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The goal of this portal is to centralize all information likely to help Residents.
Please add resources you find helpful!
You can put your questions, remarks and suggestions about this portal and its contents in the suggestion box.
To overcome your doubts about the wiki, read Wiki myths busted.

First steps in Second Life
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This is about the software you need to start your SL!
Main viewer :
Download main viewer
Beta Viewer :
This is an early look at what will become the next version of the viewer; it will have newer features, and fixes for some problems that are still in the main viewer, but may also have some new problems (finding those and fixing them is what Beta is all about). These are released approximately weekly.
Download beta viewer
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The wiki proposes portals dedicated to creation:
Bugs, Abuse Report, DMCA, tickets, etc
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About bugs reporting in JIRA :
Help-portal support.png
Linden Lab Support:
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Trademark & Copyright:
Other subjects
Help-portal other-subjects.png
  • Dazzle : Information about the latest SL viewer !
  • Havok4 : All you want to know about the new physics engine !
  • Mono : Mono is here...
  • WindLight : The new atmospheric lighting and rendering system
  • Open Grid Public Beta : The open grid public beta has been launched
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Linden Lab
Help PortalHelp-portal about.png
About Lindens
Help PortalHelp-portal about.png
About Linden Lab
Advanced Help

This section contains advanced help for Residents about avatars, objects, navigation, communication, community etc.

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Avatars (appareance, gesture, etc):
Help-portal creation.png
Objects (build, inventory, etc):
Help-portal multimedia.png
Multimedia (voice, audio/video stream, sound, etc):
Help-portal communication.png
Communication (chat, IM, etc.):
Help-portal Com-Social.png
Community/Social (group, SLetiquette, events, etc):
Help-portal navigation.png
Navigation (map, SLurl, movement, etc):
Help-portal lands.png
Lands (land, Region & estate):
Help-portal viewer.png
Viewers (preference, menu, etc):
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Help-portal about.png
Miscellaneous information (Combat, $L, etc):