sahkolihaa Contepomi  Pathfinding having gone grid-wide today is one thing.
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah thats understandable
  Geenz Spad  anyways, let's get started
15:10    so, let's open up some general discussion here
    this is people's chance to bring up any problems or ideas they have with regards to improving the state of content creation
15:11    anything? :P
    if there's nothing to bring up, then we'll move on to the UI discussion
15:12  Siddean Munro  I got nothing to add cos I'm still half asleep
  Geenz Spad  hah
15:13    so I did ask Oz yesterday about how well any build floater stuff would be received by LL, and that discussion has led me to believe that we need to produce some mockups
    aaaand looks like Nal crashed
  Typhaon Nishi  yep
  dispensor jolie pied barefeet medium Slink Update Dispensor Jolie Pied Barefeet Medium  kylieangel Resident attempted collection but was not on the list.
15:14  Kadah Coba  Oh lol, mockups.
  Maxwell Graf  what would that entail?
  Geenz Spad  so anyways, knowing how that discussion went, it'd be a good idea to begin sorting out how that should be handled
    he did chuckle about the dockable UI idea!
15:15  Kadah Coba  Mockups would be a good idea since the product team is likely to reject anything anyway.
  Geenz Spad  did comment about how people like the sidebar *after* it was removed all of a sudden :p
    or at least the idea of the sidebar
    well, from my understanding this isn't entirely a product team decision
  Kadah Coba  Only some said that.
15:16  Geenz Spad  a portion of it has to do with if their UI guy agrees with the design decisions with it
    what this guy's part is in the rest of the viewer UI is, I have no idea; but making mockups for various ideas will only help us
  Maxwell Graf  what would a mockup be? just an image? a non-functional floater in the UI? just an image of a hud?
  Geenz Spad  I imagine all of those would be acceptable Maxwell
15:17  Maxwell Graf 
  Geenz Spad  but if I had to pick one, go for static images
  Kadah Coba  The product team rejected every tiny change to the tools floater that I've put forth, including ones that I got from LL to do. lol
  Geenz Spad  story board it as well; that always makes sense to those UI designer types
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  Geenz Spad  I think that us leaving the existing build floater alone is going to help here Kadah
    and just having an "advanced" build UI, whatever that UI way be

