Creating a private space for my business in Second Life

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Want to create a private space for your business in Second Life? Maybe you and a group of friends are looking for a gathering place which can expand as your community grows! Maybe you have visions of a world under your own control, where you add land with each increase of your population.

Imagine your own island getaway in Second Life! Owning your own virtual island in Second Life has many benefits.

  • You can limit access to your private island, or welcome the whole Second Life community – it's up to you!
  • Choose from six different topologies depending on your needs.
  • Or, if you like, you can send us your own terrain file to create your own specialized island.
  • Islands can be grouped, or joined together to create a contiguous space, so you can add to your land mass as your community and projects grow!
  • You're free to choose your own name, and your own rating (PG or Mature).


Island pricing starts out at at US$ 1,000 for 65,536 square meters. With a monthly land use fee of US$ 295. There is a discount available to qualified individuals and institutions. For complete information about Island pricing and available discounts, please visit the official Private Island Pricing page Additional information can also be found at the Land Store page.

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