Linden Village

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What’s the Linden Village?


While Lindens are constantly working behind the scenes to improve Second Life, they are unfortunately not always very visible to the public. When actually logged into Second Life, they often hide their online status, simply because they are focusing on completing specific tasks as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to keep up with the huge number of IMs they receive if they make their status visible in search.

Spending time using Second Life and meeting Residents had always been important to Lindens. They loved holding in-world meetings to discuss specific issues, as well as just getting to know Residents personally whenever they could. And as Second Life grew, they wanted to make sure Residents knew they were not just working invisibly behind the curtain, but also participating in and exploring the world.

One place you may have found them was an area on the mainland called “Linden Village”. The Village is intentionally located immediately around the Waterhead Welcome Area which encourages exploration by new Residents.