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15:18  Maxwell Graf  ah, that nixes my mockups then.
  Geenz Spad  the idea for the whole pallet thing was kinda cool Max, I liked that part; but we need to find a better way that preserves the existing build floater
15:19  Maxwell Graf  yus
  Kadah Coba  I'm just saying I hope they are more receptive now, but I wouldn't spend a lot of time making the actual changes to the viewer, just the mockups since they are likely to either go "nope", "change everything", or say nothing at all. :P
  Geenz Spad  making that floater resizable isn't off the table I'm told, if such a thing could be possible
15:20  Kadah Coba  Resizable would take a lot of work
  Geenz Spad  eh, my experience dating back to about February on a particular project that Oz has brought up at least once now that no one seems to have noticed tells me they're a bit more receptive now days
  Kadah Coba  And there is still the question of why resizable? Most of the controls have no height avantage
  Geenz Spad  mostly just for the localizations
    try using the viewer in german :p
15:21    then take a look at the build floater
  Kadah Coba  Thats horizontal issues
    And English has some of those same problems at times :P
    The v2/3 tabs are awful space hogs.
15:22  Geenz Spad  on top of that, resizable could help mitigate some of the existing problems involving how cramped the floater is; pathfinding alone made the first tab of the build floater pretty cramped even though it technically only added a couple of options
  Kadah Coba  I saw a screen shot of how that looks. Honestly I think that and the cost info should all be in one generic text field in one place.
15:23  Geenz Spad  though given the complexity to the build floater's code, maybe we could figure something else out to fix existing problems
    that'd be easier to implement, and fix most existing problems before we move on to a better UI
  Maxwell Graf  i still relish the idea of being able to pull windows out of the client window, like onto another monitor. Is that ever something that would be possible?
  Geenz Spad  also, just so everyone knows, I *may* be leaving around 10 till for another meeting
    and that'd be a bit of a tircky thing to do
15:24    there's ways to do it yeah
    but it's more a matter of where those changes will need to go and how much of an overhaul we're talking about in the UI system and OS frameworks
15:25    there's already one major overhaul that needs to happen very soon on the Mac side of things for the latter
  Kadah Coba  The tools floater code uses a lot of legacy style code, and all of it is a mess.
  Geenz Spad  so I've noticed!
15:26  Kadah Coba  And the XUI is several folds more messy.
  Geenz Spad  as is most of the viewer's XUI
    then again
    XUI is a fickle thing
  Kadah Coba  It makes use of lots of overlapping controls with static code to show/hide them as needed.... >.>
15:27  Geenz Spad  well, how about we just don't touch the existing build floater
    we'll call that our "basic" mode
  Kadah Coba  Its far from basic.
  Geenz Spad  this is true! however it "works" as far as most people are concerned, and messing with it directly will probably cause more ire than it will praise
15:28  Kadah Coba  Might be easier to make an all new one along side it that eventually replaces it, but I think there is a lot of other viewer code that references a static global instance of the tools floater
  Geenz Spad  so any problems we fix there may as well be solely targeted at things like how terrible does localization XYZ look
    oh god
    that's going to be a bit of a mess if true
15:29  Kadah Coba  I think its gToolsFloter, or something
    Like I said, lots of bad legacy code :c
  Geenz Spad  well, let's go at it from this approach: Typhaon was nice enough to put together a list of things discussed at the last meeting, so let's expand upon that and try and put together some mockups
15:32  Kadah Coba  I'm not sure was brought up before, the v3 one is larger than v1 and despite this it has far more localization issues. But this is generally a problem everywhere in the viewer since 2.0, the larger controls fit less text. :<
  Geenz Spad  yeah, you mentioned :p
15:33    so, who wants to volunteer for mockup duty?
    I'm guessing no one :p
15:34  Kadah Coba  You do it. If I do it, it will only be what I want and I could/would make it that way for myself anyway. :p
  Geenz Spad  hah
15:35  Maxwell Graf  Well, i would consider doing one for the ideas I had, but if they are going to be in a completely separate floater or palette, then it seems almost like it would just be re-creating a texture organizer, which there are already plenty of.
15:36  Kadah Coba  Plus, I haven't yet figured out how to fix the minimum height issues with combobox controls.
  Maxwell Graf  though less laggy if part of the UI, I reckon.
15:37  Geenz Spad  hm
15:38    well, we need to know what groupings of existing tools we should have in a new UI
    and how that should be organized
15:39  Kadah Coba  The general order should be kept, eg don't swap pos and scale around :p
15:41  Geenz Spad  well yeah :p
15:42  Kadah Coba  What major issues are we trying to solve with it in general?
15:47  Geenz Spad  well, imagine adding something like another texture picker to the build floater
    this is one of those "if we got X big feature here, how would we handle this" sorts of deals
15:48    say we got morph targets for static objects later on, allowing people to customize how a static object looks; how would we expose those parameters
  Kadah Coba  Well what tab would it be going on? Some of them are pretty empty, others are jam packed.
15:49  Geenz Spad  presumably texture for the extra texture picker
    and for morph params, I'd assume either object or features
  Kadah Coba  Those would likely be new tabs I'd imagine, which would cause it to scroll on every lang (if its not still like that for English now)
15:50  Geenz Spad  three tabs that are bit of a horror story in terms of the params we have already
    and adding another tab would be problematic I imagine
  Kadah Coba  It would be nice if the tab container control supported multiple rows of tabs.
15:51  Geenz Spad  heh
    I"m probably going to have to start wrapping up here in a few minutes
  Kadah Coba  It would solve the localization issue.
  Geenz Spad  Siddean? do you mind grabbing today's logs, and sending me a notecard of them?
  Siddean Munro  Yep no worries
15:52  Geenz Spad  anyways
15:53    I'll begin work on some mockups, and since I'm sure there's people here who would like to stay close to the progress of this project, who would like to volunteer as far as setting up a little working group?
15:54    Maxwell? Typhaon? Kadah? anyone?
15:55  Typhaon Nishi  it could be tied in with the current group?
  Kadah Coba  Group?
    Like an SL group?
    Those don't even work properly >_>
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah Im not 100%% sure what you mean
    do you mean an SLone?
15:56  Geenz Spad  a working group in this case is basically a group of people who work on things like specifications, implementations, debating functionality, and so on
    though we won't be doing an implementation until we have something we can get LL to agree to :p

now, you don't have to necessarily be tech minded

15:57    really, just providing feedback would be great
    and since this is a pretty big subject, any amount of feedback will be valuable

which by the way! speaking of feedback, the morph targets proposal is in need of some

15:58  Kadah Coba  Can knock something together for next week
  Geenz Spad  yep

so let's figure some things out, and I'll continue talking to some people at LL about the matter; hopefully we can get some stuff done here anyways, gonna have to end the meeting here I'm afraid (or at least my part of it, I'll let Siddean decide if she wants to continue the meeting)

16:00  Kadah Coba  If we come up with something good and LL rejects it, Plan 2 could be get all the TPVs to adopt it :p
16:01  Geenz Spad  this is true :P but I will give one hit as to why this would be good; there's a new feature that *should* be out by year's end that would benefit greatly from some extra space in the build UI
  Siddean Munro  I don't have anything further to add today
16:02  Geenz Spad  anyways, I'm out of here; thanks everyone for comming!
  Kadah Coba  Seeyas
  Typhaon Nishi  thanks Geenz :)
  Siddean Munro  thanks!
  Maxwell Graf  must off to RL as well, ciao all.
  Siddean Munro  I think if no one has anything else they want to discuss - since I'm not a technical type like Geenz is, we'll wrap it for now
16:03  Typhaon Nishi  ok cool

[16:03] Sahkolihaa ContepomiSahkolihaa Contepomi will be going to bed soon.

  Maxwell Graf  thanks Geenz and Siddean.
  sachi Vixen  Thank you!