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Welcome to the Creation Portal!

This portal is about all things related to creating content within Second Life. Whether it is learning the user interface, to build better, or discovering resident-created tools to ease the complications of developing something. It should all start here. Since content creation is such a vast field, our community is always progressing, so please feel free to add resources you find helpful as we welcome all contributions in compliance with the Wiki's Editing Guidelines!


  • Clothing Tutorials - Get started with making shirts, skins, and more, and increase your couturian aptitude in Second Life.
  • Avatar Toolbox - Information about making skins, attachments, animation overriders and more.


  • Building Tools - The Creation and Editing of Primitives (Prims) using the standard Second Life tools.
  • Texture Tools - Texture-making programs and utilities, tutorials, books and DVDs, packs and libraries to help you further your texturing skills.
  • Good Building Practices - Tips and tricks for making good builds.
  • Natalia Zelmanov's Tutorials - A wealth of Resident-created guides in categories like jewelry, particles, and sculpties, all compiled neatly.
  • In-World Maker Tools - Use these tools to help you create or modify content inworld.
  • Trademark - The list of active Real world companies involved in Second Life


  • Internal Animations - A complete listing of the animations built into Second Life.
  • Animation - A large page/portal about animations. Contains a tutorial on creating an animation in Poser.


  • LDPW - The Linden Department of Public Works Directory. Travel the Mainland today!
  • Natalia Zelmanov's Travel Guide - A long list of places you'll want to visit, from realistic to more fantastics builds.
  • Snapshots & Postcards - Tips, tricks, 'n' tools for inworld photography. Good for newcomers and the experienced alike — capture memories and relive emotions!


  • Pathfinding - Learn how to add movement to your world with Pathfinding.
  • Mesh - The powerful ability to import polygonal mesh created in popular 3D tools.
  • Havok 2k10 - A significant upgrade to the Havok physics engine.
  • Sculpted Prims - Learn how to make Sculpties!
  • Voice - Audio voice chat can assist you in collaborating faster while creating.
  • WindLight - Our atmospheric rendering technology. Pretty skies, customizable water, and performance optimizations.


  • Machinima - This portal provides information on: machinima (machine animation), machinimatographers, opportunities, features, tips and tricks, software, and machinima events in Second Life.
  • Movie Recording - Various tools, tricks, and known issues with recording inworld footage. Whether you make machinima or video bug reports, this may be of use to you.


  • Live Performance Home- This portal is a repository of information about live performances in Second Life. Find info on everything from DJ/Scratch performance to Spoken Word to promoters and sponsors.

Video Tutorials

  • Video Tutorials - Find it difficult to follow text and still pictures? Want to learn Second Life in an "over-your-shoulder" way? Visit here — not all of these are about content creation, but many of them are related.

Related resources

  • Debug Settings - Variety of tweaks to make Second Life easier, such as smoothing mouse motion, and "hidden" graphics settings.
  • Knowledge Base - Linden Lab's official documentation on a variety of things, including various content creation topics.
  • LSL Portal - If you want to learn more about scripting, this is our foremost reference.
  • Second Life Develop - Resources for SL developers of all kinds.